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  1. You need to download USSEP 4.2.7, install that, and the problem will go away. Then make sure you've updated Garthand's patches as well since the changes he made for the 4 free DLCs in 1.6 have been integrated into USSEP. The other mod by Steelfeathers is obsolete entirely and should be removed.
  2. Yes, in the previously mentioned archive.
  3. When you get to the download button for the mod, the archive is one of the files there.
  4. Those patches are available alongside the archive download here.
  5. The XX will likely be 07 with a current SE install since Fishing and S&S are proper .esm files.
  6. The patch no longer uses a shrine in the Temple of Kynareth. Instead you should have received a book in your inventory which will remove unwanted effects.
  7. You'd need to have a look at it with xEdit to see what exactly it's doing. It having released in May might still have some issues with being out of sync with the USSEP's June update.
  8. If that patch hasn't been updated since 2017, there's a pretty good chance it's no longer useful. USSEP has been updated MANY times since then.
  9. As pointed out on the tracker, this is working as designed. In the event you one day install OBSE, that will allow this script to complete it's function and it will stop at that point.
  10. No, they're on the download page with the main file.
  11. Version 4.1.7 If Savlian Shoal is killed and Geraldine is still alive, she will take over administering the profits for the farmhouse start. If they are BOTH killed though, the profits quest will end as usual. (Bug #29448)
  12. Version 1.0.8 Beds in the Guard Barracks were not properly owned by the local guard faction. (Bug #32175)
  13. Open Cities Skyrim 3.1.8 Updated for fixes done in USSEP 4.2.7. Whiterun: The back door to House Battle-Born was not locked like it is in the vanilla worldspace. (Bug #32423) Riften: There was no occlusion box under the blacksmith's shop. (Bug #32410) Windhelm: Adjusted the navmesh near Silda the Unseen's hand warming area. She could not reach it. (Bug #28440) Patch Archive Updated Legacy of the Dragonborn patch to remove missing property errors.
  14. Version 3.1.13 Added bash tags. (Bug #32173) Vignar should not be commenting about the brawl inside Jorrvaskr when he's still outside after performing his restored scene by the Gildergreen. (Bug #31436) The male first person sleeved Stormcloak cuirass is incorrectly weighted. This was originally done via USSEP 4.1.3 when it was thought that it needed the same adjustments as the non-sleeved ones. It turns out the sleeved variant doesn't need them. I will temporarily override the USSEP archive with the vanilla sleeved meshes since I've confiemed those don't have weighting issues in the game. When USSEP updates next and these files get removed, CRF will have them removed from the archive as well. (Bug #24405) Gargoyle Sentinels and green Gargoyle variants now have their unique abilities assigned. (Bug #31328) Chitin, Nordic, and Stalhrim (both heavy and light) Helmets of Waterbreathing have been added to the leveled lists with other similar enchanted helms. (Bug #31314)
  15. FYI for those who were waiting for it, Garthand has updated the Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches on Nexus.
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