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  1. This is the first time I ever heard of Starflight so I cannot say much about it, but I did played Elite a lot on a ZX Spectrum in the 80's and 35 years later I still have both game and computer intact. After I played Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition I still miss the RPG thing in that game, so you're not alone waiting for such a space RPG game.
  2. Well, if you mean a fix for the vanilla quests I mentioned then don't bother, because the whole quest needs to be fixed in which Quorn didn't touched at all.
  3. How about adding skills to those books or if the book doesn't have a skill attached the book will view a famous quote like? "If you catch a fish to a man he only have food for one day. If you teach a man to fish the man has food for the rest of his life. " I believe that's a Japanese saying.
  4. From the posted UMP 2.0 changelog Is everything in MPP 1.6.6 included in UMP 2.0? If so then the player will likely get a few quests stuck in the journal for the rest of the game, unless finishing the quests via the console in-game. I once tested MPP 1.6.6 and after a while I remove it due for touching things that has never been altered in the previous patches. Faction filtered quest in Ald-ruhn, Molag Mar without fixing the quests https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Ienas_Sarandas_(quest) https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Cure_Lette https://en.uesp.net/wi
  5. Not quite, because if you look at the left glove in the 800x450 picture (png) you'll notice it to be a little darker than it is in the 800x450 picture (jpg).
  6. I know that could be done with Paint.NET too.
  7. That link with the information looks right to me. Try it, what do you have to lose or you can wait for Artmoor to login since he once told me about how to enable Papyrus Logging.
  8. Cool addition! I read it last night, but was too tired to comment.
  9. And AFT will do the same thing as the Community Uncapper mod, although increasing different skills in-game.
  10. If you want someone here to help you then buy a legal copy of the game.
  11. Guys, how about we continue our talk about the memories we have of Morrowind. https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/forum/360-tes-iii-morrowind/
  12. I didn't know you actually did the same thing I as did. As for me regretting what I did, no I've no regrets. Except for the console players as I wanted they to be able to use a simple mod that made gameplay more intresting.
  13. No offense, but do you? When I read the post in the MA forum on Nexus I was fed up with Bethesda up to here and their decision to shut down the forum was the last drop into my glas, which become flooded if you know what I mean. Why you may ask and this is the reason why. I lost count of how many times I posted about it on Bethesda.net without getting a response from Bethesda and still I get those damn e-mail notifications about changing password when I haven't been active for months or even a whole year. Although, I had to admit that there were period of times when everything seems to
  14. How about 640x480? I dunno what you think. But the spoiler BBCode seems bugged to me as it messes up the whole post, meaning I cannot type anything after a spoiler, because the software automatically encompasses the text or whatever it is into the spoiler tag without having a second spoiler. That is damn annoying and I dunno how many times I actually cancel the post editor and rewrite the post a second time or a third time. Imagine how it is with pictures one wants to have a in spoiler that doesn't seem to work, not as intended anyway.
  15. Let me tell you that you would be amazed how large TR is today in comparison of how it was 12 years ago.
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