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  3. Agreed Blizzard has always done great cinematics. My favorite is this one:
  4. Yeah I've seen that also, but still like the original better. But in game you don't have a lot of time to notice anyway I suppose. The updated cut scenes are REALLY nice though. But Bliz has always done good cut scenes. Even in the old days, this is still one of my favorites:
  5. I've seen how the Amazon originally was redesigned for D2R, and agree she looked like a man in cosplaying as the Amazon. But I have not looked at her model in game, but I heard in a video they updated her looks. The Necromancer and the Druid look like they've really aged 20 years.
  6. To anyone using Colourwheels who wants to use this patch: It makes the bank door unusable. NPCs will stack up outside since they can't get in; how many depends on other mods you may use & their AI. In my case, a lot. You have 2 options: 1) if you use this patch, push your way through the crowd to get to the door, click on it, & use the console to disable it. There's another door behind it that doesn't work either (it's not meant to be activated), but that's ok for this fix. Then use the console again to "unlock" the portal at the bottom of the steps. Most NPCs will then go down the steps & use the magic portal to get in the bank. But some won't, including a CSO NPC named "Tommy" who'll just walk into the door endlessly. 2) Don't use the patch. The bank door will work & NPCs will go in & out, which is proof that the patch is disabling it. Problem is, w/o the patch, the buildings conflict and the steps are just barely there. Most NPCs will use it, but some just can't find their way to them right away and there will be a few who get hung up in the corner of the adjacent building until they find a way to get on the bank steps. Probably better to not use the patch, because the AI of the NPCs seems to have them using the front door. If they use the portal it's possible they could get stuck inside, or in the case of "Tommy", stuck outside.
  7. Loved D1 and D2. Never played D3 as I just didn't like the art style nor the classes. I am considering getting D2R, but my favorite class was always the Amazon as I love playing an archer, and well, yeah she looks like my old math teacher from high school and I never liked that guy. I also really wish they could have put it on STEAM. Really hate to have to reactivate my old bliz.net account. But I've been watching some vids also and like what I see. I may get it for my Switch since I've been looking for something to play on that anyway, though I really need to see some Switch game-play before doing that.
  8. Anyone here tried this yet. I bought it yesterday, since I never played the original D2. I did play the original D1 on the first Playstation, and I do remember liking the background lore. I also played D3, but not it's expansion. Over the years I've heard how great D2 was and how fun the Necromancer class was. So that is the character I am, Xul the Necromancer. I have read and seen videos prior to buying the game about the controversy around the way the characters look. I've seen how they looked in the original and agree they look like they've aged along with the fanbase. But I guess since I never played the original D2 it doesn't bother me. Anyway so far no bugs or graphical glitches that I've seen. Oh yeah and since I remember the ending for D1, I have a feeling I know who the mysterious wanderer is.
  9. v4.3 released .. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118660-paintnet-43-is-now-available/#comments DDSFileType and WebP included plugins also updated :
  10. come on baby...............................................................................................
  11. Yesterday
  12. I do not wish to point fingers….but the only mod I recently added was ‘craftable Woodaxes’ because it promised the option of continuous chopping. However, it has since failed after giving me the ‘book’ to control the settings only once…the book no longer shows up in inventory, plus, although it automatically does five successive chops without the book, they are only one Firewood each…therefore totalling just five pieces, which is even worse than vanilla’s 3 chops x 2 pieces per go. I may just have to dump the mod….Or use it to light my fire Adella
  13. Posted them but it seems to have been corrected in your update that includes Kynesgrove or I had incorrectly selected patches for lanterns and chains that I did not have the mods for installed. When I installed ver 0.5, I only selected patches for USSEP and RS Children.
  14. I also have had problems with wood chopping animation, when activating the block the log is pickt up then just stops. If I then look down and activate the block again the log gets chopped and fire wood is added to my invetry. It seems to have started since adding FINIS ot one of the other mods I added with it. Now here is the funny bit I also have a mod that adds craftable chopping blocks the animation for those blocks works as intended, so that is another possible culprit.
  15. Ooooh right well this issue might be affecting my game too (XB1S player). I have set my timescale (via a Cheatroom option) to 13 and have played this way for a long time (several years) with no symptoms….until recently. Now to be clear, I have added…and taken, a few mods in my LO….so….. Well, anyway, what has started happening is sometimes…upon a fresh save load in, a black border begins creeping across from the left…its edge is uneven, not a straight vertical line. I can still move, but if the creeping death overtakes me the entire screen ends up black…even though features like white action text to open a (blacked out) door still show up. Entering the door will load a pristine interior….but going back outside will be into the blackness again. If I run….in the visible bit of screen, before the blackness gets me…I can leave it behind. But then…Turning around the view is normal and the creeping death has gone. I thought it was GPU chip failure…like being cooked, but if that were the case it wouldn’t load a normal interior…the black death would be everywhere, right? So….being associated with the loaded cell makes most sense. But why now? I am guessing a mod is at the root of it….especially since I have also recently had a few animation failures with wood chopping, not getting off a chair, not completing the pipe smoking ani and sometimes being stuck on a spot after dialogue (turning and camera are fine, but I can’t walk!). Thoughts? (Other than stop monkeying with my LO Lol)
  16. 472.12 released WHQL https://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/472.12/472.12-win11-win10-win8-win7-release-notes.pdf
  17. Same here. Last one I saw was on the old BethSoft Forums.
  18. I also posted a couple of pics in my gallery here where this sign can be found in the game. (North of the Vault-Tec building. Close to the river.)
  19. well done detective Fenrus. good piece of sleuthing.
  20. It is the logo for the Boston Bugle. A faded version of that sign is also found above the door of the Boston Bugle building.
  21. I love this mod - all of the changes just seem to always hit the spot more than any other mod when I'm trying to make sure I have the best possible version of each town. But I just saw something in the change history that perplexes me...... "Changes to dog mesh; Now uses Dawngaurd husky base" - Why is a town and city expansion mod changing every dog in the game to a completely different kind of dog? Shouldn't that be a completely separate mod? I've gotten so used to those goofy muppet-looking dogs that I can't imagine the game without them now.
  22. Appears to be fixed with the new version that added Kynesgrove.
  23. Top is Rorikstead, both the lantern and the sign chain are blue. Bottom is Riverwood. All towns display this behaviour except when lanterns are lit.
  24. I'm glad to see the fishy stick has survived somewhere. Been a super long time since I've seen one!
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