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  1. The CW map in Dragonsreach is actually upstairs behind the throne room. The one in Farengar's area is a different asset that's also part of the vanilla game.
  2. Starflight and Starflight 2 were both two of my favorite games back in the C-64 days. I've been wanting a space RPG like them ever since. Hopefully Starfield can finally deliver on that. Empyrion is sort of close in that it has a massive galaxy to explore, but the RPG elements are lacking without a really good scenario mod for it.
  3. "The last version of Windows ever!" Uh huh, how's that working out now guys? Based on what little I've seen of this 11 stuff, I don't want it. But then there's 4 years between me and the end of Windows 10 so I'll worry about it 4 years from now I guess.
  4. Make sure you are running the latest CK. What you're describing sounds like a bug that existed in one of the older versions.
  5. Version 36 is 2.1.2b for PC, which is out of date by one version. Bethesda.net is still experiencing the "5 updates" bug and we have not been able to update the patches there yet. I'm not sure why they bother to allow us to set custom version numbers when they don't even show up in the UI, but there it is
  6. Just as a general FYI - the setting to enable multiple masters should be in your CreationKitCustom.ini instead of the main one. This file is immune to future CK updates, whereas the main one is not.
  7. In the game data he's set to disabled but DarkwaterCrossingDerkeethusRescueQuest should be immediately enabling him when you start the game and moving him to the cell. Obviously the part that moves him to the cell worked. He just never enabled and that's not really clear why. And no, it has nothing to do with my village mod.
  8. Basically his screenshot is a strong indication that something went very wrong.
  9. Then there's one more thing that needs to be done: SQV DarkwaterCrossingDerkeethusRescueQuest The output of that command should tell us what's going on.
  10. Next time you're in the game, do the prid command again. Then follow it with "GetDead" and see what you get back. The response should be a 0 or a 1. 0 if he's alive, 1 if he's dead. If he's alive, try "GetDisabled" and see if that returns a 0 or a 1. 1 would mean he's been disabled by something, 0 would mean he's enabled. You've got a real mystery on your hands if he's alive and still enabled, because the PRID and MOVETO commands didn't return a failure and should have brought him directly to you. The alternative in that case would be to instead open the console and use "Player.
  11. The bottom line here is that Sigurd is right, calling the moderators on other sites fascists is going too far. It's fine to vent about it, but let's keep things civil while we're doing it. Regarding language filters, we don't have one. Or rather, we do, because it's a feature of the package, but there's nothing in it. I like to think we have a much more relaxed approach to things and that the use of language won't be excessive because people simply don't need to use excessive language to make their points.
  12. UFO4P 2.1.3 is now live, enjoy! Bethesda.net uploads are currently down. We will get the XB1 (and maybe PS4, who knows) versions uploaded as soon as the issue is cleared up.
  13. Version 4.2.5 of the USSEP is now live, enjoy! Uploads for bethesda.net are currently bugged out. We'll get the XB1 and PS4 version updated when they clear up the problem. Please take not that the fix for the bugged leveled list requires reverting the list via script to clear the issue. Any mods you may have which affect DLC2BaseArrowNordic75 will need to reapply their changes for existing games. New games will not require this.
  14. Version 2.0.4 Corrected a mismatched form ID for a USSEP faction record.
  15. Version 2.2.1 Added an ENB-capable version of the Skyshard beacon. Thanks to WiZkiD and Rudy102 for providing this.
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