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  2. I have sent in a suggestion on this, to change save location to Documents\Hellogames\NMS
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  4. The only lore you find in the game is the stories you are told about Atlas and the Races histories. I think its just a remnant from the early game ideas of how to utilise what was already in the game in more interesting ways. The Portals for example were not even as interesting as Monuments in the first year. They just didn't do anything except make people wonder if there was something hidden to find out / unlock, and there wasn't, they were just statics with no jumping capability or glyphs to make them open. After that more and more mysterious things were added to the game, but they want
  5. I am aware of that option as well, and have used it before, but come on. Why should I need to go to that much trouble for a simple function? I already have 2 bases I built for the sole purpose of marking portals, but I shouldn't have to do that, nor should I need to go blow money on planetary charts. I should be able to expect my ship's computer to have basic navigation functions like HUD markers built in. I'm sure you could explain in the game lore that it's not something the simulation's designer thought of, but come on
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  7. Oh and forgot to mention : Tip for Portals (though this does not help if you want to revisit them) See those Monuments that give you a question to solve which are harder if you dont know the dominant lifeforms language?, if you answer the question right you get that beam of light shoots up and a gift of some kind depending on the race. After you come out of the dialogue, "talk" to the monument again .. This time (because the question has already been correctly answered) it will give you a new set of options to choose from :), like direction to the one Portal on that planet. So i
  8. Heh, I know the feeling. It's part of why I don't really want to start a new game myself. I found a really cool Class A "alien" mult-tool and don't want to part with it. Has full slots and everything. And yes, it would be nice if they used a more normal location under the documents folder. I made the same false assumption you did once and lost all my progress. Then had to track down where it actually went so I could get it into my weekly backup run.
  9. I just had to start a new game recently, so will be a while before I get back to a more advanced game. Reason? .. that new NVME SSD in my signature involved a re-install of the OS - "No problem" says I, "My documents are on the second internal SSD and thats backed up to USB" .. Yeah, Hellogames saves go in the C:\Users\username\appdata\roaming\hellogames\nms folder I had just found the perfect Multi-tool. Probably the hardest thing in the game to get in a style / type you want, it only took me four years to find it.
  10. There have been times I've wanted waypoints for a lot more than just this. Like portals, various ruins, trade stations, you name it. It's like you find something and even though it logs something in your discoveries, you can't ever find it again without being extremely lucky. This problem is older than archives and should have been an obvious thing to include.
  11. Yeah I can see where you are coming from with this, those archive buildings can be hard to find, and if you want to revisit them for a while some kind of building marker would be good while you venture around .. .. Make a suggestion on the hellogames zendesk (same place as bug reports, just choose suggestion instead). Maybe mark them in the scanner. The archive buildings are new enough that hellogames may not have thought through enough how a player might wish to utilise them.
  12. I'm not able to cause this to happen when I select the link function, no matter how I go about doing it.
  13. Yes, I know about the temporary map marker thing and use that to mark where to put mineral and gas extractors. I suppose that would work as a temp solution for a specific round trip to and from the archive but I want something more permanent. The ability to put a marker on something without needing to do something silly like throw down a save beacon or build a base computer near the facility. Pretty much every other space sim game gives you the ability to set waypoints on your HUD. That's all I want.
  14. If you point at some place on the ground you can click with middle mouse button (I think, its been a while since I used this) and a temporary marker is placed. Not sure how far away from these you can travel, and if you do it again somewhere else the last temporary marker you placed is removed as you place the new one. To remove it (so that you have no temporary markers placed) you point directly at it and middle mouse click again. Have to be close because targeting it is a bit fiddly sometimes. If you are in an area where you can access the Build menus', you can place a Beacon. I haven't
  15. The cursor will only be *defaulted* to the URL box after clicking on the link line and not what I see now (the cursor is placed in the bottom frame and below the link line the URL box).
  16. Version 2.0.5 Serana's nightstand should no longer be missing with objects floating above where it goes. The large broken main tower will be replaced when the East Tower cleanup is done. LOD has not been adjusted for this so it will still show as damaged from a distance. Navmesh in the North Tower cell needed to be redone.
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  18. Was just poking around with this again the other night. Found one of those giant Gek archive buildings or whatever. Realized there's a place to cash in artifacts. Went to go get the one the planet had marked. Then couldn't find the archive when I wanted to come back I really wish they had a way to waypoint stuff you find so you can find it again later.
  19. 1st Patch of 2021 in the works Experimental branch 19/01 is up, not much for PC in this one so hopefully sometime they will follow up with another QoL patch aswell as the expected more content updates this year .. Recap from Dec 11th last year : "This is likely to be our final update for the year, as the team is beginning to wind down, to rest up before next year – when we have much more planned for No Man’s Sky!" https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/5544461758378215805/ Experimental Branch 19/01 Stability improvements on PC. Resolution and perfo
  20. I found a temporary work around. I made a new gamer tag and a new bethesda.net account. When I navigated to the mods menu in-game for the first time, it prompted me to sign in to a bethesda.net account, and I signed into the fresh one I had just made. It was then able to sync my mod library at bethesda.net to my xbox gamer tag, allowing me to install the USSEP and everything else too. Annoying AF, but I don't care about playing on my actual gamertag I guess...
  21. Same, both this and the alternate start are just gone, says it relies on files that aren’t present. XB1 I just found some French translation ones to tide me over till this gets figured out
  22. Apologies - I didn't mean to imply by my post that the issue was, in any way, the fault of you or anyone on this end. I was merely interested to know if anyone who had had this issue has since been able to download the mod, because I have not yet been able to, despite resetting everything I can think to reset, and Bethesda (through a support ticket) has been unable to help thus far.
  23. The cursor should be defaulting to the input box for the URL. So no, it appears the forum software is working fine.
  24. There isn't anything to resolve. It's still on the site where it's always been. Whatever you're getting is a server issue we have no control over.
  25. When I click on the "Link" button I see the cursor between two lines e.g there you either manually add a link or paste a link and the second line below. Is that intentional or is it a bug in IPS 4.5.x?
  26. FYI, the MGE/MGE-XE guide I posted here is somewhat outdated and here have I updated the MGE/MGE-XE guide.
  27. Was this issue ever resolved? I'm currently facing this exact problem. Cannot find it in the xbox mod menu, and cannot get my bethesda.net mod library to sync to the console. I used to have the mod last time I played, but after a long break, the mod doesn't appear as a favorite or in my library, and does not appear in the in-game mod manager menu.
  28. Just appended Reddit Signal to the OP Signal apparently is now #1 App in quite a lot of countries, second post in the following topic : https://www.reddit.com/r/signal/comments/kse744/megathread_many_are_now_migrating_to_signal_as_a/ I wonder if Facebook are regretting the strategy of buying WhatsApp for circa 19 billion (can't remember), getting everyone sucked in, and then going for the T&C change to start monetising more metadata and whatever promise slippage / settings obfuscation would follow after that. At the moment of the first signs, everyone has just sa
  29. Imstearn is correct the author must have changed the title, because the forum thread still have USSEP in the topic title. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showtopic=9507003
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