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  3. Most of my Skyrim characters avoid using cheats. They start out weak, but eventually become overpowered - especially the ones I play for a long time. Some of them do learn Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing. But I don't consider that cheating - I just want my smithed up double enchanted dragonscale armor and it is the only way to get it. Kind of wish the game allowed blacksmiths to sharpen your sword : "Hey blacksmith, sharpen my sword, and wear this amulet and drink this potion before you do it!" (Playing Oblivion, most of my characters wore 100 percent chameleon armor. After th
  4. I'm not reporting this as a bug or incompatibility. I'm just curious if this is something I should patch? As shown in the screenshot, in XEdit, with conflict filter on, it appears an Invisibility Eyes Fix script overwrites a USSEP script in the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal Magic Effect.
  5. Cheating, hmmm. There are different ways to look at it and different ways to define a cheat or cheaty play. First I must get this out of the way. I thoroughly DO agree with the rationale above. If one’s character has an imaginary history on Nirn, a family? Backstory? Life skills etc , then you the player, are simply joining them at a point in their life…Like opening a book in the middle to begin understanding the story…It makes perfect sense for a Role Played character to begin their association with the player, already developed. In fact it makes no sense to do otherwise. Can thi
  6. LC Become Jarl of Ivarstead - English ESP - name: 'LC_BecomeJarlofIvarstead.esp' dirty: - <<: *quickClean crc: 0xBA798A79 util: '[SSEEdit v4.0.3g](https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/164)' itm: 18 clean: - crc: 0xD13A7C69 util: 'SSEEdit v4.0.3g' Bash Tags: C.Location, Stats
  7. Could not have said it better PW dear friend After many hundreds of vanilla plays... I have a very broad view of my character's starting abilities and access to items needed in a given play. I don't want the grind. So, I level up before playing. Thanks to Uncus for the recommendation on Set Your Skills! Works like a charm in a fraction of the time my previous mod did. I add in the perks using Perk Point Book. The only thing that I had to do manually with the new set up is run a player.setlevel command to boost myself to level 69. IDK if the skill points I selected would equal 6
  8. Delfiend is wearing 1001 Nights in that video. I usually give her Katarina armor by Newermind43... The one on the left below... Yes, the physics were a bit over active in the video. That was CBPC. I have since reverted back to my original CBP with Immersive CBP Config. The CBP Config mod does wonders for controlling the jiggle to a much more realistic amount, especially when wearing armor. So, no more flapping around like a wind sock at the airport! I usually take out that skeleton above the running puzzle from the bridge. I use a few well placed misses into that openi
  9. It realy depends how you look at it, if it is for RPG/ story reasons its character building if its for gaining an unfair advantages over the vanilla game it could be called cheating or tailoring the game to your tastes.
  10. Hahahahahahaha That is the Ellen replacer that I used in Fallout 4. I knew my friends were in the low T crowd... but, zero T? Anyway... Here's more of Ellen...
  11. Yesterday
  12. That's a really great-looking character, phat. I like her a lot. You should really put a map in the picture, though. We like maps.
  13. I show you guys my favorite female vanilla armor replacer and some of my favorite ladies wearing them and y'all are still talking maps? Yes, my brethren, the maps are different. Was there ever a doubt? Maybe I should dig up all of my map images to share them too I do have a rather extensive collection of player homes, many have these maps as well as others on display. I was intending to show off some lovely and lethal ladies in bikini armor... didn't realize I would be playing to the cartography crowd Maybe I should feature Ellen the cartographer from Fallout 4 instead... Advent
  14. I know we spoke earlier on Github but please feel free. For anyone else I'm all about the Cathedral Concept/Open Source philosophy so anyone is welcome to use these examples to build their own installers or whatever they wish, just mention me or something.
  15. Yes, you are correct. The one in phat's picture is, as I mentioned earlier, CivilWarMap01. The map with the large circles in your first screenshot is CivilWarMap02.
  16. SeranaXx


    Some nice Scenery screenshots.
  17. About the only time I can think of that I cheated like that is for a role-play. Like if I'm playing a city guard then (once I get out of Helgen, which I was just visiting for some reason) I use the console to give myself the standard city guard gear, then go on to find out I'm Dragonborn, etc. and onward. It's nice to know the cheats are out there, but I don't generally use them. Just add a few items using the console if needed for role-playing.
  18. They are different maps. The one near the wizards desk in Dragonsreach looks like the second image. The first image is the one you see on tables. Main difference is the one on tables has large black circles on it instead of squares.
  19. I watched it on yt Holy sh!t - that was an epic battle in Skuldafn! Sah - the Fearless Mace Maiden at her best! This is truly amazing to watch! Sah against all those Deathlords! Hats off to Sah and her fighting skills! The music choice was a perfect fit - to make it even more dramatic! Well done to all the Sahs: the Mace Maiden and her very talented Production Crew with Sah - the Director, Sah -the Musical Director, the various Sahs operating the cameras and taking care of the editing. It all came together in a very exciting short movie! Thank you to all of you
  20. I watched it on yt That was the best ever - so far - with regards to Sah's fighting and the choice of music tracks! I love the music - it kept building up as you went along.... Sah's fighting! Her health only dropped once to the point when I got worried - watching it earlier. I'm happy she survived and managed to heal while running. You are brilliant! Sah - the Fearless Mace Maiden - fought extremely well! Thank you for sharing the live movie production earlier and then this beautifully created short version. You had a busy day, my Friend! How long did it take you t
  21. I tend to agree with you, if you play as a character that starts out as an untrained individual who has no known past experience of the skills needed to survive in the game world then I would say you should start as the game intended and learn those skills as you progress through the world. If how ever you decided the play as a character with a known past and experience then you have a valid reason to build your character to reflect this. for instance My present incarnation in game Uncus has had an education from a very early age in the skills needed to be a hunter and scout so archer and snea
  22. I think there's some room for ambiguity. I once got into a debate on the forums with a person about this. I said that I often give my characters bits of starting gear, spells, and whatever else I think is necessary to help tell a character's story. I often make custom races with unique starting stats. I use the Community Uncapper mod to give my character a few extra perk points at level 2 (to simulate skills acquired before the game begins (I like to think my characters have lives before they enter the game world). The other person insisted, categorically, that these things were cheating.
  23. Of course I know that you big ol’ silly. If we both did cheating there would be no comedic juxtaposition of stance hmmm. Vive La differance! (I knew that would come in handy one day). A.
  24. We are polar opposites in game play darling. I thought you realized that long ago. Where we have always joined was in our mutual love of Skyrim and our role playing. It doesn't hurt that we are both rather bright candles in our little chandelier, hmmm? Phat cheats. Cheating is binary. One either cheats or does not cheat. The only question is to what extent does one cheat. I go all out, no holds barred cheating! I enjoy it I also enjoy watching my beloved Adella triumph over great adversity. Then we lay out on deck and watch the stars and moons all night. We each have our own
  25. What! . <cough, cough> splutter! What about self discipline, abstinence, Hard core soul cleansing punishing play? Hundreds of what? Noooooo! How? Why? Really? Seriously? Have you no shame sir? I just can’t conceive of such, such, such! Immorality! Blatant, unabashed unrepentant even…CHEATING Aaaagh…I’m going all wobbly Thud! (It’s a hard floor) Don’t worry Phat I will not give up on you, I will arrange some rehab sessions. My Plutonium, extra severe Challange is almost ready…We will get you cheat free and off your easy play dependancy. A few ho
  26. I agree. The one featured in the image is the one that appears in Farengar's office. The CW map is different. Pretty sure I have the CW map on a few walls in other player homes. Thanks to all who are joining in here. Adventure on dear friends, Phat
  27. Good eye! That image was taken in Staff of Shalidor by HaemProjects. It is most likely in the game files somewhere or possibly a modder's resource. But, AFAIK it is a vanilla asset, same as the one in Farengar's office. Adventure on my friend, Phat
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