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  1. Stuffed? Were you at the table, or on the table?
  2. Generalizing r/skyrimmods to the whole of reddit is a disservice to reddit. Generally, reddit is a fairly decent place. I belong to several group and the only one which has problems with out of control posters and indifferent moderators is r/skyrimmods.
  3. @DayDreamer In your out of context quote from my post, you have removed the quotation marks and the surrounding information. By so doing, you are implying that you are responding to something I said. In as much as I quoted someone else, your implication is misleading. Please retract your misleading comment.
  4. Here is the data from the patch for SSE which dropped today:
  5. The children on Reddit are no better. They seem to think that including the four CC items added to the base game in the UOP is the devils own plot. The part which really entertains me is the number of "somebody needs to start their own open source patch". Yeah, "somebody" with the knowledge and inclination. Anyone with sufficient knowledge isn't going to go anywhere near this enormous task. And anyone with the inclination probably has more drive than skill.
  6. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT PS. The Dark Seducer armor looks terrible on a manikin.
  7. Other than my calling the event which occurred on Nov 11 the "AE Update" or just "AE", we said the same thing. That your take-away is that I somehow renamed the game to AE is disconcerting, especially after I defined the usage of the term to begin with.
  8. First, terms. Update is the AE download which updates SSE to the 1.6* level. Upgrade is bucket full of CC content which you can purchase separately for US$20.00. The Unofficial Patch covers the base game which is the AE Update and now includes the four CC mods which were included in the AE update. Everyone needs the UOP. The CC Patch covers the CC content released prior to AE, but will eventually be updated to include the new CC Content added by the AE Upgrade. You only need the CC Patch if you download and use any CC content. Hope that helps.
  9. First place I always check is the system tray. You would be surprised what is lurking down there. then ... Tell Steam to close after launch. Turn off all (or all but one) of the in-game overlays from Windows, your video drivers, Steam, and other sources. Turn off the app that monitors the levels of ink in your printer. Turn off the windows background cleanup processes. Tell your security software to run their scans and cleanup when you're normally asleep. Tell your backup tools to run after your security scan. Most folks don't think to turn these things off, but they can kill game performance.
  10. Or, in the parlance of Software Engineers everywhere, scope creep.
  11. Welcome. Don't worry about being green. I ask a ton of questions, and the folks here are tolerant and patient with their answers.
  12. Since all the reports on the Anniversary Edition seem to be tales of woe, let me provide a counterweight. I also play on a PC, just note, I do not have the $20US upgrade as there is nothing in that pile of mammoth dung I want right now. This is my second run through. My first was truncated because all I was doing was validating the success/failure of my mods. Once that validation was finished i stopped playing that game, made sure ALL my downloaded mods were current, and started again. I just talked to Paarthunax and got his take on the Dragonrend Shout. I have crawled though several dozens dungeons and virtually every non-quest related dungeon to get the shouts therein. I have joined the Companions and started their quest line. I am a fledgling member of the College of Winterhold, have completed Sarthal, and am undertaking a couple of the Master (Destruction and Alteration) quests. I have completed the Saints and Seducers quest line and currently have a challenge to find some Fair Weather Fish. The only issue I have discovered has been reported to AFKTrack and I just got an Email via that facility telling me a fix is pending. I have had NO difficulties that were new or different than previous versions of the game, nor have I experienced any hangs, drops in frame rate, or CTD. (touch wood),
  13. If you can wait a couple weeks, I can do some testing. My game is lightly modded. Just a couple dozen, half of which are my own. I maintain my load order manually using Xedit for conflict identification.
  14. Did any one else notice ... During the Forbidden Legend quest, you get sent to Folgunther. In this dungeon, there is a water trap (the grate opens, you fall in, you get a coin purse, you trip a lever and the grate closes under you, lifting you from the water). When you are under water, you get the gurgling water breathing sound. However, when you exit the water, the sound does not stop. While the sound is running, you cannot hear nothing else. It takes a save/load to make the sound stop.
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