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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Patch

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Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Version: 2.1.3
By the Unofficial Patch Project Team

These files are no longer available for download - please use the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch instead.

Requires Skyrim version or greater.

USKP Discussion Forum on AFK Mods

This mod is an effort to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existing in Skyrim. If you're experiencing a bug with Skyrim, please report the bug to us in as much detail as possible on the USKP bugtracker. Please use search to ensure that you aren't submitting something that is already there. Please also confirm that the bug you are reporting happens with no mods other than the unofficial patches installed. A lot of Skyrim bugs are actually the result of other mods doing things they're not supposed to. Thank you and we hope you have a better Skyrim experience!

(Note that all fixes are retroactive unless otherwise noted)

Frequently Asked Questions - BUGS
Frequently Asked Questions - About the Project
Mods Made Obsolete by Unofficial Patches
Bug Fixes Recommended in Addition to the Unofficial Patches

I've seen something called the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon)? What is this? Do I need it? Is it safe?

The mod known as the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon) is not an approved extension and does not have the support of the Unofficial Patch Project. It's author has decided to make some deeply subjective design changes to the game and has chosen to market in such a way as to make it seem as though our project approves of its existence. We do not. This mod is not only full of subjective game design changes but also contains poorly implemented replacements for several fixes we've already made that in turn generate conflicts in the game and can even lead to save game corruption.

We have on several occasions attempted to contact the author, who has contributed fixes directly into the patches before and has ALSO provided Italian translations. He refused to address the issue, in fact refused to acknowledge our concerns at all and has continued to operate as though nothing is wrong.

You are strongly advised NOT to use this mod as it will be damaging to your game. We will NOT provide support to anyone who is using it in their games.

We will rescind this warning if and ONLY if these issues are resolved. Further details available.

USKP Fixes

  • 02058EDE, 02058EDF: Beds previously added in the Windhelm East Empire Company Warehouse were mistakenly placed above the surface of the floor. One of the beds [02058EDE] also needed to be relocated since it was partially placed on an uneven part of the floor. The navmesh needed to be edited as a result. (Bug #19370)
  • Reverted edit to form 0010FF5D because it leaves behind a forever looping sound. The original bug should have been dealt with by commenting out the bad line in the script instead. (MG08BarrierRefScript) (Bug #19352)
  • When soul trapping a non-humanoid Actor that was set up as a ghost, and had the default ghost loot flag set, there was a possibility that all empty black soul gems and The Black Star would be permanently lost due to the way in which ghosts with the default loot flag handle swapping the items before turning into an ash pile. This problem has now been eliminated by using a dedicated dummy NPC in a USKP test cell so that these items can no longer become lost. (Bug #19297)
  • Drowned Sorrows (FreeformWinterholdC) was shutting down prematurely due to an unknown change that was made to the ending scene to terminate the quest. (Bug #19395)
  • Reverted changes to CWExiledSonsSandboxBrunwulfsHouse -- this package deliberately does not send Korir and family to the Palace of the Kings because there is not enough space for them there.
  • QF_dunStonehillBarrowQST_000CF915: Corrected an error that caused killing bandits in the quest area to open their inventories to the player. (Bug #19441)
  • Evette San stopped handing out free spiced wine to female players due to a script added by the USKP that later went missing. (Bug #19444)

Game Mechanics Fixes

  • The "Blade" class (which Delphine is the only member of) was not properly configured to reflect the stats and skills she actually uses in the game. (Bug #19384)
  • The class governing normal Stormcloak guards (GuardSonsSkyrim) had incorrect attribute weight settings. (Bug #19384)
  • The class governing random Stormcloak soldiers (SoldierSonsSkyrimNotGuard) had incorrect attribute weight settings. (Bug #19384)
  • GuardOrc1H and GuardOrc2H had incorrect attribute weight settings.
  • EncClassPenitusOculatus incorrectly assigned points to heavy armor when all of the units wear light armor.
  • Corrected the skill allocations for CombatWitchblade, CombatSorcerer, and Blade to better match the skills of NPCs who used these classes.

Actor Fixes

  • Susanna the Wicked has been added to the TGNoPickpocketFaction to prevent Fishing Jobs from being obstructed by Blood on the Ice. (Bug #19362)
  • Susanna the Wicked was never provided a proper burial urn in the Hall of the Dead. (Bug #19396) [NR]
  • Khajiit caravan members would join Forsworn and bandits in fighting the player if they witnessed the battles. This was due to the faction relationships being set up incorrectly. (Bug #19367)
  • Lortheim should sandbox in the Temple of Talos once the Empire has control of Windhelm. (Bug #19385)
  • Once A Blade in the Dark (MQ106) starts, Delphine should run her general sandbox package in the secret area of the Sleeping Giant. (Bug #19386)
  • Meleran should no longer assume Sybille's entire daily schedule if she's killed. Conditions were added to the alias AI packs to only run the sleep and sandbox parts for vampire NPCs. Meleran will perform his normal schedule except for the 4pm to midnight slot where he will hold court for the same time frame Sybille did. (Bug #19329)
  • The guards in Calcelmo's Tower accuse Aicantar of trespassing because they are not in the proper factions. (Bug #17836) [NR]
  • Lortheim had the incorrect outfit set (court wizard robe instead of monk robes).
  • Corrected Arnbjorn having a class that did not match his given weapon; also corrected his armor (DBArmorShortSleeve) being considered heavy despite having the ArmorLight keyword.
  • Urag gro-Shub was improperly set as a CombatScout by class rather than a CombatSorcerer.
  • Hakon One-Eye had not received the same fix as Gormlaith and Felldir to prevent pickpocketing.
  • Illia has been given a static spell list and flagged as unique to prevent an issue where her inventory would reset after she had been left alone for enough time. She's available as a follower and this would result in any items given to her by the player being lost when she resets. Also removed the leveled dagger from her inventory since she was receiving an identical leveled dagger in her alias in dunDarklightQST.
  • Corrected EncTGSummerset01Melee1HHighElfM not inheriting stats from its template, leaving all Summerset Shadows weaker than they were intended to be.
  • Jon Battle-Born was listed as Idolaf Battle-Born's son when dialogue suggests that they should be siblings.
  • It was not possible to invest in Grelka's shop in Riften.
  • It was not possible to invest in Brand-Shei's shop in Riften.
  • It was not possible to invest in Marise's shop in Riften.
  • It was not possible to invest in Madesi's shop in Riften.
  • Farm animals and player owned horses will no longer report crimes the player commits near them.

Audio Fixes

  • Several weapon draw and sheathe sounds were not set to the correct sound category and were audible even with the effects volume disabled in the UI. (Bug #18948)
  • Corrected Karliah beginning her explanation of the Agent of Strife with "this" instead of "the" (Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/FemaleUniqueKarliah/TG09_TG09KarliahInfosBranc_0004C2B4_2.fuz).
  • Corrected Irileth calling Balgruuf "Ulfric" (Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/FemaleDarkElf/MQ104_MQ104IrilethBlocking_0005DD51_1.fuz).
  • Corrected Karliah referring to the Agent of Stealth ability as the "Agent of Shadow" (Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/FemaleUniqueKarliah/TG09_TG09KarliahPowerBranc_0009759F_3.fuz).
  • Corrected Brenuin calling himself a Nord in one dialogue scene (Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/MaleDrunk/DialogueWh__000A2CD7_1.fuz).
  • Corrected Brynjolf's post-Thieves Guild questline dialogue missing a word, which caused it to imply the wrong meaning; also corrected the subtitle to match the audio (Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/MaleUniqueBrynjolf/TGPost_TGPostBrynjolfGuild_000E89E1_3.fuz, Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/MaleUniqueBrynjolf/TGPost_TGPostBrynjolfGuild_000E89E2_3.fuz).
  • Created a missing hello for Mercer Frey (Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/MaleUniqueMercerFrey/DialogueGe_UniqueVoicesHel_000AD234_1.fuz).
  • Corrected a few RelationshipMarriageWedding lines that didn't match the subtitle (Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/FemaleShrill/Relationsh_RelationshipMar_00067E83_1.fuz, Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/MaleCommonerAccented/Relationsh_RelationshipMar_00067E83_1.fuz, Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/MaleCommander/Relationsh_RelationshipMar_00067E83_1.fuz, Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/MaleSlyCynical/Relationsh_RelationshipMar_00067E83_1.fuz).

Item Fixes

  • Large Antlers had the wrong multiplier setup for the damage speed effect. (Bug #18331)
  • The following armor add-on records had missing or incorrect footstep sounds: ChefShoes01AA, BlackSmithShoes01AA, BarKeeperShoes01AA, YarlShoes01AA, UlfricBootsAA, ThalmorBootsAA, YarlShoes02AA, YarlShoes03AA, DBArmorBootsAA, ForswornBootsAA, ChildrenShoesAA (Bug #19354)
  • BoundWeaponBattleaxe, BoundWeaponBattleaxeMystic, BoundWeaponBow, BoundWeaponBowMystic, BoundWeaponSwordMystic, and BoundWeaponSwordRightHand have all had their equip/unequip sounds removed to fix sound issues when they are dispelled after expiring. This matches the test fix done on the regular Bound Sword. (Bug #17214)
  • Windshear (dunKatariahScimitar) erroneously had a 100% stagger enchantment attached when the actual effect is delivered through a perk that functions exactly as the text on the weapon describes. (Bug #19181)
  • Numerous armor add-ons that were hiding amulets and shouldn't, along with numerous add-ons that display them and shouldn't, have been corrected.
  • Proudspire Manor is assigned the wrong LOD mesh. (Bug #19420)
  • Orc ears clip through the glass helmet due to the armor addon not blocking their ears from showing. (Bug #13039)

Location Fixes

  • Hob's Fall Cave had a broken navmesh with two triangles twisted underneath the main grid which caused NPCs to become confused while navigating the cell. (Bug #19389)
  • The Jarl's longhouse in Winterhold was improperly set to CrimeFactionWinterhold which would enable the player to take items at will by helping people anywhere in the city or at the College, which is clearly not intended. A new faction specific to the longhouse has been generated and the 4 NPCs who live there have been added to it. (Bug #19319) [NR]
  • Broken preferred pathing and several bad navmesh triangles have been corrected in IvarsteadExterior01 and IvarsteadExterior04. (Bug #19364)
  • Steamscorch Gully Mine in Kynesgrove has a broken navmesh making the back 1/3 of the mine largely inaccessible to the NPCs when they work there. (Bug #19350)
  • Preferred pathing errors between Largbashur and Riften, and between Riften and Fallowstone Cave, causes Yamarz to leave the road, then turn back to it while he's following you. (Bug #18511)

Magic, Perk & Skill Fixes

  • StaffEnchFury is missing the secondary courage effect. (Bug #18524)
  • FuryScroll is missing the secondary courage effect. (Bug #18524)
  • TurnUndeadScroll, TurnLesserUndeadScroll, RepelLesserUndeadScroll, RepelUndeadScroll, and TurnGreaterUndeadScroll are missing keyword checks to make sure they only works on undead. (Bug #18524)
  • FlameCloakScroll, FrostCloakScroll, and LightningCloakScroll are missing the condition checks for being in combat. (Bug #18524)
  • Muffled Movement (PerkMuffleConstantSelf) has inconsistenly high effect values under some conditions due to being incorrectly set in the Illusion school instead of having no school set. (Bug #18866)
  • Recovery (PerkMagickaRecovery) is incorrectly assigned to the Restoration school which results in inconsistently high multipliers under some conditions. (Bug #18866)
  • Gift of Charity was still not stacking properly with Glibness Potions due to using the same secondary associated keyword. (Bug #18920)
  • The following magic effects used by shrine blessings were incorrectly assigned to the Restoration school: FortifyBlockFFSelf, FortifyHealthFFSelf, FortifyMagickaFFSelf, FortifyMagickaRateFFSelf, FortifyPersuasionFFSelf, FortifyRestorationFFSelf, FortifyShoutTimerFFSelf, FortifySneakFFSelf, FortifySpeechcraftFFSelf, and FortifyStaminaFFSelf (Bug #18867)
  • The paralysis effect for staffs (StaffEnchParalyze) was missing the keyword check on dragons for the stagger effect. (Bug #18524)
  • The staff enchantment for Command Daedra (StaffEnchCommandDaedra) was missing the stagger magnitude it should have. (Bug #18524)
  • StaffEnchFrostbite is missing the slowness effect normally found on Frostbite spells. (Bug #18524)
  • StaffEnchFrenzy and FrenzyScroll are missing the secondary rally effect. (Bug #18524)
  • StaffEnchRepelLesserUndead, StaffEnchTurnGreaterUndead, StaffEnchTurnUndead, StaffEnchTurnLesserUndead, and StaffEnchRepelUndead are missing keyword checks to make sure they only works on undead. (Bug #18524)
  • Due to an engine bug, when NPCs had perks that used mod damage output, their archery damage was multiplied by the damage modifier twice, resulting in ludicrously high damage from bows. All extra damage perks were modified to correct this.
  • crReduceDamage05 and crReduceDamage075 were inteded to decrease the damage the actor received, but instead decreased their damage output.
  • CWSoldierExtraDamageToPlayer and CWGuardExtraDamageToPlayer did not take into account the NPCs using these perks using two-handed weapons, as other extra damage perks did.

Mesh and Texture Fixes

  • LOD for the Solitude Temple of Divines was incomplete and had holes in it. (meshes\lod\solitude\sninedivine_lod.nif, meshes\lod\solitude\sninedivine_lod_2.nif, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.-16.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.-16.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.-16.16.BTO) (Bug #195)
  • LOD for Solitude was missing one of the city walls and needed to be generated. (meshes\lod\mountains\unique\solituderockarch02_lod_0.nif, meshes\lod\mountains\unique\solituderockarch02_lod_1.nif, meshes\lod\mountains\unique\solituderockarch02_lod_2.nif, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.-16.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.-16.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.-16.16.BTO) (Bug #19282)
  • The mesh making up Calixto and Nranye's house in Windhelm had numerous open seams and UV errors which have been corrected. (meshes\architecture\Windhelm\whstonequarterhouses01.nif) (Bug #13640)
  • UV errors and gaps exist in the Whiterun towers inside the city. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrcitywalls\wrwalltower01.nif) (Bug #19372)
  • The mesh covering terrain for the central portion of Whiterun has some UV mapping issues. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrcommonhouseplatform01.nif) (Bug #19373)
  • The terrain mesh for the Companions area in Whiterun has some UV errors in the rocks and stairways. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrcompanionbase01.nif) (Bug #19374)
  • Terrain mesh in Whiterun near the marketplace has UV errors on the brick walls. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrdrygoodsbase.nif) (Bug #19375)
  • The terrain mesh for the northwestern part of Whiterun has UV errors and some bad normals which cause dark patches. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrgreathouseplatform01.nif) (Bug #19376)
  • The terrain mesh covering the Gray-Mane and Battle-Born houses had several issues with UV mapping, alpha transparency, and hidden polygons. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrgreathouseplatform02.nif) (Bug #19377)
  • The terrain mesh covering the back side of the Gray-Mane house in Whiterun had UV mapping issues on the brick walls. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrgreymanebase.nif) (Bug #19378)
  • The terrain mesh covering the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun had gaps in the stairway parts. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrhallofdeadplatform01.nif) (Bug #19379)
  • The terrain mesh in the market area for Whiterun has UV errors and vertex coloring issues on the well. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrmainroadmarket.nif) (Bug #19380)
  • The terrain mesh covering the stairway to Jorrvaskr has some UV issues in the grass and brick walls. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrstairsplatform01.nif) (Bug #19381)
  • The terrain mesh covering the area for the Gildergreen in Whiterun has several UV errors that needed correction. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrtreecircle01.nif) (Bug #19382)
  • Small square dwemer tables had bad collision which allowed items to sink into the surface. (meshes\furniture\dwemer\dwefurnituretablesqa01.nif) (Bug #19265)
  • Several wooden scaffold pieces had poor collision leading to objects either floating or sinking in. (meshes\clutter\stockade\stockadescaffoldtop0sided01.nif, meshes\clutter\stockade\stockadescaffoldtop1sided01.nif, meshes\clutter\stockade\stockadescaffoldtop2sided01.nif, meshes\clutter\stockade\stockadescaffoldtop2sided02.nif, meshes\clutter\stockade\stockadescaffoldtop3sided01.nif) (Bug #19125)
  • Basket crates had bad collision allowing objects to sink through the bottom. (meshes\clutter\carts\handcartcrate.nif) (Bug #19084)
  • Several small crates had poor collision resulting in objects floating on top of them. (meshes\clutter\common\cratesmall01.nif, meshes\clutter\common\cratesmall01eeco.nif, meshes\clutter\common\cratesmall02.nif, meshes\clutter\common\cratesmall03.nif, meshes\clutter\common\cratesmall03eeco.nif, meshes\clutter\common\cratesmall04.nif) (Bug #18907)
  • Some benches in High Hrothgar had incorrect entry points for sitting on them. (meshes\furniture\highhrothgar\hhfurniturebench01.nif) (Bug #19453)
  • ClothesFineHat02 had no proper armor add-ons for beast races. (meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatKhaM_1.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatArgF_0.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatArgF_1.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatArgM_0.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatArgM_1.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatKhaF_0.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatKhaF_1.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\HatKhaM_0.nif) (Bug #19405)
  • LOD surrounding Whiterun is missing several pieces that should be displayed. (meshes\lod\whiterun\wrwalltierdivide01_lod.nif, meshes\lod\whiterun\wrwalltierdivide01_lod_2.nif, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.4.-8.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.8.4.BTO. meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.-20.20.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.24.-20.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.-40.0.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.40.-28.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.8.0.-8.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.8.8.0.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.8.8.-8.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.8.-24.16.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.8.24.-24.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.8.-40.0.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.8.40.-32.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.16.0.0.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.16.0.-16.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.16.16.-32.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.16.-32.16.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.16.32.-32.BTO, meshes\terrain\tamriel\objects\Tamriel.16.-48.0.BTO) (Bug #19428)
  • Nightcaller Temple has a missing wall in LOD. The same meshes are also used in Japhet's Folly. (meshes\LOD\ImperialIce\impexticetowershellbase01_lod_3.nif, meshes\LOD\ImperialIce\impexticetowershellbase01_lod.nif, meshes\Terrain\JaphetsFollyWorld\Objects\JaphetsFollyWorld.16.-9.-6.BTO, meshes\Terrain\JaphetsFollyWorld\Objects\JaphetsFollyWorld.4.-1.2.BTO, meshes\Terrain\JaphetsFollyWorld\Objects\JaphetsFollyWorld.8.-1.-6.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.48.-32.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.0.-24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.4.12.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.4.-24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.8.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.8.-24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.12.16.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.24.12.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.-28.28.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.-36.28.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.48.-32.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.0.8.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.0.-24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.8.16.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.8.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.8.-24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.24.8.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.-32.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.-40.24.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.8.48.-32.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.0.0.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.0.16.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.0.-32.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.16.0.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.-32.16.BTO, meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.16.-48.16.BTO) (Bug #13394)
  • Updated 230 armor meshes to correct various issues such as missing specular maps, incorrect shader flags and options, adding or removing vertex colors. Where necessary, previous USKP meshes were used for updates. (meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody1f_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody1f_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody1m_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody1m_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody2f_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody2f_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody2m_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody2m_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody3f_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody3f_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody3m_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbody3m_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbodyf_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbodyf_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbodym_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonbodym_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonglovesf_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonglovesf_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonglovesm_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\1stpersonglovesm_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body1f_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body1f_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body1m_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body1m_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body2f_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body2f_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body2m_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body2m_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body3f_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body3f_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body3m_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\body3m_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bodyf_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bodyf_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bodym_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bodym_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bootsf_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bootsf_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bootsm_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\bootsm_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\glovesf_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\glovesf_1.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\glovesm_0.nif, meshes\armor\bandit\glovesm_1.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\1stpersondraugrarmorfemale_0.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\1stpersondraugrarmorfemale_1.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrarmorfemale_0.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrarmorfemale_1.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrarmormale_0.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrarmormale_1.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrgauntletsfemale_0.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrgauntletsfemale_1.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrgauntletsmale_0.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\draugrgauntletsmale_1.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\1stpersongeneraltuliusf_0.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\1stpersongeneraltuliusf_1.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\1stpersongeneraltuliusm_0.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\1stpersongeneraltuliusm_1.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\generaltuliusf_0.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\generaltuliusf_1.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\generaltuliusm_0.nif, meshes\armor\generaltulius\generaltuliusm_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletsheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletsheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\f\gauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirassheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirassheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirassheavychieftain_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirassheavychieftain_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirasslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirasslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirassmedium_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersoncuirassmedium_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletsheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletsheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirassheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirassheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirassheavychieftain_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirassheavychieftain_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirasslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirasslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirassmedium_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirassmedium_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\gauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\gauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\gauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\hide\m\gauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletsheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletsheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\f\gauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\1stpersongauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\1stpersongauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\gauntletsheavybeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\gauntletsheavybeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\gauntletslightbeast_0.nif, meshes\armor\imperial\m\gauntletslightbeast_1.nif, meshes\armor\iron\f\1stpersoncuirassheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\iron\f\1stpersoncuirassheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\iron\f\1stpersoncuirasslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\iron\f\1stpersoncuirasslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\1stpersoncuirassheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\1stpersoncuirassheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\1stpersoncuirasslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\1stpersoncuirasslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\cuirassheavy_0.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\cuirassheavy_1.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\cuirasslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\iron\m\cuirasslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\f\1stpersongauntlets.nif_0.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\f\1stpersongauntlets.nif_1.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\1stpersoncuirassf_0.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\1stpersoncuirassf_1.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\1stpersoncuirassm_0.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\1stpersoncuirassm_1.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\cuirassm_0.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\cuirassm_1.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\1stpersonoutfitf_0.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\1stpersonoutfitf_1.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\1stpersonoutfitm_0.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\1stpersonoutfitm_1.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\outfitf_0.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\outfitf_1.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\outfitm_0.nif, meshes\armor\sons of talos\outfitm_1.nif, meshes\armor\steel\1stpersoncuirass_0.nif, meshes\armor\steel\1stpersoncuirass_1.nif, meshes\armor\steel\1stpersoncuirasslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\steel\1stpersoncuirasslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\steel\cuirass_0.nif, meshes\armor\steel\cuirass_1.nif, meshes\armor\steel\cuirasslight_0.nif, meshes\armor\steel\cuirasslight_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirassf_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirassf_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirassfsleeves_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirassfsleeves_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirassm_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirassm_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirasssleeved_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirasssleeved_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirassf_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirassf_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirassfsleeves_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirassfsleeves_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirassm_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirassm_1.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirasssleeved_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\cuirasssleeved_1.nif, meshes\armor\studded\female\gloves_0.nif, meshes\armor\studded\female\gloves_1.nif, meshes\armor\studded\male\1stpersongloves_0.nif, meshes\armor\studded\male\1stpersongloves_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersonbracers_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersonbracers_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersonbracersleader_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersonbracersleader_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersonbracersvariant_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersonbracersvariant_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersontorsovariantgeneric_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\1stpersontorsovariantgeneric_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\bracers_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\bracers_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\bracersleader_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\bracersleader_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\bracersvariant_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\bracersvariant_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\torsovariantgeneric_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\f\torsovariantgeneric_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\1stpersonbracersleader_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\1stpersonbracersleader_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\1stpersonbracersvariant_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\1stpersonbracersvariant_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracerleader_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracerleader_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracers_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracers_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracersvariant_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracersvariant_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracervariant_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\bracervariant_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\torsovariant_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\torsovariant_1.nif, meshes\armor\tsun\tsuncuirass_0.nif, meshes\armor\tsun\tsuncuirass_1.nif, meshes\armor\dbarmor\dbarmorsleeveless_0.nif, meshes\armor\dbarmor\dbarmorsleeveless_1.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\1stpersondraugrarmormale_0.nif, meshes\armor\draugr\1stpersondraugrarmormale_1.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\f\gauntlets_0.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\f\gauntlets_1.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\m\1stpersongauntlets.nif_0.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\m\1stpersongauntlets.nif_1.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\m\gauntlets_0.nif, meshes\armor\nightingale\m\gauntlets_1.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\cuirassf_0.nif, meshes\armor\orcish\cuirassf_1.nif, meshes\armor\steel\1stpersongauntlets_0.nif, meshes\armor\steel\1stpersongauntlets_1.nif, meshes\armor\steel\gauntlets_0.nif, meshes\armor\steel\gauntlets_1.nif, meshes\armor\studded\male\gloves_0.nif, meshes\armor\studded\male\gloves_1.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\1stPersonTorsoVariant_0.nif, meshes\armor\thievesguild\m\1stPersonTorsoVariant_1.nif) (Bug #13122)
  • Updated 188 clothing meshes to correct various issues such as missing specular maps, incorrect shader flags and options, adding or removing vertex colors. Where necessary, previous USKP meshes were used for updates. (meshes\clothes\bandages\armbandages_0.nif, meshes\clothes\bandages\armbandages_1.nif, meshes\clothes\bandages\armbandagesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\bandages\armbandagesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\f\1stpersontorso_0.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\f\1stpersontorso_1.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\m\shoe_0.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\m\shoe_1.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\1stpersontorsof_0.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\1stpersontorsof_1.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\1stpersontorsom_0.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\1stpersontorsom_1.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\torsof_0.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\torsof_1.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\torsom_0.nif, meshes\clothes\beggarclothes\torsom_1.nif, meshes\clothes\blacksmith\f\torso_0.nif, meshes\clothes\blacksmith\f\torso_1.nif, meshes\clothes\blacksmith\m\1stpersontorso_0.nif, meshes\clothes\blacksmith\m\1stpersontorso_1.nif, meshes\clothes\chef\f\1stpersonchef_0.nif, meshes\clothes\chef\f\1stpersonchef_1.nif, meshes\clothes\chef\m\chef_0.nif, meshes\clothes\chef\m\chef_1.nif, meshes\clothes\executioner\body_0.nif, meshes\clothes\executioner\body_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\1stpersontorsof_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\1stpersontorsof_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\1stpersontorsom_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\1stpersontorsom_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\shoesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\shoesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\torsof_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\torsof_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\torsom_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes01\torsom_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes02\f\1stpersondress_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes02\f\1stpersondress_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes02\m\torso_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes02\m\torso_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\1stpersonfarmerrobe_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\1stpersonfarmerrobe_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\1stpersonfarmerrobef_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\1stpersonfarmerrobef_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmer03mextras_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmer03mextras_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerglovesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerglovesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerglovesm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerglovesm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerrobe_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerrobe_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerrobef_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerrobef_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerrobefplus_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes03\farmerrobefplus_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes04\1stpersonrobef_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes04\1stpersonrobef_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes04\1stpersonrobem_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes04\1stpersonrobem_1.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes01\outfitf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes01\outfitf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\bootsm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\fineclothes02\bootsm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforswornarmor_0.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforswornarmor_1.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforswornarmorf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforswornarmorf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforsworngauntlets_0.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforsworngauntlets_1.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforsworngauntletsf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\1stpersonforsworngauntletsf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornarmor_0.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornarmor_1.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornboots_0.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornboots_1.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\1stpersonoutfitm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\1stpersonoutfitm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\1stpersontorsof_0.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\1stpersontorsof_1.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\1stpersonminerclothesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\1stpersonminerclothesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\1stpersonminerclothesm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\1stpersonminerclothesm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\minerclothesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\minerclothesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\minerclothesm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\minerclothes\minerclothesm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkrobes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkrobes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkrobes_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkrobes_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkvariantoutfit_0.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkvariantoutfit_1.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkvariantoutfitf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\monkvariantoutfitf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\vaerminarobes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\vaerminarobes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\vaerminarobesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\monk\vaerminarobesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\necromancer\necromancerrobes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\necromancer\necromancerrobes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\necromancer\necromancerrobes_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\necromancer\necromancerrobes_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerclothes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerclothes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerclothes_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerclothes_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerrags_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerrags_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerrags_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\1stpersonprisonerrags_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonerclothes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonerclothes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonercuffs_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonercuffs_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonercuffsf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonercuffsf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonerrags_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonerrags_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonerrags_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonerrags_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonershoes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonershoes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonershoes_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\prisoner\prisonershoes_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicglovesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicglovesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicglovesm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicglovesm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicrobesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicrobesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicrobesm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\psiijic\psiijicrobesm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\redguard\redguardoutfit_0.nif, meshes\clothes\redguard\redguardoutfit_1.nif, meshes\clothes\robemythicdawn\mdshoes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\robemythicdawn\mdshoes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\robemythicdawn\mdshoes_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\robemythicdawn\mdshoes_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\warlock\warlockrobes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\warlock\warlockrobes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\warlock\warlockrobes_f_0.nif, meshes\clothes\warlock\warlockrobes_f_1.nif, meshes\clothes\weddingdress\outfitf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\weddingdress\outfitf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\weddingdress\sandalsf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\weddingdress\sandalsf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\wench\1stpersonwenchoutfitf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\wench\1stpersonwenchoutfitf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\wench\wenchoutfitf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\wench\wenchoutfitf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes02\glovesf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes02\glovesf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes02\glovesm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes02\glovesm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\f\1stpersongloves_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\f\1stpersongloves_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\f\gloves_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\f\gloves_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\1stpersongloves_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\1stpersongloves_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\1stpersontorso_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\1stpersontorso_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\gloves_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\gloves_1.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\f\shoes_0.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\f\shoes_1.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\m\torso_0.nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\m\torso_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes02\f\dress_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes02\f\dress_1.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes04\robef_0.nif, meshes\clothes\farmclothes04\robef_1.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornarmorf_0.nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornarmorf_1.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\outfitm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\outfitm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\torsof_0.nif, meshes\clothes\merchantclothes\torsof_1.nif, meshes\clothes\wench\wenchoutfitm_0.nif, meshes\clothes\wench\wenchoutfitm_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\torso_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\torso_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\torso_var1_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\torso_var1_1.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\torso_var2_0.nif, meshes\clothes\yarlclothes\m\torso_var2_1.nif) (Bug #13121)
  • Redguard clothes, and the Dark Brotherhood equivalent, were using the wrong first person model because there was no correct mesh to use. (meshes\clothes\redguard\1stpersonredguardoutfit_0.nif, meshes\clothes\redguard\1stpersonredguardoutfit_1.nif) (Bug #19415)

Quest Fixes

  • Fixing WITavern revealed a secondary bug that caused Delphine's scene with Orgnar in the Sleeping Giant to fail, resulting in her being permanently stuck in her room. (Bug #19368)
  • The quest that restrains Ogmund (FreeformMarkarthMPostQuest) was not properly holding him in the stockade and was also not releasing him if the Stormcloaks took control of The Reach. (Bug #19344)
  • Repentance (dunDarklightQST) is never shut down once Illia agrees to join you as a follower. (Bug #19133)
  • Olava's greetings don't make sense in the order they're given in DialogueWhiterun. (Bug #19322)
  • After The Dainty Sload (TGTQ02) the Balmora Blue is not removed from the chest. (Bug #19340) [NR]
  • Irileth follows Balgruuf to High Hrothgar if Message to Whiterun (CW03) is running alongside Season Unending (MQ302), but she shouldn't do this because she will disrupt the proceedings. (Bug #19366)
  • Whiterun guards should not be talking about killing Imperials once the city has chosen a side in the war. (Bug #19315)
  • Eltrys' body is never properly cleaned up at the end of The Forsworn Conspiracy (MS01.) (Bug #19389) [NR]
  • After Fit for a Jarl (SolitudeFreeform02), Taarie's friendship rank with the player is never raised which then makes it impossible to marry her even though she's set up for marriage. (Bug #19403)
  • If the player joins the Stormcloaks (either initially or by defecting after Jagged Crown) the quest where the player can pick up free Imperial gear (CW01AOutfitImperial) is never shut down which leaves Beirand in a perpetual essential alias. (Bug #19402)
  • If the player defects to the Stormcloaks at the end of Jagged Crown (CW02A), Ulfric's closing lines that explain the significance of delivering an axe to Balgruuf will not be available like they are if you join the Stormcloaks normally. (Bug #19407)
  • Revyn Sadri stops offering training after marriage due to a bad dialogue condition check. (Bug #19390)
  • In Unfathomable Depths (MS04), From-Deepest-Fathoms has a dialogue line that was given a post process effect that was improperly used. The dialogue line containing it has been blocked off since it cannot be fixed. (Bug #19393)
  • During Missing in Action (MS09) the Gray-Mane house is never set temporarily to public access which results in the player being accused of trespassing. (Bug #19387)
  • In Blood on the Ice (MS11) it was possible to accuse Wuunferth without having taken possession of the amulet because the amulet and the butcher flyers both share the same script which was only setting a quest stage. Two tracking variables have been added to make sure that BOTH clues are required to make the accusation, as intended. (Bug #19281)
  • At the end of Discerning the Transmundane (DA04) Septimus Signus dissolves before completing the audio for his final line due to the ascension script being in the wrong scene phase fragment. (Bug #18698)
  • The following list of scenes would never, or very rarely, play because the quests did not allow reserved aliases: CaravanScene1, CaravanScene2, CaravanScene3, CaravanScene4, CaravanScene5, CaravanScene6, CaravanScene7, CaravanScene8, DialogueRiverwoodSceneA, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene1, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene2, DialogueRiverwoodLucansDryGoodsScene1, DialogueRiverwoodFamilyScene1, DialogueRiverwoodFamilyScene2, DialogueRiverwoodFamilyScene3, DialogueRiverwoodFamilyScene4, DialogueRiverwoodSceneAlvorGerdur, DialogueRiverwoodSceneSigridAlvor, DialogueRiverwoodSceneSigridEmbry, DialogueRiverwoodSceneSigridHilde, DialogueRiverwoodSceneEmbrySoldier, DialogueRiverwoodSceneSoldierHilde, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene3, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene4, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantOrderDrinks, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene5, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene6, DialogueRiverwoodSceneSigridAlvor2, DialogueRiverwoodSceneGerdurHod, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene7, DialogueRiverwoodSleepingGiantScene8. (Bug #19418)
  • DialogueWhiterunTempleTalkFarmer and DialogueWhiterunTempleTalkSoldier, two scenes set up to run in the Temple of Kynareth, were never set to the proper type of quest and were therefore missed when adding things to the Actor Dialogue Events for the temple. (Bug #19418)
  • 63 scenes in Solitude were not properly flagged to allow reserved aliases and thus would never (or very rarely) play.
  • The following scenses in Saarthal are unlikely to play due to not allowing reserved aliases: DialogueSaarthalExteriorConvoScene1, DialogueSaarthalExteriorConvoScene2, DialogueSaarthalExteriorConvoScene3, DialogueSaarthalInteriorConvoScene1, DialogueSaarthalInteriorConvoScene2
  • Several quests in Whiterun were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call.
  • Two quests at Snow-Shod Farm were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call.
  • Three quests at the Bards College were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call.
  • Three quests in the Ragged Flagon were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call.
  • A quest in the Windhelm Palace was configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scene it was meant to call.
  • Three quests at the College of Winterhold were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call.
  • Several quests in Morthal were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call.
  • A quest in the Vylemar Inn was configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scene it was meant to call.
  • Several quests in Dragon Bridge were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call.
  • Balgruuf's and Irileth's last lines in The World-Eater's Eyrie (MQ303) are barely audible and needed a sound override to be able to hear them. (Bug #19421)
  • During Laid to Rest (MS14) killing Alva will result in Hroggar and Lami dropping friendliness with the player even if Alva is killed after going hostile. (Bug #19404)
  • The scene where Angrenor and Rolff are picking on Suvaris when the player enters Windhelm the first time can get interrupted and cause the NPCs to become rooted to their start positions due to poorly designed variable checks. This has now been overhauled to prevent them from becoming stuck while still allowing the scene to play out normally if it's not interrupted. (Bug #19275)
  • Corrected issues in CWMission04 where the enemy soldiers would stand around doing nothing while attacked, and where your allies would prematurely storm the fort if "Season Unending" had been completed. (Bug #18215)
  • Completing Tending the Flames (MS05) provides the player an unmarked boost to speechcraft skill advancement. This has now been made visible and given the name the Prima Game Guide called it (which is the only confirmed source of a name). "The Gift of Gab" will appear in your effects list once the quest is done. (Bug #19392)
  • Delphine and Esbern acquire duplicate inventory items along the way through the main quest. The duplicates have been commented out. (Bug #19383)
  • Occupants in Highmoon Hall tell the player they need to leave despite it being a public cell because their sleeping packages have "lock doors" and "warn before locking doors" checked when the other Jarl longhouses do not. (Bug #16831)
  • In DialogueGenericScene04, the "laughter" section displays a blank subtitle with the NPCs name due to the use of angle brackets which the UI parser eats. (Bug #19397)
  • Mjoll will repeat her line about being the first time in Windhelm due to the idle dialogue having no checks to see if she'd used it before. (Bug #19273)
  • Corrected Malacath's dialogue and the quest journal incorrectly stating that the player accepted Yamarz's offer in DA06 due to stage 100 being set regardless of the player's choice.
  • Corrected several of Sheogorath's hellos in DA15 never playing due to running GetQuestCompleted checks on quests that are never flagged as "completed."
  • Corrected two of Dervenin's hellos not only checking stages on the wrong quest, but also having no hour reset time, which caused them to block his other quest-related hellos.
  • Corrected one of Captain Lonely-Gale's hellos having erroneous checks on completion for Blood on the Ice (MS11).
  • Corrected two Windhelm palace scenes that could not player because Captain Lonely-Gale had been confused with Jorleif in the quest aliases. Also corrected Ulfric's dialogue to match.
  • Corrected a TGDialogue hello for Vex that was intended to allow talking to her during FreeformWinterholdC checking the wrong stage.
  • During the player's wedding ceremony, guests will no longer rush out the doors as soon as Maramal is finished speaking; they were intended to sandbox in the Temple afterwards, but the scene never started.
  • Corrected two of Jala's lines that were intended to appear based on the player's progress in MS07 but were instead conditioned on the hold's CW ownership.
  • Corrected one line of Delphine's in Season Unending (MQ302) which was improperly checking stages on MQPaarthurnax.
  • Corrected two of Keerava's rumors that were checking for the wrong quests to be completed.
  • Corrected Felldir the Old having no hit lines due to a misplaced speaker NPC setting on the dialogue.
  • Corrected Korir never using his quest-related goodbye in "The Helm of Winterhold" due to the GetIsID check running on Kraldar instead.
  • Corrected one of Brynjolf's goodbyes and one of his hellos missing the "random end" flag.
  • Corrected Dengeir never giving the introductory hello to "Dark Ancestor" if the player were above level 10; also corrected "Dark Ancestor" becoming unavailable if Dengeir is Jarl.
  • Corrected the "Fight! Fight!" line for not having enough gold to bet only appearing for Chief Burguk rather than all Orc chieftains.
  • Corrected Jon Battle-Born's initial greeting only playing for Nords if he were in the Whiterun worldspace when his version for non-Nords had no such restriction.
  • Corrected one of Eorlund Gray-Mane's lines only appearing for female players due to a erroneously copied GetPCIsSex check.
  • In MG03, corrected the quest journal stating that the player had been sent to Urag at the behest of Mirabelle Ervine when actually Arch-Mage Aren is the one who instructed the player to do so.
  • Corrected two Windhelm blacksmith scenes that apparently could not play because the alias fill type was incorrect.
  • Corrected all Thane quests (Favor250, Favor252, Favor253, and Favor254) not having "allow reserved" ticked on the steward's alias, which caused the quest objective to not point to the Jarl's steward.
  • If Vignar reinstates the player's Thaneship after Whiterun is taken for the Stormcloaks, he will no longer reward the player with a sword whereas Balgruuf gave the player an axe.
  • In "Under New Management," corrected Ravyn Imyan crossing the cistern during the ceremony due to an incorrect scene package.
  • Corrected some of Proventus Avenicci's dialogue in MQ201Party never appearing due to impossible GetTalkedToPC checks; changed to check relationship rank as their other dialogue did.
  • Corrected several combat taunts in MQ303 not having random flags or GetInCurrentLoc checks for Skuldafn, causing dragons everywhere to use just one of the taunts constantly while the quest was running.
  • Corrected one of Bassianus Axius' hellos being misordered, resulting in it never being heard.
  • Numerous dialogue topics in Solitude either had bad conditions or were missing random flags which caused them to fail.

Script Fixes

  • TGDoorCloserTriggerScript: Activation command using the player reference causes any invisibility spells to abort. (Bug #19360)
  • MGRArniel03SContainerScript: OnMagicEffectApply event continues counting hits on the convectors when it should only register on the 16th hit. This then results in item duplication which can disrupt the associated quest. (Bug #19353)
  • DragonActorScript: Scenes for when the player kills a dragon and starts to absorb the soul are skipping dialogue due to the order of two statements in the OnDeath event. (Bug #19214)
  • dunMzinchaleftGateAttentionScript: Called activate on itself which resulted in a loop that the script VM eventually stops. (Bug #18588)
  • WERoad08LetterScript: Sanity check for reading it if the quest is already stopped. (Bug #18316)
  • MQ304LostSoulScript: Sanity check to prevent massive spam flow into the logs when the lost soul trigger returns a NONE. (Bug #14263)
  • dunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias: Sanity checks for the battle manager attack variables. (Bug #14369)

Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes

  • 000BB1D2: Bear trap buried underneath stone floor. (Bug #19357)
  • 0010E287: Lockpick that could not be taken due to bad placement. (Bug #19358)
  • 00074C36: Chaurus egg sac that was unable to be harvested. (Bug #19359)
  • 000FEAFA: Chest facing in the wrong direction. (Bug #19361)
  • 000710B7: Chest partially clipping with a raised part of a floor. (Bug #19369)
  • 00077CB3: Barrel in Vlindrel Hall was mistakenly placed underneath the floor and behind a wall. (Bug #19371)
  • 0001ABC5: Poorly aligned cave floor with exposed underside - ironically placed by Beth to hide a hole. (Bug #19346)
  • 00033C09: Cliff section with exposed back end. (Bug #19345)
  • 00025773: Poorly placed cave floor section. Cannot completely fix it but should be reduced to a smaller disruptive footprint now. (Bug #19304)
  • 00025774: Poorly placed cave floor. (Bug #19304)
  • 0201ac51: Collision box placed to cover up misaligned mesh collision in the EEC Warehouse in Solitude. (Bug #19005)
  • 00094d35: Moved a Falmer pod spawner that was spawning them inside the collision of another mesh. (Bug #18218)
  • 000847fb: Idle marker too close to Carlotta's vegetable stands. (Bug #19408)
  • 02002E6C, 02002E6D: Rocks added to cover up a large gap at the base of a mountain slab piece [Ref 000B8AD4]. (Bug #19450)
  • 00086519, 0008651C, 00086527, 00086528, 0008654A, 0008654B, 00086589, 0008658A, 0008658B, 0008658F, 00086590, 00086594, 00086595, 00086596, 00086597, 00086598, 0008659B, 0008659C, 0008659D, 0008659E, 0008659F, 000865A0, 000865A1, 000865A2, 000865A3, 000865A4, 000865A5, 000865A6, 000865A7, 000865A8, 000865A9, 000865AA, 000865AB, 000865AC, 000865AD, 000865AE, 000865AF, 000865B0, 000865B1, 000865B2, 000865B3, 000865B4, 000865B5, 000865B6, 000865B7, 000865F5, 0008664C, 00086672, 00086673, 00086734, 02055E51, 02055E52: A number of objects in NPC's bedrooms in the Hall of Countenance were not properly marked as owned. (Bug #19452)
  • 000A6433: Separated a barrel that was merged with another barrel. (Bug #19454)
  • 00040569, 0004056A, 0004056B, 00040578, 0004057B, 0004057C, 000405D2, 000406C9, 00048E25, 00048EA4, 00049137, 00049138, 000843FE, 0010681B: Misplaced thickets and shrubs. (Bug #19413)
  • 000E1B48, 000E1B49, 000E1B4A, 000E1B4B: Table markers that were floating slightly.
  • Corrected Niranye flying while using her idle marker at her stall (replaced marker with a LeanCounterMarker like the other merchants use, and slightly raised her stall to match it.)

Text Fixes

  • StaffEnchMassCharm is mislabeled as "Mass Charm" which should be "Mass Calm" as there is no regular "charm" spell, only "calm". (Bug #18524)
  • dunFrostmereCryptQST_EisaQuestion: "*Sigh* I was part of the gang in the ruins here." -> "(Sigh) I was part of the gang in the ruins here." (Bug #19443)
  • MS01DrystonNote: "he" -> "them" [incorrect use of gender]
  • TGDialogueRavynBranchTopic01: "Morang Tong" -> "Morag Tong"
  • SolitudeRadiantRaimentsKey: "Key to Radiant Raiments" -> "Key to Radiant Raiment"
  • EnchFortifyArticulation: "Speechcraft is % better." -> "Speech is increased by points."
  • FortifySneakFFSelf: "You are % harder to detect." -> "Sneak is increased by points."
  • CWDocumentsSons: "StormCloak Documents" -> "Stormcloak Documents"

The complete changelog is available here.

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I'm using USKP 1.2.3a and I've looked through the changed log of all versions, but so far I haven't found any fix for the smithing skill.

Right now I've reach level 41 but as far I can tell there is no option for a perk on level 40, which I think it should be a least for Orcish smithing, because it doesn't make sense to me if both Orcish and advanced armour become available on level 50.

=== Active Mod Files:

* 00 Skyrim.esm [CRC: C665FD56]

* 01 Update.esm [CRC: 95ECDE44]

* 02 AP Skyrim.esm [CRC: 2D828927]

* 03 ApachiiHair.esm [CRC: 783F7167]

* 04 Proudspire Manor Bug Fixes.esp [CRC: 1CA8871A]

* 05 Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp [Version 1.2.3a] [CRC: 09BB1E03]

* 06 randomthunder.esp [CRC: 1058BBB4]

* 07 Ars Metallica.esp [Version 1.1.2] [CRC: 5F1DDA5A]

* 08 Barrels and Crates.esp [CRC: 9BE22A5F]

* 09 Bring Out Your Dead.esp [Version 1.1] [CRC: DEB1BB78]

* 0A Lady Body.esp [CRC: 7ED2C538]

* 0B moredragonloot.esp [CRC: 6C36D066]

* 0C Yngol.esp [CRC: 83B03CA0]

* 0D scbb.esp [CRC: 335A08D2]

* 0E Run For Your Lives.esp [Version 1.1.2] [CRC: 67D1422D]

* 0F The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp [Version 1.2.2] [CRC: 991CA250]

* 10 AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp [CRC: E61C466D]

* 11 Slof's Unique Frost.esp [CRC: D9CC88C4]

* 12 Open Cities Skyrim.esp [Version 0.9.5] [CRC: F80F3DF9]

* 13 SeeYouSleepByMadmole.esp [CRC: 1F27C375]

* 14 Enchanting - IDWIW.esp [CRC: 8D0D767A]

* 15 Spousetocustomhome.esp [CRC: 6358671A]

* 16 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp [Version 2.1.7] [CRC: D22657B2]

* 17 Bashed Patch, 0.esp [CRC: 44DCA110]

Why is there no option to select a smithing technique or whatever you want to call it when you have reach level 40?

I think you could use a perk once you have reach level 40 in vanilla in the previous patches, but I'm entirely sure about that.

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Cutting the beta for 1.2.5 short after discovering that somehow the HousePurchase quest got its properties scrambled. I don't know how the hell that happened, but it wasn't a fault in the USKP because I checked it with only Skyrim.esm loaded and the loose files entirely uninstalled and those properties were STILL gone.

If anyone ever figures that out, you deserve a medal. In the meantime, since I have no idea how long that's gone on, I figured since it was fixable that it needed to get addressed pronto in a live release.

( Yeah, I need to pay more attention to these threads :P )

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Does USKP make any alterations to the quest "TGCrown?" If so, what has been done?

One of my own mods is now altering that quest and I would like to know if any USKP fixes need to be imported before sending it out to a public release.

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Cutting the beta for 1.2.5 short after discovering that somehow the HousePurchase quest got its properties scrambled. I don't know how the hell that happened, but it wasn't a fault in the USKP because I checked it with only Skyrim.esm loaded and the loose files entirely uninstalled and those properties were STILL gone.

If anyone ever figures that out, you deserve a medal. In the meantime, since I have no idea how long that's gone on, I figured since it was fixable that it needed to get addressed pronto in a live release.

( Yeah, I need to pay more attention to these threads :P )

Do you know when this issue become a reality? I mean in what USKP version. Is it just in 1.2.5 or in earlier versions too and was it before or after the devs contacted you about the SEQ file generation in CK via Steam Client, because a lot of things could be part of dialogs for starting quests like the Thane quest (not in Whiterun) or specific quests (Jarls bounty, Potema the Wolf Queen in Solitude) in each city. Even mods could be the cause for messing up properties for the HousePurchase quest including your Open Cities Skyrim mod. I'm not blaming OCS for causing this I just bringing up possibilities for an issue like this one.

(It must be hard to pay for attention if you're unemployed. :whistlelt: )

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Beta 1.2.6 is up. 2nd post has all the gory details. Yes, this game really has this many problems :P

Translators take note, another voice file update is in this one, in the audio fixes list.

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Last weekend I was about to suggest to close the discussion on the nexus :D

It was a good thing to do that now, because I always felt the urge to say something that I might have regretted later :angry:

"You broke my game! I have CTDs now" :X

I admire your patience with those people and your endurance to keep up this extremely valuable patch !

Sorry for not being able to contribute to the 1.2.6 beta, but I only play Skyrim on saturday/sunday

and most of that time is being swallowed by updating, roaming the nexus and messing with the CK / Tes5Edit.

Hope you still find some time for pure gaming after doing this and still polishing your Oblivion mods (I still have to re-build Sutch).


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I've discovered what I would consider a fast travel bug. And I'm pretty sure I saw someone complaining about this before, but I'm not sure what the answer was. I now have Shadowmere and I fast travelled from Lakeview Manor to Riften. It took 6 1/2 hrs! I knew that was ridiculous so I reloaded and rode there and sure enough, despite stopping a few times to battle baddies, I made it there in about 2 hrs. Can fast travel be fixed to account for your mode of travel?

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Pounding shall commence. Btw, the fast travel thing was easy to fix: I just set the fFastTravelSpeedMult to 4.0. That seems to match up with my riding speed.

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Problem with Valindor's daily schedule. He's supposed to be sleeping during 10 PM to 4 AM, but when I broke in to his house at 0:40 AM, he was still sitting by the fireplace. So there's no way to turn him into vampire w/o Vampire's Seduction power. Please fix it. Thanks.



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I confirmed that the forts appears to be resetting properly now. I haven't been to any of the others that I cleared yet, but Amol is good to go. I did notice that the burned up/non-burned up corpses in the courtyard are still there.


Also, thanks for fixing the Candlehearth Hall exterior. :)


EDIT: Also, there's a cluster of Stormcloaks gathered just north of Kustav. Not sure if they are one on the mobs that are supposed to spawn as part of the fort battle, but they look really out of place standing around chatting about guard duty and how sick they are of rabbit.

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Problem with Valindor's daily schedule. He's supposed to be sleeping during 10 PM to 4 AM, but when I broke in to his house at 0:40 AM, he was still sitting by the fireplace. So there's no way to turn him into vampire w/o Vampire's Seduction power. Please fix it. Thanks.



I like easy bugfixes. He didn't own his bed, Madesi did. What kind of sense that makes, I dunno, the names are too far apart to have been a click error.

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Beta for 1.3.0 is up. Second post has the details. It's a bit lighter than before, but translations will be needed before this goes live.

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1.3.0 is now live. Be aware that due to Steam having some sort of problem that is throwing Error 35 messages back at me, the copy there is still version 1.2.7. It won't let me update it.

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For some reason, everybody sits Halfway through their Chairs, even in Solstheim now. I also Restarted a New Game and its still the same.


Something strange is going on and i dont know how or when this happened, but everytime i chop wood or use the Forge or the Enchanting Table or Alchemy Table, some Gaurd or Citizen or Companion draws their Weapon at me as if he wants to Attack me, so when im done, they Sheath their Weapon and just walk away as if Nothing happened. I Attacked them to be send to Jail, but the Bug still remains the same. Battle Cry is Bugged and makes People want to Attack me.

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Sounds to me like your game finally collapsed under the weight of your load order. What you describe doesn't happen in the vanilla game.


Occasional animation clipping, yes, but behavior like this? Not even close.

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