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    • phatbassanchor

      Attention all friends of Phat!!!
      The Millennium Falcon is officially online!!! After a month of failed efforts to manually connect it to my router... I discovered that my router, even though it has four outputs on the back, is wifi only! SMH... total face palm... But, that led me to my current solution. I did NOT want to crack the case on this machine as it has been lovingly tweaked to maximum performance. Changes might mess that up. So, I searched for an external wifi adapter and found one at Walmart, delivered to my mailbox for a whopping $15.04, under eleven GBP!!! Huzzah!!! That card arrived in my box late yesterday afternoon. I just now installed it and we have wifi connection!!! Huzzah!!!
      Still have a long row to hoe getting all the software installed.  But, my largest hurdle, connecting a formerly wired connection only machine to the internet, has been leapt and bounded!!!  Huzzah!!!  Just wanted to say thanks to all my dear friends for your moral support through that trying time.  
      Adventure ever on, Phat 

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    • Sah

      TOMORROW 1st of August 7:00am Australian time
      Sah Live World Premier of Skuldafn & Temples - LEGENDARY - x3 ENEMIES
      Never attempted ever before, and only ever achieve once with x2 enemies by Sah (if anyone can find Skuldafn x3 enemy videos would love to watch them)
      · 1 reply
    • Helgatheangel  »  Sah

      Note to self: do not attempt to write anything without my glasses on my nose!
      And switch on brain first.... I was looking at the time converter and got it wrong.
      Edited: I had a shower and that helped to figure out what happened...
      I was on the page before the original starting time... I went to the kitchen with my dinner plate and did stuff in the litchen. When I returned to my room - the starting time had changed to 8AM my time. I asked in the chat if perhaps you could start 1 hour later..
      I watched stuff and eventually looked at the subscriptions: You changed it to the current starting time. All good so far...
      I went to bed and a few hours later my phone bleeped to tell me that it was about to die! I got up, went without my glasses.
      Found the AFK notice about the latest posts - and came here.
      I didn't realize that I was a few hours late - and that everything had been sorted.
      My bad for posting - and creating confusion. I'm sorry, Friend Sah

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    • Sah

      sorry guys could not wake up
      · 3 replies
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