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  1. Gotta learn Portuguese one day.
  2. All things begin as hobbies. We have Hobby => Passion => Enterprise => Institution The last happens to be the terminal phase.
  3. It's possible with a lot of modifications. What about an uncivil war?
  4. Hi Bambacha, what I'd do is a little mod that periodically checks, and adjusts the health stat as per player's combat status. Or, periodically imbibe a custom slow Weak Lingering Poison which negates the regen. Using the console modav might be the best in the instance you are sure there aren't any game/mod scripts dependent on the unmodded health values.
  5. @Infernio: Users are getting an extra nested Ini Tweaks directory in wizard installs with the new beta. Thanks.
  6. Amazing. The advent of the laser harp into electronica will change a lot of things for sure. This guy sure would have had fun with them!
  7. Anyone play Fallout 2? They may remember this classic: And, as we all know, It's All in the Game- a song that didn't get its lyrics for 40 years!
  8. Yes, there may be size limits for new users. A link to imgur or similar would work as well, although we strongly recommend a text list, Do you have a plugins.txt or a DataFiles.txt? Unfortunately, mods used in a Skyrim game are there for the life of the game. They can be modified, and removed only after following a procedure (if any) included in the mod's documentation.
  9. Take it you don't have the time to build it from Apache's source code, mentioned here. Looks like others had a similar issue- have you come across this workaround? Posted on another page here with the user drop down list for a new user, and the keyboard arrows didn't work in the message field at all. This @Arthmoor, works fine here, so looks more like an transient board issue in any case.
  10. Hi @gargoylegardensproductions, welcome Mod list showing load order in a spoiler tag would help. Someone might spot a mod or three What mod manager do you use?
  11. What happened to Cheap or Free Games?
  12. There may be help at hand. A magical script to re-organize the entire content into a searchable format. Stay tuned for updates!

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