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  2. I really don't understand some of the arguments people make against FO4. I see a lot of "it's not a real RPG", either because it doesn't have some specific feature that they think an RPG should have (that half the ones out there don't), or because it's too scripted as to what kind of character you can play and what the intended quest progression is. Yet, a lot of these are the same people who adored Witcher 3, which to me felt more like watching a series of interconnected short films about someone else's story and characters than playing a game. I also see a lot of people complain about the "dumbing down" of the weapon system. Personally, I loathed weapon maintenance from the earlier games. The idea that you had to keep finding other weapons to break down for parts every 20 shots (okay, an exaggeration, but still) to keep your primary weapon functional was just an unnecessary grind to me. I do like the FO4 weapon system, although I found the majority of "legendary" weapons to be mediocre at best, and the unique weapons (junk jet, broadsider, etc.) were interesting but seemed more of a joke than a real option for play. Once I found my gauss rifle that was buffed for VATS, I pretty much had my go-to for the remainder of the game. I would have loved to see DLCs to flesh out some of the minor factions. The Atom Cats in particular I think could have made for a fun DLC, especially if expanding settlements allowed them to create other chapters of the organization. Of the story DLC they did do, I really enjoyed Far Harbor, thought Nuka-World as a setting was loads of fun (if at times seemed rushed), but that the raider plotlines were too one-sided as a concession to the people ranting about how the game wasn't a "real" RPG because you couldn't decide to be an absolute villain (despite how you could certainly be so quite easily with either the BoS or the institute). I was especially disappointed by how abrupt the DLC ended if you chose to eliminate the raiders. I would have loved to see that story progress, turning NW into a vibrant trade hub, and maybe even repairing a number of the rides, since the power was back on and plentiful. I also would have loved to see a DLC for the Minutemen to go beyond just a settlement network and into actually rebuilding the Commonwealth. Especially if you've taken the perks to have advanced pre-war science and engineering knowledge. If you've got the tech to turn a handful of pencils and a few mailboxes into a working firearm, and make teleporters and advanced power plants, you should be able to figure out how to do some basic building construction that doesn't involve pallets and perforated sheet metal. Especially since you meet and can befriend ghouls who have been around since pre-war who should have loads of knowledge to share after having 1) a pre-war education and 2) centuries of life experience. And once you have access to Institute tech, this should be even easier. Repair the tracks and get some light rail going back and forth between the major settlements. Do something permanent about some of the more problematic supermutant locations. Find some old textbooks, encyclopedias, how-to books, and so on, and start publishing and distributing knowledge. Get in contact with Washington about that whole free-and-plentiful fresh water thing - with institute tech can that be replicated? So many possibilities other than endless quests of rescuing kidnapped people or defending settlements. I adored the settlement building aspects of the game, and it's one of the few things that keeps me playing after poking into every corner of the maps. I don't really find replayability in this kind of game, because for me exploration and discovery is huge, not deciding how my character who I've decided this time is going to side with Faction X would react to the same stuff I've already been through the first time. I didn't think it was anywhere near fleshed out enough, and there were some issues that only mods could fix (what do you mean, I can't poke a hole through that sheet metal or wood plank wall to run a power cord through?), but overall I really liked it. That said, it can be entirely ignored, so I don't understand how much the people who didn't like it focus on it, as if there wasn't a ton of other stuff to do in the game. One thing that really irked me in previous games was that imo awful karma system. The worst example of it for me (SPOILERS) was when I worked so hard to get the ghouls allowed into the tower (gaining karma each time I made progress), only to leave and return to find out that they'd had a "disagreement" with the other tenants and had killed everyone. Also, how is it that going in somewhere and killing all of those "bad guys" trying to kill me was just dandy, but once all of them were dead picking up some object was theft and horrible, horrible karma? And really, shouldn't such a system be faction specific? Using FO4 as an example, what should build karma for a RR character is going to be vastly different from a BoS character. I found DLCs in prior games to be a mixed bag. I loved Old World Blues, got really bored with Dead Money by the time it let me leave, and hated hated hated Lonesome Road. Aside from being an absolute grind and visually and thematically uninspired, I didn't give a damn about Ulysses and hated that it railroaded me into a backstory that did not at all fit my character that I'd played the entire main game and two of the other DLCs with. And people complain about FO4 limiting who you can choose? Bleah. Hated. Lonesome Road pretty much ended my enthusiasm for the game, and I never got around to playing Honest Hearts. In FO3 I loved Broken Steel, but read what the other DLCs involved, and none of them really grabbed my attention. FO4 came out before I got to any of them, and I haven't gone back. Something I really loved about FO4 is that there's SO MUCH story out there that you have to actually find, look at, and think about, rather than having it pushed on you with a map marker. From the humorous to the deeply tragic, the things you can stumble across while exploring the Commonwealth add so much. Even just a pair of skeletons on a bed holding hands, combined with some pictures and personal letters scattered about, can tell a story. And some of the more tragic stories were downright heartbreaking (ex: be cautious using storage containers as safe rooms). I also loved the moral ambiguity of some of the situations. For example the whole Roger Warwick situation (which reminds me in a way of certain aspects of the very end of the movie World's End). I also find it very interesting that the way the factions are presented, there are still to this day robust arguments over which factions are evil with large groups of players vociferously and without irony supporting or opposing every major faction. I enjoyed FO3 and FONV. But I've got a lot more out of FO4.
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    This is the look of Uncus's clothing I have been looking for. Simple functional no un nessercery embellishments.
  5. sorry guys could not wake up :blush:

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      then its a good job you did not play if you where that nackered you would probably have been constantly having to restart due to falling asleep on your keyboard and dying on screen.

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      Sah, the next stream is scheduled for 11 am your time -10 pm my time (I'm 9 hours behind)

      You're okay, my Friend....Have a look later. Perhaps when you changed it - you hit a wrong button?

      You were going to start at 8 am (my time)  = 5 PM your time. I asked if you coulde start 1 hour later?

      Thank you, Friend Sah.

      Phone bleeped - it ran out of charge - that's why I got up. This is tricky without glasses - can't see the keys properly  and have to walk to the tv to read stuff on the screen. Go back to sleep, Friend!

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  6. For me each game has things I really like and things that drive me to insanity. What I do think 3/NV does better is the dialog options depending on science, charisma and child at heart perk(examples). Where did all that go when writing 4? In Skyrim SE and Fallout 3/NV it doesn't bother me in any way your character doesn't talk neither does it bother me that they talk in 4. I can see where it's easier for mod authors to add dialog without the main character having spoken words. But there have been many very creative authors that made it work(fallout 4). Story wise for me I'm not sure that one game beats the other, they each have story parts that leave me thinking "um what where you thinking when you wrote this(shaking my hands in the air)". But I'm not a writer so I will not judge it just say all of them were "meh". I love the open worlds and that's what keeps me playing.
  7. Well graphically of course FO4 wins, as it should. However there are game features I liked a lot better in FO3 and NV (though some I didn't I'll admit), and the stories where better. I've already listed my likes/dislikes of FO4 above, but of those dislikes I did list none of those are in FO3 or NV. Not saying I couldn't make a list for those games, but dislikes were not so bad that I never want to play the games again ... like FO4.
  8. I've managed to play NV all of one time, completely vanilla, without even any of the DLCs that came later on. I didn't really care for it much myself either. It's definitely not the kind of game that Obsidian is good at. Open world free form is not their thing, so their attempts to railroad things with artificial barriers and impossible creature spawns to block certain paths in the early game REALLY grated badly on me. I much prefer both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 in terms of world design. It's probably a stalemate as to which company is better at story writing. People fawn over NV like it's supposed to be godlike, but I found it to be about as mundane and lackluster as anything else that's out there. Fallout 4 may be a bit forced in its execution of the story, but IMO it did a better job of casting you in the ROLE of the character - much like CDPR does a good job of casting you in the ROLE of Geralt or V. I don't even mind the voiced protagonist, but for the purposes of modding it does make things more difficult to deal with.
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  10. I haven't either. I'll be honest: I haven't liked any Obsidian game. I liked New Vegas better than other Obsidian games I've played, but I still couldn't finish it. It doesn't help that I had to live in the real Las Vegas for six years. My mother moved us there when I was a teenager and I hated every single second of it. As a result, the game world taps into terrible memories for me.
  11. I completely agree with you on this. What I don't understand are the people that still argue to this day that 3 or NV are better than 4 in every way and rip others down for liking 4. Ok, so they think 3/NV is better, ok go play but don't put down others for playing 4(not pointing fingers at anyone specific). I still haven't finished a single run on NV(no seriously). I played 3 back on the 360 many many times and I am enjoying my current run on pc(yay mods!). I have fun playing NV, I just get bored and then play something else. I need to find a large quest mod to keep me busy longer. We are all different we all like different games, I'm ok with that, lol.
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    A Dog and his Elf

    Faendal is jealous Derdre is flattered
  13. Utterly bad@$$ Adventure on my friend, Phat
  14. One problem. I didn't get the game from steam, I got it from a friend, who got it from an... let's say "offbrand" site.
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    A Dog and his Elf

    Uncus says HI to Deirdre,😍😍🤪
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    Skyrim Adventures

    Pictures from Skyrim. At the moment the adventures from Raven. But knowing me it could also be not long before i start a new game with a new character.
  17. It looks really intimidating when they all come down the slope.
  18. Only the fact that it is open world and has mods on console keeps me playing it from time to time. I still have ongoing games in F3 and NV (i just doesn't make pictures of it) at the moment and the next two weeks (vacation) hopefully some time to play them a little more. F3 is still my favourite Fallout, i played through it several times. After playing F4 for the first time i was rather disappointed that it was so different then 3 and NV. I made two other playthroughs to end it with different factions and tried to build up some settlements (still vanilla). But after finishing the main quest i never touched those games again. It always boils down for me to settlement building (and the game constantly pushing in that direction) and that is something i'm not fond of. I think i will never finish it again (start a new game from time to time although almost zero chance to finish it) . But, since you can't argue about taste i accept that other people like it more.
  19. Oblivion! Memories.... Nice! Let's have - it's hot!

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      Looking forward to that, Friend Sah :cool:

  21. I liked New Vegas. But I have far more hours in Fallout 4.
  22. Ok just had to add to this(you may laugh at me on this it's ok), I work in construction so I walk under ladders a dozen or more times a day lately framing wall for a new home. My daughters cat lives with me and guess what color he is, yup black, we cross paths multiple times a day. He is a bu&&head for sure but he likes me and we get along, he's my buddy. And for some dry humor, if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, lol. I don't really get too deep into this stuff, there's too much more important "life" stuff that takes priority.
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  24. I like Fallout 4 better than Fallout 3 or New Vegas too.
  25. Correction brother... No insult intended, merely clarification... it's Jonah and it was a great fish, not a whale. The whale is a common misconception. The book says great fish. Who knows... it could've been a megalodon! Haha Jonah was considered to be a curse by the sailors on the boat because of the raging storms that plagued them on their voyage. The sailors eventually threw Jonah overboard and the seas calmed shortly after. Jonah was never a curse. But, he was AWOL from his assigned mission and got a ride from some great fish to Ninevah where he was supposed to go in the first place. But, I think the term Adella was hinting at was another word that begins with the letter J... j*nx. Many believe that merely uttering that little word will cause it to become reality, an active curse. I've never considered myself to be the superstitious type. But, you won't catch me walking under ladders or letting black cats cross my path... I prefer to stop and pet the kitty. Here kitty, kitty Adventure on dear friends, Phat
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