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  1. Nope- just a new toolchain. A few changes in syntax with the latest C++ is all.
  2. Another thing to watch for when transferring data from rig to rig is the Windows Backup. The old Windows 7 backup will actually function nicely once the netshare is set up in Windows. AFAIK, the backed up data goes in a D/B which can only be used in a Restore command, so best option for the entire drive. In reality, Restores will only work if you are feeling lucky. Haven't tried the OneDrive backup, but the free option sounds better option when you know the personal files are less than 5 gb. File History is the one which looked the most attractive here, like OneDrive backup, the option of selecting the files & folders you want to backup is critical. The common problem is once the netshare is populated with the backup files from the first backup operation, it never seemed to want to do the periodic update. Had a personal misadventure with accessing the drive the old style CP- kept getting an "Unknown Error" with the Netshare: 0x80070020, which means the S/W is tied up in knots. Best thing was to switch the drive, then change back into a new directory where the backup can restart without a hitch. Sounds like it is all a bit broken, and no longer maintained, as discussed here.
  3. So in that case, a few nights won't be too much of an impact then. Nice to think Bethesda has our interests in mind, which ultimately means their best interests at heart. And the rep is sure to go up if Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion ever get a makeover as well.
  4. Speaking of which... https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/10/the-best-part-of-windows-11-is-a-revamped-windows-subsystem-for-linux/ Might be easier to run web servers now.
  5. We all value some kind of artistic innovation- , there isn't so much of it in hack & slash for everyone's taste. Playing a musical instrument is a bit different- how soon the novelty wears off!
  6. Possible to post the script- perhaps in a spoiler if large? Not much experience with this, sorry- are the phases flagged as interruptible? In case there is an internal limitation in the CK Scene sound play, does using less than 6 actors make a difference? Try 4 or 2?
  7. Here's more detail: https://www.whois.com/whois/modskyrim.com Type modskyrim.com into https://ip-address-lookup-v4.com/whois/ gets a list of complaints starting oldest first, weird stuff goes on when clicking over to the latest page.
  8. Think that was, and still is an issue arising from the DB reorg from the domain name change.
  9. Hi Evader, and welcome, Not too many of us use or have enough experience with Vortex to answer the question- why not post at Vortex Support? If Vortex isn't absolutely mandatory, then by the sound of it, Wabbajack is the go-to choice for your pals, assuming their short experience in Skyrim will necessarily be enhanced by mods. Alternatively, what's wrong with playing the game with just the unofficial patch? If that were the case, installation of that, with or without any mod manager should be a cinch. Guaranteed not to compromise said attention spans or patience.
  10. The relatively recent implementation of elapsed time between posts kind of works,... sometimes. Here in this thread it's over a year out.
  11. They sound even better than the SWU days. Bentine freaks only:
  12. Those of the living, yes. What about those who make mods, and then go away from modding for months or years, turning off all Nexus and related notifications? Or those who pass away? Their interests are mostly left out in the breeze- Nexus would sure to be making some kind of noise as to providing them more shelter as well, if they indeed cared.
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