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  1. Removing the way BGS is handling it would be an even larger task than simply trying to follow the maze that already exists, because obviously you'd need to know what to disable so the replacement system you're designing can take over. So nobody has ever bothered to try doing that because it would be too much effort to put forth and likely wouldn't arrive at a fully working replacement for years. Part of the reason the existing CW is such a mess is because there's a lot of disabled content already associated with it and that confuses people who start looking into things.
  2. Quests are a bit different in that the record changes take effect if you haven't made it to that point in the quest before, so the retro scripts in those cases are meant to fix the bugs if your save has already hit the broken part. We use a much more sophisticated version of this kind of thing in the patches for Skyrim and Fallout 4. Regarding audio files, yes, there are some DIAL/INFO records that are new in the patch, with their corresponding files under Data\Sound\Voice\Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp A lot of those will be older work that was done before we took over maintenance of the project.
  3. Yes, on a brand new game a record edit works fine, but since UOP is also designed to work on existing games, that script handles the job correctly in both instances so no record edit was made.
  4. Doors are fully persistent references in Oblivion. The type that can't be displaced with a simple record edit. So you need a script in order to make sure the change gets included in an existing save. So since you need the script anyway, that's how it was decided to handle making the change.
  5. That may have been the case with really old copies of RFYL or WVA, but that issue with the carriage drivers was fixed long ago before SSE was even a thing. So nobody playing on SSE should be having any trouble with those drivers today because their faction is exempt from consideration as one of the aliases to fill. So unless they're directly attacked they'll sit on that carriage ignoring the world around them. Unrealistic? Indeed, but better than them running off somewhere and never coming back.
  6. Sweet, that's exactly what I was hoping for.
  7. It's linked at the bottom of the first post
  8. 307.202005131856 - PBash run for Oblivion. xEdit reports the following errors in the bashed patch when it hits the ANQAkaviriTsaesci record: The following load order is in effect when building this patch: Active Mod Files: Bash Tags in use: === Current Bash Tags:
  9. An interesting looking tool. Any chance the JSON conversion could be made to work on SSE nifs?
  10. Just what it says in the changelog. It was supposed to have been uploaded in March but somehow got forgotten.
  11. That's not a bug though. What you're asking for is a balance modification which is not what this project is for.
  12. Whether or not he said that doesn't much matter when other elements of the game very clearly say he sailed out of the harbor. If that means he went back to China or is just sitting further out to sea where he can't be seen doesn't matter, the point is the game in no uncertain terms says he's not in the bay anymore. The transponders and missiles are entirely separate objects which do not rely on the sub being in the bay. So no, this is not unnecessary removal, this is fulfilling what the game's dialogue is telling you happened.
  13. Unfortunately your only solution is going to be to reload an older save and roll the dice again with Blood on the Ice. It's the single most buggy quest in the whole game and because most of its fixes needed scripts, we were unable to include any of them in the PS4 copy because of Sony's restrictions.
  14. Not the usual "cheap" game that shows up in here, but Elex is on sale for a damn good price right now: https://www.gog.com/game/elex A very well done sci-fi RPG, which is a rare thing. Another one on sale for a very good price: https://www.gog.com/game/the_technomancer I haven't gotten very far into this one but it's also pretty good so far.
  15. Yep, unfortunately if you have no prior saves to use then you don't have much choice but to abandon it and start over.

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