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Complete update notes on the latest Starfield Steam Beta Patch/Update may be found here:

A fairly long list, to be sure!

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From Bethesda's X account:

"Bethesda Game Studios

The upcoming Steam Beta will also contain a change to FormIDs which should improve stability for saves that have visited many locations.
11:00 AM · Feb 2, 2024"


So official confirmation regarding the Form ID issue fix.

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Is that the issue where form IDs don't recycle properly without going NG+?

Also, damn, already another beta? They just got out of the last one. I guess they're serious about the update cadence.

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1 hour ago, Arthmoor said:

Is that the issue where form IDs don't recycle properly without going NG+?

Also, damn, already another beta? They just got out of the last one. I guess they're serious about the update cadence.

They don't state it exactly, but what else could it be?  At least, I hope it's that.  And it certainly would seem that they are serious about the schedule they indicated for updates.

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Potential Consequences of Removing Mods Mid-Playthrough

Until the release of the Creation Kit for Starfield, there is much that we do not yet know, and what we do know is often based upon previous Bethesda games or is outright supposition and speculation.  However, with the advent of modding, even though - and despite - the proper tools for constructing mods being not yet available, it would be seriously remiss if the potential issues concerning the use of mods were not addressed in some form.  The below is based on large part of what we DO know of how Bethesda has handled save information in previous games, and uses educated assumptions as to how that information and data is stored and handled in Starfield's saves.  While it is currently in a very rudimentary form, this information will be continually updated as more information becomes available.  However, it should be viewed as a "best practices" approach to the topic being discussed.

NOTE - Where quotes are used, a link to the original source is provided.  
Many of these quotes were made in reference to prior Bethesda games (specifically, in most cases, Skyrim), but are currently presumed to hold true for Starfield as well, until verified information and official tools prove otherwise.  As stated, it is a "best practices" viewpoint.

First, a "short and sweet" generalization of the principle idea:

"Data gets added to the save and becomes persistent. When you remove a persistent reference you run the risk of crashing if you trigger it again. Until we know more, all mods that include a plugin should be considered suspect."
(Text contributed by Avrie - personal communication)

Below is a more detailed and in depth discussion of the potential issues involved.

Procedurally generated planets and saves

Once a location has been procedurally generated, that overall general information is stored in the save.  While specific details of Points of Interest may possibly be recreated and changed upon a later visit, the location of those previously placed, as well as the overall major terrain features (including discovered traits), will remain the same.

Thus, any mod that is used that changes features of that terrain (other than pure retextures/meshes) or adds hand placed Points of Interest, will have those changes baked into the save.  Removal of that mod will result in those features no longer being available to load when that location is next visited - thus resulting in errors - up to and including CTDs.  Because of this, should such a mod be removed, it would be necessary to roll back to a save prior to the installation of that mod, or start a new game.


Any mod that adds or changes things as regards ship construction and the modules that are used in constructing ships (other than purely texture replacers), should be considered NOT safe to remove, as removal would also remove the items already existing in any previously built ship utilizing those features, thus resulting in, at best, missing sections, and, at worst, a CTD.


What was written for Ships as regards mods which add or change things, should also be considered to apply to Outpost building.  Removing a mod that adds or changes things may result in either missing features or in outright CTDs.


Entering the Unity moves the game forward into NG+.  One result of this is that, for all practical purposes, the player is starting a new game, with only Player Character information and results due to certain player actions being carried forward.  All other things are effectively wiped from the save.  What effect this will have should a player remove a mod before entering Unity is not currently known.  Some things will be completely reset to their initial situations and thus removal of a mod affecting those reset data points may be possible with no adverse consequences; other things may still have data points tied into the the NG+ save and may create issues.  As of now, the more conservative approach of not removing a mod (other than purely texture/mesh replacers) is what is recommended, as there may be unforeseen consequences to an NG+ game should a mod be removed before entering Unity.

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Just to clarify a bit as regards my post about removing mods: how the game handles certain features (such as procedural generation, for example), is beyond the scope of the post I made, which is only intended to make people aware of the potential for issues which may occur when modding if a mod is removed, not to explain definitively how the game works - which no one other than the developers, at this point in time, can do. And certainly not without the CK (and other properly constructed tools) being available.

So, the main purpose at this point in time is to make people aware that removing mods may have a detrimental effect on their save - not to state definitively how saves operate or how the game generates features. That will all come later as we find out more.

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