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  1. I do have the Hearthfire mod installed and running now. I'll still be here to test if anyone takes it up. I still think it's a great idea Leo.
  2. Ok, I wasn't sure if that was a bug or not. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. I always read the journal after getting it. For some odd reason I neglected to do that this last testing play through for another mod. I sold it before reading it. Which isn't a problem for me, since I'm always starting new games whenever I test something new. I just didn't know it was possible to do that. I have the latest version installed. I checked that before going in game and double checking that I could indeed sell the book while it was still required for the quest.
  4. I will try to test this further as I make more progress in the game. So far I haven't noticed the issue, but with all my testing, I haven't gotten too far yet.
  5. Nice. You still have your own sub-forum over at DC. Feel free to also post there.
  6. Ysne58

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    Mostly Skyrim and Oblivion
  7. I'm so glad he found a job. Thanks for reporting Leonardo.
  8. It is a technical violation. It's one that isn't practical to enforce, because it's almost impossible not to violate that clause. I can see why they would be taking that position now.
  9. OMG, should I run away because Arthmoor is "a fascist pig". Seriously that whole thing was just laughable.
  10. Gamespot is taking a look at comments and stuff after the conduct of commenters on the GTA-5 review. Hopefully things like this won't even happen in the future.
  11. I wouldn't mind the maps. Not enough of an incentive for me though.
  12. I just disable depth of field. I really have no interest in any of the ENBs. I haven't checked yet to see how skyrim does underwater on my new computer.

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