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  1. Anyone play Fallout 2? They may remember this classic: And, as we all know, It's All in the Game- a song that didn't get its lyrics for 40 years!
  2. Yes, there may be size limits for new users. A link to imgur or similar would work as well, although we strongly recommend a text list, Do you have a plugins.txt or a DataFiles.txt? Unfortunately, mods used in a Skyrim game are there for the life of the game. They can be modified, and removed only after following a procedure (if any) included in the mod's documentation.
  3. Take it you don't have the time to build it from Apache's source code, mentioned here. Looks like others had a similar issue- have you come across this workaround? Posted on another page here with the user drop down list for a new user, and the keyboard arrows didn't work in the message field at all. This @Arthmoor, works fine here, so looks more like an transient board issue in any case.
  4. Hi @gargoylegardensproductions, welcome Mod list showing load order in a spoiler tag would help. Someone might spot a mod or three What mod manager do you use?
  5. What happened to Cheap or Free Games?
  6. There may be help at hand. A magical script to re-organize the entire content into a searchable format. Stay tuned for updates!
  7. Archive.org uses what it calls Wikipedia Eventstream for collections. This may be related to EventStreams or even Event Stream Processing, however one might imagine the old Bethsoft forums to have not ever glutted on RT events. What I believe it does is run the following scripts for Morrowind in a separate namespace: It's yet to be verified that these same files are associated with any forum topic, which implies they are not just specific to Morrowind (86). Not sure if that is all either, because there doesn't appear to be any direct link to any database for the actual forum content. What's interesting is that the link http://static.zenimax.com/forums.bethsoft.com appears to time out- it then defaults to an (alt tag?) redirection to http://smugcat.bethsoft.com/forums.bethsoft.com/. An ex Bethsoft techo might know a thing about that- if it signifies anything at all. https://cdnstatic.bethsoft.com doesn't appear to be archived at all- perhaps the D/B resides in there? Similar to above, try https://cdnstatic.bethsoft.com/zenimax.com and get: Not much either at https://static.zenimax.com/, a 403 at http://static.zenimax.com/forums.bethsoft.com/, and another 403 at https://static.zenimax.com/forums.bethsoft.com/public/ with a handy back button prompt. There may be more info with other tools, obtaining a full directory listing on a guest login would be a start. The individual js files don't reveal too much- this one has the logo ids which correspond to their forum urls: http://static.zenimax.com/forums.bethsoft.com/public/style_images/warriorimg/js/logogarden.js? Note that different edits of the same versions of the board js files reside in different locations: e.g. http://static.zenimax.com/forums.bethsoft.com/public/js/ips.board.js vs. http://static.zenimax.com/forums/public/js/ips.board.js or http://static.zenimax.com/forums.bethsoft.com/public/js/ips.forums.js vs. http://static.zenimax.com/forums/public/js/ips.forums.js And so on. Might this have later broken the functionality in the forums?
  8. Could it be he ran afoul of an assembly of rambunctious multiloquent minions of the Dark One? Alt, done.
  9. Just another thing, have you just updated Windows? If Wrye Bash is on a drive other than C, and Windows has been updated to the last, check the permissions on the drive, and its setup. In my case, it suddenly appeared as a netshare on localhost (wtf), and unable to copy or move anything from it through explorer. Never happened before. The remedy is: don't know! Tried to share the drive, futzed around with other desktop items, and ended up rebooting. The drive is fully functional now, as in times of yore.
  10. @pendraggon: There happens to be is a certain class of program hangs that are soon followed by a system hang. In that case, it's not the program, but the system- or a buggy driver on the system. It was cured here by updating graphics drivers.
  11. Leo, it looks like Beth have still maintained their policy with the Beth Launcher installation as to the non-inclusion of the CS in the Game folder. Unless they put it somewhere else, of course. The version of the available CS (the only one it seems) is 1.6.1820 dated 2003, which exceeds the version numbers of the one in the (Oblivion) CS Wiki., 1.0 and 1.2. Is there any info on whether the Oblivion ones can actually be used for Morrowind?
  12. Yay, the CK scripts go in the right directory. If one feels the need to uninstall the Beth launcher (to free ~150 files ~200 mb disk space), know that it'll knock out all games downloaded with it, including the CK. It happened with Morrowind, luckily, having just upgraded Windows, the restore point of last week had it. It's possible for infrequent users of the program to just keep the BethesdaNetUpdater.exe in the directory and manually remove everything else. In that case the launcher won't know what was previously installed, unless there are reg entries (haven't checked them). Windows 1909, and still get the freshly installed CK hanging/freezing on exit, no matter whether there is data loaded up or not. Beginning to think it may be one of the existing ini files at fault-what else could it be? Edit: Dr. Google a friend indeed, according to PeterMartyr's file, any sound config in [Audio] is problematic:
  13. Hey @Sharlikran Are the cool looking LH dialogs going to be a permanent feature? Couldn't see a way of dismissing them without closing the page. Also regarding https://wrye-code-collection.github.io/wcc-wiki/9-modsandbeyond.html TESPCD: Plugin Conflict Detector https://morrowind.nexusmods.com/mods/3874 should be https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/3874 The TES Mod Utility link has gone spammo.

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