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  1. Here's the HAGS setting in Win 10 2004, which by the looks of it applies to NVidia and AMD new drivers which support it.
  2. v451.48 has been released and has now included the updated Vulkan 1.2 Release notes http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/451.48/451.48-nvidia-control-panel-quick-start-guide.pdf Apparently it supports something called .. "Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling when used with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update" .. which may be better for Vulkan Games (ymmv) Quote from here https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/hf1292/game_ready_studio_driver_45148_faqdiscussion/
  3. 3.30 Beta 2 - Fixes a few issues introduced with new changes in beta 1
  4. New update 2.55, mostly Crossplay and Multiplayer fixes, but they may again have stealth fixed some older issues (haven't tried it yet) Patch Notes Fixed multiplayer connections on Windows 7. Crossplay players now show a different icon depending on their platform. Fixed PS4 friends showing a gamemode icon when playing in non English languages. Fix for crossplay friends not being joinable if they are in a group. Updated matchmaking rules to form lobbies of the correct size.
  5. 3.30 Beta 1 is in testing, huge amount of fixes and additions https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=aa5386c771f6afc92cc9b4d1495cb0c7
  6. Just had a look at Nexus to see if there is anything suitable to supress the eat/drink/sleep needs. There's Medieval Munchies @fireundubh do you have anything suitable in the works which makes the game less needy?, I had a look at your mods but I dont think you have anything which fits the bill. There's also the Official Modding Tools
  7. There are rumours of a KCD2, Warhorse have been advertising to employ more people and I think the hint has come from the job descriptions along the lines of experience in modelling ancient weapons (I dont know the exact words that were used, I just saw someone mention it somewhere .. so its at least third hand info'). Maybe they would take suggestions. I'm hoping they will find a way to fit in female Player Characters, my eldest was quite intrigued about KCD until she found it was just a male player character.
  8. v1.9.6 has been released on GOG, I think the following is what has been patched: Korean language pak update of several textures minor update of music PS Patch notes for 1.95 just included one fix Modding of tables is fixed ----------------------------------------------- If you have all the DLC its now 56.1gb O_o (thats without the High res texture packs and audio enhancements)
  9. Actually .. they have stealth fixed something I reported ages ago. Not seen it mentioned at all but its a nice fix. Anyway, 2.54 is now public.
  10. Another experimental update, still no sign of fixing outstanding bugs, I am starting to think Hellogames are failing at bug fixing old bugs because they have to prioritise new update patch fixes to new bugs caused. Sigh! Experimental Branch 17/06 Fixed a number of issues that could prevent players from being able to see other ambient players. Fixed a networking error that could occur when joining games from the frontend. Fixed an issue that could prevent Steam sessions from being marked full when at the player cap. Fixed an issue that prevented system-level messages from appearing in the chat window if chat permissions were restricted. Fixed an issue that could cause Speech-To-Text to be active even when disabled in the options. Fixed an issue that caused the default network permissions to be incorrect in Normal Mode. Fixed an issue that made the Nexus mission board UI appear too far away in VR. Fixed an issue that caused ship sounds from other players to loop constantly. Fixed a throttling issue when changing window focus. Fixed an issue with depot raiding multiplayer missions that could block progress if players destroyed a depot while in their ship. Fixed a rare issue that could occasionally cause multiplayer missions to fail to find an appropriate planet on which to collect a Quad Servo. Made a number of minor text fixes.
  11. More AMD fixes Experimental Branch Update 15/06 Additional fixes for crashes specific to AMD GPUs. Fixed a rare crash related to broken ships.
  12. A new version of DDSFileTypes plugin was released 6 days ago, so is newer than the bundled one in the most recent Paint.NET It will be included in the next version of PDN, but for those who cant wait and know how to use it (See this post) .. https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-ddsfiletype-plus/releases
  13. And a new patch has been uploaded on experimental, to solve AMD crashes and a network issue with bases .. https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/2451595019859605153/
  14. New Crossplay patch 2.52 released : https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/06/crossplay-patch-2-52/ Unfortunately no outstanding bugs fixed, just more bugs caused by the Crossplay update, sigh!
  15. okeedoke, I had a feeling it was something like that.

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