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  1. So, I've been asked to step in here in my moderator role, because some of you aren't playing nice with others. Let me make a few things clear: - EVERYONE is welcome in this community, as long as they play by the rules. That includes people who signed up just for this thread. If you're new here, welcome. Hope you have a good time. Attacking people solely for their post count or lack thereof is not something I will tolerate. - Posters in this forum are expected to be civil to each other. I understand that this is a contentious topic, with heated opinions on all sides. That's fin
  2. This is your friendly moderator, reminding you all to please be civil and polite to other forum users, regardless of the tone of the question being asked. I'm not a big fan of responding to reported threads. I'll leave this thread open for any other questions about the cleaning process, though the linked article should (hopefully) answer the question in a straightforward fashion. If not, I encourage slightly less frustrated-sounding questions in the future. Plenty of folks happy to help.
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  4. What if I just Sparta kick everyone who logs in?
  5. Sorry Beyond Earth. We all knew you were the game to tide people over before this. It's not your fault nobody loves you. And idk. I guess the new city mechanics could be cool? Not loving that art style at all though.
  6. I've got to update this thing more than once every 5 years.
  7. Version 1.2


    AFK_Blades_EQ adds several new sets of Blades armor and weapons to allow for a stylish Blades look through high levels without being penalized for the experience. In addition, it reworks the armor ratings on the Imperial Dragon armor to make it equal to Daedric or Glass, and increases the level on the enchantments to Grand. Lastly, a series of capes and cloaks are added in both a teal and gold Blades style and a crimson and black Imperial Dragon style. The new Blades equipment is available in a respawning armory chest in the Cloud Ruler Temple armory, while the new Imperial Dragon capes and cl
  8. Version 1.0


    A fixed up version of the vanilla map in three versions: - Modified vanilla, showing a couple of roads that aren't in the stock version. - Lost Spires version, showing a small road added by LS. - New Roads and Bridges version, accurately showing all roads added by NR&B. This is the most accurate version available. Also includes all combinations of these versions. Also includes various GIMP files to make it possible to create and modify roads. The New Roads and Bridges part is included in TheNiceOne's Dynamic Map, which is more suitable for most people.
  9. So, ok. Variously: 1. All the people saying "take it to PM" are exactly correct. It is in somewhat poor taste to throw down on other members, especially new ones, in public forum. There is nothing here that could not have been solved via a PM or report. This is not the sort of way I want to welcome people to our forum. 2. As far as the rules issue goes, Arthmoor can decide if he wants to put something in about names. As far as I'm concerned, inappropriate names would seem to me to be covered under the prohibitions against adult material, hate speech, etc. 3. As far as the name itself, we
  10. You rang? And yeah, I'm seeing a lot of stuff in there that seems really obvious if you build enough settlements. The default stuff is a good start, but eventually you want more. NEW FLOORS AND WALLS OMG
  11. I tend to think of it as Skyrim Online, so...yes, mostly. Turn off the various zone/say/whatever channels, ignore the whacky people wandering around, and it's possible to have a pretty much entirely singleplayer experience out of the thing. You do want other people for some of the big dungeons (optional but nice), and being in a guild makes crafting a LOT easier, but if you want to just go fishing for 4 hours, ain't nothing to stop you. Not that anybody here has gone fishing for 4 hours. Ever. Nope.
  13. All hail Lord Nuggleston!

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