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  1. Thank you very much. One last question: Are all the hardcoded files embedded in all the various downloads on nexus or do I need to download a special "full" xedit version?
  2. Hello, i just saw the new 4.0 update for xEdit. i have been using xEdit before from a single folder with the exe renamed to xedit and the different game versions run from short cuts with added command line parameters. I also had a version of each of gamename.Hardcoded.keep.this.with.the.exe.and.otherwise.ignore.it.I.really.mean.it.dat in that folder. i see for version 4.0.0 the "hardcoded" files are gone and there are now 2 versions of the exe, one for 64 bit, and one for 32. i was wondering, does the renaming to xEdit and then running the game versions via shortcut still work? how would it work for the 64 bit version? rename to xedit64.exe? do i assume correctly, that the hardcoded files are no longer necessary? Thank you very much, and most importantly a big thank you for all the hard work put into this essential program!
  3. This is awesome! How long did it take you to match all that to the music?
  4. and the mod is up: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14063?tab=description
  5. Thanks a ton, I feel stupid now! Error message was: "Unable to write to file C:/temp/something something point to random mesh file that was being packed" Had nothing to do with the mesh in the end, I needed to run the CK as admin (shoddy programming if you asked me). I'll be back in a minute, if more issues crop up
  6. Let's not forget that Grim Fandango Remaster is currently for free on GoG and GoG Connect has added a slew of new games including the EEs of the infinity games
  7. Hey all, with the recent development of SKSE64 I was trying to convert my mod 'Bound Armory Extravaganza' to SSE using the guides here and here. However, when trying to pack the new archive after converting the meshes with the latest SSE nif optimizer, the process aborts with error messages from the mesh files. Would any of you kind souls be willing to lend me a hand and take a look at what is wrong with my meshes. Thank you very much, to whoever has the time and skill to get to the root cause of this, since i'm afraid i'm lost at this point, since my mesh skills from the get go have been limited to dabbling with nifskope. Cheers.
  8. I see a clear improvement in the speed at which the background now loads. I remember complaining about it before. I used one of the background options in the past, but with the new style i prefer the Parthuurnax image edit: whoah, the scrolling issue is also fixed. Not sure that is related with the image size. could be a fix for Edge in the latest Windows update.
  9. I had that permanent beta tag error before. Usually the last beta version becomes the release version, and if you were subscribed to the beta channel at that time, the tag stuck. Only way to get rid of the tag is to opt out of beta, while a beta is still running. Opting out with no beta available keeps the tag for no discernible reason. Only solution in the absence of a running beta program is a complete wipe and reinstall. Why blame one company when you can blame both. To me it looks like Steam has an error prone system and Bethesda didn't figure out how to use it properly. ?
  10. Thanks, gonna get it now, while it's on sale!
  11. upon further observation, this seem to be the case for me as well. it doesn't seem to be related to how i got to the page, like i assumed at first. sometime it works, sometime it doesn't. very odd. edit: if you do not see any issue on Win < 10 and browser =/= edge, that's already a usefull info i'd say Arthmoor. how would i switch the theme, to test what you suggest? edit 2: found it. There is no static top banner on the default theme as far as i can see. naturally, the problem doesn't present itself there.
  12. i mean the update that adds the multiplayer component. Is that added to the gog version with this update? I'm in no hurry, since i hope to play this game with my 3d vision setup anyway, which will require the 3d vision community to provide a shader patch to fix any stereoscopic bugs.
  13. Thanks for the indepth reply. sounds like it might be up my alley. i guess i'll give it a few more days to see if galaxy bets the necessary update or not, before trying it out.
  14. On Edge browser the static top banner flickers when i follow links to a specific post from the main page, i.e.: i click on the link to the latest post in a forum instead of clicking through the individual forums/thread links. Anyone else see this? on the other hand, the weird scrolling behavior i had with the background image no seems to be fixed (at least on computers that have access to somewhat recent intel gpu drivers). The loading times of the background image however are unchanged (as expected). all in all, i think the upgrade is really good looking and works well.
  15. From what i understand the multiplayer option lets you name planets and creatures in a persistent universe and now you get a low chance to meet other players as well. are these options available to the gog version? and if so, do the require gog Galaxy or just the use of some setting ingame? I'm not opposed to trying the game out online. but i'd like to keep installers as simple as possible.
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