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  2. Hello community, Having been absent from Skyrim Special Edition modding for quite a while, I just picked up my few personal mods again in order to set everything up a brand new playthrough. Luckily after such a long time, all of my personal files appear to work out just fine ingame, except for my little companion NPC who refuses to appear ingame under any circumstances (console commands etc.). I do remember having deleted its individual face meshes when I intended to pack the whole thing up in its finalied state just before I had to quit gaming until now, however not even back then did I know why exactly this caused it to stop working, seeing other companion mods with their custom resources come with merely that FaceGenData face mesh file alone as well. Maybe someone may be willing to take a look at my little piece of work, figure out what's broken and get it working again? Thank you in advance for any advice! https://www.dropbox.com/s/oe6voznve5xu47m/FJS01Thalia.7z?dl=0
  3. I stumbled across this and did not see any mention of it in this mod. Possible candidate to add? Dread Cloak Vampire Power: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Dread_Cloak
  4. And another update to this weeks experimentals, a few of the fixes on this list have needed fixing for ages .. Experimental Branch Update 26/02 Fixed an issue that caused Cuboid Roof Caps to snap to the floor, rather than the roof, of Cuboid Rooms. Added a chance to find cargo pods at derelict freighter space encounters. Fixed an issue that caused extra, incorrect inventory tabs to appear when comparing ships or freighters. Fixed an issue that caused frigates not to award cargo. Water reflections have been removed in PC VR (matching PS VR) to improve visual quality. A toggle has been added to the General Options menu to disable Auto Torch. Fixed a number of issues that prevented Atlas words from being learned correctly.
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  6. Good lord, that's nearly the entire set of game data. Guess it's time to get started
  7. Experimental Branch Update 25/02 Slightly reduced the time taken for Living Ship components to mature, so that they do not exceed 24 hours. Implemented a recovery fix for players whose Starbirth missions failed to locate an appropriate planet or building at the coordinates steps. Fixed an issue which duplicated the default filter in photo mode. Fixed an issue that caused pinned instructions involving Atlas Stones to suggest that Atlas Stones could be collected from factories. Fixed an issue which affected the portable refiner when picking it up with one too few inventory slots available.
  8. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/513128/pc-mac-patch-notes-v5-3-4-harrowstorm-update-25 Patch notes 2/24/20 The update is massive. It's a 64 GB download.
  9. I have an issue where Loot isn't booting up. It stopped working somepoint while I was doing some other mod related stuff. I tried reinstalling and uninstalling it and it did nothing. The last thing I used before this was SSEedit if that means anything
  10. Post in the Loot thread, but give more details: You've done something wrong, I can promise you that. LOOT is stable, and launches. Post mod managers, game, etc.
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  12. I tried re installing and uninstalling, but it doesn't start when i try to use it
  13. "load after" does take precedence over "group" metadata, but when building up the plugin graph it's not obvious which bit of metadata is "responsible" for the cycle: in the example you gave, it could either be the group metadata that loads "AMatterOfTime.esp" after "RealisticWaterTwoMerge.esp" or the group metadata that loads "Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp" after "AMatterOfTime.esp", and LOOT has no way of knowing which to ignore. Because it might not be the load after rule that you want to remove to break the cycle.
  14. Failed to sort plugins. Details: Cyclic interaction detected between "AHZBetterDGEntranceSE.esp" and "SOSRaceMenu.esp": AHZBetterDGEntranceSE.esp  [Group] D13 Faster Get up Stand up Animations.esp | why is that one even listed there? it has no dependencies, no load after rules and no plugin has a load after rule for this one  [Group] FallDamageCorrection.esp | same, why is that listed here?  [Group] RaceMenu.esp  [User Load After] SOSRaceMenu.esp  [Group] AHZBetterDGEntranceSE.esp had a conflict between the racemenu stuff, corrected that one and now i can finally sort it, but the error messages contain useless info and don't tell me what the actual problem is. Only had to put SOSRaceMenu into another group, all the other plugins listed there were fine. why didn't the error message just say: "SOSRaceMenu contains load after rule for RaceMenu.esp" ? Why list all the other stuff and why so cryptic?
  15. Hi, i feel (strongly) that "load after" should take precedence over "group". sorting my plugin list via group editor tags became a nightmare. if i set plugin A to group 1 and plugin B to group 2, but tell loot that plugin A has to load after plugin B, loot should just place plugin A into group 2 after plugin B, even if group 1 comes before group 2. how i'd like it to be: [group 1] plugin X (group 1, no other rule) plugin Z (group 1, no other rule) plugin Y (group 1, load after plugin z) [group 2] plugin B (group 2, no other rule) plugin A (group 1, load after plugin B) also the error message isn't really a great help and oftentimes i have to guess what the actual problem is. i mean, what is this? Failed to sort plugins. Details: Cyclic interaction detected between "Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp" and "AMatterOfTime.esp": Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp  [Masterlist Load After] | its group is after all "load after plugins, no "load after" plugin is set in a group after this one ELE_SSE.esp  [Master] | it's group is after all its masters RealisticWaterTwoMerge.esp  [Group] | why does the group even matter if there is another rule? AMatterOfTime.esp  [Group] | has no rule whatsoever apart from group and no other plugin has a rule including it Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
  16. Apparently, I was able to deal with my problem myself! The problem turned out to be the most commonplace: I incorrectly indicated the location of the game! Thank you for your help and all the best!
  17. Thank you for all your help. All your suggestions, plus some, helped. Everything is fine now.
  18. The thing is that, as I understand it, I run LOOT in NMM! As I said, I have already installed mods, but in LOOT, none of them are displayed! I used automatic installation for each mod! I assume that this is precisely the point, since during auto-installation the mod files do not fall into the game folder, but are stored in the folders of NMM itself and are essentially virtual... I ran both through a separate shortcut and through NMM I will attach the screenshots below so as not to mislead you or not to get there yourself:
  19. This is the same issue as with ELFX - Exteriors.esp, ESMs can't load after ESPs (unless the ESP has its master flag set). I think you need to launch LOOT through NMM for LOOT to be able to see the plugins installed by NMM.
  20. Hello, I don’t know English very well and use a translator (therefore errors are possible, Sorry in advance!) ... I’m not very good at mods and therefore I have a question that I can’t solve! I ask for your help! I use the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) to install the mods and I was not happy to try the Load Order Optimization Tool (LOOT) ... I have already installed and used several mods, but LOOT does not find anything else except the official DLC! Please help me solve this problem, since I don’t already know what to do! I really need it, because my mod is not working, and I can’t find out what’s the matter! HELP ME PLEASE!
  21. Thank You very much for responding. So I rebuilt, the DynDOLOD file this time without the ELFX - Exteriors. I had to disable ELFX because it didn't show up in the master list at creation. Again DynDOLOD (v2.81) ran fine. Now, I get a new cyclic error. Is there a way to either remove the 'Master' from the file (ELFX .. or from T'Skyrim) or edit the metadata to have loot load after DynDOLOD.esm. When I try to edit the metadata for the '.esp' to have the file load after a defined file, loot seems to ignore it.
  22. Tbh, I always come here to download anything Arthmoor-related or UP-related instead of going to other hosting sites. Getting the stuff directly from the source isn't something strange even if Nexus exists. The same goes for any mod related file on other sites (Darkmatters, Assimilation Lab, PiratesAhoy, etc).
  23. It looks like you're right, I've filed issue #96 to track this. This isn't a metadata issue, it looks like you need to rebuild DynDOLOD.esm so that ELFX - Exteriors.esp isn't in its list of masters, because an ESM generally can't load after an ESP.
  24. That could be the beginning of becoming popular. Corean bots is equal to the Chinese bots.
  25. Nah, it's not a popularity issue. We've got a steady amount of normal traffic. This was just a case of bad timing for the folks who set up the mod guide that's bringing people here. The ones you should be worried about are the Chinese bots - which I've dealt with for now.
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