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  1. Experimental had another fix today Experimental Branch Update 28/09 Fixed an issue that caused the build menu to be inaccessible after going through a portal as part of a mission. This issue could previously be worked around by saving and reloading the game.
  2. Cant edit the previous post quote, but found more on the QS Items Adjacency bonuses on reddit .. https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/hta17a/study_of_adjacency_bonuses_from_polo_ship_trails/ Have a look at the images linked in the "Test Configuartion"
  3. That might be fixed aswell now in the latest experimental patch last night .. " Fixed an issue that caused some buildings to move, which could result in missions leading to distant buildings or in bases being buried under the terrain. " Fingers crossed for you. I went to have a look at my old start missions wooden shack, just out of curiosity to see if that planet had been affected in any way. Besides having a few bits of new flora and the atmospherics being better, the base was not affected. But then I haven't been to visit it prior to last nights patch so it could have been affected in the last couple of days but I was unaware. I have seen a Vykeen version of the Archive buildings, yet to see any other race variations, but yeah parts from those would be good for bases. No doubt the modding community one day will be utilising resources in new ways. ------------------------------ You might remember I have been holding off to see if I could find a Void Egg anywhere else outside of the Quicksilver shop for players who are completely Offline, which proved fruitless as suspected. Well then they made Origins with Swamp like planets and Xeno Colony planets (the style of the flora on the latter looks very much like living ships, with that slimy crawling animation on its surface). Checked them out and haven't found any wild Void Eggs so .. Sometime recently and before last nights patch, I found that they have updated the GOG No Man's Sky page to include a disclaimer it has not had before : https://www.gog.com/game/no_mans_sky
  4. Experimental Branch Update 25/09 Fixed an issue that caused some electromagnetic power hotspots to supply less power than before. Fixed an issue that caused warp tunnel audio to continue to play after the warp had finished. Fixed an issue that caused industrial power grid batteries to be used as bait for robotic creatures, instead of ion batteries. Fixed an issue that could cause a softlock when trying to purchase a frigate in specific star systems. Fixed an issue that caused creatures to spawn in the opposite hemisphere than indicated in the discovery hint. Fixed an issue that caused the portal coordinates for new worlds to be considered invalid. Fixed an issue that could cause volcanoes to be placed upon buildings. Experimental only: Fixed an issue that prevented the Terrain Manipulator from mining substances. Fixed an issue that prevented items from unlocking in the Quicksilver shop. Fixed an issue that caused framerate stuttering on PC. Fixed an issue that caused some buildings to move, which could result in missions leading to distant buildings or in bases being buried under the terrain. Fixed an issue that could prevent games from saving correctly. This fix fully restores any affected saves.
  5. New Experimental branch https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/2850173019331071767/ Experimental Branch 24/09 Fixed an issue that counted extinct creatures towards the planet total in the Local Information Register. Fixed an issue that caused new creatures to be marked 'Extinct' when discovered. Fixed an issue that caused incorrect creatures to spawn on weird biomes. Fixed an issue that allowed Exocraft to destroy volcanoes and other large objects. Fixed a crash that could occur when an NPC ship took off from the planet surface. Fixed an issue that allowed some traders to continue to sell deprecated items. Fixed a number of crashes specific to AMD video cards. Introduced a significant optimisation for large bases. Fixed a crash that could occur when being hit by a projectile launched by an entity that was destroyed before the projectile hit. Upgraded OpenVR to the latest revision. Fixed an issue that could cause Nexus mission to be abandoned as if the player was AFK, even though they had taken off before the AFK timer finished.
  6. Patch 3.01 has gone public https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/09/origins-patch-3-01/ Edit : Wow!, the GOG Offline Backup Manual Installers are already up on GOG
  7. Just found something nice .. It pays to visit those Manufacturing facilities, take the correct action and aswell as being able to get blueprints for some things, there is a new option to grab a multi-tool slot expansion item just saved me 40,000,000 for that last slot. That will be one of those new items mentioned in the Origin Update notes they didn't go into the details of.
  8. Lets see how long it takes for the community to start shouting "More variety / biomes / flora / fauna" Can't complain though, if it wasn't for them we probably would not have had half the content Origins has brought. Sean Murray had said previously that they didn't want to just work on more colours and variations, seems they had a change of heart .. Video of Sean talking to IGN here https://www.ign.com/articles/no-mans-sky-origins-update-release-date-free Glad I don't build bases, seems like the plan to try and not affect what people have built has had a few casualties on steam discussions. Really like that we can now upgrade our multi-tool of choice, instead of hoping one day for something that comes close enough. I had an Alien A class before the update, which is aesthetically just right for my preference, but I knew one day it would have to go to get better slots. Not anymore, I am spending a fortune in souping it up. Next slot is 30,000,000 and the last will be 40 .. Though I dont know if it will be the last, it looks like there is a grid to open up even more slots
  9. Yep, all the new atmospheric visuals are good. First time flying down to a planet the clouds were quite thick (and matched what you saw from space), which was followed by foggy conditions. I was expecting a bit of an atmospheric gap before seeing land, but the new land generation had other ideas .. MOUNTAIN! :)
  10. Not released yet but the patch notes are up Edit : Its gone public and there is already an experimental patch too. https://www.nomanssky.com/origins-update/
  11. Internal branch on steam depots just updated, stirrings afoot I think this update may just go public without an experimental phase, followed by patches in the coming weeks
  12. I was going to start modding the game after (what I thought was going to be) the final updates, but it seems that is going to be a lot longer now. Currently I'm heavily into X4, so haven't played NMS for a while. But I am looking forward to delving into the more advanced desolate hulks probably after the couple of bug fix updates which will no doubt follow the Origins update. Only done a couple of them so far which were not so big, so have yet to discover where to come across the more dangerous / lengthy procedurally generated desolate freighters. Still not bored with the game, it still has that chill out pull, but I can imagine some of those freighters will become repetitive once you have seen all there is to see in different configurations. Saving seeing the different types of creatures you can encounter on them for later too. I have yet to finish developing my own freighter, I started it just before getting back into X4, bagged a fresh Dreadnought class, gave it a new colour scheme and a couple of decks for Captains quarters / living quarters / trophy space, and left it there for now. No doubt next week I will be back in there
  13. No Man's Sky Origins is being released next week https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/09/no-mans-sky-origins-coming-next-week/ Apparently this is the start of even more development updates .. And I thought they were just about done
  14. Edge (Chrome based) by default uses Bing as it's search engine, so no problem there apart from it being Bing Chrome based means it uses the open source code from the Chromium project, which is not yet Google'ized (thats why I still use Chromium builds from here). But every Chrome based browser can be mostly de-googled, even Google's Chrome, you just need to thoroughly go through all the settings for example remove / change the default search engine .. .. and cookie / image / location / camera / microphone / etcetera data settings. Even Firefox needs to be de-googled since Mozilla jumped into bed with them .. Maybe not the case with Palemoon though, idk. I also set Startpage.com as my default home page, which drops the referrer headers you link to, and go to everything from there (or bookmarks). Go to https://www.startpage.com/ and click the "Learn More" at the bottom of the page, it's similar in its goals to DuckDuckGo, but with some very nice advanced features DuckDuckGo doesn't have Chromium is soon to switch on limiting what companies can see about your Browsers User Agent data too. It's already in the latest stable version of Chrome but still experimental so you have to turn it on via chrome://flags if anyone cant wait. And for the rest of Privacy / Malvertising issues online, just use UBlock Origin (works in all Chromium based browsers, including the new Edge). Its the only browser extension I use these days. So anyway, I wouldn't let just a Browser stop you from being more secure and upgrading your OS, that train of thought seems a bit upside down to me. You are effectively making yourself far more vulnerable while trying to make yourself less vulnerable by not updating anything.
  15. Leo I would also recommend upgrading to Windows 10 these days. I also thought (past tense) Win 7 was the best OS for gaming, but Win 10 has matured a hell of a lot since it was released, even some problems like microstuttering which typically gamers would puzzle over and blame on the latest game update could be attributed to old windows problems which microsoft has addressed in win 10, plus they have added some features specifically for gamers. There have been issues over the last couple of years, some really bad exploits of windows, which have been fixed in win 10, which win 7 will never see. This as Arthmoor says is the biggest reason to upgrade. As usual Microsoft have caused further issues in win 10, but they get resolved pretty quickly these days and currently I would say its better than win 7 ever was. On a privacy front win 10 is also much more friendly and configurable than it was when I started this topic. I think at the start of launching win 10 they were just doing typically what any big company does in this regard, the tyranny of defaults to get as big a captive audience as they could with the settings microsoft preferred on our machines to benefit the business model, until the worlds privacy advocates started making them behave again. By November next year, windows will not even be dependant on having Internet Explorer installed. They have already started phasing it out for home versions, server editions will be the last to get rid of it next year. And Microsoft Edge is no longer Microsofts 'roll your own' code, couple of month back they changed it to be based on Chromium (the source for Google Chrome), with their own idea of settings and Bing as its default search engine which is all easily changed in settings. So now with IE at long last going the way of the dinosaurs, and Edge based on Chrome so its far more secure and very configurable on the privacy front, most people will not need multiple browser installations and just use Chrome based Edge which comes with windows 10. The only snag with Chrome based Edge is .. Googles Chrome (and Chromium which I use) is always quite a few versions ahead of Chrome based Edge. Microsofts Chrome based Edge gets updated with Windows updates, so it will always be lagging behind with the latest Chromium developments, but at least its much better than IE and the old Edge for the average windows user. If you ever have any reason to do a clean install of win 10, it has a "Reset Windows" option which does everything you would want it to depending on your choices in the dialogue. Image download is part of the process so you dont need to go looking for files at Microsoft etc, the whole thing is automatic and flawless in my experience with three different laptop machines. You can also do a restoration of the system via USB without third party tools, I have actually used this (needs a 32gb USB Memory stick). My wife had a win 10 machine which needed a new Hard drive, after replacing the HD with a new one (so now we had a dead machine with no OS installed), I enabled the USB as a bootable device in the BIOS, and restarted with the UEFI compliant recovery USB memory stick in .. It completely recovered the Win 10 OS (including the Digital ID for windows, this machine did not come with disks and the original OS was Win 8, so I had my fingers crossed that the Win 10 digital ID carried over during the process from USB which thankfully worked a treat). Then it was just a case of restoring her documents / chrome passwords and setup emails from files I had on a USB HD. TL:DR Win 10 I would now very much recommend, and think anyone still on Win 7 is woefully vulnerable. It might take some getting accustomed to (as with anything new) but I would not go back to win 7. The issue with SSD defragging as I mentioned earlier is easily fixed by yourself until Microsoft do a patch, and is not really a concern. My initial reaction was due to reading the over-reactive press on the subject.

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