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  1. Might have been a reference to it in the save game. They are a persistent reference, and cannot be removed, but only disabled.
  2. No issues like that with OBGE_v31rc4 here. Might be an incorrect ini setting or a misconfiguration of another memory mod. Might be a good idea to post the mod list and OBGE.ini in spoiler tags. Edit: Consider using OR after reading 1Mac's OR for Dummies (no offense intended) -it's still being maintained which is a good thing.
  3. Thanks, however, adding my voice to those who do not find the redeem code working- will also add, despite being a great program, the buttons on the Launcher are dead. Edit: It's the first part of the code that works- not the http part. And check for updates in the launcher. Oops.
  4. Hey @docclox, Is a way to run a bat file through the console any good to you? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33149/ Or maybe there's a way of doing it through a plugin perhaps inimoinfo.h?: https://github.com/Modorganizer2/modorganizer/wiki/Writing-Mod-Organizer-Plugins
  5. Cool! Resetting the password was the only thing. No more iguanadons then? (btw what happened to all the content in https://www.iguanadons.net/?)
  6. Yes. When, for example, mesh and texture files are unique to Vanilla but not to other mods, then Install order is important as well.
  7. A fun exercise to show the various script changes since last version "x" on this computer- SKSE has been busy as well!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Of limited interest, here are some script file diffs for SKSE and the contents of Scripts.zip on vanilla game for: (CK ver) SE ver Note: The update on this machine may have updated an older version of SE and CK than the most recent. SKSEPex: On a vanilla game, all 61 SKSE pscs are compiled, even when some have not changed, thus this shows 61 different date stamps. FinalDataAndSourcedotzip: After the engine and SKSE update to Data\Scripts, by diffing with Scripts.zip, this shows which of the above SKSE compiled psc files had changed since the last update on this computer. Looks like 23 pscs of SKSE's making in addition to edits of 38 vanilla ones. NewSourcedotzip: 411 new vanilla pscs in the update! SourcedotzipDialogueviews: 6 changed files and 202 new xmls.
  9. What's this got to with WB? Interesting, but these so-named RAT like programs probably wouldn't reverse engineer the game engine- they could send pesky message boxes, interrupt an internet transfer the game has set up, or modify other game files as such. Very unwelcome guests at best.
  10. A simply amazing piece of writing & journey into the coin-op era: Game After: A Cultural Study of Video Game Afterlife.
  11. Just a shot in the dark- the console version of GetF´╗┐ormFromFile´╗┐ may not handle reference ids at all- the script version certainly does (as ObjectReference) etc. Refids are found in the game and can be generated as a list from the console. Scripting is the way to go- using something like GetNumItems as well?

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