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  2. If a scrap mod can scrap something then it needs to be listed in that mod. If it's not...it can't. I've probably used more than one scrap and/or build anywhere mod over the years - but I can't see that particular install right now so can't check exactly which ones. I do recall doing some testing with xEdit and I did find references to the mole rat mound as furniture in one of them. But, I think my problems were already baked into the saves by then...
  3. I use Spring Cleaning plus the extended scrap list from that (and the compatability patch) and nothing Mole Ratty is referenced in either its form id's or constructible objects so no clue really. I think if I was going to scrap them I would probably have used one of Place Everywhere's functions but don't think that would work the same way.
  4. In terms of scrapping. I don't think you need to have scrapped the item itself. It is probably enough that it is listed in a mod and that conflicts or influences the behaviour of another mod, the base game etc.n
  5. Version 2.0.5 Updated sign set form IDs to support my Oakwood village mod.
  6. Version 2.0.4 Changed support for Oakwood to use my Oakwood village mod.
  7. Version 4.1.0 A light has been added over the bed in the starting cell. Added support for my Oakwood inn as a starting position.
  8. Version 2.0.2 Updated the navmesh for the road next to Lakeview Manor to take USSEP's fixes into account for the cell borders.
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  10. I'm not sure of the scrapping theory, it possibly contributes. But I haven't bothered with Red Rocket as a settlement for several playthroughs (I always feel it borks Abernathy/Sanctuary as its so close to both). I toddle in there pick up Dog, clear the cave, loot the place and toddle off down the road, don't scrap or activate the workshop at all, the bug will always hit in Curies vault, 88 or the Taphouse (basically whichever I go to first). I'm trying to remember if there is any other settlement workshop location with mole rat furniture which i might have scrapped in place of Red Rocket to activate the bug but can't think of any interior ones. Starlight Drive In for an exterior possibly although I am fairly sure I didn't scrap there as I was en route to something else when I cleared it on this play through. I also remember the unofficial had something going on with mole rat furniture, something about when a cell unloaded them I think, can't remember what the upshot of it was or whether any fix was implemented but I think it was at least a year back if not longer. I wonder if Bethesda made any changes to the mole rat attack script when it brought Nuka World on line (bloodworms get same bug)? I do know that I have had past playthroughs (pre nuka world), with far more heavily scripted stuff than I have now, cheerfully scrapping those mounds, and no bug.
  11. I seriously doubt it will make any difference since the guards can use the road properly for their patrols, Serana and the female DB Initiate have no issues with following me along it as I go, and the other NPCs who occasionally access it don't display any strange behavior. And none the random encounter ones that occasionally pop-up nearby to walk somewhere have any issues navigating through the entire area. Keep in mind that I do not run Touring Carriages so if that's necessary to see the issue then I'll simply repeat that it's not my problem your mod is generating broken results when used alongside CRF. Your "well-documented patch" reverts far too much legitimate work and adds a bunch of unnecessary elements to the area which is why it's been rejected. Releasing that as a patch to both mods will be you breaking things intentionally in everyone's games with no valid reason for doing so. You should know that's something I take an extremely dim view of advocating for on this forum.
  12. Ok, so I wanted to confirm the theory about scappig mole-rat mounds. - I started my game with all my current mods installed (including Scrap-Everything), but with the savegame I made when I had left Vault 111 for the first time. I went to Sanctuary Hills, did the tour with Codsworth and proceeded to Red Rocket, where I killed all the Molerats and cleaned out that cave underneath. No freeze. - I then made a hard-save, cleaned up some stuff but not the molerat mounds, and went to Fairlane Hills, where there is the Gamblers Bunker from the mod "Wild Wasteland". I made a hard save just before I entered the Bunker. Quit Fallout to Desktop, restarted Fallout 4 (in order to give to bug time to bake itself into the save-game file), and went down into the Bunker, killed the molerats, hit the Qucksave-Button, and no freeze. - I proceeded to Shamrocks Taphouse, did another hard-save, quit Fallout 4 again, restarted and went into the Taphouse where I killed the molerats in the basement - no freeze So far so good, now I had to just prove the opposite. so I loaded my save from before I cleaned up some stuff at Red-Rocket. This time I made sure I scapped ALL the mole-mounds as well. Then I proceeded EXACTLY like above......and I didn't encounter any freezes or problems. Sigh..........However, when I first went into the Gamblers-Bunker without having reloaded the game, the mole-rats didn't trigger at all. Grrr, I can honestly say that I meanwhile loathe that mole-rat attack script.
  13. Update to the latest official version of the game, as per the instructions on every download page for the mod.That line I quoted is a telltale sign that you are on a pre-CC version of the game, as there are keywords that were added in 1.10 for CC support that had to be reflected in the Unofficial Patch.
  14. The example shows a specific border crossing error in CRF 3.1.4, and documents others. Is the tutorial insufficiently clear? I'm surprised that you are unable to reproduce. One vanilla follower who isn't working is Faendal (the only one I've tested). If I learn how to make a short 30 second game video (seems to be a new Win10 feature), would that help?
  15. When I have a bit of time, I'll add an explainer for the road, too. After all, the road was the original source of detecting problems. It does not work properly. On the one building that I'd touched, the original navmesh was under the building. I've 'z' raised it to the roof. The roof is next to the ground at the back, so this makes it possible for NPCs to run up the roof. I'd thought it rather clever. But the main reason for cleverness is to prevent the loss of triangles and vertices, so that border triangles aren't renumbered. That is needed, although there are less clever ways to accomplish the same thing. What other building? I'm sad that you are not willing to take my well-documented patch. I'll make it available for TC+CRF users instead.
  16. Yep, you are completely right somethingbrite. Scrap Everything allows you to scrap molerat-mounds, as well as (certain) ambush-markers. And guess what I usually do after I have defeted my first mole-rats in the tunnel underneath the red rocket (the only molerats that don't freeze for me), and activated the workbench there? I scap the red-rocket area INCLUSIVE those mole-rat mounds!! I will have to start a new re-run though to confirm your theory. Ah, and not using SimSettlements here as well, and Fallrim Tools says I have only like 6 active scripts in my save-game. I kind of get confirmed though in my belief that this particular script is so excruciatingly badly written that it gets corrupted by looking crossed-eyed at a daffodyl.
  17. It opens an interesting avenue though. When I was getting this bug I had a really heavily modified game and a lot of those were probably script heavy mods. Lots of scripts running increases the chances of a script NOT running properly. And the molerat ambush is a script. But there is a further complicating factor... The molerat mound is a furniture.... Really wish afkmods would chime in on this thread. I think I've seen an old ticket regarding the ambush script and how there was a bug regarding the cleanup of the molerat hole (which is a furniture) I'm pretty sure that cleanup mods (spring clean etc) probably have a list which includes molerat mounds as tagged "scrapable" - and that is another possible conflict area.
  18. Last week
  19. doesn't help me as I don'tr use Sim Settlements in the first place I actually use very few scripted mods and never have an issue with Curie. Only problem from my end is the mole rat/bloodworm game freeze, but I have one mod for multi companions (Liga) and 2 quest mods and that's more or less it for anything scripted other than the fire once type things - had the mole rat bug before I installed the 2 quest mods and I doubt Liga is causing it. It's almost certainly something in a script that's causing the problem, but who what how is beyond my competence to sort out, especially as people find solutions for their own game which don't apply to other people with the issue. Basically I'm stumped and have been for the nearly 2 years I have had the problem so now I just Tdetect the relevant areas and ignore it as a Bethesda/user fubar.
  20. New to install the patch, experiencing a 50% chance crash when picking up legendary items from corpses which has never happened before. The story line is just stated, and I'm on the way to hunting down Kellogg. Problem solved if I disable the patch and load to an old save, but that's not really a "solution" , for I really would like to use the patch to eliminate some annoying bugs. I knew this seems not new after some research online, many of the post pointed put that AWKCR is the issue, but I didn't use that mod, or any kind of mod that alter the item keyword or drop list. The only thing I have that could cause the conflict is that I increased the legendary enemy spawning chance to a very high level via CK, which did work perfectly without problems. I attach the custom mini mod below. it seems the crash is related to "Featured Item" and the sounds when the inspect menu pop-up. I tried a mod that disable the inspect menu, that stop the crash, but losing inspect menu really breaks the " legendary feeling" or the specialness of legendary items. Any alternative solution/suggestion except remove the inspect menu? update 1: the crash actually 100% happens if you inspect any legendary armor, even it's already in your inventory. And the mod that removes the inspect menu didn't really work. update 2: tried to unload mods one by one to find out the cause, turns out that the unofficial patch is actually the cause. The crash will only gone if I deactivate the unofficial patch. update 3: the crash seems only apply to synth/combat legendary armors. update 4: the crash is still there even if I deactivate all mods with only the unofficial patch. update 5: based on my 3000 hour of skyrim (with unofficial patch of course) , 2000 hour fallout 4 (used to play the base game and building stuff), 4 hours of struggle on such crashing problem and doing all the research online (surprisingly there is no real solution even many similar posts can be found through last 2 years. Something wrong with scripts of inspection menu of legendary items, and probolly involved some wrong keyword checking or function calling, it might not be caused by the unofficial patch, but at least some alteration that the patch did trigger the crash. More Ledengary Enemy.esp
  21. I have the three hearthFire homes built and I do not have the option to move my family whom consists of Yoslda, Francois Beaufort and Runa Fair-Shield when I speak to Yoslda but it appears with my children. Also a bug has occurred might be because I built everything too fast but furniture does not appear even tho I built it only in Windstad Manor. I am also being told to I need to leave my own home.
  22. This issue is fixed by the patch, but if the quest was already in a bugged state when the patch was added to your game it probably can't work without reverting to a previous save. Since you say you don't have a previous save, you're probably out of luck and will likely have to start a new game to get the quest to work properly. If the patch was installed prior to ever starting this quest then you might to want to check to be sure some other mod isn't undoing the fix in the patch.
  23. You must be thinking of someone else because you've never sent me any patches for missing stuff or I'd have made sure to document that like I do with anything else anyone submits actual work for. You seem to presume that you can just waltz in and claim credit for things you didn't do. All you've done this time is provide me with a bad navmesh patch that I have no intention of incorporating because it wipes out a ton of work I did on the road pathing to make it work properly, plus your patch adds junk navmesh data to the roofs of two buildings that absolutely have no need for that. So I'm certainly not about to just blindly take data you say is necessary when it's not. I don't need to be "reeducated" on how to do navmeshes. I know full well what goes into doing them correctly and how to read the CK for any anomalies, errors, etc. There are none to be found and I know full well how to properly test them with NPC followers. No issues have come up at all. The Frost River guards are fine with it. The local residents are fine with it. All of the vanilla followers are fine with it. You say "much more needs to be done" but I see nothing that needs to be messed with at this point. I'll make this clear again as I know I've done once before - I am not concerned about how Touring Carriages is affected because that's not my mod. If CRF doesn't work right with it, that's not my fault, because CRF works with CRF and plenty of other things too. You need to back off. The modding world doesn't revolve around you and your mod.
  24. Wow, how soon we forget. Dozens of posts in multiple forae, finding unfinished stuff and creating proposed patches, and of course bugs and their fixes. I've always viewed this as a community effort. Of course, Touring Carriages would be cutting room floor as well, but Khulmann and Solar had shown parts of the way, and by then I'd made it work already. I'm surprised that your followers have no issues. I'd spent considerable time over a week period figuring out the problems. Then a very long, tiring, 15 hour day fixing some of them and repeatedly testing to ensure it worked better. Since you especially do not see any bad border links, I've done another tutorial for just one of them at: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/5229-navmesh-repair/&do=findComment&comment=175537 Also, listed the others in the Frost River area at: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/5229-navmesh-repair/&do=findComment&comment=175540 For the record, my scripts tell me there are 212 renumbered border triangles in the whole CRF. Obviously, some of them are necessary. I've fixed those that are crucial to only two cells as they affected Touring Carriages. Much more needs to be done. I'm using the most recent CRF 3.1.4. Please manually check my changes with xEdit for your own satisfaction. Note how many triangles are now at their original vertices. Installation should be an easy drag and drop of each navmesh line into CRF. (I've tested that, too.)
  25. One down, many more to go. Just in the Frost River area: I've not done them all, but some of them are crucial. My limited fixes thus far are found in: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=27173
  26. Having left the find (control-f) dialogue box open, we simply again Go To triangle 273: Select triangle ('t') the old Triangle 15, and delete ('delete') it. As above, our new triangle 389 will be renumbered to 15. For clarity, I've cycled the view ('w') to navmesh only. First select the older top vertex, then control-select our newer bottom vertex: Join them ('q'), and Finalize (control-F1): We can see that it is now connecting Triangle 273 properly to the adjacent vanilla cell Triangle 237.
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