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  1. Yep, I clicked on that shown in the picture without been able to download the archive. All I got was the error message I inlcuded in my previous post.
  2. I did and I pick the latest, but when I tried to download I got this error message. What is wrong?
  3. I've read a little and I want to help, but without using LOOT with Morrowind support, shown here, there isn't much I can do. So where can I download it? I also have Morrowind for both Steam (vanilla) and retail (modded) installed at the same time, plus a lot of mods saved on my PC. There is another thing you guys should know about and that's the Merged Object.esp, which can only be created in TESTool IIRC. Abot has a lot of modding related stuff available on his site so check there. A last thing, if anyone who is working with the "LOOT support Morrowind" project for LOOT should know what tools the Morrowind modding commuity use and they are. Enchanted Editor (equal to xEDIT for FormID based games - Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 4) TESPCD (very useful as a troubleshooting tool for mod issues since its primarily purpose is detecting mod conflicts)
  4. I see. That explains it. Good luck.
  5. I am curious of why both AFK Mods and AFK Bugtracker was down ealier today. Had that to do with an update or was it Linode?
  6. The only help I can give you is to go back to the normal gamesave you have before this happen. Also, you do need to be attacked by the cultist as one of them has a note, which will trigger the initial quest for the Dragonborn DLC.
  7. If you guys want someone who is willing to test a masterlist for Morrowind then I volonteer to test it since I now have both the retail and the Steam version of Morrowind installed at the same time. I think what death_souls aka VM on TAL said here is interesting about LOOT. Another thing that might be useful to know is about what mod user tool is the best tool to determine a conflict between two or more mods in a loadorder and that's TESPCD.
  8. Reposted from the Skyrim Mod Talk forum on Nexus
  9. I do? I didn't know that. Anyway, it worked as intended when I reloaded my gamesave.
  10. Broken quest due for not using correct AI package for a quest related NPC. I took a few pictures just to show why I think it's a broken quest due for not using correct AI package for a NPC.
  11. This thread is a duplicate and can be closed.
  12. My advice to you is don't do it, because I don't think GenerateFNISforUsers.exe is designed to work properly under MO or MO2. If you want to know more about it then ask fore, the original author of FNIS. As for running via WB it could be done, but then you probably need to edit the bash_default.ini in the Mopy folder. Your best bet is to run it as it is from Windows desktop at least that's what I do and that works for me.
  13. I haven't joined the Mage's Guild yet. Is it safe to update this mod?
  14. Hmm... Interesting. If I understand you correctly, both BOSS and LOOT does not detect mods that can be merged. Well, my little testing doesn't show any signficant differences aside from the mods with identical timestamp, of course mods are sorted slightly different in BOSS vs LOOT. Other than that nothing that stands out too much.

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