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  2. A good guide on WB is Oooii's. The video is setting up Northern UI? It's incompatible with many other UI mods- perhaps someone in the Northern UI thread might know more.
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  4. Definitely US*P. I've found various Trainer edits where US*P already checked whether the player was currently in good standing with the guild. These affect the same entries. They shouldn't provide training until you've achieved good standing, but it's a different global. However, Niruin was missed. So I'll include him in the fix. Of course, a better design would not have used globals, and checked for a stage completion. But that would be a lot more edits now.
  5. Sorry guys, but I'm having a bit of trobule. 1) I've always used Simple Better Inventrory and Map, but now I'm having this trouble: Video - I can't select an item in the inventory anymore; only if I use the mouse. 2) I still have to put, manually, Better Looking Redguards in the bottom. Otherwise, it will be overwriten. If you can help me at least with this inventory it would be wonderful. Thanks! and sorry for all the trouble!
  6. I've just discovered a huge pile of never heard TGHellos dialogue, after wondering why I'm asking Thrynn about a bandit clan. How did I know to ask? Turns out he was supposed to tell me. There's a lot of introductory Hellos (for all thieves) conditioned by [000E595A] TGTalkGate. [000E50DD] Used to run with a bandit clan in The Pale. Turns out I didn't like them and they didn't like me, so we parted ways. Note that US*P changed "The Pale" to "the Pale" on a line never heard. TGTalkGate is set by [00084ABD] TG02B at startup (you join). This is probably a mistake, as you never ha
  7. Bethesda Support wasn't any help. They went round after round asking about how much file space remaining, and anti-virus, and having me reinstall, and asking for more copies of the DxDiag, msinfo32, etc. Eventually, they agreed it was something that needed to be forwarded to the developers, as I'd originally stated. Since then, nothing. So I've started over, this time with SSE Engine Fixes. Hopefully this will prevent this specific crash, and any build-up of bad saved data. Now that Zenimax is owned by M$, we need to lobby for a 10th aniversary edition with bug fixes. Or just open so
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  9. Version 2.0.6 Fixed an issue with the door that is attached to the restored tower that blocked its use.
  10. Yes, sir! Thank you very much, hehe!
  11. HI all i just installed empire total war the hellas mod but its freeze. i click on start and show the game shortcut but it kick me out any solution?
  12. well i have all the items and the quest wont appear and i try talking to the guy to give the items too and nothing happens.
  13. ive downlaoded CRF and still the ring wont appear. anyone help?
  14. i downloaded after the corpse was gone, but downloaded anyway and still dont see a ring anywhere.
  15. Welcome to AFK Mods! Did you install the Greek 3.01 mod fix? Instructions copied from the download entry
  16. v3.35 released, and GOG offline files updated https://www.nomanssky.com/2021/04/expeditions-patch-3-35/
  17. You're welcome. For future reference, 'update your masterlist' means pressing this button: Sorting will update the masterlist as well, but you don't *have* to use LOOT's sorting to get tags, you only need to update the masterlist.
  18. Man, it worked!!! Even the Face Import is now working! Thank you very much for your help, Infernio!
  19. Hey mate! Thanks for uploading the mod. Sadly, the launcher wont launch the game. I'm getting an error after clicking "start" saying load error.
  20. Uhg... no: I'm gonna install the WIP, then, lol (I hope it works)! Update your LOOTmastrlist... you mean we I run LOOT and ask it to organize my load order. Isthat it?
  21. Those files are missing their tags entirely. For me, all the Beautiful_Women/Handsome_Gents files have two tags, NPC.FaceGen and NPC.Hair. Are you using the WIP build of Wrye Bash and have you updated your LOOT masterlist?
  22. More of them (I had to, manually, copy and paste the faces from Beautiful Women to Feminized because any way I tried it overwirtes Beautiful Women): === Current Bash Tags:
  23. Hmm. Okay. Like this? === Current Bash Tags:
  24. Do all the plugins involved have the right tags? Do a View > List Bash Tags..., that will tell you which plugins have tags and where they're coming from.
  25. Now if I put Beautiful Women down Feminized Walk, the Bshed Patch copy the faces from it, but not the animation from feminzed Walk.
  26. Here. Even Balanced Magic is overwriting it.
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