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  1. Max frame rate is a nice addition, albeit a loooooooooong awaited one. Some games (especially gamebryo games but also other older games like No one lives forever, HoMM5 and SIms 3) need to have the max frame rate set on a number. I remember Sims 3 refusing to accept the Vsync ON and having some fps numbers to the 600s or more. The game would render everything and anything at excessively high frame rates actually melting your GPU however advanced it was. Only way to cap the max frame rate was with Nvidia Inspector or Nvidia Profile Editor. It's nice that the feature is made standard with this driver update.
  2. In the nexus site for UOP there is a file named QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch. Since I always download my mods from afkmods and not nexus, is that compatibility patch still needed for the latest version of the mod? I use the QTP3 Redimized and I always install it after installing UOP first. Would that mess up my meshes/textures if QTP3R overwrites the UOP meshes/textures fixes? Is that patch needed after all? TIA
  3. Thanks for the guide. I self-imported the mod to the creation kit did the form 44 conversion and it worked straight away.
  4. I seem to have everything I need regarding mods to transition from Oldrim to SSE except one mod. I know this is a crap addition but Fall of the Space Core Vol.1 is something I've come to love. Now I'm new to SE Creation kit but I don't think it's anything more than a few steps to make a bsa/esp combo mod to work in SSE. So I have the portal2mod.bsa and portal2mod.esp files. What steps do I need to do in Creation Kit (or any other tool) to port the mod to SSE? Thanks in advance, it would really cheer me up having this to the new edition!
  5. Ah, thanks. That is a relief indeed. I suppose I can leave the FONV DLCs dirty or should I clean them too?
  6. I was reinstalling Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas recently along with mods and when it came to order the mods, I fired up LOOT to do the job. LOOT suggested to clean some mods, but to my absent-mindedness, not only I cleaned the mods, I cleaned the DLCs too. I did that only for Fallout 3 before I realized my horrible mistake. Here is the Fallout New Vegas LOOT: And here is the Fallout 3 one: . Seeing that I'm using mods that utilize the DLCs' esms, would I have a problem with the DLC? I read somewhere that mods that are based on DLCs demand the uncleaned DLC esm to work properly. Do I need to reinstall Fallout 3 again or am I in the clear?
  7. Not a problem, just a choice to not use it. Limiting sure, but still a choice.
  8. Thanks guys for the guided steps. I decided to not download any village after the reading and understanding, i went for other grouped villages for Oblivion who had no prerequisites. Thanks anyway.
  9. Can someone tell me which village needs OBSE and which doesn't? I'm planning to install the ones that don't need OBSE or that silent voice thingy. Thanks in advance.

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