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  3. Seem the large haulers was a thing .. Fix in the next update : https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/2974027717608153577/ Experimental Branch 25/11
  4. UFO4P 2.1.2 is now in beta, second post has the details. We're expecting this to last at least a week, barring any problems that come up in testing.
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  6. About Ugor: USKP 1.1 made her Protected in the related DA06 quest. She was not protected in vanilla. You might make a note of that in your summary. Atub was also made DA06 Protected, but that doesn't show up in the version history. In USKP 1.2.5, Ugor's level was raised to match Atub, because she dies too easily against the fixed level 32 giants. For some odd reason, the Protection state doesn't always kick in on time? This problem only occurs when the player passes by at low levels. (Such as riding a Touring Carriage from Riverwood to Riften the first time.) It was readily reproducible. Note that Gularzob was made DA06 essential in USKP 2.0.8. Contra USKP 1.3.3, Ugor is a female.
  7. Version 4.2.4 of the USSEP is now in beta. It's been awhile, I know, but here we are This should be in beta for at least a week just to be sure any issues are shaken loose. There are some changes to the way the retroactive update scripts work which may produce some odd Papyrus log errors. We are aware of this and there should be no issue with it once they've been seen the first time.
  8. Not exactly. The raised dead properly turn into piles of goo, the pseudo-zombies lie around as dead bodies, as does the necromancer. Sadly, not much we can do about an engine bug. Thought they needed the dead body cleanup script or something. There's a spot East of Stonehills where a wizard fights a couple of bandits (and usually loses) near a crashed wagon the first time you pass by, and those all cleanup nicely. (While the dead horse and dead wizard in the wagon do reset, although that's a bit odd.) I'd hoped there was something we could do here to match. The only reason that I'd noticed was my Touring Carriage runs over them as speed bumps to and from Windstad. This is actually my very first comprehensive play through, although I've played up to various stages in the past to test....
  9. Hello, I know this comment is super late to the party and I apologize for that. I had a question. I have not used this mod yet, but I have been trying to get alternative music to play within Skyrim. I have successfully replaced the vanilla intro theme with various songs. For some reason, I am unable to replace any other music for example the town or tavern themes. For example, I selected a song that I wanted to play in all taverns and I renamed it: mus_tavern_01.xwm, mus_tavern_02.xwm, mus_tavern_03.xwm, mus_tavern_04.xwm, mus_tavern_05.xwm and mus_tavern_06.xwm I know that without this mod, the vanilla music will still play, but I noticed that if I sit in a chair in the tavern for a long time, my chosen song does not play! It just cycles through the vanilla tavern songs...why is this? Is there something I am missing? I would greatly appreciate any help with this.
  10. Hmm, I dunno about Windows Defender, but I too use Windows 7 64-bits and the antivirus I use is Panda Dome. Have you tried to use antivirus instead of Windows Defender, just to see if Windows Defender does something or not?
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  12. From what I've seen, Serana are sometimes too keen of using the Raise Dead spell even when she seems to be safe, so if getting the chance she always cast the Raise Dead and that could also trigger the engine bug that BlackPete mention. Unfortunately, that also affect followers if they have a staff of raising dead or know the Raise Dead spell.
  13. Just for clarification... There are no "Living" bandits at Ustengrav (or should not be) - the bandits used as properties in the script defaultOwnZombie.psc are placed alive and that script turns them into zombies (undead). The Dead-dead bandits are there for looks and the necromancers are able to cast Raise Dead on them. Looks as if Beth wanted multiple raised dead and used the script to get by the necros limit of one per caster. If there are Living bandits that fight with the necromancers and/or their pets then that should not be happening or they are from a mod. If the necromancer raises a dead bandit then that bandit needs to be in that faction with the rest of them or friendly with it. FYI: The story is that the Necromancers are raising the dead bandits to use them as labor, digging in the dungeon. When the player arrives and interrupts the operation that is when the necros further in meet the draugr.
  14. i've already finished Markarth and found the story elements to be better than Greymoor. I don't really get too heavily into the other mechanics and such but it seemed to me that they'd corrected for the terrible nerfing of Nightblades that happened prior to Greymoor.
  15. What are people's thoughts on the new update so far (Markarth)? Can finally go near Skyhaven temple without being attacked by the forsworn natives but sadly no way up
  16. v4.00 Beta 1 is up : https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=bd19e628fdbd5763da7b8a7b665a15c6 When this comes out of beta and goes public, the next DLC I think will also be launched.
  17. I see. It's been a few years since I've played the game all the way through, so I'm probably forgetting about the two living bandits. Now that you mention it, I do recall the necromancer only raising one of the dead bandits. The issue with them respawning naked is probably the same engine bug that occurs elsewhere in other locations in the game. The exterior NPCs are part of the Ustengrav "no reset" encounter zone and the references are even properly flagged to be a part of that zone, so an engine bug is the only explanation I can think of as to why they reset anyway like you've observed. It may be possible to get the exterior NPCs to clean up if they were tied to the Ustengrav control quest like the ones inside. I'm pretty sure I also brought that up at one point years back and the determination was that they were likely meant to be handled separately from the ones inside. That's all I can remember since it was a long time ago. The NPCs inside were definitely intended to be cleaned up. The reason why that didn't happen was because the control quest was never shut down like it was supposed to be, which as you likely know was corrected by the patch. Ustengrav is just one of several locations with control quests that the developers forgot to script to shut down after the associated dungeon quest was completed, resulting in the same issue with the NPCs persisting forever.
  18. No, this is only partially correct. I've checked. There are 2 living bandits (000299f7, 0008b706) and 3 initially dead bandits (000299f5, 000235db, 000235dd); one with her head poorly placed under the bed. The necromancer (000235d6) has a script defaultOwnZombie that adds the living bandits to its faction. They will not fight each other. UESP is wrong. I'll fix it. The necromancer will also resurrect one (and only one) of the dead bandits. The problem that I'd reported is the killed necromancer and 3 killed bandits do not ever cleanup. After looting, they all reload with the cell 10 days later, naked with a pickaxe. Very strange. Inside Ustengrav, there are 4 living bandits. Likewise, they are all defaultOwnZombie of a necromancer (0002820e). After death, these killed necromancers and killed bandits do clean up after only a day or so, even though they are also in a no reset zone. In both places, the initially dead bandits never cleanup. My desire was that the killed exterior NPCs cleanup the same as the killed interior NPCs. Maybe that's not possible? Maybe the killed interior NPCs aren't supposed to cleanup?
  19. This is correct. The bandits are placed dead and are reanimated by the necromancer once the player approaches the area and/or is detected. I've found that they often times turn into ash piles afterwards, but this isn't always the case for reasons I don't understand. As we've discovered, ash piles from NPCs that are placed dead at the beginning of the game don't ever clean up due to an engine issue. NPCs that are placed dead seem to remain in the game forever even if they aren't reanimated and turned into an ash pile, unless they are culled by the game engine (which only happens in a few cases that I'm aware of). To the best of my knowledge, UESP is incorrect about the necromancer and bandits fighting each other outside the dungeon. What I described above was the case back when I played Skyrim on the Xbox 360 console, so I'm rather sure the patch didn't change anything. Maybe what UESP describes was the original intent of the developers, but I don't know how you'd go about making that determination with any degree of certainty, unless there is some sort of evidence in the Creation Kit to point to that being the case.
  20. The bandits you are talking is actually summoned by the necromancer due for being already dead before the player arrived.
  21. Heya Wrinkly! If I can, gonna try that tomorrow and report back! Yeah, the sorting is kinda understandable that takes a bit of time with 500 mods which are approx. half ESL and half not, and that part hasn't worsened much, i.e. it's somewhat noticeable slower but not a whole lot... the thing that has worsened a lot is saving the load order and that's what makes me think that's something going on.
  22. Has there been a mod bug fix for if Ronnie doesn’t follow you?
  23. Installation of mods is the same, except for two things. Some mods that's converted from SLE to SSE can sometimes show Form Version 43 and not 44. The reason for that is often that converted mods needs to be re-saved in the CK 2 (SSE) and should a converted mod(s) still show Form 43 then load the mod into the CK 2 and re-save it. It has be reported that some converted mods still works in SSE, my mod included, despite for showing Form 43. The other thing that's different in SSE compared to SLE is the Cretion Club and of course the in-game mod manager that's connected to Bethesda.net. Which replaces the Skyrim Workshop on Steam.
  24. I don't know about sorting, but nothing about saving a load order has changed. LOOT basically just passes the load order to save down to libloadorder, and that hasn't been updated since v0.14.4. It definitely shouldn't be taking seconds... If you go back to v0.15.1, how long do sorting and saving take? EDIT: Someone else reporting far worse sort times (7 minutes!) still only sees applying the load order take 0.2 seconds.
  25. Starting Thursday the 19th, Epic will be giving away Elite Dangerous.
  26. Inside Ustengrav interior, which never resets, US*P fixed the cleanup problem. The spawning leveled NPCs cleanup after a day or so, although the initially dead bodies remain. My recent "Issue #29339: Ustengrav exterior NPCs not cleaning up" was closed as not a bug. These leveled NPCs (2 bandits and a wizard) outside are in UstengravZone, which never resets. Is there no similar way to cleanup? Moreover, inside Ustengrav the wizards and bandits are fighting. Outside, according to UESP, "When you first approach the campsite, the bandits will be attacked by a necromancer." Now they do not attack each other, and all attack the player instead. Is a US*P change responsible?
  27. Has anyone else seen a marked decrease in performance for LOOT in the last update? I waited for some time to see if someone else reported something similar, yet it has been ~3 months and I haven't seen other mentions, so I'm starting to believe there's something that is happening to me only. Before last update, LOOT operations were quicker by a margin of several seconds. With this last version (0.16 from August), sorting the load order takes ~7 to 15 seconds, and saving the results takes ~6 seconds. In the past saving used to be almost instant, and that's something that definitely changed with last version. My main Skyrim SE install is on a hard disk, and almost new hard disk that's also almost empty, but my saves and load order folder (i.e. the AppData\Local\Skyrim* folder) are located on an SSD. My install is around ~500 mods atm. but it didn't increase at all since several months, so it was the same back when I was using the previous version. No MO2 nor Vortex at play, my install is handled with Wrye Bash only. Is no biggie and in no way is something that makes the tool unusable, just wondering what could be going on. EDIT: Forgot to add, I'm on Windows 7 64 bits, and I don't have antivirus that could be interfering (just Win defender, but with the real time scan part turned off.) Also, my comp is a bit old (from 2013) but as I said, the previous version was markedly faster. Best wishes, Leandro.
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