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  1. Yep and apparently its also coming out for MacOS and Switch!
  2. I just found out there may be another way to setup with a Local Account, but the advice is from December last year and I know a few other methods from that time no longer work, so if this does not work for Win 11 Home, then you need to do the long winded approach of initially setting up an online account, then creating another user account to be a local account and give it Administrator privileges, shut down and log in to the Local user account, and then delete the online account. The following method relies on locked accounts failing the online registration. During the OOBE first boot of Win 11, when it asks for making an Online account, enter an email address of test@test.com (or use a@b.com), give it any old random password and click Sign in .. If this works you should get an Oops something went wrong, and be offered a Next button, click Next and hopefully you get Enter a Username and Password as in a Local Account setup. If anyone tries it and it works, let us know :)
  3. Update to my last post here : Want a DRM free version of the game without needing to install BigFishGames advertisement app? .. Go to the Discord link Go to the #General-ricochet-chat Click Pinned Messages Scroll down and find one by Gameinsky, with a link to mega Unzip the folder, double click the RicochetInfinity.exe to play. If you dont want all the progress and want to play from the beginning, delete the stats.dat file
  4. I have a recommendation that I still have installed and play occasionally. Anyone like old Break Out clones like Arkanoid ? Well the best (imho) version of this genre for PC is a game called Ricochet Infinity. Reflexive the original developers are no longer, and also their servers / forums are all dead .. But more on this in a minute. First you can buy Ricochet Infinity from BigFishGames - https://www.bigfishgames.com/games/2138/ricochet-infinity/ Its cheap, but very addictive. Personally I bought it with Paypal last time I wanted a copy, but watch out .. After you have purchased it and installed it, log into your paypal account and make sure they haven't set you up for repeat payments via whatever scripting they use through your browser. Paypal will honour whatever you cancel anyway so its no big worry, but this is a one-off payment for this game, so why sometimes people get hooked into a repeat payment with bigfishgames via Paypal I dont know. Just check it out in your Paypal settings to be sure. BigFishGames installs their own app to launch the game from, which also downloads and installs the game. So after installation, and successfully launching the game for the first time (to get the registered file installed) .. Then find where BigFishGames has installed the Ricochet Infinity folder (inside it you will have the RicochetInfinity.exe). Copy the whole Ricochet Infinity folder somewhere else. Now uninstall BigFishGames app using windows uninstaller. Your choice but I dont like the way it works, and its not necessary once the game is installed. It feels a bit too much like it was designed by an advertiser so personally I dont trust it. Wherever you copied the Ricochet Infinity folder to, go into it and right click / send to desktop the RicochetInfinity.exe Now you can launch the game from this icon, use its options to change whether its full screen or not when it launches. To keep it for machine upgrades, just zip up the Ricochet Infinity folder to another drive. --------------- I would also recommend going to this site https://www.ricochetuniverse.com/levels/index.php?orderBy=downloads&orderDir=DESC&page=1 Look for packs with the Infinity symbol next to them for compatability. A really good one is "Ricochet Extreme Homage" set of additional levels for Infinity, you download a file called Ricochet Xtreme Homage.RicochetI and drop that file inside the rounds folder which is in the Ricochet Infinity folder .. Ricochet Infinity \ Rounds \ Ricochet Xtreme Homage.RicochetI .. Once that file is in the correct place, choose the "Other Galactic Adventures" option, then cancel the internet connections (Reflexive no longer provide servers, so you may aswell untick the checkbox for internet connectivity), and then choose the Ricochet XTreme Homage, and click Play to play those levels. --------------- The game is just so slick, and has a neat little addition called Recall, as a ball goes up the screen if you press the right mouse button the ball then arcs towards the paddle again (a bit like a gravitational pull to steer the ball from its usual expected path), a lot of levels use this idea. So many different ball types and paddle modification drops .. The game has been really well designed and keeps you hooked. Shame that Reflexive are no longer around or their community support, but there is a discord for the game .. https://discord.com/invite/fKK42Wt .. it has a lot of fans, and some dedicated people making new levels. I think I have been playing this off and on for about 15 years, and its still damned addictive. There are 5 gold rings to collect on every level, which can be a little awkward.
  5. GOG also has a new (at least I think its new) version of Daggerfall Unity https://www.gog.com/en/game/daggerfall_unity_gog_cut Someone has made a version of Daggerfall using the Unity engine, but then also added a select bunch of mods. Looks like a bit of a Nostalgic blast from the past for anyone who wants to try it out. Free.
  6. Oblivion was ace. The forests were my most memorable gaming experience, especially when you also incorporated Unique Landscapes, and had Duke patricks Combat Archery (plus a few more of his mods) installed. I could creep about the landscape for literally weeks on end without any particular goal or quest to follow, just loving the scenery and immersion. Here's hoping Bethesda do a really good job of the hand crafted lanscapes in Starfield.
  7. v3.93 released https://www.nomanssky.com/2022/06/leviathan-patch-3-93/
  8. I think it turned into many guys doing it, someone posted how to do it on YouTube, and then there were more additional methods of adding to the chaos with some game modifications. But yep, turning Multiplayer off solves it, an empty anomaly is a peaceful anomaly and no one can fill your slots with crap gifts
  9. There have been about five / six large topics recently on reddit, where someone in a Minotaur (or Starship) has been regularly making an appearance in Permadeath mode, with a modified weapon of some sort, and just wiping everyone out. Some kind of glitch allows them to gain access to the Anomaly and blitz everyone. Whoever it is was also prepared for revenge attacks by backing up his saves in case his/her permadeath was wiped out, and so just carries on. So it looks like HG are trying to shore it up with .. Fixed a number of issues that could allow players to take damage in protected locations. .. I haven't experienced it myself so I guess it may be a regional thing whether or not you come across these griefers. There have been reports where people have said turning off PVP did not help either, so its upset a lot of people. Edit : Just did a search but seems the topics are mostly locked now and falling away from the public eye, here is one of the most prominent ones
  10. Looks like Hellogames are finally stamping down on the glitching anomaly assasins https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/4932019136246852606/
  11. Sadly, that is true. I think I am turning into Victor Meldrew from One foot in the grave (UK Sitcom, grouchy old bugger)
  12. Aah thats a bummer, apparently Todd Howard has confirmed that you can not just fly down to anywhere on a planets surface like No Man's Sky .. https://www.ign.com/articles/starfield-new-details-todd-howard-interview " Todd Howard has said that Starfield won't allow you to fly seamlessly from space to its 1,000 explorable planets, saying the feature is "really just not that important to the player" to justify the engineering work involved. "People have asked, ‘Can you fly the ship straight down to the planet?’ No. We decided early in the project that the on-surface is one reality, and then when you’re in space it’s another reality." " really just not that important to the player .. hmm, kind of is, it may just seem like a little detail and is probably insurmountable for the game engine which is more than likely Bethesda's real issue here and not the players relaxed attitude to their inabilities, but when I heard Todd talking about landing anywhere on the planets surface, thats exactly what I imagined it would be. Todd proving again to be a bullshit artist. "You can land into Atlantis .. but you also can land and explore .. anywhere on the planet .. its not just this planet .. its all the planets in the system" " and not just this system but over 100 systems" The mans like a politician, only later you realise he didn't say you can fly from outer space directly down to anywhere on the planet seamlessly without transition, he makes the listener fill in the gaps but cant be held accountable for what we imagined So its Fallout in space, and the flight sim part is either planet side, or in space, after some kind of pre-rendered transition animation between the two, which is ok I suppose, just a bit naff. Its another Frankenstein Game Brio / Creation engine, which I reckon will have all the usual mesh / texture / animation / scripting / dialogue / sound / lod issues (and lod further complicated this time by the distant transitions between crafted parts of a world and procedurally generated parts of a world in between the crafted parts). I can just about see Sheson and Zilav pulling their hair out and shouting "Not again!"
  13. After 6 years playing this game - I just completed getting to the centre of Euclid without using anyone elses glyphs to help along the way, now in the outer rim of the Hilbert Dimension ... And doing a lot of repairs Top tip, if you have a living ship dont use it for the big jump, fixing everything is not easy. And have another ship you can call down from the Freighter (after calling that into local space). I didn't even know Processed meat was a thing, now I need to find how to get some to fix things Used to be (or so I heard anyway) the Living ship was safe in big jumps .. apparently its not anymore. Looks like Hellogames decided having one of these survive a big jump was a bit of a cheat. Everything in my Exosuit, Multi-tool and Starship General Inventories needed fixing, but the technology inventories were fine, and the Freighter. Fixed most of it all now, but the Living ship needs a bit of attention still. The adventure continues.
  14. v3.92 just went public, and has a couple more fixes than the recent experimental .. https://www.nomanssky.com/2022/06/leviathan-patch-3-92/
  15. Yep I think you might be right, I am basing on "Bethesda of old", I didn't know all that you have mentioned since the Microsoft merger, I have been out of it too long and not noticed recent events. The latter part though and the heroic communities abilities, methinks you are too modest, you are all miracle workers
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