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  1. Paint.Net 4.2.10 released a while ago with a few nice fixes .. And, null54 has since released an update to the dds plugin which fixed an issue saving the A1R5G5B5, A4R4G4B4 and R5G6B5 formats. https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-ddsfiletype-plus/releases So until the next version of Paint.NET, just download the ddsfiletype zip from github, extract the three .dlls, and replace the older ones in the Paint.net \ Bundled \ DDSFileTypePlus \ *.*
  2. Anyone with a Distributed network client seemingly out of work today, have a read here .. https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/forum_thread.php?id=13680&postid=92900#92900 .. More project jobs are incoming, right now it seems they have acquired too many people joining to give everyone a job And this post .. https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/forum_thread.php?id=13533&postid=92757#92757 .. for more information. Glad all my Covid-19 jobs completed anyway.
  3. I'm not going to use the save editor, but the way to use it is to go into the menus and use the JSON editor, and change a couple of entries .. ShopNumber: 26 ShopTier: 3 I think they need higher values (or at least ShopTier does), which then makes all Exotic items in the shop available for purchase, including the Void Egg. If you add the Void Egg in the save editor directly to your inventory instead of doing that, I think the save editor is still buggy and messes up the game, thats why the game does not recognise Void Eggs added in that way, and the reason I am not using the save editor. It needs to be fully up to date and tested well. Besides the game should give all of us online or not a way to get one without using a save editor.
  4. Version 3.00 HF1 Beta 1 (393143) - 2020-04-01 Added tooltips for cut-off research resource text. Improved subordinate group auto-expanding in Object List and Property Owned menus. Fixed turreted ships continuing to fire upon targets that have docked. Fixed Split S shield generators being destructible. Fixed Split factions not selling blueprints for L and XL construction modules. Fixed missing default paint themes in Split game starts. Fixed not being able to assign crew to start ship in Fires of Defeat gamestart. Fixed Achieve Coverage mission being excessively difficult to complete. Fixed Split gate discovery event ship (Argon Expedition or Escaped Slave Ship) not moving. Fixed some mission objective texts not being localised. Fixed mission briefing text for ship mod research mission. Fixed platform guidance lines going haywire when in certain interiors, e.g. on Teladi trade stations. Fixed stuck tooltips in certain situations. Fixed several missing or incorrect English language voice recordings. Fixed several causes of crashes.
  5. I was fortunate to have started a brand new game the day before the weekend mission started (and the resulting problems). A few people have suggested its due to the Coronavirus, many more people unexpectedly online and Hellogames at the time switching to working from home etc so maybe not on hand to check out the servers and re-adjust things for increased capacity. I also decided not to run the game via GOG Galaxy so that no online connectivity is possible (went into the game installation folder and right clicked the NMS.exe, Send to .. "Create Desktop shortcut"). So now if I want to update the game and beta test, just run GOG Galaxy for the updates. To play I just run the exe from the desktop shortcut without Galaxy running. The main reason for doing that is I am trying to see if Hellogames really only allow you to get a void egg from the Quicksilver shop, it seems a bit arse that unless us GOG Offline players have Galaxy installed we cant get the Void Egg .. So GOG Offline players are missing out on the whole point of the Living ships update, all we get at the moment is this selection at the shop. See also these two topics https://www.gog.com/forum/no_mans_sky/melody_of_the_egg_no_gog_galaxy https://www.gog.com/forum/no_mans_sky/no_quicksilver_items_for_offline_players My objective for the new game start is to see if without Galaxy, and after completing all the basic tutorial missions / story lines, we can come across one of those Space Encounter Void Eggs, and if you dont have an egg onboard (cant buy them from the quicksilver shop), and are in a normal Star ship, will the Space Encounter Void Egg give you a Void Egg to put in your inventory and kick off the Living Ship quest. Its just a theory, I really hope if thats not the case, then Hellogames will update the game to include by default all Quicksilver Exotic items to date and only exclude future items which have not yet been enabled by those community missions (to be once again included at a later update). There is a workaround using the Save editor to make all items available, but first I want to prove Hellogames have not given another way of getting a Void Egg in the game without having to resort to a third party tool. I sent a bug report in reference all this to the Zendesk too just in case they have not given us a way to get one, and it takes an age for them to get around to solving the issue for offline players. I also want to see if I can now Upgrade the Pre-Release DLC Ship us early adopters got, the Horizon Omega (or rather, these days it is named "Nojose's Crystal Folly" for some strange reason), and see how many slots it can be given using the ship editor in space stations. I think once Hellogames get on top of how they have been affected with the Coronavirus restricting how they work, updates and servers will get back to normal. Its probably going to take time though, fingers crossed none of their key team programmers have been badly affected, or families.
  6. Surprised they haven't updated GOG with this, steam are not the only PC players having the problem as you found out. I think I saw someone mention if you turn off multiplayer that solves it .. No idea if it works for GOG though, I still have all online options disabled and its running ok. Bad time for your crash, those missions disable any kind of saving so you have to do them in one sitting.
  7. Small update just released https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/03/living-ship-patch-2-34/ Anomaly CTD issues for multiplayers, and some other unspecified fix for PCs. Edit : Hmm, seems this is just for steam players just now, GOG has not been updated.
  8. Version 3.00 Public release Egosoft have also released Split Vendetta DLC to go with this update https://www.gog.com/game/x4_split_vendetta Dont ask me if its any good yet, I haven't played since the start of the v3 betas back in November, game still does not start for me (there is a simple workaround, just dont play in fullscreen on Optimus setup laptops). They have put my issue as a main priority now. Will buy Split Vendetta when I know the base game is fixed. Anyway personal issues asside, here's the whole fix list :
  9. Yep I thought thats what the problem was, it was the same on Nexus when I was a member too .. And many other sites these days. BBCode seems to be getting squished for some strange reason.
  10. Just found out how to link an image in your signature to a website using BBCode Note you have to type in URLs on this website signature editing so that it does not automatically make a link : The format is basicly the following without spaces and insert appropriate url addresses : [ url = address of the website a click of the image takes you to ] [ img ] followed by the url of the image [ / img ] [ / url ] This site (AFK Mods) also does not seem to like it in posts, so see my signature for the result (it only shows for logged in users unfortunately). I guess it depends on site software used. Advertises anything you think important. Some websites might take offense to how this idea is used, but I am sure for something as important as promoting open source research should be allowed in your signatures. Tip: Dont choose massive images (think of the bandwidth you are sort of stealing from the site the image is sourced / shown from, if it goes over the top with thousands of users pulling the same image from many different sites - The source site will just delete the resource being used. The bigger the image also means more bandwidth used by all who copy the idea and source) Source of image for my signature link https://boinc.berkeley.edu/logo.php That site page was made specifically for sharing BOINC Banner images to spread the word of the project.
  11. I noticed on the first day I installed BOINC it had some kind of issue showing up in the BOINC Managers event log, it seemed to be having trouble finishing some projects and accessing files. By default it installs to C:\Program files\BOINC\, and stores its data in C:\Programdata\BOINCData\ I uninstalled it, then re-installed but changed the path of installation to be outside of program files .. Its been happily finishing and uploading all those completed jobs since then (mostly while I am asleep / AFK and not playing No Man's Sky). Anyone without a second drive could just install it on the C:\ drive, but in a dedicated BOINC folder instead of Program files .. Its Wrye Bash again Maybe an admin rights issue on win 10 in the default installation that the client devs have not anticipated .. Could be the same for Folding@home client. Edit : Screen Saver can also be a bit fiddly, the options for it on Win 10 are Settings, Personalisation, Lock Screen .. Then scroll down for links to Screen time out and Screen saver settings. I set the machine Screen Timeout to never time out, and the screen saver you need to go into its own settings.
  12. So glad you got me back into this, most of the jobs I am receiving in the BOINC data files from Rosetta@home have Covid in the title. I remember last time I was running the client what jobs your machine got were a bit random from quite a few different related projects to Rosetta, and out of the ten downloaded at any one time maybe 2 or 3 were specifically for research I wanted to happen. Over the last few days 8 out of those ten downloaded (roughly ten per day, depending on how you have the settings for processor time and when it can work) have been Covid-19 jobs, which is good to see. I think my machine has uploaded 32 completed Covid jobs so far, its chomping away using 7 of my 12 CPU cores, and the GPU, on more right now which downloaded last night ...
  13. Version 3.00 Beta 9 (390654) - 2020-03-18 https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=22042e189cb9c3ecd084151e1cd5874f
  14. Bobbleheads are coming https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/03/beyond-development-update-8/?cli_action=1584486067.48 Looks like this update is just to let us know whats in the community / weekend unlockables, but its not really a game update (presume the resources are already in the files we all have) I once suggested they ought to have Ron Jons Hula girl as a dashboard item for starships .. I think they took it onboard but in their own style. Good to know they are still managing to work though despite the Coronavirus steadily impacting everyones lives.

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