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  1. No, you haven't missed a knowledge base topic since I haven't taken the time to write one up yet. It was a pain in the ass though because there was a big wave of village updates from myself and Tarshana at the very least because of it. I would not be surprised if some of the large quest mods have issues as well but they'd be much harder to find with as many edits as those have. I also didn't use the fix script to deal with it. The bugs showed up plain as day with CK 1.5.73 (which is still current) and were verifiable by trying to cross those areas with followers. They'd go around the broken segments as expected. Most of the time refinalizing things was enough, but there were some that exhibited the triangle issues you've reported before even though I know for a fact they had no such issues prior to the last CK update. They probably discovered some obscure issue and fixed it for the internal CK builds and it eventually made its way public long after they forgot about it. While annoying, it is at least showing the Creation Club has benefits outside of new DLCs.
  2. I just want to point out that if you're testing for solutions to recent problems, using one of the nightlies currently available in the #wip-builds folder is the best way to do this. 307.201904161810 is a built that was made way back in April and won't contain a large number of the things that have been fixed to date. Now, it's a bit of a guess on my part based on what the trace is going through, but if I'm correct and it has to do with the zlib support, that module got updated to cover a couple of recent security and bug fixes by the 7-zip author. You may be running into issues because of the outdated module.
  3. We are aware of this and it has been fixed pending our next update. Waiting on Bethesda to do their CC update before we go forward with that.
  4. Just refer to the changelog. All of the audio files we've edited are clearly marked by their filenames (all of them should be .fuz files). That list of obsolete mods isn't a list of things we absorbed. It's a list of mods that are no longer needed because we fixed the same bug. It has no relevance to the audio files.
  5. As we've said numerous times before, we are not responsible for the state of translations whether that be the text or the audio. Expecting us to be is not feasible and never will be. If you want those translations to be handled correctly you should be taking this up with their maintainers, not with us. We have always made it clear that we are fixing the English version of the game and that it's up to the translators to keep up with what we're doing. Not for us to intentionally leave things unfixed because they don't want to keep up.
  6. The solution is to have the people responsible for the translations deal with this. Those audio clips have bugs in them and that's what we fixed.
  7. Version 4.1.2 Shady Sam's voice setting was not able to deliver merchant lines. (Bug #27176) The inn choice for Oakwood was not flagged properly and would show up no matter what. Obviously this doesn't work if Oakwood isn't installed. (Bug #27204) The anti-cheat script was still not accounting for having passed the portions of the vanilla MQ that should be disabling it.
  8. You need to update your game. 1.10.50 is out of date by several versions.
  9. Making any kind of static list or collection or whatever of mods is and always has been a terrible idea because the individual components get updated often. Those updates may be as simple as a bug fix or as complex as a whole new set of story data or something. Updates that sometimes can't be done because of how poorly some mod authors design things. This is all a disaster waiting to happen.
  10. I think I'll just wait until the bug fixing storm dies down a bit before I reinstall the game
  11. No. The unofficial patch is the only one where the prohibition is explicitly stated. Inclusions into mod packs is not allowed. Technically one does not need to specify this either because inclusion into a mod pack is a violation of copyright without the author's permission. It remains to be seen whether or not Nexus intends to properly honor copyright law here.
  12. Maybe I'll reinstall it once my replacement video card gets here and see how far things have come.
  13. Probably the single greatest thing they could do for this game:
  14. Version 1.0.3 Location data for Rorilmir's shop was pointing to the data for Riverwood when it should not have been. Grounded the floating table outside of the inn. Grounded a floating nightshade next to the Dibella statue.

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