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  2. Also, figured I might as well introduce myself here, since I've chosen AFK mods as my secondary community base. Hi! I'm hearthot, and I love writing in all of its mediums, as well as reading, listening to music, chess, netflix, gaming, mario, poems, hiking, and long walks along the beach. Where modding comes in, I hate the actual techical side of it, and view CK work as nothing more than a necessary evil to implement my visions. However, I also see mods as having an immeasurable, intrinstic artistic value, and consider modders to be artists, in the idealized sense of the word.ข่าวกีฬาสดใหม่ I can be quite fiery and intuitive, yet always base everything I do on logic and reason. This might seem quite conflicted, but I always do what I think is right in the moment, using the prior as a guide, and most of the time, everything works out. I've also been quite active on the Nexus as of late, so feel free to PM me there (or even here) if you just want to talk. Thanks!
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  4. The fix is to use the unofficial patch, but you need to then reload a save from BEFORE you took this quest or it's going to remain bugged in your game. Do not ever disable the patch on a save where it's been enabled. Doing so will screw over your save. Especially on console.
  5. Nope. It's been addressed. You can test the UFO4P beta update fro 2.0.9 if you want to see if that corrects it for you. Otherwise waiting until we're out of the public beta period would be best. It wasn't a Bethesda bug.
  6. That statement is based on my own analysis of their .esm file and finding that it has no conflicts with the USSEP. There should never have been a reason for it to load ahead of us. I can't comment on whether or not that solves the infinite loading screen from the Aventus Aretino AI package though.
  7. Once more, some SSE players are facing the infamous main menu infinite loading screen. This time, it seems to be caused by LOOT. Here's a statement written by one of the USSEP creators/supporters. I'd like to confirm that.
  8. Greybeard gave me the word of power quest for Archwind Point. I had all three words for Drain Vitality. I defeated all the enemies. The word of power stays lit up. I am unable to clear this quest. Greybeard will not give me anymore word quests. Found possible fix online. It states if Northwind Summit has not been completed, then completing this will help resolve the issue. Unfortunately, I already completed this. I did a search on this website and found someone mention the same issue but it was on PC. Reply was it must be on user's end as previous patch addressed this issue. Since I am on a console, I do not believe this would apply to my situation because I am not sure what I could do to resolve the issue on my end. I have read that the unofficial patch should fix the glitch. Unfortunately, it did not resolve the issue. I have attempted to disable and enable the patch. But no luck.
  9. Having same issue, any word on progress to get this changed, sounds like we are waiting on Bethesda at this point if I am correct.
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  11. I think the Morrowind KB forum was the right place to post the How to get past games to run guide. Feel free to move it, if you think it get better exposure elsewhere.
  12. Hello I'm having a problem with LOOT/Vortex and I was told to contact the team about it. Basically this new nice weather mod came out 2 days ago called Kyne's Weather. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/28920?tab=description Vortex will not let me load True Storms after Obsidian Weathers like the author suggests in the description without creating a cyclic rule. When I looked at the 'master list' rules I noticed it is set as a rule that Obsidian Weathers.esp has to load after True StormsSE.esp and there is no way I can think to change it and I think that's why I'm getting a cyclic rule. Here's a screenshot of what I mean Is there anyone who can help with this? This is what I was told when asking on nexus: "Then it sounds like the master rule needs to revised. Alert the LOOT team of the need to have it changed if this mod is used."
  13. @moesnd I assume you're the same person as 'horse_man' on Discord? If not, try the latest version, as Leonardo suggested, and if that doesn't help, follow these steps and post a BashBugDump: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog
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  15. Oops! Sorry, I dropped the ball on that one.
  16. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. The volume of actionable reports has dropped over time but it's still well above what Oblivion was after 7 years.
  17. Try using the latest nightly build as it often helps.
  18. I assume this is probably one of the last 3-5 updates left to do or is there more than that. Anyway, thanks for the update.
  19. USSEP 4.2.0 is now in beta. Second post has the details. Should be about a week or so for the public testing period.
  20. UFO4P 2.0.9 is now in beta. Second post has the details. The standard 1-2 week public testing period applies.
  21. Restringer isn't any safer than the other parts. They all still rely on incomplete knowledge of the save file format. You're playing with fire messing with that stuff in any way.
  22. The bug tab has now been removed from the mod page, but have all the bugs been removed? Still, might be worth a download for the other tool in the suite, "Restringer".
  23. It is in the first topic opening post
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