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    Bug Reports

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    Gruffydd's Signs and Posters

    So there's no reason to use Sign of the Times anymore since its merged into the main mod? No, I see now, this made it sound like Sign of the Times was rolled into the main mod and you no longer need it. "You'll also get every vanilla sign or poster I could find, now merged in with GS&P. Formerly, these were in the Signs of the Times add-on mod. Those signs and posters, along with a bunch more newly added, are now all in one plugin for this mod."
  6. The Microsoft acquisition changed things. They're paying more attention to feedback submitted via the website now. It might be worth re-reporting some of the old legends to see what comes of it. I wouldn't expect a quick turnaround on something as genuinely weird as the book issue but as always, nothing gets done unless it gets reported.
  7. I gave up reporting some years ago, when the response was always "send us your DxDiag and msinfo32". They have support scripts to follow, and rarely even bother to read earlier responses in my reports, asking for the same things over again. They have no knowledge of the engine code, and no ability to escalate to actual engineering. All my experienced crashing on loading or saving have been fixed by SSE Engine Fixes and/or Scrambled Bugs. I've individually reported such bugs. None have ever been fixed by Bethesda. I'm sure thousands of us reported the flora respawn bug they introduced circa 2012. Scrambled Bugs found and fixed it a couple of years ago. All Bethesda needs to do is implement that open source code. Heck, they should just read the reports here on this public tracker!
  8. Sclerocephalus

    Skingrad Cathedral Borked 1

    Oblivifail ?
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    Patches for Horizon 1.9.4d. Currently includes patches for: Store Your Keys by Hamitho CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul by Niero Also install Outfit Redress Fix by GELUXRUM to fix a buggy interaction with Horizon's scrapping system AnotherOne Brutal Death by GloriousWarrior Mortal Youths - Killable Children Lite by pipboycolor Real Comics by Despy Requires RobCo Patcher by Zzyxzz
  11. Altbert


    Thanks, I will try that. I will probably be using the full glass version the most.
  12. ghastley


    If the BSTriShape called “bottom” is missing in any of them, just copy/paste it from that one using NifSkope. If it is there but does not show, try adjusting the z displacement until it does. Running it through a mesh optimizer may “correct” that and hide it, which is what I noted between my LE and SE copies of the meshes. Only one has a back, but it could also be copy/pasted across to another, taking care with the node placement, or the hinge might act strangely.
  13. BlackPete

    [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    A couple of questions about possible additions to CRF. 1) In the game data there are unused guard records for Rorikstead: GuardRoriksteadImperialHorsePatrol (0009CB58) and GuardRoriksteadSonsHorsePatrol (0009DA49). If the names mean anything, they were probably supposed to be guards that patrol on horseback. 2) Is there any reason to believe that there was supposed to be a guard posted at Barleydark Farm, or is the dog meant to fulfill that role? Predators (wolves or sabre cats) somehow are able to attack the settlement on a regular basis, even though they are placed relatively far away from the farm. Mithorpa Nasyal seems to get killed quite easily because he tries to fight them instead of fleeing.
  14. Sigurð Stormhand

    Anything Audio Thread

    This has aged well.
  15. smr1957

    Etienne In Starfield

    And so Etienne has once again shifted planes and now finds himself in another realm of the multiverse - the realm of Starfield
  16. With the NextGen update (version 1.10.980), Bethesda introduced a bug which caused textures to disappear from objects following a material swap. This was supposedly fixed with the subsequent update (version 1.10.984), but alas, the best laid plans of mice ... The bug persists. Here is a sample of what is occurring: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/tid04r1m2bf3rw00hz6ms/Fallout4-2024-05-24-20-54-46.mp4?rlkey=nupqtf5d40fgsraumkcpqqrkg&dl=0. I made this video on the evening of 24 Mar, 2024. I have submitted this video and a description of the error to Bethesda, and now you know too.
  17. Altbert


    Later than promised, but here's my first picture of the display box with an altered texture for the raised bottom. Don't mind the lighting for now as I want to see what I'm doing in the Creation Kit. As far as lighting is concerned I have to figure some things out. For now this is the only display type for which I can change the texture of the raised bottom. As for the other displays I can't seem to find a TriShape to change the texture of the raised bottom. Am I missing something? https://modding-on-the-spectrum.com/app.php/gallery/image/109
  18. Nice and polite message! Hopefully the mod author will see it and at least take heart knowing that there is interest in their mod. Whether they do or not, or whether they even respond, it never hurts to ask - especially when done in a polite manner.
  19. Thank you for answer, but I was hoping for some experience with this mod, have somebody here installed this mod before ? Is it really so problematic and buggy ? I checked mod author page, he is not so active, nor he have habitt to update his mods....Can someone just ask him to jump in, as co-author ? I just sent him private message, please take a look:
  20. smr1957

    Etienne in the Wasteland

    It is not just Skyrim that Etienne finds himself in, but in other planes of the multiverse as well. So here are some pics of Etienne in the FO4 plane - The Wasteland. And like in Skyrim, Etienne can be found travelling with a companion, most often in the Wasteland with Passion. Hope you enjoy these further adventures of Etienne!
  21. As per the message on the mod's page explaining why the mod was hidden: Hidden at 21 Apr 2024, 10:56AM by arminZX12 for the following reason: This mod is currently not supported by the author(s) and/or has issue(s) they are unable to fix yet. There could be any number of reasons why a mod author hides a mod - issues that need to be fixed, changes or updates that they wish to make - so it is sometimes better for them to hide it rather than have people continuing to download what would be a soon outdated or potentially problematic version of a mod. Currently, that mod author has 2 other mods up on Nexus, so it is not like they are removing everything of theirs. You can see their profile page here. Hope this helped!
  22. Hi guys, I accidentaly saw, yesterday, that official mod page for this fantastic mod, on Nexus Mods, is locked, due to some "problems and bugs" which currenctly can not be resolved....what so serious could be ? I have 1.0 version of mod, downloaded on 24.12.2023....I do not know if there is any new version, prior to mod lock issue on Nexus Mods... If somebody know who is the mod author, and what we can do to support him, please tell here.
  23. is the the Variela rending hall supposed to be some type bridge? if so, where do i active the bridge? EDIT : i found it, it's just beside the bridge, i'm so stupid lmao
  24. Glanzer

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Ok. For the time being I'll either ignore the problem or put the locked plugins in a separate mod that I disable before using LOOT.
  25. WrinklyNinja

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    There's no way to exclude plugins or lock them in LOOT, but you could add metadata to make them load after the last non-locked plugin. E.g. if C is locked to load last, B is locked to load just before it, and A is the plugin before B, then you could add load after metadata to B so that it loads after A, and add load after metadata to C so that it loads after B.
  26. Glanzer

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Ok, maybe I'm just not remembering correctly then. I thought it would say that LOOT made no changes even for those locked plugins. As it is now, I don't know if it made any changes or not since it's always trying to move those locked plugins but can't. I wonder if there's a way to exclude locked plugins from LOOT? I'm guessing it's always been this way but I only noticed it today when I upgraded. I usually sort my mods, save everything, upgrade, then sort again and expect there to be no changes. It's sort of the test I've been doing for years. Only recently have I started locking plugins I'm working on at the end of my list.
  27. WrinklyNinja

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    LOOT has never known anything about locked plugins, presumably LOOT is sorting them as normal and then MO2 reverts the change when you go back to MO2 - if I understand it correctly, Wrye Bash has a similar feature that does that.
  28. Glanzer

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    I just upgraded to LOOT version 22.4 and noticed that LOOT no longer recognizes locked plugins (in MO2) in the same way. Before sorting, the 2 locked plugins I have are at the end of my plugin list. When I sort with LOOT, it says that changes were made and the 2 locked plugins are sorted with the rest of my plugins. But then when I apply those changes and exit LOOT and look at the plugins in MO2 they are still locked at the end of the list and weren't moved.
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