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  1. Another OCD for those who pursue μs disk tweak economy is physical location on the disk. Repacking the BSAs may position them on a cluster further away than that of the exe, thus incurring a small penalty in seek time.
  2. There's also the CareWare principle- a better fit even in the internet of today.
  3. Compatibility, and Stability All Mod packs should be unit tested, and then tested with other packs. This consumes time and labour. And there should be test reports and stats and graphs- pages of them. A mod author should be able to vote for inclusion or exclusion of other mods in the modpack that bundles his mod. That probably means that if his 5 star job gets stuffed in with a bunch of 2 star jobs, the ctds will be blamed on his mod just as much as the others. Will he enjoy providing Support for the Bug Reports? Mod Packs will then want to be rated on test results as well. A extra burden on those Nexus staff and devotees who want to give it any credibility. Demands for Modpack Compatibility This is the worst thing- that a mod should be altered without permission so it functions in some mod pack. Mod Authors have every right to determine how their work is distributed!
  4. @Infernio: The beta doesn't appear to have the fix for CBash in the build at the top of this page, which is now an invalid link. Was that intended? Thanks.
  5. The bug tab has now been removed from the mod page, but have all the bugs been removed? Still, might be worth a download for the other tool in the suite, "Restringer".
  6. From the STEP guide, DDSOpt has an ini where handling for unknown types can be set. In any case, the Cathedral Assets Optimizer is a more attractive proposition for SSE.
  7. Cathedral Assets Optimizer is an automated optimizer for SSE. ESPTools is impressive- did it ever look like getting to release? MO is legacy, MO2 is still in development. The link in StrEdit is now https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28365, not https://www.skyrim/nexusmods.com/mods/28365 The old broken link still active on the XEdit page: http://tes5edit.github.io/ Thanks.
  8. Loaded up. Fantastic, thanks! Might eventually have a look at CBash- PBash has never been a problem here, though.
  9. @Infernio: Thanks. Doesn't start, but we have a slightly different function not_found:
  10. Direct from Parnassus is Krautgartner & the Orf. Just the sort of thing for touring Nibenay or the Heartlands.

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