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  1. It's not appropriate to discuss account matters in public. If you'd like to address this, please send me a PM and then we can look into it.
  2. Ignore their mislabeling of things. You want whatever version they have labeled as "Anniversary Edition" even if you don't have the full AE Upgrade DLC package.
  3. I don't use MO2 so I can't tell you what it means for things to be red or black in it. All I can do is point you to the proper download.
  4. These Skyrim updates have been relatively small in comparison. The ones I've been getting for Cyberpunk, No Man's Sky, and Elex II have been gargantuan by comparison. With the one for Elex II being a total of 50GB over 2 patched (because they botched one). I think Bethesda has more or less figured out the nuances of differential updating.
  5. Unfortunately, no, that's not how it works under the law. In any case what's being asked is not the ability to patch some random mod to make it work with another. What's being asked is that our team commit support to outdated versions of the game for no useful reason other than to satisfy the 1%.
  6. We aren't. It's not available. So I think that's probably all that needs to be said. You asking for us to make it available is inherently a request that it be supported, which we've repeatedly said will not happen. We've NEVER provided support for old versions of the patch regardless of the type of game update that was done. I'm glad we agree on that, because asking us to keep old versions alive is asking for precisely this. This is unreasonable. Except it does, because I've personally seen it do that on more than one occasion. It may not do it right away though, which is why I think people think it never happens. Until they post somewhere wondering why their old and outdated stuff isn't working anymore because "somehow" Steam updated their game. Which is a normal and expected function of the Steam client. Nope. We are not responsible for the choices of other people NOT to update their game, and as we have said numerous times before, it's not something we have the time or the desire to involve ourselves with. Update your game and you'll have no problem. We are not beholden to what other people are doing with their work. Someone deciding to be a thief was always going to decide to be a thief. None of the twisted justifications for piracy ever withstand scrutiny. Don't be one of those people who tries that. Irrelevant. They're going to need to update either way and then make sensible choices about which mods they choose to install. It's not good practice to base your decisions on things that require unsupported 3rd party libraries. I can guarantee you right now that if for some odd reason we had decided as a project to stop updating after 1.5.97, there would be 1000 times the number of complaints out there that we had not updated to stay in line with the currently available version of the game. It's not at all reasonable to expect people to learn the arcane ways of the Steam console just to keep one mod author from having to update their work. Mods become obsolete all the time. We as a community should not be encouraging this behavior. We should be encouraging these mod authors to update their stuff instead. Nothing moves forward by standing still. Nobody starting a new game on a first time install of Skyrim should be paying any attention to things made for obsolete copies of the game. They should stick to using current things, and IMO they should start off by playing the game as close to vanilla as possible so they can figure out for themselves what they want to change. They should not be pressured into back-versioning anything for the sake of some corner case. No other community for a moddable game seriously expects to have support out there for multiple old versions of those games. They all fully expect you to be running on current versions as supplied by the platform it was purchased on. There's even a couple of developers who wrote that language into their EULAs that cover modding. You are at this point advocating for something that a very small minority of people want, who just happen to be vocal and concentrate themselves into echo chambers where they then perceive themselves to be the entire community. This is not the case. There is no good reason to give these people what they're demanding of us as mod authors.
  7. It's really quite simple. We are a small team. We don't have the time or the desire to support multiple versions of the patch. It's not going to happen. Supporting the current version that works with the current version of the game on whichever platform you get it from these days is all we have time for. Don't for one second believe that we would not be inundated by people demanding support for old copies - you yourself are here right now doing precisely that. We aren't going to stop you from using an old copy if you've already got one, but we are under absolutely no obligation to distribute those ourselves, nor does the current licensing allow others to do so either. SSE 1.6 is objectively better than running any previous version of SSE btw. The compiler optimizations that came with last year's update have essentially made the game as stable as any BGS game has ever been, plus it runs smoother as well. So there is really no good reason not to update at all. It's been a year. If some SKSE plugin hasn't been updated, it never will be, but that's not our problem. It's theirs. Holding the community back unnecessarily doesn't do anyone any good at all. Other people step up all the time to fill in the gaps for those who refuse to update their work. Someone will do the same for DAR as well. Bethesda did not break anything. The only ones who have done that are the authors who aren't keeping their code up to date. This is far from the only moddable game where game updates mean people need to keep their stuff current or fade into obscurity. In fact pretty much every other moddable game out there requires that the mod authors update their stuff because it will no longer be compatible with the games. So you should be thankful that Bethesda has not enforced such a thing on the vast majority of mods which are not affected by updates at all, because they very easily could have, and there are some out there who wish they had. There is never any justification to break the law pirate someone's work either. That's not something we take lightly around here and discussion of such things is not tolerated.
  8. Open Cities Skyrim 3.1.9 Markarth: Removed an unnecessary alpha property from the large main gate mesh. (Bug #32409) Solitude: Added the NPC failsafe trigger originally set up in USSEP to cover the open world space side of things as well. (Bug #32462)
  9. That's something that can be looked at, but there's generally no reason to do so since Wrye Bash can resolve any differences between them. Traditionally forwarding things from UOP into other mods isn't something that's been done in the Oblivion community. That's pretty much uniquely a Skyrim/Fallout 4 thing.
  10. It's my understanding this was already resolved back in September when Sibir updated the LOOT masterlist. That being said, no, I really don't do anything with Oblivion these days outside of UOP updates and verifiable bug reports for any of my mods. Updating Bash Tags isn't something I would have issued an update on the file for anyway. Especially given that TIE has a split version setup because of changes in BC that rendered part of what it does problematic. Though I'm sure there's probably an argument to be made for not caring what BC is doing to stuff these days and just shifting support to things that don't deal with it at all.
  11. It's probably not related, but one thing that stands out to me is that you have two different automated conflict resolution patches active. The Bashed Patch, and a Smashed Patch. You should only be using the one generated by Wrye Bash. The one from xEdit is obsolete and has been something that Elminster is considering pulling from the program.
  12. Yes, the patch archive has one for Bittercup.
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