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  1. @DD: How much memory (RAM) on your rig? 16Gb here, I think @Arthmoor has at least that. The Undo facilities on most of these programs commit to RAM only- if were done properly it should page Undo data to a swap file on disk. The CK should emit warnings when running short of memory: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Version_control#Masters
  2. Best bet is to uninstall all the mods installed with NMM, uninstall NMM, uninstall all the ENBs and other Skyrim related mods. Uninstall Skyrim, and check the Skyrim folder and all its subfolders are empty. Re-install it, and run the game to create your character. Exit the game. Read this guide, https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/35230 especially WBPG - Basics and Installers Intro pdf Install Wrye Bash, and then install & activate all the other mods with it, ensuring all the mods are for oldrim, not SSE. Sort the mods with LOOT, build the Bashed Patch, and run the game. There's a list of Oldrim modding guides here, but SSE is a much better option these days.
  3. What other objects besides rocks & doors? Please provide screenshots. Can a door first appear as a grey blob, and upon reloading the scene, appear as a door? https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+verify+cache+in+steam&rlz=1C1NHXL_enUS760AU760&oq=how+to+verify+cache+in+steam If using MO, please direct your enquiry to their forums. Else try installing any texture replacer mods after the UHRP is re-installed and verified. Wrye Bash is really good for troubleshooting mod installation issues.
  4. BOSS says it. Although in Leo's case, it's not likely to be an issue until he gets to Skingrad. From WryeMusings: I've used it with no issue- IIRC there was some hysteria back at the old Bethsoft forums about it.
  5. Salmo the Baker can be toxic. Best to ditch it. Have you installed any UI mods?
  6. Design & upload your very own Indie Arcade game: http://winnitron.com/ Would have been a big hit back in the day.
  7. Might have been a reference to it in the save game. They are a persistent reference, and cannot be removed, but only disabled.
  8. No issues like that with OBGE_v31rc4 here. Might be an incorrect ini setting or a misconfiguration of another memory mod. Might be a good idea to post the mod list and OBGE.ini in spoiler tags. Edit: Consider using OR after reading 1Mac's OR for Dummies (no offense intended) -it's still being maintained which is a good thing.
  9. Thanks, however, adding my voice to those who do not find the redeem code working- will also add, despite being a great program, the buttons on the Launcher are dead. Edit: It's the first part of the code that works- not the http part. And check for updates in the launcher. Oops.
  10. Hey @docclox, Is a way to run a bat file through the console any good to you? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33149/ Or maybe there's a way of doing it through a plugin perhaps inimoinfo.h?: https://github.com/Modorganizer2/modorganizer/wiki/Writing-Mod-Organizer-Plugins

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