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  1. On the off chance that the FBI is as opposed to the international theft of IP and follows through on their claim to investigate every case reported, you might take all the data you have collected to https://www.ic3.gov/ and file a report.
  2. Black Swan is no longer with us. This mod has been deleted and replaced by
  3. Black Swan is no longer with us. This mod has been deleted and replaced by
  4. Black Swan is no longer with us. This mod has been deleted and replaced by
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Fed up with hunting for Weapons and Armor to use to repair your favorite and heavily used weapons and armor. Here is a modified Weapon Creation Workbench which has the option to invoke the Repair Menu, using the players skill as input. Now, you can pay yourself to repair your gear and not have to worry about finding elusive items. This also works on the Weapon Create Workbenches on Mothership Zeta. This mod is meant to be used during gameplay only. Any other use is prohibited.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Resurrected from the cutting room floor of the Point Lookout DLC, this mod brings you a potent double barreled shotgun. It fires both barrels at once, and will effectively end any opponents will to fight. Unfinished, the weapon has had a few tweaks added. If the blast from this weapon doesn't kill the opponent, it will definitely knock them onto their butt. The recoil has been set to reasonable levels. And the power output has been upped to deal with some of the more OP nasties introduced in the various DLC. The weapon is placed into the world by way of a sunken fishing boat in the Flooded Sink Hole. You can locate the boat by spotting the dock across the pond from the Flooded Sink Hole landing sight (see attached images to locate the weapon). This mod is meant to be used during gameplay only. Any other use is prohibited.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Tired of watching .308 caliber rounds bouncing off of the OP enemies introduced by the Various DLC (Super Mutant Overlords, Feral Ghoul Reavers and Albino Radscorpians). Here is a better sniper rifle. This weapon has longer range, higher accuracy, and a better scope. It will knock down almost any opponent, and will one-shot kill most opponents with a head-shot from stealth. .50 Caliber rounds are placed around the Capital Wasteland, and in the various DLC areas. And the ultimate piece, the Ammo Press in The Pit has been modified to accept and make .50 Caliber rounds. The weapon is located in the National Guard Depot (see snapshot), in the same room as the Small Guns Bobblehead. This mod will require all the DLC content for Fallout 3, or the GOTY version of Fallout 3. This mod is meant to be used during gameplay only. Any other use is prohibited.
  8. Could it be wrap overflow prevention? When the counter reaches the upper limit possible it is displayed as zero?
  9. My play style is horribly simple. The best combat is combat I cannot loose. So I tend to be a high stealth sniper with mod enhanced long range, very accurate rifles. My philosophy is, "If I can see an enemy with the naked eye, I should damned well be able to shoot him". So I have a few really enriched rifles to choose from. To avoid combat, I have jump assisted Marine Armor and a jet pack. These get me onto rooftops and then buildings, allowing me to travel above the fray when in downtown Boston. Swan is a snap when you can shoot him in the head from the rooftops. After all, this game is just me against the ne'er-do-wells of the Commonwealth. I need every advantage I can get.
  10. There is that. And they aren't there to render on cell load, either.
  11. The unanswered piece, does dumping trash items into corpses so they get deleted improve game performance? I wouldn't think it did, but then again, with fewer items to manage there might be an imperceptible uptick in performance.
  12. I know this is a SSE Forum, but this applies to the Fallout and the entire Elder Scrolls series, so bear with me. Elsewhere I read a comment which implied dumping trash items into corpses would remove them from the game and improve game performance. But now my curiosity was piqued. What does happen to the "clutter" items stashed in a corpse when cell reset cleans up the corpse? Is the reference "disabled"? Or is the item actually "deleted"
  13. I gave this some thought, and it occurs to me that if you simply stick to considering what has been chosen to be the reality of the Fallout Universe, you will stay in bounds with 'lore'. With that, as you point out so well, the Fallout Universe is either decidedly Christian or Post Apocalyptic contrivance. No others are represented. As long as your signage sticks within those bounds, you will not offend the lore police. Venture beyond those bounds, and "Here be dragons". My opinion (which is worth exactly what you're paying for it), signage which directs people to the several churches which already exist in-game would probably be safest. And there are a lot of churches. You will definitely need to given some of them names, as quite a few are simply empty buildings. Bonne chance. Look forward to seeing the results.
  14. Ahha. Thread "author". Thank you Sigurd. Question satisfactorily answered.
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