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  1. That sounds unusual, the progression is supposed to be build the terminal first, then go get the relevant expert. Just check see if you have the correct mission selected in your log, sometimes I have forgotten to do that (or the game has automatically focussed on a newer mission) and wondered why things were not being triggered. Hah! They still do that?, its been ages since I built a pad but yes they are a PITA when you want to use your own pad conserving launch fuel and some cheeky bugger swoops in. Build six, more landing opportunity and the bonus is if you need some rare resources a random visitor might have them for sale.
  2. Well I think they had a change of plans today : 2.16 is now released https://www.nomanssky.com/2019/11/beyond-patch-2-16/ And a new Experimental has already begun which so far only includes the additional fix to the experimental branch earlier today Experimental Branch 07/11 Fixed a networking issue that could prevent players in the same group from seeing each other after warping.
  3. Another update to experimental patch ..
  4. Bernd Lehann started an AMA on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/dosb0o/im_bernd_lehahn_founder_of_space_simulation_game/?st=k2m6ehib&sh=cd0e94f3 I have had a good read through all of it, and it sounds like Egosoft Modus Operandi = Everything a long term fan of the company would expect in their usual game development timeline is coming along nicely. Probably still a year away from the full realisation of X4 with a second DLC (and maybe add another year for the final polish patches making it as bug free as we have come to expect from Egosoft), but there is nothing there to give any doubts. Really looking forward to v3 and the first DLC Egosoft staff in that topic : zav42 = Bernd EGO_CBJ = CBJ from Egosoft forums, who is now a dev and not just a moderator linolafett = linolafett from Egosoft forum, dev, modelling and artist Edit : Oh yeah, 2.60 plus hotfixes was released to public too
  5. Update to the experimental patch today
  6. I think its just a case of time, but I have read on stackexchange there can be some complicated problems converting from one to the other, and for Irfan to convert a lot of work from one plugin (say the paint.net dds plugin or DirectXTex) may be not so easy depending upon his capabilities / time. -------------- Meanwhile I have been using RenderDoc Nightly build and all issues I mentioned earlier are solved plus a few more nobody had previously tested for, no idea when v1.6 will be released, but BaldurK has been very swift responding to and fixing the issues I emailed him.
  7. Yeah Freighters should become the main base for this Exploring game imho, I have quite a few suggestions to make them better if Hellogames get round to polishing anything not to do with Multiplayer or VR.
  8. Yeah I agree, anything inside a building ought to be assumed to be wired in, just provide power to the building and anything inside should work if there is enough power. Reading the wiki article on power would seem to concur https://nomanssky.gamepedia.com/Power .. Maybe you need not only connection to the building from the power, but also a connector in the wall, which the equipment then wires to, like a plug socket in the house .. Or maybe all parts in constructing the base need to be of the same type for connection of all the modules to carry power throughout the base. I guess you will have tried those logical approaches though, and I dont know what works because anyone who is succeeding in wiring things up are probably not posting. I haven't done any other wiring besides that screenshot, a base is too much like a ball and chain to this traveller. I had to teleport back from about 75 systems away to get that screenshot, the place is getting very dusty :)
  9. My Teleporter was a little bit more simple .. Plonk it on the ground next to my shack, add Solar panel, oops when it gets dark no teleporter, adds a battery, then realised the battery could run out before the sun comes up again, adds another battery and just for good measure two more solar panels to make sure they both charge up enough : Its not pretty but it does the job ---------------------------------- New 3xperimental patch is up on steam depots
  10. v1.9.3.404-501 is up on GOG No idea what the patch notes are. But the Official Kingdom Come Deliverance Modding Tools have also gone live. So modding the game will be blossoming soon no doubt https://twitter.com/WarhorseStudios/status/1189223388792967169
  11. Windows 10 Game Bar now includes FPS Sometime recently (I dont know exactly when but pretty sure it was within the last couple of weeks), Windows 1903 had an update, and Game Bar now sports a new FPS counter, you can Pin the readout so it remains on screen when you come out of Game Bar .. If it does not show anything (Just says "---") - Click FPS, and it will tell you it needs elevated permissions, click the button and restart your computer. Bye bye MSI Afterburner, this is good enough for my purposes, and probably less intrusive than Afterburner which itself can cause degradation to game performance
  12. I'm hoping they make that better aswell, I dont do much in the way of base building but I have dabbled with wiring things up and its a PITA. Some people seem to enjoy it though, like making calculators using logical arrays of switches and whatever else is involved .. Kind of a creative puzzle with some really impressive results. Its not my bag though, and I think there are still some bugs like you would expect a door to work if its attached to a building which is already powered, but apparently the door needs its own power supply in some cases. Not needed on my simple wooden shacks I built just to achieve the basics
  13. I just cant help myself testing ----------------------- 2.15 Developers update is now live - https://www.nomanssky.com/2019/10/beyond-development-update-3/?cli_action=1572457812.438 Development Update Beyond brought a lot of new players into the game, as well as drawing back in a large number of old friends. We’ve been seeing some of our highest player numbers since launch, and with a wide variety of playstyles: VR and non-VR, lone travellers and multiplayer mini-factions, base-builders and explorers. The wishlist of improvements and features continues to grow ever longer as our community grows. Your feedback – and your love for the game – are a vitally important part of the No Man’s Sky journey. While today’s update shows off a pair of new features, other members of the team have been hard at work on an update that will address a whole heap of community requests. We hope to be able to release this fairly soon. We take your suggestions and priorities very seriously when working out what to work on, so if there are things you want to add to ever-evolving list then please let us know through the usual channels. Patch 2.15 is live on all platforms today, with the notes available below. There is much more coming very soon. Thank you so much for playing. It really means a lot to us. Sean 2.15 Patch Notes Added Featured Bases to the teleporter on the Space Anomaly. The list of featured bases will change periodically to highlight the best the base building community has to offer. The Featured Bases lists allows anyone aboard the Space Anomaly to easily visit and be inspired by other base creators. Bases featured in the list are protected to keep them as their architect intended. Added a new series of story-based mission to the Nexus. These missions are available each weekend and will advance over the course of the coming months. These missions are highlighted when viewing the Nexus mission board and reward a large amount of Quicksilver. Missions will involve using a portal to travel to a unique destination. This destination is shared across the entire community. Fixed an issue that caused galactic generation on PS4 to be out of sync with other platforms. This caused some system to vanish with the arrival of Beyond. These systems have been fully restored. As a result, however, some of the new and erroneously-created systems have been hidden on the galaxy map. These systems can still be visited via teleporter if bases have been established there. Fixed a number of issues related to the display of base screenshots in the Space Anomaly Teleporter list. Fixed an issue that caused reported bases to linger in the save-game of those who reported them. Allowed bases to be reported via the Build Menu, for instances where the base computer is not locatable. Added an autosave when handing in a mission on the Nexus. Added a community goal progress tracker above the Quicksilver shop in the Space Anomaly. Added a notification to clarify that your position is not saved while undertaking a multiplayer mission from the Nexus. Added the name of the current galaxy to the Galactic Map. Increased the stack size of Living Pearls. Added an icon to Kelp Sacs that appears when scanned, similar to sodium and oxygen-rich plants. Fixed an issue that caused long load times and poor performance around bases with complex power and wiring setups. Fixed an issue that caused tagged markers not to clear when their object was used. Fixed an issue that caused glitches in water rendering when entering the atmosphere. Fixed an issue where players could get stuck when performing a gesture while seated. Fixed an issue where NPC ship pilots would get out of their ship and become stuck within its landing gear. Fixed a number of issues that prevented switches being used when visiting other bases. Fixed an issue where background missions can update and disrupt a Nexus mission. Fixed an issue where Ares had the wrong head. Fixed a crash in network replication. Fixed a number of rendering crashes. Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing discoveries.
  14. 2.6 Hotfix 1 Beta 2 is up for public testing .. https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=f4e3245d720e30cf8d0a5a7e100f1c60 Version 2.60 HF1 Beta 2 (370595) - 2019-30-10 Fixed construction drones on shipyards becoming permanently unavailable. Fixed build time estimates not correctly taking available units into account. Fixed medium mining ships sometimes moving back and forth without mining anything if the player is close by. Fixed medium mining ships sometimes not using their turrets to break down asteroids. Fixed some savegames failing to load (problem introduced in 2.60). Fixed specific startup issues on Linux (problem introduced in 2.60). [Beta 2]Fixed Xenon shipyards having low efficiency (problem introduced in 2.60 HF1).

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