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  1. You might be refering to this install guide, which actually says the opposite. Install DLC patches first then Shivering Isles though it may not matter they shouldn't conflict.
  2. You'll get the same answer as your other thread. No. Please stop asking for ports here.
  3. Ask the mod author. Only they have the right to port their mod to console if they so choose.
  4. Closing this thread. Please use the existing thread for further discussions.
  5. Hana


    There probably never was one for LE. Quoting from the FTF mod authors profile on Nexus "I make mods for Skyrim Special Edition." Since the framework is SE only then any mods made with it like Realistic Conquering will be SE only too.
  6. Welcome to AFKMods. Right here in this section is just fine. Feel free to continue asking away in this thread here. Also, have a read through the Converting from LE to SSE thread, it may answer some of your questions for you.
  7. You should try to "Purge" the mod you have currently installed to break the link, remove it, then drop the new downloaded archive from here into your mods page. It should then act as a new mod (hopefully).
  8. Possibly corrupted? Have you tried downloading the mod again?
  9. Version 1.2.2


    A tool for creating static collision for Skyrim LE meshes (does not work with SE meshes). See support thread for more information.
  10. It could have been entirely my fault if I've misunderstood, I was dead tired when I first responded I'm now working on my first cup of coffee so I'll take another stab at it. Have you tried hitting the Sort button on the plugins page? If there was no direct conflict (requiring the rule), the mods should be fine wherever they sit. Of course, if there is still a conflict you'll still get a notification to resolve it. Is there a particular reason you want the mods to return to its previous position? It might help if you went into more detail of what mods are involved, what rule you set and why you removed it.
  11. In Vortex, the rules are the load order, not the the order of the plugins in the list (like MO2 or Bash). If you want a mod to be specifically "below" or "after" another mod, you make a rule. There's no dragging of plugins around as I understand it.
  12. If SkyUI and all your mods work in game, I wouldn't worry what LOOT says. Does your mod manager indicate any problems?
  13. If you're asking if AFKMods has an API for Vortex, no, and most likely never will. I think I can speak on behalf of all staff here that AFKMods is a "collection-free" zone. (Also, welcome )
  14. I've tried High Res Face Maps for Men before, it's not bad. As it's only head normal maps it should work for SE as well.
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