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  2. CSI Miami has a magnificent library of sound loops- one of them came up as rather familiar...
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  4. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/488626/pc-mac-patch-notes-v5-1-5-scalebreaker-update-23 The patch notes from last week. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/490035/pc-mac-patch-notes-v5-1-6 And this week.
  5. Or the original author had withdrawn permission for a mod(s) and MSGO have changed over the years due to changed mod permissions. Have a look what one needs to do in order to make MSGO (the list of bug fixes is at the end in the OP) stable and playable.
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  7. Making any kind of static list or collection or whatever of mods is and always has been a terrible idea because the individual components get updated often. Those updates may be as simple as a bug fix or as complex as a whole new set of story data or something. Updates that sometimes can't be done because of how poorly some mod authors design things. This is all a disaster waiting to happen.
  8. I think I'll just wait until the bug fixing storm dies down a bit before I reinstall the game
  9. Woops there's a bad early bug been found, and Hellogames have gone home for the weekend Have a look at the second post https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/crvqzn/bug_report_megathread/?st=jzh8uqkn&sh=df1eeff4 Basicly avoid using the teleport in the new anomaly nexus for now.
  10. They are sure to. To do it properly, mod packs will want comprehensive testing, not just internally but against other mod packs. One can expect mod pack stickies to the effect: Versioning of individual mods (as well as the game) will be also give the mod packers plenty of work. It's difficult to see how upgrading (or even downgrading) mod packs will be squeaky clean. Compatibility with unofficial patches would want to be fully documented as well.
  11. The steady intro to everything from the game start is a lot less disjointed now and flows better, and the intro to the new anomally is worth going back to the start for (although they have probably patched in a trigger for ongoing games for this to happen no matter where you are). I just did the bare minimum base build to get the story going, looking forward to having a Freighter again and concentrating on a more mobile base for long term exploration :). Having more space to stack resources in each slot has taken away a lot of the tedium of inventory management. HelloGames has apparently done 18 new builds in the first 48 hour since Beyond went public. I had GOG Galaxy installed with the Beta 3xperimental branch enabled, and there was at least one update before and after loading up the game each time every few hours, and no doubt while me and the family were out and about in the car, I left Galaxy on just to capture any new updates while we were out. The Release logs are growing in number https://www.nomanssky.com/release-log/ I dont know what they still plan to add to this game now, but it has surpassed my hopes a long time ago and just keeps getting better. I dont know at this time if they have improved Freighters and the long term attraction to exploration in any way, but if they havent that would be my only wishes going forward, to concentrate more on having the Freighter as a Base and not be stuck on any planet as a base. And maybe one long term and rare nasty adversary for space battles .. But thats probably a bit close to plagiarising Elite and its Thargoids, or X and the Khaak / Xenon
  12. No. The unofficial patch is the only one where the prohibition is explicitly stated. Inclusions into mod packs is not allowed. Technically one does not need to specify this either because inclusion into a mod pack is a violation of copyright without the author's permission. It remains to be seen whether or not Nexus intends to properly honor copyright law here.
  13. Nexus Mod Packs might be a thing one day- is it possible, with permissions provided, the unofficial patches may end up in one?
  14. Maybe I'll reinstall it once my replacement video card gets here and see how far things have come.
  15. Yep. They have just released the second round of beta fixes to Beyond already. https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/1643171537291464493/ Not had any issues so far. And even without using online or VR, there is an awful lot to like about this update. I started a new game, and also deleted all old settings files so that those got regenerated from scratch .. .. Games performing really well, testing it with MSI Afterburner, aswell as without, so I have some ball park figures to go with how it "feels" and get a good setup after tweaking all the new settings = Very pleased so far with performance on my new machine.
  16. Probably the single greatest thing they could do for this game:
  17. https://www.nomanssky.com/beyond-update/
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  19. Quote from Changelog: Preplaced bodies in the following settlements will now clean up properly once the player has taken them over: Croup Manor, Kingsport Lighthouse, Sunshine Tidings, Taffington Boathouse, National Park Visitor Center. (Bug #20215) Does not work with 2.0.8 on PC in Sunshine Tidings. Bodies of killed Ghouls are cleaned up fine, but in every house including the big barn with the terminal a Ghoul body remains, which is preplaced. In one house a Settler body too remains. One house is barred and can only be entered by the collapsed back side, and this may be outside of the workshop area, but all the other bodies are clearly inside. Many days have passed since I have this settlement, so it is not a question of time, I think. One Ghoul body even 'survived' the scrapping of the table it lay on and now floats, please see the screenshots attached. I also have Taffington Boathouse, there is only one body of the dead woman in the house and the dead cows outside, they seem to clean up fine. But while fighting the insects at Taffington two of them where transformed to the usual red glowing dust, and these two persist. Since they are both outside it is not too bad. The other settlements I do not yet have.
  20. Hello there! I apologize in advance if this is the wrong area to post in. However, I have encountered a glitch on skyrim special edition the Dawnguard DLC (on the ps4) where veronica will not move to give me the elder scroll.
  21. Version 1.0.3 Location data for Rorilmir's shop was pointing to the data for Riverwood when it should not have been. Grounded the floating table outside of the inn. Grounded a floating nightshade next to the Dibella statue.
  22. When you go to nuka world market and try to initiate dialogue with any traders they won't talk at all, besides mackenzie brigdeman. She only has basic doctor dialogue, even if you start open season by killing the raiders she doesn't have the proper dialogue tree to turn it in. Preston and her won't even give options for open season. Tested on a fresh install with a new save with only the Ufo4p. Then tested it again without the Ufo4p just to double check and it worked, I'm on the xbox one if that would make a difference.
  23. A fallout from the trade fiasco: https://www.zdnet.com/article/no-china-no-choice-why-2019-is-the-worst-smartphone-year-ever/?ftag=TRE5575fdc&bhid=22773041083968953202343409683079 Perhaps one good thing to hope for as a result of the trade war will be a price drop. Hope is dead. Long live Hope!
  24. Getting XEdit to work under Linux/Wine/Steam-Proton After much time scouring the Internet, you have finally found yourself here for some additional help. You may have also found that XEdit and Linux really don't like each other. Well actually they work just fine together, it's just the setup that is troublesome. I hope to help you solve this problem as it took me forever to figure out by myself what needs to be done by fixing each issue that came up, one-by-one. My Setup: I am writing this tutorial on an install of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS under a pure Gnome 3.28 install. I have Steam installed using Proton v4. I also have wine-3.0. As for XEdit I am using version 4.0.2. Step By Step: 1: Download XEdit Oblivion Skyrim Skyrim Special Edition Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Fallout 4 Enderal Fallout 76 2: Install Wine-3.0 3: Unpack XEdit Right click the XEdit 4_0_2.7z and click 'extract here'. Navigate to the newly created folder and; Cut the 'FO3Edit.exe', 'Edit Scripts'(folder), 'FO3EditQuickAutoClean.exe', and paste them in your game installation directory(the directory under Linux will usually be, '/home/<USER>/.steam/steamapps/common/<GAME>') 4: Create Symbolic Link of Fallout.ini using your Linux Terminal ln -s /home/<USER>/.steam/steamapps/compatdata/<STEAM APP ID>/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/My Games/<GAME>/<GAME>.ini /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/ 5: Create launcher for XEdit in Linux Terminal 1. Create the file with nano(or vi if you like), and save the file with CTRL+X(With nano) nano /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.txt //XEdit.txt: [Desktop Entry] Name=XEdit Exec=wine /home/<USER>/.steam/steamapps/common/<GAME>/<GAME>.exe -I:/home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/<GAME>.ini Type=Application Categories=Wine; 2. Copy the file to create the .desktop application. cp /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.txt /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.desktop sudo chmod a+x /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.desktop 3. Launch the application by double clicking the .desktop file. Everything should work if wine is installed properly, and if you replaced all the variables(<VARIABLE>) with the correct directories for your scenario
  25. No Mans Sky Beyond Sean explains the 3rd component, at last .. Really looking forward to this update, not for VR or Multiplayer, but all the extra's
  26. Oh well, I wish that I'd known all that before spending $1,000+ on the Valve Index. (Skyrim VR was half price on Steam, so saved a little something there.) Not a Reddit consumer. Nor a PlayStation of any vintage; one of the reasons that I'd initially ignored it as not aware Skyrim was out for PC VR. Searched for topics here and at Bethesda.net, didn't see any negative details. The VR topics are quite enthusiastic. Now that I've got the Index, I've also learned that my GTX 1080 isn't powerful enough to handle full graphics, whereas on my 4K OLED it is quite lovely. So Skyrim VR looks like the original before the High Resolution DLC. Even RTX 2080ti supposedly isn't enough. Rather disappointing as yet. Definitely not worth playing without US*P.
  27. Posted in tracker, ID: 27208 I apologize if I didn't do this correctly. This is a verified bug on the fallout wiki: https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Ronnie_Shaw. The wiki lists a work-around console fix on PC but no fix is available on PS4 or Xbox One. I searched the tracker and this database, the issue hasn't been addressed to my knowledge. This post alludes to it but closed it because it was in error: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=23168. It has happened to me during my PS4 game. This bug occurs after all quests in the castle are complete and the armory becomes unlocked after The Old Guns. 1. After completion of the Old Guns, Ronnie becomes a special merchant, and is "assigned" under settlement menu as a weapons merchant with the appropriate icon. Her hours of selling are restricted to daytime. This is her normal behavior. You can additionally talk to her normally to access a basic, normal settler trade menu to equip items. So, she has both a trading/merchant menu and a simple barter menu. 2. If Ronnie becomes unassigned (the cause of the bug), she no longer serves as a merchant and initiating dialogue with her immediately takes you to the simple general settler barter menu. Her icon is now a red unassigned person. She cannot be assigned either to normal tasks (non selectable by workshop). You can not talk to her about anything. She basically becomes a generic settler with whom you initiate conversation just enters barter menu. Her simple barter menu does not contain her merchant items that had been previously for sale. For the rest of the game she will remain unselectable/unassignable and will not return to her merchant capabilities. In my case, all settlers were unassigned from their jobs (all red unassigned, food and defense all dropped), and I had to reassign everyone manually. This also made the radio freedom person get unassigned, who eventually fixed himself. This Ronnie issue does not fix if you fast travel away or spend significant time away to reload the cell. Here is video also reporting the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vaEd56OqB8
  28. Hello, this is now my third or fourth time playing this - and I still did not learn how to do it This time I received the Mission Jackpot: Hub 360 first from PAM. And going from memory I climbed up to the Skybridge, entered the 'Ruined Skyscraper' (Pinnacle Highrise), used elevators and complained about the quest markers, which always seemed to point the wrong way. But they do this from time to time, and - from memory - I found a Jackpot location, it opened, and the quest was done. So far, so good... After several other missions PAM again wanted a Jackpot Mission: Jackpot: Hub 360. Argh. I saved and run up to the location which I thought to be Hub 360 - and it was open. I feared to have run into a bug, and since it was already open, it did not register. These Jackpot locations respawn items after a while, but they work only once for the quest. So I did a few other things (before PAM gave the 2nd Jackpot Mission) and this time she gave me the Jackpot: Medford Memorial. So I did this - and a few other things, and now I receive the 3rd and last Jackpot. Jackpot: Hub 360. And this time it will not change. Why? Because after thinking a while and checking the Wiki I found out, the I never visited the Jackpot: Hub 360 location, not in this game!! I just checked, from a save before the 3d Jackpot Mission. This time (with instructions) I found the correct Jackpot: Hub 360 location, it is still closed, despite the fact, that the quest is marked as long done! My fault to visit Jackpot: Pinnacle Highrise instead of Hub 360. But ... And here is the possible bug: Obviously you can open every Jackpot location with the RFID card, as long as you carry it. The quest works, but if you have the wrong location, there is confusion. I do not know if this always was so (I suspect it). But it is also a bug, because this would also work in Medford Memorial, which is completely different. And obviously the game registers, if you visit the wrong location. And it marks the correct quest as 'done', and then gives the same quest (to the correct location) again. But it does not tell. No idea if something can be done...
  29. No Mans Sky is 50% discount on GOG .. .. And if you haven't got it, nows a good time before the No Mans Sky Beyond update on the 14th August
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