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  1. No icons explicitly, just opening a text file from within the archive. The following and above screenshots are of the Windows taskbar: As you can see, a text file opened within a non WB installers archive happens to be the one for notepad.exe. The associations are stored in the registry.
  2. Hi @kaymre, and welcome. If Wrye Bash doesn't show any errors, then it looks like an issue for MO2. Have a problem with the mouse not catching any sizable borders under "Masters", thus the view in the Listbox/Listview remains hidden. Thanks. Nitpick: The default 7z text icon is not carried over when opening text files in WB 7z Installer archives (maybe due to 32/64 bit versioning). Comes up with the "unknown program" one instead:
  3. The following example is acceptable: "I grant you the power of disease. You may choose to be afflicted with any disease you choose, changing them at will, so long as it has visible symptoms. However, you must always bear at least one." "I grant you the power of pity. You may evoke pity in anyone that sees you." "Finally, I grant you the power of disregard. You may cause others to disregard your presence." The text inside the enclosed quotes represents a continuity in the flow of thoughts of the speaker. It's obvious from the context that all those words are spoken by Namira, and each new set of quotes implies a change either in the meaning, delivery, or timing of her dialogue.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Just curious, is it with SSE or Oldrim?
  5. Gotta learn Portuguese one day.
  6. All things begin as hobbies. We have Hobby => Passion => Enterprise => Institution The last happens to be the terminal phase.
  7. It's possible with a lot of modifications. What about an uncivil war?
  8. Hi Bambacha, what I'd do is a little mod that periodically checks, and adjusts the health stat as per player's combat status. Or, periodically imbibe a custom slow Weak Lingering Poison which negates the regen. Using the console modav might be the best in the instance you are sure there aren't any game/mod scripts dependent on the unmodded health values.
  9. @Infernio: Users are getting an extra nested Ini Tweaks directory in wizard installs with the new beta. Thanks.
  10. Amazing. The advent of the laser harp into electronica will change a lot of things for sure. This guy sure would have had fun with them!
  11. Anyone play Fallout 2? They may remember this classic: And, as we all know, It's All in the Game- a song that didn't get its lyrics for 40 years!

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