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  2. USSEP 4.2.1 has been released. First post has the details. We have been unable to update the copies on Bethesda.net for PC and XB1 but will get to those when the issue keeping things from being uploaded is resolved.
  3. The assets were added for the Saints & Seducers DLC but they're part of the base game update so anyone is free to use those assets in mods too.
  4. Shiverling Isle? Since when did a part of Oblivion be added to SSE. I notice it when I launched the Steam Client so I checked SKSE too.
  5. Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.5.97 No official changelog was provided. Support for new CC content was added. Wolves will now howl properly when idle. Additional art resources centering around content for Shivering Isles has been included with the base game as modders' resources.
  6. Last week
  7. Hi all, Does anybody on this board know anything about the invisible wall bug that sometimes affects the quest "I Put a Spell on You"? If you don't know what I'm talking about - I'm trying to blow up the monorail for the Legion, but when I take the explosives to the train, I can't board, which means I can't access the vent where I'm supposed to plant them. There's an invisible wall blocking access to the train, and I'm greeted with the text "A) Take Monorail to the Strip" when I try to enter. (Pressing A does in fact take me to the strip, but that doesn't help.) Googling the issue tells me the same problem has been known to afflict goodie-goodies who want to stop the train from blowing up, but nothing about what causes it or whether there's a workaround. So... does anybody know anything useful? Is this something that happens randomly, in which case restarting my console and reloading the same save might eventually help? (Seems unlikely.) Or if it's tied to the game state, what do I have to do to complete the quest? I'm playing on Xbox, so I can't fix it with console commands. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. @Tanker1985 Could you try the latest nightly? We've changed to using PyInstaller to build nightlies now, which *should* fix the LOOT crash.
  9. Thanks for your answer and all we (PS4 fans) can do in this case is waiting for fixing this. I hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible.
  10. Nope. It's not due to something in the patch. Their site and the way the CK interfaces with it are just unpredictable. Someone commenting that they had an upload error is also pretty vague.
  11. I see. I have one last question. Maybe it can seems to be stupid and I in advance apologizing cause don't know technical staff but could the problem be in the patch 2.0.9 itself? I guess it's local problem cause other mods successfully updating. P.S. Yesterday casually found one interesting comment to new version of other mod for PS4 in Bethesda site: "Corrected upload error with previous version." Thank's for answering.
  12. At the moment, no, there's nothing that can be done about it. Fixing whatever is wrong would require them to act on it.
  13. The worst thing is that without Bethesda's site it can't be applied. It's really nothing we can do?
  14. I'm using the Sacrosanct v515 mod and I've acquired the affects The Beast & Mockery of Life plus I'm blood starved. I tried using Vampire Drain on a guard, 2 Giants and 4 Mammoths but I still have this effect. Can someone explain how to get rid of it plz.
  15. I appreciate the response, but how would running LOOT outside MO change anything? MO is designed to have executable run within MO.
  16. I didn't even know 1909 was out yet. So if it's some kind of issue with that, my system hasn't been affected yet. I doubt it though, and really hope that's not just going to be a lame excuse some companies use to say it's not their fault some unusual bug has infested your game. It's gonna suck big time if I have to scrap the save because whatever they've done on moons is unfixable. Especially since following any of the story elements is likely to force you into landing on one whether you wanted to or not.
  17. Unfortunately we don't because Bethesda's system is not letting me get to where I can upload the file. It's been kept up to date but for whatever reason the CK hangs when trying to process the upload.
  18. Hi. First of all I want to say thank you very match for your great job and I have one question. We (PS4 users) still can't enjoy new version of this awesome patch cause available only 2.0.7 for PS4. Do you have any progress in uploading 2.0.9 for PS4? P.S. I am checking news about it every day. Thank's.
  19. I'm pretty sure MO is the culprit behind your issue. Try to run LOOT outside of MO and the same thing applies for every mod tool. Run those mod tools outside of MO.
  20. This is not related to your issue, but a heads up : I just recently found out Microsoft messed up an update to Win 10 1903, which caused some hard to resolve in some cases issues for third party Virus suites and maybe a heap of other stuff with permissions. I dont use any third party Anti-malware, just use Windows Defender, but heard about it via Security Now podcasts. Even more recently, I now know it also messed up the availability of some if not all MSVC Redist .dll's for games .. See this topic https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=419979 .. Now I wonder if some of my most recent bug reports on No Man's Sky may be related Anyway, something to watch out for, and weirdness with games may be related to MS messing up VC Redist libraries and access to them for games, if the MS Redist was installed prior to a major 1903 update. Win 10 1909 (now installed) does not correct such issues, so I think its going to be a case of manually re-installing game dependancies (Steam or GOG Galaxy may think its already been installed and will not overwrite / re-install the dependencies) effing Microsoft
  21. Yep, already way ahead of you there. I submitted the save, plus the same screenshot I linked on reddit showing the severe tilt while being on a moon. Honestly don't think they need all the dxdiag crap since it's clearly a cross-platform bug in their code. While I was at it I also submitted a suggestion that base prefab buildings auto-generate their own foundation legs instead of having to be stuck working with the crap foundation prefab that currently exists. Especially the landing pad, which won't let you attach the existing foundation struts to the underside. Having to hack something together out of cuboid frames was a massive pain in the ass. Maybe if I get motivated enough to do it I'll cook up a mod that does that since no such beast seems to exist yet.
  22. I would, it may not be immediate but they do get round to Zendesk reports eventually .. https://hellogames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new At the end of the report filling, you can attach zipped up files, I usually give Save games .. C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Hellogames\ - Zip up the NMS folder in there, and in the description of the report tell them which save is in use (for example "Normal mode latest Autosave") DXDiag zipped up Screenshots Zipped up (sometimes I use an MP4 vid instead made with Game Bar recording - But it needs to be small otherwise uploading it will be rejected, say less than 20 seconds of video is about right) VulkanInfo zipped up - Open a Command prompt, doesn't need to be Admin, and paste in the following .. vulkaninfo > "%UserProfile%\Desktop\vulkaninfo.txt" You will now have a text file on your desktop you can zip up and include in the report And dont use more than 4 attachments to the report, 5 gets rejected. I sometimes include settings files, but then you need to bundle it with DXDiag and Vulkaninfo in one zip to get round the 4 file limit ~Game installation folder~\No Mans Sky\Binaries\Settings
  23. I reinstalled my animations mods and did a little reordering (and built my Bashed Patch), then started a new game and ran through most of the map with no crashes, so that's good! But I have a different problem. I can't get through Helgen. I crash at the same point every time too. It's when Hadvar is telling Haming to get away and then Alduin roasts poor Haming's dad. My concern is that this could be indicative of a future problem fighting Alduin at all, which would obviously be game-breaking. How could I find out what the issue would be? I can't install .NET Script Framework because it hasn't been updated for the current version of SKSE.
  24. Well shit. So you mean there's a known camera bug in this game caused by landing on moons? Then maybe they shouldn't make the moons paradises and instead leave that to actual planets. Then I wouldn't have run into this. Cause I warped like 7 times before finding a tropical moon with a ruin and an EM power node near it to build my base on. The only problem is I had this problem right from the start of a new game after setting aside a save that got ruined by this and the terrain edit limits. Fresh game, starting planet, I walked into a shelter building and it was tilted the same way. My game isn't as bad off as the one in that reddit post but it's definitely not limited to the PS4 or to building bases on moons. But it's good to know I'm not crazy and that building a base on a moon makes this much much worse. There just doesn't seem to be a logical reason for why it sticks to new games as well as old ones. Especially if you haven't landed on any moons yet. Maybe I need to submit my save for consideration or something.
  25. @Infernio Thank you, that fixed it! I'm using git, and GITK to choose the branch. Guess I'll be doing a git clean after every branch switch from now on. Coming from Java, I didn't realize I needed to. git -C %REPO% clean -fdx Mopy/bash
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