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Manor Roads 2.0.5

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A small landscaping tweak to connect Heljarchen Hall and Lakeview Manor to the nearby main roads. Nothing particularly fancy other than it not using the standard crappy road meshes. The roads have preferred navmesh pathing so if you're using mods that allow your spouse and/or children to travel, they'll stick to a safe path instead of aimlessly wandering the wilderness.

Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to be installed first!

What's New in Version 2.0.5


Updated USSEP synchronization.

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The mod that I didn't know I wanted... Just out of curiosity, would it be possibile to have the road to spawn after the plot of land has been built/the hause constructed?

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No Windstad manor?

It would be great for it to link the Pale imperial camp, Ustengrav, Hjaalmarch imperial camp, Morvarth's Lair and Morthal, seems a nice path for me.

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It's too far out into the wilderness to connect that far. It would end up causing numerous compatibility issues with anything that's been done in that region. The other two manors are situated close enough to main roads that it wasn't an issue.

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