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  1. NAVI isn't a record that needs conflict resolution since the data is merged during runtime loading. It doesn't make a lot of sense to include the data into a mod that doesn't touch those cells but it also should not be causing any problems.
  2. Yes, because i've induced it to do so myself just to see what would happen. It didn't get handled right away, but it did happen. It will for sure happen if you ask Steam to validate your files manually, but Steam executes this function periodically on its own as well. I've seen other games run the validation checks before starting several times as well, so it's not limited to just Skyrim. It's just that a lot of us won't notice it as easily because most of us start from shortcuts on our Desktops because of SKSE.
  3. It's possible, but manually editing that record would be even more disastrous so I'll have to see if I can coax it into not saving that information in the first place.
  4. There's a bit of clarification I'm told needs to be made on the issue of SE vs AE and such. So here it is: 1. Skyrim Special Edition is still an active store entry on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/489830/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_Special_Edition/ 2. Skyrim Anniversary Edition Upgrade is an independent store entry for the DLC bundle: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1746860/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_Anniversary_Upgrade/ 3. "Skyrim Anniversary Edition" is a store bundle (note the URL difference) that is set up as a convenient method to buy both SE and the AE Upgrade in one go: https://store.steampowered.com/sub/626153/ #3 is the present day equivalent of the old Skyrim Legendary Edition bundle they sold on Steam until 2016. With that out of the way, here's the deal: For Survival, Fishing, Saint's & Seducers, and Rare Curios, they ship with the SE 1.6 update as additional content. These cannot be disabled by any normal means through a mod manager or any other normal method. They will load into the game regardless. All players on all platforms will have these DLCs and it is therefore reasonable and expected that mod authors begin shipping mods that account for this content, in much the same way we all began doing for the old LE updates. For the AE Upgrade, the other 70 DLCs will be installed and activated by the game with no intervention from the user. These also cannot be disabled by any normal means through a mod manager etc. On PC, you *CAN* delete the files from your Data folder, but if Steam detects they are missing they will be reinstalled without you knowing it. This is NOT a normal or supported thing to do with the game and is not something any mod author should reasonably be expected to support. There is a #4 though, and that #4 is when someone elects NOT to buy the AE Upgrade but instead goes into the Creation Club store area and individually buys only some of the DLCs. In this case, and this case only, the game will only download the ones you've paid for while leaving the others out. This is not at all the same as buying the whole bundle and then disabling some of them. This is people intentionally not buying some of them to begin with. It is because of this #4 that it is possible someone may not have everything and therefore be a problem to expect everyone to always have all 70 of these additional DLCs. Obviously going the #4 route is not cost effective. You'd spend way more than the $20 to do that, but it is an option that still exists. In all of the above cases, Steam will reacquire missing content when it performs its regular integrity checks. These integrity checks are not always user initiated.
  5. They do, yes. The patch archive that is listed for this mod contains a patch that resolves the issue. Probably in a somewhat simplistic way. I simply removed the sewer entrance closest to the gate from the Skyrim Sewers mod and left the other entry alone. It was the easiest way I could see to resolve the conflict and also preserve some level of sense with the map connections.
  6. So I went in today to poke around on the AE package a bit, and while the game didn't prompt me to do anything, I manually checked the Steam side of things and used the shiny new "Download All" button that wasn't there before the last time I went all the way to that screen. I'm assuming it knows which content required updates or not, because clicking that button only downloaded Ghosts of The Tribunal and nothing else. If I were a first time buyer and had never downloaded any of it before, I'd be pretty pissed right now that it only gave me one file instead of all of them. The thing is, I see nobody anywhere complaining that their first time purchase didn't download the content. Not on Steam, not on the BGS Discord, and not even on reddit. All 3 places would be humming with angry consumers if this was the normal random outcome.
  7. There is nowhere to download 4.1.5 and there isn't going to be. Please stop asking.
  8. Barbas is likely in several aliases which have him marked as essential. My understanding of things is that an NPC in an alias cannot have that status overridden as long as the quest the alias is part of is active.
  9. There's no need to get nasty about it. I'm simply telling you that when I downloaded the stuff, it downloaded all 70 of the DLCs, including those I already had, because they had updates. Bethesda has made no indications of any sort that they've changed the way it works. So before you decide to get all high and mighty about how you are right and the world is wrong, consider for a moment that I'm not the only one who told you what to expect and that your experience differs from the norm. You have reported on what happened in your case, that's all. Your case is not the universal norm, and I submit that if it were, THOUSANDS of people would be complaining about it because it would render them unable to download the content they paid for. Now, that being said, the download process was a hot mess in the 1.6.317 release on launch night. Which they corrected in the hotfix for 1.6.318 and have done nothing more since then because it's working for pretty much everyone now. Perhaps you should double check that your Steam install is on the correct version.
  10. Just found you here.  Made my day.  Thanks for continuing to provide the good stuff to a frustrating and ungrateful public.  :)

  11. Something did, because it should have downloaded all of them if you owned none before. That's what it did for me, and it even downloaded all the updates for the ones I already had through various freebies over the years.
  12. Then something went wrong with your download because if you bought the $20 AE package you should have seen 70 files in total downloaded by the game. Not 9. You may need to restart the game and prod it a bit or something. It's been known to get stuck on some of the DLC downloads, and alt-tabbing out of the game while it's downloading will suspend them.
  13. One clarification - if you do what you did, the game is going to download as many DLCs as you're missing. You only getting 9 would suggest you already had most of them from before. It should also be noted that most mod managers won't let you manipulate their positions because ultimately it doesn't matter - the game loads them in a set order, and they will ALWAYS load before any user created mods.
  14. That depends entirely on which mods you're looking for.
  15. That mod requires OBSE to run so it's not something we'd include into the .esp for UOP.
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