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  1. Yeah, sorry, changed my answer, lol. Your issues could also be entirely unrelated to the hires packs. Do you have any other texture mods installed? SMIM maybe? There's also a bug where LOD textures get "stuck" even as you get close to objects. It will usually fix itself with a reload as Imstearn says. Is it only those objects and always those objects?
  2. The 3 esp's are suppose to be empty, they're only there to load the texture bsa's. As for UHRP, you can redownload it here in the downloads section.
  3. That was fixed in one of the early versions of the Unofficial HiRes Patch (v1.1.0) and is definitely included in USSEP.
  4. Welcome Ange! Havea and jump right in. Hopefully you'll learn a few things around here, if not, don't hesitate to ask.
  5. Ok, good, almost there I think. You just forgot to remove the skinning flag in the three BSLightingShaderProperty blocks.
  6. Ok, well, I'm surprised this mesh didn't crash your game completely. The mesh still contains skinned data from when it was an animated banner. Shields are not skinned. All that skinned data needs to be removed and that isn't actually possible with SE meshes as the niskininstance contains all the data information for the actual mesh. Once that skinned data is removed it basically just deletes the object. It could be accomplished using LE meshes though, as the data for the object is held in the NiTriShapeData block and not the niskininstance. So build your new mesh using LE meshes, removing all the skinning, and when done you can convert to SE with NifOptimizer.
  7. I can help you better if I see the nif file. :) If you don't want to post it here you can PM it to me.
  8. If you attach the nif file here I can take a closer look. I'm not exactly sure what it is you're trying to accomplish, wrjovaskrbanner02.nif is a complex animated nif.
  9. The simplest solution would be to open the USEEP dbarmor meshes in NifSkope and delete the BSTriShape named bandana. Poof, gone, but still includes all the other fixes we did.
  10. Fixed. Thank you for reporting the issue.
  11. Hi Sclero, I've questioned this same thing before and it's not a bug or error, Nifskope 2.0 just doesn't do that any more. The answer I got was it was a "happy accident" it ever did it at all, it was never an intended feature and with all the recoding of 2.0 that's gone and will not be supported again. You'll have to continue using an older version for that F03 workflow.
  12. Yes, you would be required to install on each game on each PC. I'm not sure it will solve your problem, however. " scope view on an ultra wide monitor " sounds like an engine level issue that we cannot fix.
  13. Hi @Randy2575 , That's not an issue with NifSkope, it's an issue with the vanilla clothes meshes. A ton of them have a missing body texture and look like that. We fixed hundreds of them in USLEEP/USSEP. Vanilla mesh; USLEEP/USSEP fixed mesh; If you plan to do any work on vanilla armor/clothing, feel free to use the USLEEP/USSEP meshes as your starting point. I can't help with your other issue on closing the program but if you come to the NifTools Discord server, you can find an updated version to try.
  14. Try removing the Enable Blending flag from the NiAlphaProperty of hair.nif, see if that helps.

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