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  2. I could have sworn I responded to this... old age /sigh Soon as I sort out my new load order I'll get the form IDs of the ones that were missing the right textures. Who knows, maybe in my new modlist it will have sorted itself. Should have taken some screens. Keep up the awesome work Gruff!
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  4. I really love the look of this mod I was just curious does this work with Skyrim special edition including the anniversary edition?
  5. my first post about something fashion related here, I have a question can I post translations?
  6. I didn't realize it would increase the work instead of reducing it, right O mate your way is best then.
  7. That was one of the big reasons for the new version, with the modular format. I originally considered overall themed versions, but quickly realized there would be too much overlap, and maintenance would take a huge amount of my time. By going modular instead, I set it up so that things are sometimes grouped by theme (ex: factions) and other times by general concepts (ex: businesses), so that you can pick and choose. For example, in my own main playthrough if I were downloading the mod I wouldn't be using Factions BoS, Factions Institute, Added Settlements, VegaOne, or Murkwater Oil, but would want all the others.
  8. Some of those cyberpsychos were just brutal. Unless you're doing it just right, they one-shot kill you. One I ran into did it from long range too with some kind of BFG. I ended up sneaking through cover, taking a single sniper shot, then immediately moving to different cover. The other fight I had to repeat a bunch before I won was the final match in the boxing tournament. The ring was just so damned small....
  9. Yep, that ending feels much better and gives you hope. I'm hoping that the expansion to come next year may use that ending as maybe a basis to continue and maybe solve the 6 month limit, and you get to play that out to a much further developed open world game you can play forever after. Fingers crossed anyway .. But I cant see how that would work for all the other endings, so it would kind of railroad a lot of people into potentially doing an ending they did not want. ------------------ There has been a bit of activity on the steam depots in the last week for this game, probably working up to the next patch and free dlc content https://steamdb.info/app/1091500/depots/ ------------------ I just had a battle with one of the Cyberpsycho missions which I thought was worse than Adam Smasher. If you come across a Cyberpsycho in an area that looks like its laid out for a Necromancy Ritual .. standby for a few flatlines. Spoiler ..
  10. And in this post I will attach the same test case for Skyrim LE, classic, Oldrim or whatever people call it these days. The test is identical to the one of my post above, but for Skyrim LE. Besides that, the only other difference is that this time Derived Mod 1 & 2 are .esp and not .esm (just in case that could have affected results, and also for having another test case). The result is identical in classic Skyrim: the quests in SMQN don't merge at runtime. I don't think they ever did. SMQN_TEST for Classic Skyrim.zip
  11. You are on a roll, this version is getting realy enormous. Might be time to think about splitting it up into thiemed packages.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    Far Harbor Exploration Expanded Welcome back to Far Harbor! Far harbor has plenty of places to explore but I felt it was missing a few extras in some of the more sparcely populated areas and places to rest were even more scarce so I fixed it. This adds a player home in the harbor and another stash house on the other side of the island as well as several lot spots and several suprises. IMPORTANT: This mod includes my Better Far Harbor Information Center as an All In One (AIO) the form number did not change so you should be able to add this in its place (unconfirmed) but I still recommend a fresh game if you have been to Far Harbor. This mod does NOT break precombines so it is safe to use with BostonFPSFix and PRP (Loade before PRP). Enjoy
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  14. That's the ending that I got. I was pretty happy with it as the conclusion to the story. Somewhat sad, yet hopeful at the same time, with good resolution of the supporting characters' storylines.
  15. That would be super-cool functionality but right now no command line option exists to launch and immediately build/rebuild the Bashed Patch.
  16. Thank you for the update! With the new grass features, it's just fantastic.
  17. I just finished the game for the first time, and the second time, in the last week. First time the dialogue paths chosen took me down what is I think the Devil ending, wasn't too keen on that ending so decided to go back to the save I made before the "point of no return" and this time did the Star ending (you get an achievement for completing it called The Star). That was a much better ending, and saves out a point where you get a few bonus items and get to finish off all gigs / side quests you haven't so far. I dont know for sure how much you have to befriend Panam for the Star ending to be a thing, but I went with a male V, romanced Panam throughout the game (aswell as helping out all the other characters you meet along the way), and then after the point of no return answered Johnny's questions with getting Panam to help. By this time you also need to be pretty well buffed / crafted for a meeting with one particular horrendous character, awesome battles. The story and emotional involvement you get with some of the characters in this game are outstanding. Some very wet eyeball moments throughout. Going to keep on milking this end game for a while and then go try the other game starts and eventually harder levels. Really looking forward to the games expansion and more free DLCs which are coming.
  18. can I save Erandur and get the skull of corruption at the same time with this for Waking Nightmare? I'd like to have Erandur as a follower and there's mods that do that too
  19. Last week
  20. Sorry for necro, but I've been trying to get Skyrim VR working and Skyrim VR never received the update for anniversary edition, nor did it recieve the fishing DLC. I'm getting missing masters for it with a clean Skyrim VR.
  21. I need someone to use SSEEdit, load up this patch, and show me what the patch changed exactly and if it changed any navmeshes or not. This patch was made for LE 2.3, I updated to 2.4 and changed how all the navmeshes work in my mod, but I don't have SE, so I need someone on SE to check this patch for me, which nobody wanted to do so I never found out if the patch would still be okay or not, hence I'm not uploading a path if I don't know it still works or not. So...are you offering to check the patch in SSEEdit and show me everything the patch changes?
  22. Whoops... I got carried away with copy and paste, and accidentally put both the Drumlin Diner and Fiddlers Green generic settlement signs in the Wall category instead of the Ground category. I'll fix that the next time I update.
  23. So, well here is the test. The attached file SMQN_TEST contains 4 mods that I will describe and which are simple enough to be checked quickly in CK or SSEEdit. After that, the 5 test cases to prove my point. Even if only the 4th is relevant, it would be wise to do the 5 of them in ascending order to do a proper verification. None of the mods overwrite vanilla records. The tests were done in Skyrim SE 1.6.353, but I know the results are the same in older versions, because this is an issue I found on a real mod long long ago (in 2018 I think,) where that mod was destroying a certain Dawnguard minor content (and it still does...) So, the description of the mods and what they do: - Base Mod (Whiterun): This mod defines a change location node called "MyQuestNode". Besides that it adds to that quest node a quest called YYYMyWhiterunQuest. This quest prints on screen (using one of those lazy Debug.Notification) "A change location happened in Whiterun Hold!" every time a change location event happens with the player being anywhere that belongs to the Whiterun Hold. - Derived Mod 1 (Eastmarch): This mod uses the first one as master, and it adds to the MyQuestNode another quest called YYYMyEastmarchQuest. This quest does exactly the same than the above one but in Eastmarch and printing "A change location happened in EastmarchHold!" - Derived Mod 2 (Haafingar): This mod uses the first one as master, and it adds to the MyQuestNode another quest called YYYMyHaafingarQuest. I bet you can guess what it does... yes, it prints "A change location happened in HaafingarHold!" when changing location in Haafingar. - Patch Mod: This mod has all above as masters, and resolves the conflict between Derived Mod 1 and Derived Mod 2. It doesn't add anything new of its own. If these quests really merged at runtime, then this patch mod wouldn't be needed because the game would already do that, right? Well, my point is that this mod is actually needed to resolve the conflict because that runtime merging doesn't happen. All of the three quests of the mods have mutually exclusive conditions to start: Player.GetInCurrentLoc(WhiterunHoldLocation), Player.GetInCurrentLoc(EastmarchHoldLocation) and Player.GetInCurrentLoc(HaafingarHoldLocation). All of them get stopped after printing the message, so that the quest can run again on the next change location event. And now testing time. Test 1 For this test I'm going to ask you to only have "Base Mod (Whiterun).esm" enabled, and not any of the others mods of the test. And well, just test what the mod does. Verify that "A change location happened in Whiterun Hold!" is printed every time a change location happens inside Whiterun Hold. Also verify that it doesn't happen in any of the other holds. Test 2 For this test I'm going to ask you to only have "Base Mod (Whiterun).esm" and "Derived Mod 1 (Eastmarch).esm" enabled, and not any of the others of the mods in the test. Obviously have Derived Mod 1 below in the load order, since it uses the first as master. So, this is how it looks in SSEdit 4.0.4 now: https://imgur.com/a/SRs8uU4 Nothing odd there. Verify that the combination of these mods do what you can probably guess: print "A change location happened in Whiterun Hold!" when a change location happens in Whiterun Hold and print "A change location happened in EastmarchHold!" when you change location in Eastmarch, and that it doesn't happen anywhere else. Test 3 This test is pretty much like 2, but instead I will ask you to only have "Base Mod (Whiterun).esm" and "Derived Mod 2 (Haafingar).esm" enabled. This is how it looks in SSEEdit: https://imgur.com/a/XIeWJPU Again, nothind odd yet. So, again, verify that it does what it should do, which is the same that Test 2, but replacing Eastmarch with Haafingar. Test 4 This is the most important test. Make sure to have "Base Mod (Whiterun).esm", "Derived Mod 1 (Eastmarch).esm" and "Derived Mod 2 (Haafingar).esm" enabled, and of course, do NOT enable "Patch Mod.esp", because that would enterely defeat the purpose of the test. Make sure to have Derived Mod 2 below Derived Mod 1 in the load order (otherwise it would happen exactly the opposite, although that would prove the point aswell) This is how it looks in SSEEdit: https://imgur.com/a/HyzGK1E And the problem starts. But hey, the colors in SSEEdit seem all nice, right? Almost as if it was expecting that those would really merge at runtime... It is worth to mention, that older version of SSEEdit (from the 3.x branch, 3.2.1 in concrete) would actually display these in red. But at some point, they changed that. I don't know which exact version did it. It is my guess that this change in SSEEdit may have happened precisely because of the information in this thread. Which is actually unfortunate, because now some modders are not aware when the issue happens, they see the colors all good, and they think everything is okay. So, as you may have guessed, two different things may happen when running this test, depending on which info is correct, but only one of these will actually happen: a) If it as the information in the op post says, then the quests will merge at runtime. And so, the three messages "blah blah Whiterun Hold", "blah blah Eastmarch Hold" and "blah blah Haafingar" will be printed in their respective holds. b) If is as I say, and these runtime merge doesn't happen, the result of this test will be identical to Test 3. Or in other words, the messages of Whiterun and Haafingar will happen, but the message for the Eastmarch Hold will never happen. On my end, b) happens always, not matter how many times I run the test or how many times i change location. Verify that it is the same on your end. Test 5 This test isn't really needed, if by doing Test 4, the issue has been confirmed. But just for completion. This time enable "Patch Mod.esp" aswell. This is how it looks in SSEEdit: https://imgur.com/a/3tcl01D So, verify that the mod indeeds resolve the conflict and that the message is printed in the three holds. Like I said at the beginning, if the merge happened in runtime, this mod wouldn't be necessary... but it is. SMQN TEST.zip
  24. Me TOO!!! Can't wait to get into the game after I install them!!!
  25. There's a new plugin available for Gruffydd's Signs and Posters! The plugin is called Added Settlements, and as the name implies adds new settlement signs - generic, BoS, Institute and Minutemen - for more than a score of new non-vanilla settlement locations. These are locations that are either obvious choices or ones that were specifically requested, and are for use with mods that add new settlement locations or that allow you to select or create your own. Settlements included are Atom Cats Garage, Breakheart Banks, College Square, Concord, Corvega, Drumlin (Diner), Dunwich, Fairline Hills Estates, Fiddlers Green Trailer Estates, Fort Hagen, Fort Strong, Hanscom AFB, Lexington, Libertalia, Lynn Woods, Northwind Point, Quincy, Salem, Steeple Heights, University Point, Vault 81, West Everett Estates, and Weymouth. As usual, you don't need to re-download the entire mod. Just grab the new plugin and install it, and it will merge in with the rest of the files.
  26. Congrats with the results sofar! The problem with the player moving around when sailing may have to do with update timing. Maybe reduce the speed of the ship or decrease the update timing. The type of ship you are using (medieval) has a speed of 4 to 6 knots, which is about 6 to 9 mph. The Gokstad author seems to refer to a speed of 200 ingame units and an update timing of 0.1.
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