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  1. The only issue might be any contracts Zenimax signed off on the use of 3rd party commercial libraries. If they just released the C++ code, it would be still a fair job to marshal in all the required functions from open source to fit.
  2. How about a thread entitled "Mods recommended for save game stability" with a table of mods with a poll on each (yes/no/don't know). That way, a mod author doesn't get tarred with "bad", rather, players know they can trial a questionable mod without compromising the save.
  3. A good guide on WB is Oooii's. The video is setting up Northern UI? It's incompatible with many other UI mods- perhaps someone in the Northern UI thread might know more.
  4. Microsoft might be a friend to those who wish to subscribe to Game Pass, but not so much to those who wish to play Beth games with extenders and replacers. See this announcement. For those who wish to play the older Beth games, it's definitely better and cheaper to be using the native PC versions. For other games, who knows? A few might work well,- for the others, a quick trawl got these: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/370421/cant-install-or-uninstall-the-surge-2-in-xbox-game-pass https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/369791/error-0x800704c6-on-updating-reinstal
  5. What Sclero said in that thread is interesting as well. Was there more than one dragon script running when the game was saved? Perhaps one script has the number of items in the dragon's inventory different to another script. Or something wrong with the item flags. An option is to shoot the moon with console commands on the dragon's inventory Adding stuff, removing stuff, see if the game does something weird, or worse.
  6. Another period piece: and a very clever arrangement:
  7. Hi, two most obvious actions- either post DearkSynth0 the details- or just edit the Ladies of Solitude - DB - TLMR addon - AI overhaul patch esp file to refer to "Dragon Bridge.esp".
  8. It was so named when he created the mod: Must have changed it since then. Google brings up USSEP for these AI overhaul patches: Beautiful Orcs The Ordinary Women Males Of Skyrim Might be more- who knows?
  9. Just added an entry to Deodato's Wikipedia Discography: O Som Dos CatedrĂ¡ticos. Interesting selection, including this:
  10. Font looks okay here in latest Chrome with default 100% zoom. If anything, it's slightly smaller. Hang on - just zoomed to 90% and back- it's now like Hana's.
  11. Of all the ongoing games this one is continually going off!
  12. They're actually tags for mods which might be merged into some kind of merged patch. Mods are merged to save slots if you have many mods. Wrye Bash (with a link in this thread group) used to handle those for BOSS in Oblivion, Fallout3 & NV, LOOT has a newer (but not backward compatible) mod masterlist for mods which might have tags as seen above. Wrye Bash only manges level list tags for Later Fallout Games and Skyrim, TESEdit can alsomerge mods and has plenty of documentation on it, as does Mator's Merge Plugins. There's a much better explanation (with links) of tags & merging at
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