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  2. My opinion is that Skyrim.esm, Update.esm and all official DLC must be included as required masters. I choose to also add USSEP as required master, but I know there are people who feel otherwise.
  3. Thanky you. May one more please give his opinion on the matter though? Which master files to include with a SSE plugin file: Only the ones required (making use of "Clean Masters" in SSEEdit), Skyrim.esm with Update.esm and all official DLC or even USSEP on top of that?
  4. Yep, I clicked on that shown in the picture without been able to download the archive. All I got was the error message I inlcuded in my previous post.
  5. @LeonardoWhere are you receiving the error? I think the file shown below in `loot/snapshots/loot#files/` is the latest with Morrowind support. @WrinklyNinjaIs that correct?
  6. I added a rule to set the order. https://github.com/loot/skyrimse/commit/0d25e40a7efed11c7583458a24d3d04e3d3d0c3d Just make sure it's LOOT and not the MO2 or Vortex sort, I'm not sure if they have the latest LOOT api.
  7. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/474422/pc-mac-patch-notes-v5-0-5-elsweyr-update-22 Early access on PC is available now for Elsweyr. It looks like they've changed a million things, like usual, with any major update.
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  9. I did and I pick the latest, but when I tried to download I got this error message. What is wrong?
  10. It seems the problem has resolved itself. It happened several times yesterday before I reported it here, but today LOOT seems to be obeying the "load after" rule. Regardless, I appreciate your replies. Thanks.
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  12. Load after rules shouldn't allow anything to contradict them, if anything does it'll get ignored or cause a sorting error. Can you share your debug log after sorting?
  13. Every help is welcome. Follow these instructions in order to use the snapshot with Morrowind support.
  14. I've read a little and I want to help, but without using LOOT with Morrowind support, shown here, there isn't much I can do. So where can I download it? I also have Morrowind for both Steam (vanilla) and retail (modded) installed at the same time, plus a lot of mods saved on my PC. There is another thing you guys should know about and that's the Merged Object.esp, which can only be created in TESTool IIRC. Abot has a lot of modding related stuff available on his site so check there. A last thing, if anyone who is working with the "LOOT support Morrowind" project for LOOT should know what tools the Morrowind modding commuity use and they are. Enchanted Editor (equal to xEDIT for FormID based games - Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 4) TESPCD (very useful as a troubleshooting tool for mod issues since its primarily purpose is detecting mod conflicts)
  15. The author of Moonpath to Elsweyr Sky and Lightning fix recommends loading his .esp after the Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch, but even after I edit the user metadata to try to force this, LOOT insists on loading them in the reverse order. How can I fix this, apart from manually reordering the .esp's after running LOOT?
  16. I have no clue, when I took that screenshot I thought it may have been a special version of Mordhau aswell as the original, but they both led to the same game page .. So yeah, I think you are right it was really number 3 at the time. Its number 5 today, and the second Mordhau is gone.
  17. Why is Mordhau listed twice? Doesn't that really mean NMS is #3 globally? Which is quite impressive given the level of hate the game still gets to this day.
  18. No Man's Sky is now half price on steam .. And is No.4 on the global selling list https://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=globaltopsellers&os=win
  19. In other news, its half price on steam (it was also half price in the GOG Indie sales a few weeks ago) .. And its No.4 on the global selling list https://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=globaltopsellers&os=win
  20. You can add masters with SSEEdit. Quick Auto Clean will do the right thing and will not remove the masters you add. Don't check mark "Clean Masters", it is unfortunate naming, it does not "clean" it just removes the unused masters which will undo the add masters you just did.
  21. So either include "Skyrim.esm", "Update.esm", "Dawnguard.esm", "HearthFires.esm", "Dragonborn.esm" (with or without Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esm"?) back again by loading them with the mod in the Creation Kit and then saving or just trust in SSEEdit that it'll clean only the non-required master dependencies properly?
  22. There has been discussion about this on xEdit discord channel and it is the developer's opinion that all mods should include all the Bethesda DLC, as they are required for and a part of Skyrim SE. It does not hurt to include them all as masters as everybody will have them installed.
  23. Thank you, sounds reasonable - all versions/records of Dragonbane are part of the initial game and weren't added/altered by any update from Bethesda via "Update.esm". Why? Wouldn't it be best to have only the master file dependencies which are actually required?
  24. Update will show as a required master if your .esp overrides a record from Update.esm. There really is no need to clean masters in this case. It is good practice to include all DLC as masters for SSE if you distribute it to other users, and USSEP in my opinion.
  25. Hello, I've got a quick concern: I made myself a Dragonbane sword replacer for Skyrim Special Edition with the .esp file merely implementing the unique model and applying it to all versions of the weapon. I loaded up in the Creation Kit / based the file on "Skyrim.esm", "Update.esm" and "Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esm" so the replacer would for safety also incorporate USSEP's bug fixes when I edited the records. Having saved the plugin, I went on to clean it with SSEEdit's "Quick Auto Clean" and also manually clicked "Clean Masters". It removed all master file dependencies expect for "Skyrim.esm" of course. But isn't "Update.esm" usually a dependency as well for mods, or is this alright in my case? I can trust SSEEdit, can't I? It might be a stupid question but when exactly is Update.esm a dependency which is required / SSEEdit doesn't clean?
  26. I see. That explains it. Good luck.
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