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  1. The old broken link still active on the XEdit page: http://tes5edit.github.io/ Thanks.
  2. Loaded up. Fantastic, thanks! Might eventually have a look at CBash- PBash has never been a problem here, though.
  3. @Infernio: Thanks. Doesn't start, but we have a slightly different function not_found:
  4. Direct from Parnassus is Krautgartner & the Orf. Just the sort of thing for touring Nibenay or the Heartlands.
  5. Tried 307.201909031858, no dice. Some others also got the error on this page. It looks like the C library in recent Windows builds Ctypes is calling for doesn't have that function any more. And CB_Major looks like count of byte retrieval of a major version of what? Back a while, @Ganda was going to look at CBash, what happened? Until repaired, it's best for us to make the error informational only. Alternatively, Ctypes is bundled with newer versions of Python, perhaps nab a Ctypes from one of them?
  6. @Infernio: Tried that here, but don't have LOOT installed, only BOSS. Also the same with 307.201904161810. Thanks. In fact, with the last (2018) beta release. This post has the same issue: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/6793302-wrye-bash-crashing-immediately/
  7. CSI Miami has a magnificent library of sound loops- one of them came up as rather familiar...
  8. They are sure to. To do it properly, mod packs will want comprehensive testing, not just internally but against other mod packs. One can expect mod pack stickies to the effect: Versioning of individual mods (as well as the game) will be also give the mod packers plenty of work. It's difficult to see how upgrading (or even downgrading) mod packs will be squeaky clean. Compatibility with unofficial patches would want to be fully documented as well.
  9. Nexus Mod Packs might be a thing one day- is it possible, with permissions provided, the unofficial patches may end up in one?
  10. A fallout from the trade fiasco: https://www.zdnet.com/article/no-china-no-choice-why-2019-is-the-worst-smartphone-year-ever/?ftag=TRE5575fdc&bhid=22773041083968953202343409683079 Perhaps one good thing to hope for as a result of the trade war will be a price drop. Hope is dead. Long live Hope!
  11. @DD: How much memory (RAM) on your rig? 16Gb here, I think @Arthmoor has at least that. The Undo facilities on most of these programs commit to RAM only- if were done properly it should page Undo data to a swap file on disk. The CK should emit warnings when running short of memory: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Version_control#Masters

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