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  1. Same problem when I try and run it from the Python Source package. Standalone and the installer package work fine.
  2. No, USSEP doesn't do anything with it. The icon not being used isn't a bug, just something they created but never assigned.
  3. Version 3.1.7 The Spirit of the Ancient Traveler at Wayward Pass will now only appear when the player takes his skull. Castle Karstaag on Solstheim has been given its unique map marker icon that was never assigned.
  4. Version 4.2.2 of the USSEP has been released. First post has the details. Enjoy!
  5. BAIN only refers to the Installers tab, since BAIN is an acronym for "BAsh INstallers".
  6. Opening the console freezes the VM, and you can verify this for yourself by alt-tabbing to another window and looking at the Papyrus log. It'll look like this: When the console is closed out, you'll see this message: No scripts of any sort will process while the console window is active. The entire game will be in a suspended state. That said, interrupting things in the way you're doing when transitioning between load screens is probably not a good idea because the act of performing the autosave during the transition has also frozen and thawed the VM during the process, and it IS possible to trip things up in the VM if you interrupt it too often in a short time frame. Especially if you've got scripts running that are on timers that aren't associated with the time of day in-game. Upon returning from the console window the game will check all of those and will fire them all off at the same time if enough seconds have passed since the last event poll.
  7. It's likely just a minor byproduct of all of the effects having been corrected to be in the proper spell schools. No specific effort was made to generate this kind of outcome.
  8. Version 4.0.2 Adjusted MGRitual05DragonScript to account for a vanilla bug fix.
  9. Yes, as long as the save has UFO4P still listed as a master you can reinstall it to use with that save without issue.
  10. Version 4.1.3 Lighting at the farmhouse start has been adjusted. A script needed to keep bandits from showing up in Helgen before the proper time had been accidentally left out of the archive during the last update.
  11. Yep. Overloading on city enhancements will definitely do it. Which becomes compounded by adding in hi-res weapon and armor mods, as well as all those hi-res body mods people like. Throw in an NPC spawning mod or two and you're now asking for trouble, even on SSE. ENB is the largest offender though given that it's well known to chew up about half of your graphical performance all by itself unless you go in and tweak the hell out of it to lighten the load. As far as ICAO, that mod is a buggy mess, period. You can very easily have it do something dumb and get NPCs permanently stuck indoors, not to mention it's well known to drag NPCs off target for quests, which then break. And you're already aware of the navmesh issues. If one were to insist on keeping it, ICAO should go up near the top of the load order in order to prevent it from clashing with dozens or hundreds of other legitimate navmesh edits down the list.
  12. Dragon attacks involve a high poly model doing intense combat calculations in addition to the scripts they're running, the NPCs in the area acting like dufuses, and the actions of the player trying to react. All of which can significantly lower frame rates during the battle. Throw Serana in and having her toss around lighting spells with expensive effects and stack dumps during dragon fights are not a surprise at all. Something has to give under those conditions. Keep in mind that dragon flight is calculated independently of everything on the ground following the navmesh. NPCs who get hung up by bad navmesh when wandering around will simply teleport past it after enough time is spent being unable to move. This will not damage your save in any way, even if you don't witness the teleport yourself.
  13. Save cleaners should not really be considered safe at all. Even Hadoram's isn't entirely reliable. If your saves are getting to where they're unplayable, you need to address the root cause of that because you'll just end up with the same problems again later.
  14. When using mods for Skyrim (LE or SE) and Fallout 4, the important thing to remember is that you should NEVER uninstall a mod for any reason on an existing save. That should only be done when starting a new save. SMKViper, the guy who designed the Papyrus scripting system, had this to say on the subject: People who make a regular habit of uninstalling mods are the ones who then go around claiming that certain mods break the game or corrupt your saves when they involve scripts. CTDs are also common under these conditions. So you should take with a grain of salt any advice that there are safe ways to uninstall mods on these games. Isoku is a very talented and knowledgeable mod author. So long as you do not do anything stupid with his mods, they will behave just fine. Wet & Cold gets a bad rap for being unstable, laggy, etc. but this is not the fault of his scripting. It's generally the fault of people who are using mods with too many NPCs added to the game and with graphic or body mods that are too high a resolution for the engine to handle. So on heavily over-modded games the additional effects that Wet & Cold may appear to be to blame for the problem, but that's not the case. Generally speaking, Papyrus is dependent on the frame rate of your game to do its work. If you're able to maintain a solid 60fps, then the scripting VM gets enough attention to do its job without issue. It's only when you start bogging things down with intensely fps-draining content like hi-res texture packs or ENB that things begin to go south. Dropping below 30fps is when things start to get ugly and you'll begin experiencing stack errors in the Papyrus log. These are obviously bad, but they are NOT something that modders are likely to be able to cause even under these conditions. Slow processing, yes, but stack dumps? Unlikely. SMKViper had a write-up on this that I can't find right now which went into the gory details of it all. Of course, most folks in places like reddit dismissed what he had to say because they think Bethesda are morons. Consider for a moment that the game itself has in excess of 13000 scripts of varying types, many of which will be running at any given moment. If scripting could actually slow the game down we'd have run into that before any mods even existed. There is also another write-up on script performance tips on the CK wiki as well: https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Performance_(Papyrus)
  15. Version 4.0.1 Dragons entering combat at more than 25000 units distance (more than 6 cells away) from the player will no longer trigger the protection quest. This fixes an edge case where for some reason dragons occasionally set off the system from the opposite side of the map.

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