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  2. Very good chance it's the reason for the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, else there is another problem with the installation. Might be a mod, or an issue covered by Buffout- looks like they would be interested in the crash report if you post over there, where others look like they have similar issues.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Description; An animated mesh replacer for common ingredients Daedra Heart and Human Heart that gives the illusion they're still beating. Compatible with any texture replacer. Will not be compatible with any other heart ingredient mesh replacer. Install; Unzip into your Data folder. Uninstall; Delete the files - meshes/clutter/ingredients/daedraheart.nif and humanheart.nif Credits; johnskyrim for helping with the concept, the meshes to start with, making the gif and his support.
  4. How do feral cats and dogs come about? Birthday or gifts for other occasions, friends and relatives mean well, but haven't given it too much thought, so more careless than caring. Someone dies, another offers to look after the pets, but the pets (especially the cats) get the urge to leave in order to find their owner. Folks who like to keep a lot of pets, but some of the pets are not happy with the arrangement for a variety of reasons, so don't hang around. Folks who don't have the heart (or resources) to euthanise their pets so dump them somewhere. Big problem, so the governments should get involved a bit more. Yeah, in some cases ferals can adapt to an environment with a positive impact, which makes them not so feral any more.
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  6. Apologies for somehow missing this question. Probably too late for the OP, but I'll answer for anyone else who may have the same question. I always clean mods before creating patches for them. So yes, you can (should) clean the mods before using them.
  7. Thank you very much! It's nice of you to share that. When I finally finished the last Hesu update and actually counted the patches, my jaw dropped lol. Didn't realize there were so many. One day I hope to be able to write a read-me file which is crystal clear. I'm getting better at it, but not quite there yet. I'll try to word this in a way that makes sense. For the 3 main patches in this package, you should only ever choose one. Installing more than one will cause duplicate objects in-game. The meshes and textures are the same for each, so won't matter which package you choose. "AFKWeye-MTC-RRLRumare Patch" is the most basic. Patching the 3 conflicting mods together. The next two are built off of this as a template, but add in compatibility for other things as well. "AFKWeye-MTC-RRLRumare-HOH Patch" for example adds in compatibility for House of Healing. "WeyeOverhaulMods Patch" does everything the previous patches do, plus adds compatibility for Oblivion Farmers Market. All three of the above have built in compatibility for Akaviri Imports mod (requires the replacer esp in optional files), Ruined Tale's Tail (requires the RTT relocation patch from Arthmoor), and Clocks of Cyrodiil. There is also an optional patch file for Colouwheels Sexy Oblivion Overhaul, this file can only be used alongside the basic 3 way patch (afk-mtc-rr). The person who originally created it designed it that way. Hopefully this clears things up for you. And thanks for reaching out.
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  9. I'm a novice modder so please forgive me in advance. But the readme instructions: "Requirements: meshes and textures folder from main patch file" & "Contains all of the funcionality found in the main patch file. In addition..." are seemingly contradictory. Should we overwrite the house of healing (4-way) version of the patch with the textures and meshes from the basic (3-way) patch. Can we use just the 4-way patch with its meshes and textures folder? Thank you for the tremendous amount of work you put into creating compatibility patches for all these lovely mods. When I opened the Hesu patch compendium in MO2 my jaw almost dropped to the ground. I love the passion for this game that you and other modders exude.
  10. Odd how things how things are different and even the same across different countries or even in the same country. Here's some cats at my grandad's house waiting on him to finish milking the cows and fill their milk bowl. Non-fixed of course, they work to keep rodents away from the farm. Here is the reason why a year later there were no cats and grandad's house.
  11. PS the animal rights activist you mention should have been educated as to the danger to wild life these feral animals represent and government should be ashamed of their knee jerk reaction and obvious lack of knowledge of the situation. If possible these problems should be solve humanely but there are times when drastic measures are nessercery.
  12. I disagree neutering house hold pets that belong to responsible owners who make sure their pets do not get the chance to mate. Its the fault of the a- holes who should never be aloud to own any animal of any kind, and dump them when they become a to much trouble to look after, the kind of thing you are describing just does not happen in anything like the level you describe in the part of Europe I live in. Feral dogs are almost non existent, cats on the other hand are a different story. The birds and small mammals suffer a lot, to counter that there are many charities that catch these cats and rehouse them if possible or sterilize then then release back to the wild which is showing a decrease in the problem as the birthrate is lowered. Its not perfect but I get the impression that the problem is far worse where you are than here. So the two situations are probably not comparable.
  13. Dude your sing up for an account made me typ the evil word OBAMA ....
  14. i live in a rural area, and dogs and cats, fixed or not, pose a real problem. People just dump them off out here in the desert, figuring they will either die or make a life for themselves. The dogs that survive go feral run in packs. We have had a case of a young person waiting at the school bus stop endangered by a pack of feral dogs. A gentleman had every one of his chickens killed. A goatherd had four goats disemboweled by feral dogs. But the cats are worse. We have birds that winter over in our desert. But in some areas, the birds are no more. One area has been denuded of small mammals, rabbits, mice, voles, etc. The cats have actually been declared an ecological disaster. And we cannot call the local pound or animal control to come take care of the animals. We have to call the County, State or Federal land administrators, who have no facilities for dealing with these animals. We used to periodically have hunts to get the animals back under control until some local Animal Rights Activist made a stink and the State and County said "no more". And even when we manage to catch one, our shelters are also overflowing. Because nobody wants to adopt a dog or cat that has gone feral, the animals just wind up getting euthanized (it would have been cheaper to let us just shoot them). So, unless you are using your animal for breeding, be responsible and neuter your animal. It has nothing to do with your ability to control your animal, but everything to do with other people controlling their animals. Unless your animal is caged while you are not present, it will breed if it can.
  15. I have had dogs most of my life, and as you say a female in heat can leave quite a mess and for that reason we have had the few female dogs we have had spayed for that reason. One thing we have never had is a male that marks inside the house and they have al kept their equipment. We teach them to mark outside. The other problem you mention of over full pounds is I admit heart breaking but the cause is owners who do not make sure that their dogs do not mate except when they want them to and never just for the hell of it, or abandoned or free roaming dogs that run around on their own without supervision from their owners.
  16. As has been stated previously, Arthmoor does not support older versions of the game and does not support VR. This is unlikely to change, and certainly not whilst the the PC community is in the state it currently is with players trying to forcibly downgrade their game to 1.5x from the current 1.6x standard.
  17. Particularly with an indoor dog, there are certain behaviors that manifest themselves much more with an 'unfixed' dog. Granted this is much more the case with females. When the bitch is in heat it's not exactly something you can ignore. With males it's the instinct to 'mark their territory' that gets curbed when fixed. Having dog urine sprayed all over the house might be great to the dog, but not so much the owners. Where I live there are so many unwanted dogs though, the animal control shelters are overflowing and culling daily. It's a sad fate for such animals and fixing them seems more humane than not where I'm from. Granted when living out on the ranch in the mid-West the only animals we fixed were cattle and pigs, and at least you have something to eat when the deed is done.
  18. well said ... must save the dangly bits for the greater good of dogmanity ... you know birds and the bees stuff
  19. I don't know. But in my mod they bring 1000 septims each
  20. Hi, and welcome to AFK. If the game is installed within Program Files, try moving it out- preferably from within Steam.
  21. This is quite possibly my favorite recorded guitar solo of all time. I get goose bumps every time I watch this video. The inimitable Stevie Ray Vaughn performing Texas Flood at the El Macambo:
  22. We just moved to Pennsylvania two years ago. We lived in Oregon for 16 years before we moved here. We found a great old 2,300 sq. ft. house built in 1906 for an incredibly rock-bottom, dirt-cheap price. It sits on 0.4 acre of land and came with nine feral kittens. We adopted the kittens along with the house. Anyway, to say something on topic, I hope Bethesda's Creation Engine 2 handles things like cloth physics better than the current engine.
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  24. My father's side of my family hailed from McClellandtown, PA, though they mostly all moved to Ohio or Michigan. Only was there once - when I was about 1 year or so old - so just have one memory - of a fence with a car parked nearby - LOL!
  25. Always good to hear from folks in Pennsylvania, brother. My folks are from there originally and even growing up in Indiana we made a lot of trips back home for family visits. So, put my sammy in a poke and give me a Schmidt's please
  26. Well, all... Nicoroshi is a rather private person and avoids social media entirely. So, he asked me to forward this thank you and update... "You can fill them in on what I have discovered or what I am working on It goes like this Using faster HDT non-cuda AVX2 day's code since after extensive testing it gave the best frame rate out of every code available there my processor can run (doeant support AVX 512). Using 3BA CBBE lite with all body physics handled by CBPC (my own xmls). I can run KS Hairdo SMP with Bijin KS hairdo SMP replacer along with practical pirate Physics skirt, 3BA vanilla clothes + dawnguard and Dragonborn without any stutter. Testing method: Using mist flight at +25 speed fly around Skyrim and look for any stutter. The issue: Add in one SMP cloak from either HDT cloaks and capes or Artesian cloaks and the game will get micro stutters during flight testing (happens also just walking around). So my questions are: Am I the only one that is OCD enough to care about these micro stutters? Do other people experience them with HDT SMP cloaks? Could this be a possible conflict with animation mods in my load order? Why only cloaks and capes? Any insight appreciated For the time being I am keeping body, clothing and hair and using 360 YY animations for some cloak flair but would love to keep a stutter free game and have beautiful flowing loaks and capes Thanks Nico " Hope that helps clarify the nature of my query for those who have yet to arrive at the party
  27. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Destruction Power Enchantment mod, which was removed from nexus. It includes .esp only, no loose or archived files. Also available on Bethesda.net, for both PS4 and xbox1. It adds a set of 4 pieces of heavily-enchanted gear to a hidden location in Skyrim. Once you reach 100 Destruction, you can buy a journal from Faralda, with clues as to where to find the set, which consists of a cuirass, helm, necklace, and ring. It can also be found/recovered earlier, if you happen to find it or know where it is. The gear is enchanted as the armor of the famous battlemage could be expected to be. It not only boosts your destruction power by 100% per piece worn, but also gives you some magicka regeneration, some resistance, and reduces casting cost considerably. Any of these can be disenchanted, and the enchantment applied to other items, with the same worn restrictions as the vanilla destruction (cost reduction) enchantment has. If all pieces are worn, your destruction spells will be 5x stronger than normal. *NOTE: Due to the problematic handling of multiple effect enchantments, this enchantment was necessarily locked into a single strength. If disenchanted and applied to another item, it goes on at the same strength, regardless of enchanting skill, and regardless of soul gem size. I spent many hours trying to figure out how to fix this, with no luck. This is the primary reason I made the journal only available at destruction 100, where an "easy" enchantment isn't really a Nirn-shattering thing.* There are also several rings, with a lesser version of the enchantment, which only boosts the destruction power. These range from 20% - 80%, depending on your level when you encounter them. They can be found in Drela's Cottage, near Whiterun, or purchased from Faralda, who has them available roughly 50% of the time. If disenchanted and applied to another item, this simple enchantment will scale with your enchanting skill and will be affected by soul gem size. I have tested it, and it is possible to place both enchantments on a dual-enchanted item, for even stronger destruction. This will not affect spells which are not designated as destruction spells, including some shouts. If you want more affect, you would need to open the magic effects in question, and make sure they are destruction magic. If you make changes, depending on how many other mods you have, that may require you to make a bashed patch, to work properly. This has been cleaned with xedit.
  28. I'm even less help than you are, smr1957. I don't use physics mods of any kind. I mainly use gameplay-changing mods.
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