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  1. There is not, the Downloads module for IPS doesn't have that feature.
  2. Give it a poke now guys. The category didn't have attachment downloads active for regular members.
  3. Sure, I can post it on the site, or at the very least incorporate it into the post for OCS. The information is in the archive so it isn't completely lost.
  4. Try it now, I just repacked it and reuploaded it so it should be fine.
  5. So what would you propose we do about it in this case? It's not recommended to hit them again with PyFFI, because that was known to cause problems with double optimization. I don't think it's a practical thing to go back and refix every mesh either since there's a lot of them that were done before we took over stewardship of the UOP.
  6. The timescale value will not change unless a mod does it. It's incredibly rare to find one that alters it directly via a plugin file, it would be more expected to come up in a mod's scripting. xEdit cannot help you with finding a script that's changing the timescale.
  7. That doesn't even make sense. "Draw calls" are an engine level thing that has nothing to do with mods unless the mod is dumping huge amounts of graphical data to the game, which the UOP does not do. And in looking at the mod in question, it's basically using PyFFI on the meshes. We already did that, therefore this "fix" actually does nothing at all for the UOP. Plus it was well known back in the day that running a second optimization pass on meshes using PyFFI is NOT recommended.
  8. Yes, it's never really a good idea to mess with the timescale at all, but if you're going to, don't ever take it below 10 because below 10 the game starts to get really screwy. I'd also not take it above 100 or so unless you're just testing something that requires the passage of time. Too fast and the engine will choke on all the events that triggers. And yes, this applies to older games as well, all the way back to Oblivion.
  9. A remake sounds great to me. I never have gotten around to playing the original and at this stage of things I'd rather be doing it with better graphics and such anyway. So it'll all be new to me.
  10. The IP resolving to multiple locations just means they're also using a CDN. That CDN provider may not know what kind of content they're dealing with and if they can be uncovered it would be prudent to let them know. The FBI won't get involved since this isn't a big money case like Megaupload was.
  11. Probably not what you want to hear, but the solution is simple - don't mess with the timescale. It's well known that setting it to extremely low values can cause problems and it's not considered a bug when you do something via the console that then breaks the game for you.
  12. I've been told on one of the Discord servers I'm in that this site, and the poneytelecom.eu provider in general, has a history of dealing in warez, malware, trojans, and other illegal activity. It's apparently bad enough that supposedly the French government is aware of it, but for some reason has yet to remove them from the net.
  13. The site is definitely shady as hell, and I'd strongly suggest you cease visiting it since they're not even bothering to encrypt the connection. Sites like this are notorious for embedding malware into their code and since this is clearly a warez site, it's definitely dangerous. After backtracking their DNS data to their provider, it's very clear that it's not legit operation even at the ISP level. Their website is literally an ascii art of a pony and a bunch of garbage following it. It's very likely the site is being run by a cracking group.
  14. That patch file is not one of mine. You'll need to ask the person who wrote it.
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