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  1. Version 2.0.5 Updated sign set form IDs to support my Oakwood village mod.
  2. Version 2.0.4 Changed support for Oakwood to use my Oakwood village mod.
  3. Version 4.1.0 A light has been added over the bed in the starting cell. Added support for my Oakwood inn as a starting position.
  4. Version 2.0.2 Updated the navmesh for the road next to Lakeview Manor to take USSEP's fixes into account for the cell borders.
  5. I seriously doubt it will make any difference since the guards can use the road properly for their patrols, Serana and the female DB Initiate have no issues with following me along it as I go, and the other NPCs who occasionally access it don't display any strange behavior. And none the random encounter ones that occasionally pop-up nearby to walk somewhere have any issues navigating through the entire area. Keep in mind that I do not run Touring Carriages so if that's necessary to see the issue then I'll simply repeat that it's not my problem your mod is generating broken results when used alongside CRF. Your "well-documented patch" reverts far too much legitimate work and adds a bunch of unnecessary elements to the area which is why it's been rejected. Releasing that as a patch to both mods will be you breaking things intentionally in everyone's games with no valid reason for doing so. You should know that's something I take an extremely dim view of advocating for on this forum.
  6. You must be thinking of someone else because you've never sent me any patches for missing stuff or I'd have made sure to document that like I do with anything else anyone submits actual work for. You seem to presume that you can just waltz in and claim credit for things you didn't do. All you've done this time is provide me with a bad navmesh patch that I have no intention of incorporating because it wipes out a ton of work I did on the road pathing to make it work properly, plus your patch adds junk navmesh data to the roofs of two buildings that absolutely have no need for that. So I'm certainly not about to just blindly take data you say is necessary when it's not. I don't need to be "reeducated" on how to do navmeshes. I know full well what goes into doing them correctly and how to read the CK for any anomalies, errors, etc. There are none to be found and I know full well how to properly test them with NPC followers. No issues have come up at all. The Frost River guards are fine with it. The local residents are fine with it. All of the vanilla followers are fine with it. You say "much more needs to be done" but I see nothing that needs to be messed with at this point. I'll make this clear again as I know I've done once before - I am not concerned about how Touring Carriages is affected because that's not my mod. If CRF doesn't work right with it, that's not my fault, because CRF works with CRF and plenty of other things too. You need to back off. The modding world doesn't revolve around you and your mod.
  7. I've only ever seen that Wattman error after a system crash while playing a game. If you're getting this without any such issues happening then I'm not sure what to make of that.
  8. I'm not sure what it is you've contributed other than reporting a few bugs here and there. In any case, given than I am seeing no issues in testing, I'm reluctant to just apply a patch for a bunch of navmeshes the CK says test out fine and followers don't have issues with navigating. I especially do not see any missing border links between cells anywhere. Are you sure you haven't somehow incorporated an old navmesh into things? No, we don't have one here but I'd have no objection if someone wanted to go retrieve the old one and post it here, but that topic was also stale in 2013 and didn't reflect the correct status of the LE CK at the time, much less the SSE CK now. FWIW, I'm using SSE CK 1.5.73 and to this day I don't run into any of the issues everyone complains about with rampant crashing etc. I've left the thing sitting open all day long without incident on multiple occasions. Yes, it does sometimes crash, but it's been a pretty rare thing for me. Which leads me to believe a lot of folks are trying to do a lot of really crazy things with it that it was never intended for. Or they're trying to mod on potato PCs or something. It's also not going to just consume all 64GB of your RAM simply because you handed it that much
  9. Hmm. Interesting. I'll have to keep an eye on that. I haven't updated mine in awhile, still on 19.3.3.
  10. I have no idea what it is people are doing to the SSE CK that they complain so much about it being unstable. I've been using it extensively and have only had a handful of crashes in nearly 3 years. There are a scant few things known to cause CTDs but if you're doing navmeshes that's never been identified as one of them. And for the record, CRF navmesh changes are extensive because they need to be. Attempting to redo them "as vanilla as possible" isn't going to go anywhere because that's simply not feasible in the 3 main restored village areas. You know as well as anyone that obstructions on the path must be dealt with and that's what's been done already.
  11. No. It's almost certainly a navmesh issue.
  12. Version 1.0.5 A missing property in the failsafe added in the previous version had not been defined, which would cause the fires to be left burning forever. When the NPCs die, they will now be killed in the wreckage of their homes outside.
  13. UFO4P 2.0.8 is now in beta. Should last about 2 weeks or so before going live. Second post has the details.
  14. The best bet would be to set the patch as a master to what you're doing and go from there. Make sure the CK has the USSEP BSA file included in the list of files it loads when you do because those will be important for any script properties to be maintained.
  15. It's enough of one that I've made it clear several times it isn't going to happen until I've stopped making new villages for SSE.

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