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  1. On first read of the release notes I missed this (see my bold in quote below) I'm hoping Freighters get some love and polish, for us actual Explorers, Exxocraft which once built can be stored / called down from the Freighter "Away team to Voyager, beam down the Roamer"
  2. 2.12 released, wedge of fixes again. I reckon the way this game is programmed (mostly procedural maths content) and they do major updates like Beyond, they have to re-do a lot of what has been fixed before. Anyway, back to enjoying it Release notes : https://www.nomanssky.com/2019/09/beyond-development-update-2/ Edit : I updated the Nexus No Man's Sky - General Performance sticky topic too, due to new settings and HelloGames Helpdesk articles being updated
  3. Thats old news from the beginning of September ish or just before, Steve Gibsons Security Now podcast mentioned it 3 episodes ago. If everyone is allowing updates to proceed it has already been fixed, if you have udate 12.4.1 you are safe (or rather .. as safe as a mobile phone can be) I never use mine on the internet, or install any apps, I let it use my internal wifi router to grab updates, and thats the only sniff of the internet it gets Edit : Bit of info' : Most mobile phones are not very secure at all, they have two Operating systems, the first which is not very secure boots the phone (and also establishes connections to the mobile network), which in turn launches the Operating system you see (IOS / Android or whatever) - If you are anyone of importance with potential spys' in your vicinity, best way to secure it is take the battery out. Apple phones remain one of the most secure mobiles for consumers, Blackberry are supposed to be really good as an alternative (I think my next one will be a newer Blackberry in a year or two, my IPhone 6 is getting a bit long in the tooth (probably getting close to end of life for Apple update support), and I really dont like the newer huge screen things you can barely fit in a pocket).
  4. New beta 2.60 beta 1 in the testing forum https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=274e9accb396cb2ed101db6589fd5cf9 This update when it goes live we think will be the last before version 3.0 starts beta testing, then v3 will be released to coincide with the release of the first DLC Split Vendetta. And according to all reports this current beta is quite nice on the performance front, personally I'm very much liking the Auto Pilot AI improvements : Version 2.60 Beta 1 (363437) - 2019-09-12 Improved balancing and robustness of in-game economy (including prices, volume and production rates of Engine Parts, Hull Parts and Smart Chips). Improved Logical Station Overview (added storage allocation, buy/sell limits, module state, production module grouping). Improved station Info menu (added intermediate wares, filled storage capacities by type). Improved station-based traders (coordination between traders, selection of stations to trade at, use of cargo that is excess or needed by their station). Improved pirate behaviour by increasing variety of wares that pirates are interested in. Improved trader deal selection and cargo space utilisation logic. Improved automatic resupply by preventing player-owned ships from automatically getting deployables. Improved ships rearming at resupply ships by only ordering what the resupply ship can build. Improved upkeep mission priority for ship pilot and station manager vacancies from medium priority to high. Improved ship combat AI by reducing use of boost to avoid completely draining shields. Improved ship AI by allowing pilots to target, and be able to destroy, stations that are under construction. Improved aggressiveness of NPC ships in response to attack when on their way to combat. Improved range of high-tech wares stocked at most Trading Stations. Improved long-distance movement to moving objects. Improved capital ships docking at stations and movement through gates. Improved build queue processing so newer ships are less likely to jump the queue. Improved loadouts of small fighters by reducing chances of them using missiles, especially torpedo launchers. Improved mining yield by increasing cargo capacity of mining ships by 100%. Improved behaviour of laser towers attacking stations. Improved station AI by reassigning mining ships told to mine if they no longer need mineable wares when station configuration changes. Improved carrier combat if carrier has direct subordinates and is directly attacking a target. Improved ship movement in various situations (including moving through a gate, leaving a local highway in the middle). Improved travel mode handling while going through gates and into highways. Improved autopilot travel mode usage. Improved info menu for station build storage to show amounts and display resources even if build storage currently doesn't have any. Improved map to allow trade wares without current valid trade offers to be shown on the map. Improved "ping" effect to be less obtrusive if multiple mission targets are present. Added ability to assign ships to trade for resources for a station's build storage to assist in station construction. Added Anchor space for orders AutoTrade, Sector AutoMine, AdvancedAutoMine and Expert AutoMine to the order queue menu. Added possibility to sell resources and buy products and trade wares. Added new resource region to Cardinal's Redress to help with Holy Order resource shortage. Removed Tobii options if no Tobii device is detected. Fixed stations under construction not being killable when out of sector. Fixed Xenon asteroid stations not being killable in certain situations. Fixed target speed matching not working when in relative movement to the target or after having pressed Full Stop. Fixed destroying pirates that are showing their true colours sometimes resulting in a reputation penalty with the sector's police faction. Fixed pirates attacking ships even if they are not interested in them. Fixed pirates sometimes fleeing before attacking after just saying that they will attack. Fixed space suit not undocking correctly from moving ships. Fixed fleet auxiliary ships with behaviour to Supply Fleets in a space rather than as part of a fleet not enabling trade offers. Fixed fleet auxiliary ships not advertising trade offers when subordinate to a station. Fixed fleet auxiliary ships wanting to dock at themselves to get supplies and repairs. Fixed resupply orders sometimes resulting in incorrect ammo and units. Fixed resupply ships told to Get Supplies sometimes trying to purchase more than they can afford. Fixed Get Supplies order trying to purchase more wares than the ship has cargo space for. Fixed ships attempting to collect crates with countermeasures although they have no space for them. Fixed ships being unable to transfer deployables via ware exchange in certain situations. Fixed ships sometimes fleeing after getting ammunition. Fixed player-owned ships that need ammo and/or drones in addition to repairs not going to get repairs if they couldn't find a resupply ship that can supply everything they need. Fixed player-owned ships getting repairs at resupply ships when automatic resupply is Off. Fixed ships that need ammunition to fight not considering fleet auxiliary ships assigned to supply ships in their sector. Fixed docked ships given an order to trade or exchange wares with the object they are docked at undocking and docking again. Fixed ships assigned to mine for stations ignoring blacklist if blacklisted sector is in the same cluster as their station. Fixed ships pursuing targets to beyond their operational range when not authorised to do so in certain situations. Fixed various cases of ships trying to do things with objects in other sectors. Fixed ships getting stuck waiting for an undock clearance that may never come. Fixed capital ships getting stuck while docking. Fixed station-based traders sometimes buying at a loss. Fixed capital ships sometimes moving too close to their targets when attacking. Fixed capital ships attempting to park at docked fleet auxiliary ships. Fixed ships trying to fly through station geometry in certain situations. Fixed incorrect entry movement of ships in Accelerators and, in some cases, Jump Gates. Fixed carriers ordering subordinates to attack targets that were once hostile when they no longer are. Fixed wing leaders fighting over orphaned wingmen when taking control of them. Fixed police ships ignoring illegal wares dropped in lockboxes in response to an inspection. Fixed ships deciding to open a lockbox when explicitly told not to. Fixed non-smuggling traders trading wares in areas where those wares are illegal. Fixed smugglers only trading with non-hostile factions. Fixed missing restriction for trading with current player ship while docked. Fixed ships sometimes flying excessively large turns. Fixed pilots sometimes aborting travel mode without good reason. Fixed autopilot aborting while still tens of kilometers from the target. Fixed autopilot aborting when transitioning through a ring highway gate. Fixed ships entering jump gates and accelerators from the side. Fixed ships sometimes jumping by many kilometers when the player comes near. Fixed rare situation that could leave ships docked at wrecked platforms. Fixed station-based traders selling off existing cargo ignoring faction restriction set on their commander. Fixed stations missing opportunities to trade with other stations for lack of cargo drones (improves previous fix). Fixed wharfs and equipment docks not being rebuilt by factions. Fixed non-factory stations potentially being expanded with production modules. Fixed blueprints for 8M Standard Dock Area not being obtainable. Fixed fired NPCs not leaving their post. Fixed XP gain calculations for combat incorrectly determining force strength of allies and enemies. Fixed falling through floor when returning from external view. Fixed problem with re-assigning crew at the ship trader. Fixed safe deposit box not working if the player has no or little money. Fixed ware exchange failing if it involves a ship having to dock at another ship. Fixed guild missions stalling if the mission station was destroyed at certain times. Fixed money exploit involving build station missions. Fixed venture platform exploit. Fixed some cases where dock guidance splines always went through station geometry. Fixed inactive orders not being greyed out on the map if they are the first order in the queue. Fixed order queue menu not showing the assignment for fleet auxiliary ships assigned to supply a fleet. Fixed incorrect map centering when opening it while having a super highway selected. Fixed "Are you sure?" question in station build menu showing up when closing an empty plot. Fixed large number of orders breaking the behaviour tab in the map (corrects previous fix). Fixed selection mismatch in menus with multi-selection when scrolling with keyboard or controller. Fixed station build menu being unusable due to constant refreshes in certain situations. Fixed unusable blacklist dropdowns for some resolution and UI scale combinations. Fixed mission context menu in the map sometimes being cut-off. Fixed being able to open an invisible menu with Object Info hotkey when HUD and menus are disabled. Fixed menu crash when restoring a minimised menu. Fixed menu crash when interacting with the target monitor while it shows a collectible or a crate. Fixed menu crash in the plot placement section of the map under certain circumstances. Fixed Radar Display game option not always working correctly. Fixed Boost Toggle game option not working at all. Fixed game becoming unresponsive if a ship in a superhighway moves to another ship in a superhighway. Fixed several performance issues in specific situations. Fixed several causes of memory leaks. Fixed several causes of crashes.
  5. 2.11 released, and theres a new beta being tested, release notes at the usual official site link. Edit : Release notes https://www.nomanssky.com/2019/09/beyond-patch-2-11/
  6. Its getting there, now at "2.09.4 Hotfix" https://www.nomanssky.com/release-log/ A huge amount of patchwork done since my last post, including some long standing (not so important fixes) which I have been tapping my fingers over for a few years :), they didn't get listed in patch notes, but they are definitely addressing some low priority extant bugs. I reckon a few more patches and they will have all VR / MP issues squared away, but for us single player users imho its a good stable state now with a few minor fixes to do. For anyone who may still have any indication of very slight lag during Low level Flight on planets - Try zero'ing the Motion Blur Amount setting, its helped a lot of people especially in combination with Volumetric / Atmospheric effects. With my new laptop and more recent releases (and having deleted my previous settings files) I was experiencing what I can only describe as a slight dampening of the ships speed for a fraction of a second which after a few more seconds would happen again. Feels like the Turbo in your car is not quite doing its thing for a fraction of a second, then its 100% again for a few seconds, then not quite doing its thing, then 100% again .. repeat ( this was while holding W and Shift to get max flight speed ). The game is setting up its initial settings files for my machine a lot better than it ever has done since 2016 - But, Motion Blur Amount was (and always has been) set very high. I brought it down to 30 for my machine having seen this tip on reddit, and the last remnant of any performance issues is now history. Vulkan has done wonders for the game, but knowing this little tip may just help anyone out there with any leftover nags about the game performance. Edit : There's another beta up, so more fixes incoming
  7. Woops there's a bad early bug been found, and Hellogames have gone home for the weekend Have a look at the second post https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/crvqzn/bug_report_megathread/?st=jzh8uqkn&sh=df1eeff4 Basicly avoid using the teleport in the new anomaly nexus for now.
  8. The steady intro to everything from the game start is a lot less disjointed now and flows better, and the intro to the new anomally is worth going back to the start for (although they have probably patched in a trigger for ongoing games for this to happen no matter where you are). I just did the bare minimum base build to get the story going, looking forward to having a Freighter again and concentrating on a more mobile base for long term exploration :). Having more space to stack resources in each slot has taken away a lot of the tedium of inventory management. HelloGames has apparently done 18 new builds in the first 48 hour since Beyond went public. I had GOG Galaxy installed with the Beta 3xperimental branch enabled, and there was at least one update before and after loading up the game each time every few hours, and no doubt while me and the family were out and about in the car, I left Galaxy on just to capture any new updates while we were out. The Release logs are growing in number https://www.nomanssky.com/release-log/ I dont know what they still plan to add to this game now, but it has surpassed my hopes a long time ago and just keeps getting better. I dont know at this time if they have improved Freighters and the long term attraction to exploration in any way, but if they havent that would be my only wishes going forward, to concentrate more on having the Freighter as a Base and not be stuck on any planet as a base. And maybe one long term and rare nasty adversary for space battles .. But thats probably a bit close to plagiarising Elite and its Thargoids, or X and the Khaak / Xenon
  9. Yep. They have just released the second round of beta fixes to Beyond already. https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/1643171537291464493/ Not had any issues so far. And even without using online or VR, there is an awful lot to like about this update. I started a new game, and also deleted all old settings files so that those got regenerated from scratch .. .. Games performing really well, testing it with MSI Afterburner, aswell as without, so I have some ball park figures to go with how it "feels" and get a good setup after tweaking all the new settings = Very pleased so far with performance on my new machine.
  10. https://www.nomanssky.com/beyond-update/
  11. No Mans Sky Beyond Sean explains the 3rd component, at last .. Really looking forward to this update, not for VR or Multiplayer, but all the extra's
  12. No Mans Sky is 50% discount on GOG .. .. And if you haven't got it, nows a good time before the No Mans Sky Beyond update on the 14th August
  13. The first DLC has been announced, X4 Split Vengeance. No idea when its getting released, but the next X4 Foundations v3 update will coincide with that release.
  14. Patch 1.9.2 - July 18th Fixed a rare bug in which a few cutscenes were missing. Fixed a rare glitch during combat animation. Fixed amount of money paid to the guard during arresting. Fixed a rare issue when failed evade didn´t interrupt fast travel. . – Band of Bastards DLC – Fixed the crash after dialog with Kuno during second patrol. Fixed the dialog options when Stone steals the ring in the quest Ring of Bacchus. . – A Woman’s Lot DLC – It is now possible to acquire lock-picks from Fritz even when you complete the side quest for Johanka by stealing the trunk key. Fixed French and German dabbing in several cutscenes. Missing French and German voice-overs added. Broken models and graphics after finishing Theresa’s story should appear even less frequently. Saving & restarting the game will fix the issue. Fixed the black screen with UI prompts after finishing Theresa’s story.

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