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  1. Could be, I suppose. Nothing in the "definitions" for them which could account for it? I just noticed that Foxes still sometimes run away from the player which they're not supposed to do, and they certainly can't be classed as sufficiently sentient (over bears and wolves, for example) to be exempt. Not to worry - it's just a little inconsistency to be noted, not really enough to be classed as a bug I don't think.
  2. I know this is slightly OT for this thread, but to save creating another... How come Trolls, Frost Trolls and Ice Wraiths ignore "Voice of the Sky" when pretty much everything from Snowy Sabrecats to Slaughterfish react as expected? More a case of curiosity than anything else.
  3. Thanks - I'll give a try in my next playthrough as my current one is close to complete.
  4. Slight bump, though it's probably too late now as any changes (if they're made) will go into USLEEP where they're of no use to me
  5. There's no quest to talk to the steward because Igmund tells you "talk to my steward when you're ready" (or similar, that's not an actual quote). If you have the "visit the house" objective, do so. Run around helping ppl, eventually you'll notice you have a "Return to Igmund" objective. I have one right now - had it for ages - will doubtless have it for more ages (along with ones for for the Jarls of Riften, Solitude and Morthal - I'm not a fan of HouseCarls).
  6. That looks more like it. The first part (Skyrim itself, the DLCs and the UPs) look ok to me. The rest - most I've never even heard of let alone know what they do or what issues they could cause. Cue a member of the team, I think...
  7. If that's your actual load order then I'm not surprised you're having issues. Simple example is that you have 3 Mods in there for Hearthfires, but you heven't listed Hearthfires itself, or the UHFP? I think you need to post the true load order for your current game - installed mods are not necessarily active mods - and if that IS your real load order then you have real problems.
  8. So back to that same old - disable updates totally. It's the ONLY way to protect yourself against MS. Wait until W11 is released and has 1 Service Pack. Then install W10 and the last SP for it - all offline (pull the cable out - don't trust MS not to be hiding connections from you). Disable updates. Install a Firewall which warns you about absolutely every tiny attempt to use the network and make sure you block everything which pops up. Register windows so you never have to do it again (allow that, obviously), pull the plug out and continue deleting / blocking until you're happy. Grin like the
  9. How can they possibly break it? Assuming of course that you ripped out the phone home autoupdate shite 5 seconds after installing the OS in the first place. I fail to see why we can't continue to use it despite MS saying it's unsupported - a statement which basically means nothing. The problem will be hardware and the drivers for it not supporting 7 any more which will be the final problem, not MS directly (for once).
  10. Do you really think we care? Doesn't matter what it relates to - if MS have done this, to anyone, on any kind of system, then they deserve to be slammed in jail to rot. And if you can get Google, Apple, Adobe and probably a few others in there to keep them company - feel free - I won't be shedding any tears...
  11. Of course it is. Just look at the recent releases. The last "true" PC OS was XP, 7 intoduced stuff we didn't want and didn't need and still managed to remove stuff we DID need FFS. Fortunately most of it can be killed. 8 I never touched - about on a par with Vista. 10 I of course will never even think about touching. I have a PC - not a tablet, not a Phone - a PC - and I want a no-holds (read: access) barred PC OS that I can control, not some faceless feckers in some dingy MS office.
  12. Neither have I - it's the way they've gone about it. Wouldn't surprise me if the Feds (over there) and the EU (over here) eventually wake up to the shit which law-abiding citizens are being subjected to. Hopefully before we (Brits) tell the EU to go screw and we vote to leave what we should never have joined in the first place. </rant - sorry about that >
  13. Oh - you're the one then... Me? I rip AutoUpdate out of every OS and every piece of s/ware I have once I have it working how I, not MS, want it. As far as I'm concerned they (MS, Google, Apple and the rest of the sumbags) can go f**k themselves. If they want data they can damn well pay me for it or sit on this extended digit and swivel.
  14. Well, I can't have already encountered the bug as I haven't started the CW yet. I'll be back (Hey! that sounds like it could be a great catch phrase ) if it all goes pear-shaped
  15. Will this impact on a new 2.1.3 game where the CW has not yet been started or will it need (yet) another clean start?
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