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This is probably a fault in the underlying layers of software, not something site administration can fix. I typed in a link, which got recognized as one, but it had a typo. Correcting that changed only the displayed text, not the broken link.

I left the broken one in place, with a note, in case anyone wants an example. I found no way to correct a link once this has happened, other than completely deleting it and typing it in again. Cutting it, and pasting back, restores it complete with error. There may be a way to access the raw text, and correct both display text and link, but I have not yet found it.

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Typos, of course.
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There used to be a way to enable the full editor, which allowed you to view the underlying code. That seems to have disappeared in an update, though. I'll flag it to the Admins.

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You should be able to go into the post editor, highlight the link, and click the link button to correct both the URL and the text.

There is no general access to the "source" of a post like there used to be prior to IPS 4.x. That was a deliberate decision on their part because everything is autoconverted to HTML once its posted.

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