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  1. Windows 10 1903 has come a long way since the first releases of Win 10, pretty much all the issues I had with it at the start of this topic are now easily solved by doing a deep dive into Settings, and thoroughly going through all sub-settings. Game bar is now something I really like, besides everything talked about previously regarding Screenshots and making MP4 videos for showing game developers exactly what you are talking about regarding issues with any game - It now has the ability (along with Windows 10 new Focus assist) to tell windows to cut down on its background activity when playing a game : Go into Win 10 Settings, Game Bar, Game Mode, then click "Graphics settings" On the next screen use the Browse button to find and add the games .exe to the list of games Just doing that tells windows to STFU and optimize itself for the game when that game exe is running, but also .. Once added, click the game name and you can click "Options", and then set the game to ensure use of the High Performance dedicated GPU on Optimus laptops instead of the Integrated GPU I dont know if that works the same for laptops with AMD DGPU, buts its certainly a nice feature for us NVidia DGPU users For anyone using a laptop that has custom DGPU drivers that does not allow the Standard ones, you may find that the NVidia Control Panel is not installed (where traditionally you would set the High Performance DGPU per game) - Now you can do it here in the Game Bar settings instead.
  2. Godz, I hope this cat n mouse stops eventually. Companies are doing their level best to mitigate issues and then another bad penny turns up. I just got a new Dell laptop (with a Geforce GTX 1050 TI), did a clean install with win 10 1903 (the pre-installed win 10 had issues trying to update .. probably due to the pre-installed "helpfull" apps manufacturers install), then grabbed all the necessary custom drivers from the offical support site including firmware updates to the BIOS .. .. Without doing anything else, InSpectre reports the machine is completely protected : I guess the immediate BIOS update, and 1903 clean install also includes all fixes to date including at boot microcode fixes, has my back without having to do anything else .. Time will tell. Steve is deeply immersed in doing the final spec for SQRL just now, and has said the most important next thing on the agenda is a long overdue update to Spinrite. Whether InSpectre needs any updates to catch up with recent developments I dont know. He does keep well informed in Security matters anyway, so I would imagine if there was anything concerning he would update it.
  3. .. or 3 english pounds and seventy five pence. Sold and downloading the offline manual install files right now. Thanks Arthmoor I had not seen that, not only have I never played it through but its also EA client free from GOG Happy dancing nana feels
  4. This game is now complete, no more bug fixing needed. Revival Productions have disbanded and all have moved on to other companies. There is a DLC which is a bunch of extra levels, and there may be another one to come (I think some of the team will take time out of new jobs to put it together). There is also a level editor to create your own. Revival wished this had done better in sales, very positive response from all reviews, just didn't sell enough to warrant keeping the team together. https://steamcommunity.com/app/448850/discussions/0/1777136225026584608/ Allister Brimble was also on the team doing music - I remember him from the Commodore Amiga days doing game music. https://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Allister_Brimble Overload is currently on sale on GOG if you ever fancied it but havent had the joy yet.
  5. I did a Clean install of Windows 1903 recently (primarily because I wanted new features in Windows 10 which you only get if you do a clean installation, like Reserved Storage), and it has the Retpoline (better optimised fixes for Spectre & Meltdown) suite of microcode on boot fixes included, Steve Gibsons InSpectre shows this machine is protected .. So keeping up with developments and using old links for fixes is no longer necessary if your windows 10 is up to date. The rollout of 1903 was staggered, to ensure compatibility with all the computer variations of hardware, so some machines may not have updated to 1903 yet. I prompted it to happen by using Windows Media Creation Tool to do the clean installation. Retpoline was included in a cumulative update for Win 10 1809 too, which also proved to fix all Spectre & Meltdown, but that update was a bit buggy. Anyway glad they finally got on top of this.
  6. Another update is up on GOG Not a big update, but its a nice addition to the base game : "You can now continue the romance with Theresa without the need of owning the DLC: A Woman’s Lot"
  7. Kingdom Come Deliverance has now matured very well. Now at version 1.9 Not only the main game, but all the DLCs have had a lot of attention in the fixes department For a history of bug fixes see this sticky topic - Patch notes Its also on sale right now at GOG https://www.gog.com/game/kingdom_come_deliverance
  8. 2.50 has now been released out of beta :
  9. Version 2.50 Beta 6 (347849) [Beta 6] Removed blueprints for Teladi Trading Station that should not have been available (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 6] Fixed not being able to recruit crew without also changing equipment on ship (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 6] Fixed interact menu not working in certain situations.
  10. Bad update alert, anyone playing 2.5 beta 5 .. Dont buy any blueprints and use them, your build UI will be messed up
  11. Version 2.50 Beta 5 (347623) [Beta 5] Improved Tobii eye-tracking support (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 5] Improved cockpit glass transparency. [Beta 5] Improved fight-or-flight decision-making to only call for help if help is to be expected. [Beta 5] Updated external links to wiki and manual. [Beta 5] Fixed automatic resupply option not being displayed correctly (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed some player-owned ships with inventory being missing from Ships with Inventory tab (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed being unable to apply saved station module loadouts (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed editing ship shopping list not working (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed station modules sometimes being constructed and recycled in a loop. [Beta 5] Fixed stations potentially building turrets and shields on modules being recycled. [Beta 5] Fixed station modules which were destroyed appearing as operational while recycling. [Beta 5] Fixed Teladi Trading Station not being able to repair its modules. [Beta 5] Fixed XS deployables launched from some capital ships getting spawned away from ship that launched them. [Beta 5] Fixed some capital ships having too much S ship storage. [Beta 5] Fixed some capital ships being unable to store docked M ships in internal storage. [Beta 5] Fixed player being stuck in wrong position when getting up while external view is active. [Beta 5] Fixed bullets not hitting when viewing a remote battle in external view. [Beta 5] Fixed ships launched from launch tubes not immediately folding up their landing gear. [Beta 5] Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck while docking. [Beta 5] Fixed several cases of formation wingmen going through geometry. [Beta 5] Fixed ware exchange failing in some cases when involving one ship docked at another. [Beta 5] Fixed free traders preferring low-volume wares. [Beta 5] Fixed rare case of free traders choosing a now-disadvantageous trade over a trade that had improved over time. [Beta 5] Fixed station module search not being localized. [Beta 5] Fixed freeze when there is a police ship belonging to a faction that no longer controls any space. [Beta 5] Fixed non-factory stations gifted to other factions not updating their name correctly. [Beta 5] Fixed laser towers displaying a ship icon as their target element in the HUD. [Beta 5] Fixed weapon aim indicators being displayed when a menu is open.
  12. I have no clue, when I took that screenshot I thought it may have been a special version of Mordhau aswell as the original, but they both led to the same game page .. So yeah, I think you are right it was really number 3 at the time. Its number 5 today, and the second Mordhau is gone.
  13. No Man's Sky is now half price on steam .. And is No.4 on the global selling list https://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=globaltopsellers&os=win
  14. In other news, its half price on steam (it was also half price in the GOG Indie sales a few weeks ago) .. And its No.4 on the global selling list https://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=globaltopsellers&os=win
  15. Update: 14/05 We have updated the experimental branch build: Improved vsync on AMD. Fixed some rare crashes. Fixed some windowing issues. Also there was an update to the nvidia driver last week which addresses some issues.

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