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    Somebody turned around and shouted... Play that funky music
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    It's cuddle time!
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  5. Thanks, all! I'll be posting around a bit more later. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
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  7. Yes, Honed Metal was one of the mods I dropped for PC. It's a good mod, but I always end up being my own smith and enchanter anyway. I can live without it, although I'm considering just playing the CC stuff on Xbox. My level 45 Xbox game is going great. These CC mods are piled in on top of each other, but it all feels organic. A courier came up and gave me 4 notes that started quests (two for houses, one for an alternate armor, one for Forgotten Seasons), and on the way to one of those I passed by a Saints and Seducers location, which started the quest (there appear to be many ways to start it, similar to Forgotten Legend). It had a journal that sent me to a second location and a note for an alternate armor location. The second S&S location also had a tie-in for one of the big quests, so I have that started too. If you're like me and are prone to journal overload, it just got 10 times worse!
  8. -Choose one mod or the other. -or make a little patch yourself, I suggest you use TES5EDIT (SE version, whatever they call that) and search for the location where that specific NPC is at, and then just delete all records of everything that got changed in that area on "the people of skyrim" so that NPC and hes little camp is just gone. -Or even easier, use console commands (disable or markfordelete) ingame to remove all items of hes camp while keeping the NPC, I'm sure he will wander around, I just hope the other mod did not change navmeshes or landscape, if it did you need to put my mod below the other mod in the mod load order.
  9. Not stuffing the wee beasty, that prince of puddings the Haggis.
  10. Top suggestion, I also considered introducing running into the Highlands and paying homage to the Norse Gods with a mass orgy .. Police Scotland might not be too happy about that one though .. then again they seem to turn a blind eye to Neo Druids from what i have heard Edit: I better behave, otherwise I might be struck off my better halfs XMas list, and also miss out on the sausage stuffing
  11. Hi Site Moderators and Managers and liana, I am very much Surprised and Pleased, after visiting and downloading from your site......Your site have improved so highly that nowdays it can easily be compared with Nexus MODS or any other High Rating sites.......Your service is excellent plus you offer some features that are rarely seen on other Sites such as "Screen Shots" archieve downloads etc, are very satisfactory indeed.....Plus site MODs Pages navigation is also very easy CONGRATZ to you all for maintaining such High decent Standards....Also it was very nice to see that liana "Elsweyr Anequina" Mods is maintain here in very accute way.Hope to see more Good Stuffs from liana here
  12. Why not just celbrate both.
  13. If I were to follow my waaay back Ascendents traditions, I really ought to be celebrating Yule, my origins are also Saxon.
  14. Google does email you if one of your passwords appears in a breach list, however. They also cross-reference between sites you have saved in Chrome and matching email addresses etc. So, carefully check the email address.
  15. It's a fairly new mod (released just a few months ago): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/51254
  16. .. and immediately to follow v3.74 release, yet another Experimental is up : https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/3203744275143952783/
  17. v3.74 released https://www.nomanssky.com/2021/11/expeditions-revisited-patch-3-74/
  18. Is Honed Metal part of the CC items? Never heard of it.
  19. O_o Egosoft have obviously been busy lately. Nothing to do with X4 but amazing because the following game was released nearly 14 years ago : The X3 Terran War Pack (includes X3 Terran Conflict / X3 Albion Prelude / X3 Farnhams Legacy) received an update yesterday, I didn't even know anyone was still polishing it .. https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=5089731#p5089731
  20. Updated to windows 11, and installed the full anniversary edition upgrade including all CC mods. So far everything seems to work ok with the exception of "Honed Metal" the crafting mod that adds the ability to buy equipment and have it upgraded by a smith and have enchantments added by an enchanter. It appears to not recognize the new version and gives a fault notice. I have left messages to the author requesting an update now its a waiting game to see if it gets done.
  21. And a Happy Holidays right back at you, mhahn123, as well as to all the other members of the AFK Mods community!
  22. Also, be very leery of emails that state there is a problem with one of your accounts. This is a common tactic used by scammers and other illegitimate sites - so caution is advised.
  23. X4 Tides of Avarice is coming first quarter 2022, along with v5 of X4 https://www.gog.com/game/x4_tides_of_avarice Previously named Ahoy, sounds like a very nice expansion.
  24. Here is his profile here. (not to be confused with Ghastly, as I just did) https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?profile/7072-ghastley/ Try leaving him a message.
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