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  1. I see. That makes sense. Although, I wonder how much stuff Bethesda have created, but never use it in their games.
  2. That sounds logic to me. I assume USSEP already touches this, but if not I wonder if I need to update my mod. Thanks for the update, mate.
  3. Thanks for changing that. Although, I think it would be better to change it to "community patch" rather to an unofficial patch.
  4. Yep, I have had my fair share of *corrupt* gamesaves in both SLE and SSE, but for SLE I often use Hadoram's Save Game Script Cleaner tool and I dunno how many times it saved my game from being unplayable. Unfortunately, Hadoram's excellent tool hasn't been converted for SSE yet.
  5. Yep, here is the link. http://wiki.theassimilationlab.com/tescosi/Where_and_How_to_Find_Mods However, I know both elderscrolls.filefront.com and ElricM are now defunct sites and has been for over 5 years now. Below is the last working snapshot for TES Search. http://web.archive.org/web/20150113004755/http://www.tessearch.com/
  6. Of course not, but I need to remind you that people in the Morrowind modding community has always relied on the Wayback Machine. Because the Morrowind community is the oldest TES community with almost 20 years of activity and many TES sites went down in the golden era of modding back in 2002-2004 which I posted about here. However, if you doesn't want to have a separate Morrowind section for Wrye Mash and the other mod user tools then consider the option to add more information on the Morrowind Modding Community Wiki that brucoms started more than 5 years ago. Unfortunately, he went MIA and haven't been active on TAL since then. I also know his account on TAL is no longer valid and the reason for that is unknown to me. If you haven't done that there is also the ES Archive site, now defunct, in which Yacoby created a long time ago and I think he did that when Bethesda switch forum back in 2005/2006 (that explains why Arthmoor joined BSF in 2006 when he in reality joined BSF in 2002/2003). Back then it was called the Elder Scrolls forum IIRC. There is also the Morrowind Mythic Mods site, still working and updated.
  7. What Sharlikran said about CS. The CS for Morrowind and Oblivion are very different in comparison, even if the GUI may look familiar. Morrowind - lacks scripting and animation (2002) Oblivion - support scripting and animation (2006)
  8. I didn't know you had a Morrowind section, but now I've looked at it and found one thing you need to correct. It's about the official files. https://wrye-code-collection.github.io/wcc-wiki/9-morrowindandbeyond.html#OfficialFiles That's not an official file, instead it's from someone in the modding community who found a work around with the Steam version as it has CS disabled (as I recall it the CS is included, but doesn't work) due for Bethesda's decision to disallow downloading the CS. In comparison to Oblivion, Bethesda allowed downloading the CS. The retail version includes the CS on a separate CD (disk 2 IIRC) and the expansions (Tribunal - disk 3, Bloodmoon - disk 4) has separate disks. Regarding old links, my advice is to you is that always use the Wayback Machine when one have found a dead link like what I did here (I managed to restore some old links after using the Wayback Machine).
  9. Both TESPCD and TES Mod Utility can be found on MMH. I know the author behind TESPCD also had a site online for many years, but now I am not sure if the site is up or not. Here I posted the readme for TESPCD.
  10. If I understood you correctly, what you want to do is to use let say a symbol for each color that's representing what status a mod has. Something like this. Red - Stop sign Blue - Water Green - Grass Which reminds me a thread. I recall somone posted a thread more than 5 years ago I think and I know it was Bruno something (I know his username was longer than just Bruno with a number at the end), but I don't remember in what forum he posted that thread so it is either the old BSF (Morrowind Mods forum) or GHF. I think it was called "Wrye Mash for color blind" or similiar.
  11. Why not send him a PM on TESA, perhaps he still get notifications from TESA.
  12. I think Monica21 (joined here a while back) is the one who have updated that mod list.
  13. What Arthmoor said, but don't forget to clean the official masters and not doing that could also cause a CTD.

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