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  2. I’m in Southern California using ISP Spectrum. Thanks for checking this out.
  3. A couple of other people on Tarshana's Discord have had the same issue and we're looking to try and narrow things down. One person is in California and has the issue. So it would be helpful if we could know generally where you are (state and country is enough for now) and which ISP you're using. It's highly unlikely to be some kind of regional thing but you never know, and if enough people get back to us with the details maybe we can bring it up with Bethesda. IMO the fact that you did a full factory reset is enough to eliminate local system issues. That's the same as if I were to format my entire system to reinstall Windows 10 because one mod wasn't working right, only to have it fail again.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I’ve just completely wiped my Xbox console and reset it to factory settings. Uninstalled, reinstalled SKYRIM, cleared all reserved spaces went on Bethesda.net and unsubscribed from all my mods. Went back on Skyrim Mods on my Xbox and attempted to download USSEP mod by ARTHMOOR. The download progresses to 87% and then quits and displays “ The operation could not be completed” message. Bethesda can’t help me. I’ve messaged Arthmoor and received an answer that it’s not on his end as he hasn’t changed or updated USSEP lately. Is anyone else on an Xbox 1 S having trouble downloading USSEP?
  6. New Experimental branch https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/2850173019331071767/ Experimental Branch 24/09 Fixed an issue that counted extinct creatures towards the planet total in the Local Information Register. Fixed an issue that caused new creatures to be marked 'Extinct' when discovered. Fixed an issue that caused incorrect creatures to spawn on weird biomes. Fixed an issue that allowed Exocraft to destroy volcanoes and other large objects. Fixed a crash that could occur when an NPC ship took off from the planet surface. Fixed an issue that allowed some traders to continue to sell deprecated items. Fixed a number of crashes specific to AMD video cards. Introduced a significant optimisation for large bases. Fixed a crash that could occur when being hit by a projectile launched by an entity that was destroyed before the projectile hit. Upgraded OpenVR to the latest revision. Fixed an issue that could cause Nexus mission to be abandoned as if the player was AFK, even though they had taken off before the AFK timer finished.
  7. Well it would figure that one of my major bases and several of my smaller depots got caught up in the terrain issue they're referring to. The patch didn't help when I loaded the saves from last week so I guess it's still not entirely fixed
  8. Patch 3.01 has gone public https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/09/origins-patch-3-01/ Edit : Wow!, the GOG Offline Backup Manual Installers are already up on GOG
  9. Just found something nice .. It pays to visit those Manufacturing facilities, take the correct action and aswell as being able to get blueprints for some things, there is a new option to grab a multi-tool slot expansion item just saved me 40,000,000 for that last slot. That will be one of those new items mentioned in the Origin Update notes they didn't go into the details of.
  10. Lets see how long it takes for the community to start shouting "More variety / biomes / flora / fauna" Can't complain though, if it wasn't for them we probably would not have had half the content Origins has brought. Sean Murray had said previously that they didn't want to just work on more colours and variations, seems they had a change of heart .. Video of Sean talking to IGN here https://www.ign.com/articles/no-mans-sky-origins-update-release-date-free Glad I don't build bases, seems like the plan to try and not affect what people have built has had a few casualties on steam discussions. Really like that we can now upgrade our multi-tool of choice, instead of hoping one day for something that comes close enough. I had an Alien A class before the update, which is aesthetically just right for my preference, but I knew one day it would have to go to get better slots. Not anymore, I am spending a fortune in souping it up. Next slot is 30,000,000 and the last will be 40 .. Though I dont know if it will be the last, it looks like there is a grid to open up even more slots
  11. Yep, all the new atmospheric visuals are good. First time flying down to a planet the clouds were quite thick (and matched what you saw from space), which was followed by foggy conditions. I was expecting a bit of an atmospheric gap before seeing land, but the new land generation had other ideas .. MOUNTAIN! :)
  12. Last week
  13. I gotta say, this is one of the best things they could have done as far as planetary visuals.
  14. Not released yet but the patch notes are up Edit : Its gone public and there is already an experimental patch too. https://www.nomanssky.com/origins-update/
  15. I’m wondering if anyone is having this problem: I’m starting a new game, deleted all my reserve space and starting fresh with no mods downloaded yet. Went to download USSEP. When the download hits 87% it stops and I get the error message , The operation could not be completed. I’ve tried everything I know of to fix this, but I’m stumped as this has never happened to me before. Hard restart, unplugged Xbox, deleted and then reinstalled Skyrim itself. I can download other mods, just not USSEP. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have put in a trouble ticket with Bethesda. (Bethesda answered, they can’t help with this issue.) Thanks for any help you can offer. I’m just frustrated to the max as many of my favorite mods require USSEP to function.
  16. Internal branch on steam depots just updated, stirrings afoot I think this update may just go public without an experimental phase, followed by patches in the coming weeks
  17. There's an awful lot of doublespeak in the statements from both Todd Howard and Pete Hines about how "good" this will be for everyone and such. The bottom line is, Microsoft is not your friend. This isn't going to magically reverse all of the things people hated about where Zenimax was taking things since Microsoft loves microtransactions AND subscription gaming way too much for comfort. They also love those damned timed exclusives way too much as well. You also don't sell of a wildly successful gaming company for straight cash unless you're in deep financial shit for some reason. Which makes you wonder just what it is the suits at Zenimax did to get themselves into so much trouble they had to sell. They're more likely to bring "Embrace, Extend and Extinguish" to the table instead, as their history repeatedly shows them doing.
  18. I stuck it here because it's basically the only free location available and I wanted it to be near Lakeview Manor so that you can sort of RP as being the lord of the whole town rather than just some isolated manor. You should load up 13 Orange's version some time btw. My Oakwood is more or less right where his would be because I didn't need to move my Storefront plot very far to maintain compatibility with my take on things. Even if those other mods had not been in the area putting the town further east wasn't feasible because of the terrain and the proximity to Helgen. Plus those old TES Arena maps would call for an awful lot of stuff to be placed where it simply won't fit now. As far as coordination between authors, I got lucky. I built the town without realizing how much other stuff was in the immediate area. That it all worked out in the end was blind luck.
  19. I've finally figured out what causes this error message. When I was building some pathing, I'd dragged the xmarker across cell boundaries. CK2 did add the cell header to the file. Since nothing was placed in the cells, so there was no change to the Location membership, CK2 didn't add the cell's Location to my file. For some odd reason, xEdit doesn't remove the empty cell headers with no temporary items as ITM anymore; presumably because they contain changes from Update.esm that aren't in the Hearthfires.esm. Removing them by hand fixed the problem (or at least the warning messages).
  20. Perhaps M$ will bring its vaunted commitment to bug free releases.
  21. If M$ ends up doing that it would be sad. It would probably be as bad (or maybe almost as bad) as EA buying them out.
  22. Reposted from the Nexus MA forum. I don't like it one bit and TBH I dunno what reaction I would have if this happen.
  23. No icons explicitly, just opening a text file from within the archive. The following and above screenshots are of the Windows taskbar: As you can see, a text file opened within a non WB installers archive happens to be the one for notepad.exe. The associations are stored in the registry.
  24. After my initial excitement, I've played a bit with this Oakwood installed. It's not where Thirteen Oranges had his. I'll have to look at his again to be sure about location (it has been a very long time). And although clearly well developed, it seems to me that the location is a bit off. Arena Oakwood should be further east, on the Riverwood to Neugrad road, presumably somewhere between Helgen and the junction, or even at the junction. I'm guessing it is here because you are avoiding conflicts in the map you linked above? At least folks are coordinating! :)
  25. If you are concerned about security, it is long past time to upgrade to 10. I don't even run any other version connected to the Internet. Admittedly, I'm a security wonk, and an author of many technical security papers. The only reason that I use Windows at all (any version ever) is for the gaming machines. Everything else is Linux and MacOS (and other *BSD). In 1994, I'd founded an ISP that internally ran almost exclusively on MacOS and Yellowdog Linux (PPC hardware). Plus, now Windows 10 has support for Linux. That said, I've found the EFF plugins to be helpful for browser security. HTTP Everywhere, Privacy Badger. Also Facebook containers, and NoScript. Just remember to tell NoScript that afkmods is trusted.
  26. Are you using the icon inside the 7zip.exe file? If so then try to find the 7zip.ico file instead as I think that's the reason why you get the "unknown progam" message.
  27. Not sure if it's really a MO2 issue, anyway I managed to solve the problem by simply deleting the particle patch esp and rebuilding the bashed patch.
  28. There are stops in both directions. That coastal spot won't quite work, as there's a possible dragon corpse. I've learned from hard experience not to put a carriage too near a dragon landing. But I've placed one in front of the dragon, out of the way of the patrol markers. There's a vanilla rock pile under a tree that I've shifted out of the way closer to the boat house. No need to change navmesh. Conveniently, your fast travel marker is not far behind the carriage stop. There's a horse stable near the inn. Just past it, there's a vanilla rock pile under a ledge that I've shifted farther away. Again, no need to change navmesh. So far so good. But either I'll need to create a duplicate MapMarker, or we need to share an Update injected one. I've been using 01008xxx and 01009xxx for injected location and mapmarkers respectively. This will be 0100901B. Or we can come up with some master agreement in a higher range?
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