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[RELz] Arthmoor's Villages of Cyrodiil


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@Bambacha Just read the descriptions in the first post here, the villages needing OBSE mention whether they require it or not.

Faregyl, Vergayun, Frostcrag, Reedstand and Sutch Village all need OBSE, and some of those also need Elys Universal Silent Voice plugin ..

"No silent voice files have been included. If you wish to be able to read the dialogue this mod has, you'll need to install Elys' Silent Voice. It's an OBSE plugin that provides silent dialogue and approximated lip sync movement."

You also need to read all individual descriptions to find other install info such as the need to turn off borders.

Best reading the ReadMe Tab on each Nexus page to make sure you catch all requirements (for some of them, other mods are needed too).

We cant do the reading and understanding for you.

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Today I returned to the player home in Faregyl Village and I miss the Cobl Luggage.  Have you consider to make a Faregyl Village - Cobl Luggage addon for the Aregyl Estate? :)

It could be place to the right wall, across where the painting is to the left, near the entrance when entering the estate.

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