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  1. I dont use any of this anymore, but all the time I used LOOT and helped testing every version of it since it started developing - I could not fault the job it did. It had a few bugs along the way sure, but nothing which diminished my confidence in it to produce a good load order, for Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4. Last time I tried GOG Oblivion and the whole unofficial patch setup, plus quite a few mods, LOOT did do a couple of things slightly different to what I expected (I used to swear by BOSS before LOOT came along) .. But after checking out what records were winning where there were conflicts using xEdit, I could never find anything wrong with how things were ordered. And thats the other thing about LOOT - Wrinkly invites people to show him with xEdit what they think LOOT is doing wrong, whereupon a special rule or priority could be made for LOOTs masterlist, just like with BOSS .. But hardly anyone comes forth with the goods, and you just get vague conversations like this one drawing no definitive conclusion other than maybe weight of numbers having some bearing on what the op eventually chooses. If everyone at the start of LOOTs development had given it a good innings, maybe all edge cases and its masterlist would have been well established and refined by now to everyones satisfaction (it may well be already at that stage by now, I dont know for sure because its been a while since I used it). But even without any refinement, LOOT will still do a better job than BOSS will ever do, because BOSS will remain forever more a dumb tool. LOOT looks at all records within plugins and makes good judgement calls. If you disagree for whatever reason, use Load After, or present a case for setting a special priority in the masterlist. I get the impression over the last 3-4 years people just have not taken time to study LOOT enough to understand how much better it is, so just stick with the tried way its always been as Arthmoor says. My Oblivion setup was perfectly stable.
  2. Thought this would be better in its own topic Anyone else saw the Google announcement at GDC ? Hopefully I got this link right .. Amazing stuff - But there is a snag, one or two thoughts 1. Buying these games : Permanent subscriptions, or rental like videos, or a one off payment and own it forever .. But you dont get a copy on your machine/s hmm. 2. Are google going to pay for the UKs British Telecom to bring us out of the dark ages and into fiber to the door for every part of the UK .. Because I know an awful lot of people who will be saying "But my internet is sheeeeet"! There may be some people in London have good fiber speeds, there maybe parts of the UK where Virgin Meedia still run networks through old Ninex Cable runs in places like Portsmouth .. But the majority of the UK are on British Telecoms backbone (some parts of which are rented out to other ISPs like Talk<Spits>Talk) which has (if you are lucky) fibre to the cabinet somewhere away down the road, which connects up to the same old drop pole which is shorting a copper wire waving about in the wind for the last fifty years over someone elses garden, through some trees, embedded in the house brickwork / plaster and eventually to your router. If you are in more remote parts of Scotland / Wales / Ireland / Yorkshire .. Forget it. Investment in the infrastructure for better broadband in the UK is still pants, no matter how much your ISP or Government MPs blow their own kazoo about figures on a good day with the wind behind it and a shot up the arse from a lightning bolt. Anyway feel free to use this topic for any GDC 2019 posts.
  3. Yes its the only downside to Egosoft, with all of the x series they typically get a product out which promises much, but is buggy as heck to start with. Then they persevere with all the dedicated fans help to iron out every last bug. They will lose a lot of interest along the way, but the end version which usually is a couple of years after launch is well worth playing and a gem of a scifi sandbox. Anyone who left along the journey really do miss out on what becomes an excellent game, with a lot of complexity and many gaming hours to offer. I'm enjoying what they have now, and just biding my time helping out finding bugs, but there is a lot to add yet, and some of it will be coming in a DLC or two - Two more races, the Split and the Boron, plus all of their unique ships and stations and economy / food / resources needs, and all of their home sectors which will open up some or all of the dormant jump gates we are finding, and the secrets of some strange artifacts. There is a bit of a story mission with it already, but its not very long. I'm hoping they come through on adding more story missions as things progress, similar to older x games like x3 Reunion (but hopefully minus that damned race through an asteroids twisty tunnels being chased by enemies .. hated that particular mission because it was such a PITA to get through, but halted your progress if you couldn't manage it) Anyway I think they are now at the stage where the game is quite stable, playable, but it needs more work and content. Here's the way ahead topic https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=413180 We are at 2.20 now so the following is yet to come, and a bit old news now : Update 2.50 With 2.50 we aim to bring a new ship type: Resupply ships. In short, they will work like a flying equipment dock and can form the backbone of a large fleet. Linux version: We hope the Linux beta can start somewhere between 2.00 and 2.50 already but at the latest together with this update. TrackIR/Tobii support: We know lots of people are asking us to support these tools and while testing may start before it again we aim that 2.50 should bring support at the latest. Sector blacklists: This will allow you to set up sectors that your ships will avoid at all costs. Another thing that we hope to pack into 2.50 is a series of improvements around managing inventory items. This includes the ability to create and drop crates in space and possibly also to store them on stations. Update 3.00 As some of you may already have figured out, one cool feature of X4 is the ability to own entire sectors and even change their names. With 3.00 we aim to build upon this with a number of features to help you benefit from sector control. You can then basically become your own faction with your own set of rules. For all updates, we are working on better missions. At the latest for 3.00 we plan to have a number of new and improved combat missions in particular. An area we want to combine this with is improved research (in the player HQ) and the ability to potentially even move the player HQ to a different location. An early gameplay feature that 3.00 will improve is the ability to dock directly at station with a spacesuit and to get other NPC ships to transport you, by offering missions to them. With 3.00 at the latest, we want to have at least one new gamestart. There is a chance that this will have some interesting new features. Online venturesIn December we released our very first online mode in an X game: Ventures. With the Updates 2.00 to 3.00 we will also continue work on more and better online ventures. So stay tuned for more exciting online missions.Please click on the below links for a more detailed explanation of Online Ventures:https://www.egosoft.com:8444/confluence ... d=77791367https://youtu.be/NuONlBUTuy0First Expansion will introduce Split raceWhile all of the above (free) updates may also contain new assets, we will bundle a lot of new ships, station modules, missions and new sectors into the first big expansion. Our rough timeline is to have an expansion based on introducing the Split race, their ships, a new Split economy and of course a large new area of space shortly after releasing 3.00. Here's Bernd being interviewed recently
  4. Go to here https://www.afkmods.com/ Scroll down to the Unofficial Patch Project section Click "Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch" Click to the first page of the sticky topic - [RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P] Scroll down to the end of the first post, and you will find a couple of links ..
  5. Version 2.20 (339509) - 2019-03-18 https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=180&amp;t=402960
  6. Sean Murray has been posting a few Tweets recently, but it boils down to this .. https://www.nomanssky.com/2019/03/no-mans-sky-beyond/ .. "More will follow" this time round means 3 major updates dropping in one update "No Man’s Sky BEYOND, a major free chapter, coming Summer 2019. With three updates in one: 1) No Man's Sky Online 2) ? 3) ? We're working out butts off on something special More Info soon ❤️" I'm more interested in what the heck 2 and 3 are going to be.
  7. (The above screenshot is from here Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide (Which is linked in the First post of this topic where you would expect documentation)). You can also click the Help button in Wrye Bash, and search for Sort by Load Order, Wrye Bash has quite extensive documentation if you take the time to read it.
  8. Public Beta v2.20 Beta 4 https://steamcommunity.com/app/392160/discussions/0/1797403972752422663/
  9. Now I am even more confused as to what to do. Think I will just let windows do the necessary roll-out, and see what it makes of what is already enabled. Retpoline is compatible with my I7 anyway, so is desirable if its better performance.
  10. Sorry its been a while since I looked in here : No, BIOS = Microcode fix, so same performance hit. You can still disable both Spectre and Meltdown fixes temporarily using Steve Gibsons InSpectre Use the disable buttons while you play a CPU intensive game for example, then enable again afterwards. ------------------------ Also there is a new MS site which supports newer versions of windows and the associated fixes https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4093836/summary-of-intel-microcode-updates So windows 10 v1809 has fixes listed now - Are these newer fixes bundled with windows updates ? .. I dont know I installed these mitigation's for win 10 1807, then win 10 1809 was installed and InSpectre still shows my machine as fully protected. So I did an overwrite install with the newer ones in case the code is actually specifically tailored to the stated OS version confused. Anyway, new kind of attack sort of using Speculative execution (affects Intel but not AMD) - https://www.grc.com/sn/SN-705-Notes.pdf (Page 19 onwards).
  11. Yep tried Disconnect. It was better when first launched and it wanted to attract users / reputation. Now its more useful and advanced features you have to pay for. I still prefer UBlock Origin (Written by Raymond Hill A.K.A Gorhill, and not the other UBlock), purely because its open source, no business agenda, and it also utilizes and keeps up to date a filter list based on what you select (Easylist and all the rest that adblockers typically cherry pick from .. I still prefer MVPS Hosts list to be set in the 3rd Party list preferences of UBlock Origin, so that I dont need to keep updating machines actual hosts files with the same) If any of that conflicts with a site you wish to allow, you just whitelist the site by clicking the UBlock Origin Standby button while on the site, then refresh the page. Read more about MVPS Hosts file here http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm Its been going for years, updates every couple of month, and now you dont need to replace the hosts file, just let UBlock Origin manage it in the browsers filter lists provided by the extension automatically. Keeps all our family machines from the majority of malware sites / bad ad links / bad iframe compromises (like the ones Nexus used to be plagued with but Robin was blind to for a few years - See post #6 here https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/302120-mvps-hosts-file-detrimental-or-advised/ ). There are a few changes coming to Chromium (if thats what you use), which may impede browser extensions functionality in future (and I think Firefox will follow suit), including all the best ones such as UBlock Origin, Disconnect, AdBlock / Plus etc .. Depends on how strict Google chrome developers are going to be. Hopefully most of the functionality will survive to make the best of them still viable and not too cobbled in their abilities, but even then Chromes development is to stop browsers derived from the same code being exploited in certain ways. So long term I think its all going to turn out fine, and google do not wish to stomp on ad blockers, its just the privileges which allow some extensions to do some of what they do will be taken away.
  12. Ah, from what I understand they could be a lot more of a PITA, and the site owner paid for the privilege. Sado masochists.
  13. Glad you implemented this eventually, especially with Google and Chrome steering the internet towards SSL everywhere. I only recommended it after seeing Steve Gibsons investigation into LetsEncrypt on Security Now. Here's what he had to say before it took off - Security Now #483 : https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/483?autostart=false ( Go to - Time 1:14:00 ) Was it as painless / trouble free as they claim ?
  14. Edit : Updated 2.20 Beta 2 - https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&amp;t=405397

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