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  1. I don't see why it would since PTW will no longer have an edit in that cell and map markers are persistent refs anyway.
  2. I agree they should provide a means to get it if you don't play with any online options at all since it's supposed to be a quest that's not dependent on being in a multiplayer game. I suspect the reason adding an egg to your inventory directly using an editor doesn't work is because the trigger for getting it is tied to the purchase at the shop. Much like giving yourself an item in Skyrim's console doesn't work when a quest needs you to buy it from the shopkeepe. Your save is fine, you just didn't properly set off the trigger.
  3. I wouldn't count too heavily on there being another way to get an egg. I don't enable multiplayer but I do run through Galaxy and the Quicksilver shop is the only place I've ever seen the egg, and all information available through Google searching points back to having to buy it there. Which I honestly wouldn't mind if they hadn't made the thing cost 3200 Quicksilver. Of course, if you're solidly blocking all online access and it's only available when you enable that, a save editor looks like the only way to get an egg and there's some indication that obtaining it that way (rather than editing yourself a pile of Quicksilver) will break the quest because the game won't acknowledge you have it on board.
  4. I already have multiplayer disabled so that obviously won't help. And yeah, it sucked. Spending that kind of time on a ridiculous hunt for items that aren't readily available on the planet wasn't fun to begin with. Crashing out and having it simply forget I spent the time was infuriating. I compensated myself with a save editor.
  5. Yep, I ran into that anomaly crash, just not recently. Cost me a lot of time because the mission was one of those ludicrous "you need 5000 of these" things. Finally finished it, went to enter the anomaly, crashed as soon as it hit the white flash. Nearly 3 hours down the drain. It didn't even let me keep the items I had gathered even though I had saved before leaving the planet.
  6. That's correct based on the orientation your map is showing. The sign is pointing down the main road, which is where most traffic between Riverwood and Helgen would go. The other direction is a back road through the foothills.
  7. IPB has declared war on BBCode, so using it is made intentionally difficult by them.
  8. An encounter zone record has a drop menu to assign a location to it. All one then needs is for cells to be assigned to the location for the zone settings to apply. In every case that mod covers, the cells are assigned to locations that have an encounter zone attached to them. So there's nothing to be done with that mod and what it proposes to accomplish is already part of the vanilla game.
  9. If someone wants to report actual mesh fixes in the tracker, along with any appropriate permissions, they're more than welcome to do so.
  10. If you think you already have an account, use the lost password recovery link. Click the "Login" link at the top right and it's one of the 2 options there.
  11. Nothing is wrong, the tracker and the forum don't use the same account system. If it's telling you it's got illegal characters, then you're feeding the forms something that doesn't validate to a proper text field.
  12. We'd need to look at what the first two even do, but MEZF is unnecessary and entirely placebo. Those encounter zones are assigned to locations through a different means and don't need to be tacked on to the individual cells.
  13. I was able to get http/2 to work in Apache and php-fpm was working too but the big problem was that it was throwing garbage in the logs and every single bit of information I was finding was pointing in circles. Usually that means nobody knows what the solution is. I thought I had something when I found the proxy override for errors or whatever but that just led to a different form of trash in the logs. I'm sure it seems anal or something but logs are worth their weight in gold and when they have nothing useful to say, they're a waste of processing time. So I figured I'd give ngnix a shot and it's done everything I've asked of it without being cryptic in getting things done. Sure, I had to piece together the setup from about a dozen different sources because the documentation is as bad as Apache's, but it all works now and apparently the site has become snappier as a bonus. I'm not sure what you're referring to with the posting issue but that sounds more like an IPB problem than anything to do with the back end.
  14. Just a general heads up to all you forum goers. I've thrown Apache (the web server program) under the bus due to difficulty trying to get it to behave after enabling http/2 support. In its place we're now running on top of Nginx. I'm sure most of you really don't care, but it's got the potential to have left stuff broken in unknown ways, so please keep an eye out for anything weird.
  15. Version 1.0.5 The previous update apparently reintroduced some landscape conflicts with Lakeview Manor and Manor Roads. These errors have been removed.

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