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  1. I tried a couple of times to find those notes and the chest, but could I hell no I couldn't. I also installed mods exactly the same way in Steam as I did in retail.
  2. Then why did I find every note plus the chest with the deed and the key with exactly the same mods in Oblivion (retail)? But couldn't find every note plus the chest in Oblivion (Steam) with the same mods as I now use in the retail version.
  3. It is since I found the chest in a modded Oblivion (retail), but I couldn't find the chest in the Steam version. So, I guess that you need to create a Steam version of your Oblivion DLC Delayers mod and I think that make sense.
  4. YES!!! Finally, I was able to collect every note about the DLC quests plus finding the chest near the entrance of Frostcrag Spire while playing the Oblivion - 5th Anniversary Edition. But you should know that I didn't do that with the Steam version of Oblivion, instead I simple gave up of trying and after several attempts e.g reinstallations, WB errors, and a stupid application error in Steam I uninstalled Oblivion (Steam) for good this time.
  5. I think you find this error interesting as it shows that WB does NOT merge the Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp correctly into the bashed patch when rebuilding the bashed patch in CBash. I had no other choice then to scrap everything due for having a Steam application error twice and when that happen I knew it was a waste of time trying to fix it. Fresh installation with only your Alternate Beginnings and the Oblivion DLC Delayers mod installed, because I didn't want to go through the entire tutorial dungeon without your alternate start mod.
  6. I know, but I just want to share my observation nothing else. So, the coordinates is 15,35?
  7. I think you misunderstood what I meant. What I mean is that I may have an issue with the levellled lists, because certain items and to be more precise it's both armor and weapons. I have visit a lot of vendors (traders, smiths, specialized vendors like Marus Rufos at the Best Defence) in-game and every one of them have exactly the same armor, especially light armor e.g Leather Armor. All that started to be more frequent after rebuilding the bashed patch in CBash while that never happen when rebuilding the bashed patch normally (PBash) and that looks normal to me in-game as it adds more variation. Also, despite for installing everything from scratch exactly the same thing happen to the levelled lists after I rebuilt the bashed patch in CBash. Now, the levelled lists seems somehow to be corrupt, because it lacks variation in-game.
  8. I think there is something wrong with both the levelled lists and your Oblivion DLC Delayers mod, because I dunno how many times I've done exactly the same thing. Still I can't find the chest near the entrance at Frostcrag Spire and I know where it should be placed in-game, because it was TES4LODGen that showed me the coordinates which is 15,35. Are those coordinates correct? If you can confirm that then I suspect something isn't right with WB307 and right now I am using the Wrye Bash 307.201807311531 build, which I must use otherwise I cannot install Oblivion XP 4.4.5 due to an error in WB. My bad, I forgot to add my current loadorder.
  9. Whether you like it or not, but you actually do that when you're saying "LOOT gets too many mods wrong." and some people will often accept that without knowning the main reason behind it. In this case it is the masterlist for LOOT, nothing else.
  10. I think that kind of opinion often came from Oblivion players who also played Skyrim and that took place after LOOT had envolved into a stable mod user tool. Of course this is my observation and others may or may not agree. I think the time have come for the community to take farewell of both BOSS and mlox. If that's gonna to happen then people need to assist WrinklyNinja with the masterlist for LOOT, but also compare what result BOSS vs LOOT would have like what I did with the same loadorder.
  11. Why do I get an error when trying to disable the intro videos in Oblivion (Steam)? Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\balt.pyo", line 2495, in __Execute File "bash\basher\ini_links.pyo", line 142, in Execute File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 643, in apply_tweaks File "bash\bosh\ini_files.pyo", line 348, in applyTweakFile File "bash\bosh\ini_files.pyo", line 299, in saveSettings File "bash\bosh\ini_files.pyo", line 289, in _add_remaining_new_items File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 452, in __delitem__ KeyError: CIstr(u'Display') I use the recent WB 307.201903132205 Experimental (Stand Alone) update and UAC is disabled if it's important plus I have Steam installed outside of the UAC-protected folder. I also got another error and this is the first time ever I get such an error after clicking on the Installers tab. Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 3518, in OnShowPage File "bash\balt.pyo", line 1605, in _conversation_wrapper File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 2863, in ShowPanel File "bash\balt.pyo", line 1605, in _conversation_wrapper File "bash\bosh\bain.pyo", line 1522, in _projects_walk_cache_wrapper File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 2893, in _refresh_installers_if_needed File "bash\bosh\bain.pyo", line 1594, in irefresh File "bash\bosh\ini_files.pyo", line 641, in setBsaRedirection File "bash\bosh\ini_files.pyo", line 569, in saveSetting File "bash\bosh\ini_files.pyo", line 299, in saveSettings File "bash\bosh\ini_files.pyo", line 289, in _add_remaining_new_items File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 452, in __delitem__ KeyError: CIstr(u'General') What's wrong?
  12. I know, but why does anyone have to see it before one can turn it off. That's irritating.
  13. I was curious about what result BOSS and LOOT would have when sorting exactly the same loadorder. Note, I haven't updated LOOT yet, but I don't think that would change the result too much. BOSS LOOT As you can see BOSS place the Alternate Beginnings.esp where is should be at the end of the loadorder, while LOOT place it way to high up in the loadorder. Furthermore, there is also a difference about sorting the DLC. In LOOT all activated DLC are sorted directly after the Unofficial Shilvering Isle Patch, but BOSS doesn't do that. Also, the only mod that both BOSS and LOOT didn't recognize is the Enchanted Portable Tent - Alt Hotkey + Interiors Allowed.esp, which I think is odd due the fact that the bashed patch treated it as a merged mod.
  14. I don't like to sound someone who doesn't appreciate xEdit, but really TESxEdit 4.0 is an exception from that. Because I feel lost in the new GUI, not mention the new GUI are less user-friendly than it was in the previous versions. I think it would be better if the user could see a picture about what is new in a new version. Also, for god sake get rid of the annoying Tips window that's blocking some part of the screen or at least let it be turned off by default.
  15. I took a picture in-game, just to show where the abandoned camp is. I need to ask. Does the Oblivion DLC Delayers requires all DLC in order to work properly? The reason I ask is simple, because in my current game I don't use the Mehrunes Razor DLC and the Vile Lair's DLC. I can't find the quest triggered note for the Horse Armor DLC, Thieves Den DLC, Shivering Isle DLC, and I still have to check the Battlehorn Castle DLC and The Orrey DLC, but something tells me that I won't find a note about these DLC's. Also, your advice to make sure the Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp is selected in the Merged Patches in the bashed patch isn't acurrate, because when I right click on the Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp to check what bash tags it has I only saw three bash tags and in the Merged Patches section it wasn't listed. Below is what bash tags it has. Deactivate Filter Scripts Now, I know you have more knowledge about the bash tags than me, but shouldn't the Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp also have the Merged Patch (whatever it's called) bash tag too in order to be listed in those sections. Which is not listed with the three bash tags I listed and I dunno how I can add the Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp to the Merged Patches section in the bashed patch, except for manually adding a fourth bash tag. If it matters I use the WB 307 update that KranaZoli posted here. It's working as it should, so you can ignore this if you want to.

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