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  1. v4.05 is public https://www.nomanssky.com/2022/10/waypoint-patch-4-05/
  2. Experimental once again updated, this is turning into quite a big fix list Anticipating those new randomly placed supercharged slots, and adapting inventory to take advantageous positions combined with adjacency, but being patient .. keep the fixes coming I say, there have been a couple of really old issues among the updates since 4.0 which have been fixed. Good to see.
  3. and another update to experimental
  4. Another update to experimental
  5. @Arthmoor Its ages since I had to make an account here, but reading this topic sounds like a bunch of captcha .. Would this help https://blog.cloudflare.com/turnstile-private-captcha-alternative/ I heard about it on Security now podcast, its supposed to be good and less hassle for users. https://www.grc.com/sn/sn-891.pdf They are blabbing about it around half way down page 13. This quote is from the cloudflare blog ..
  6. Well soon after 4.04 went live today, a new expiramental was pushed .. https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/5533260453827804363/
  7. 4.04 is now live https://www.nomanssky.com/2022/10/waypoint-patch-4-04/
  8. More fixes to the experimental branch
  9. Yep I think that's what its all about. Hmm, methinks I will probably be trying more of those difficulty settings to make things harder when this all goes live, I was just getting used to the new feel of battles
  10. Experimental branch linked above has been updated today, again a large list of changes/fixes ..
  11. New experimental out today, quite a lot of fixes .. https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/3392924441164529589/
  12. Bit of a shock but its not bad actually. We lost 3+3 upgrades .. But the base 3 have been upped a little in the adjacency bonus they give. I didn't lose anything important from my long term play through save, just a bit of a ball ache expanding inventories again. TIP: If you haven't found out this already - When you go to the Space station or Anomaly Suit expansion (2 x suit expansions per system), it automatically offers to expand your cargo first. Press Q and the expansion jumps to your Tech inventory instead before you apply it. I had all my old extra expansions ghosted and ready to re-install in Cargo, so needed to expand Tech first and its not obvious how to switch inventory to expand.
  13. 4.03 release notes https://www.nomanssky.com/2022/10/waypoint-patch-4-03/ And apparently GOG Galaxy has this update, just about to try it.
  14. The above experimental updates 07/10 have gone public, but probably only for steam users.
  15. Oh wow, I just noticed they haven't even got it on the GOG depots, at time of writing this post the latest is still 3.99.1 https://www.gogdb.org/product/1446213994#builds Ah well, sometime next week then and hopefully we just skip right to 4.1, then I can continue game saves and keep everything earned from every expedition so far. Losing all those would be the worst thing about starting a new game, but also losing all the S Class upgrades acquired so far for my Freighter, getting those is a ball ache.
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