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  1. smr1957

    The Coffee House

    And the mod is now up: A place for me to upload and share some pics of the mod that I am working on - The Coffee House. Located at the intersection of the Falkreath Road and the main east-west road running from Whiterun to Rorikstead/Markarth, it is based off an idea that Avrie and myself had for a mod a couple of years ago revolving around the Coffee House thread in the Steam Forum, and its regulars (the Old Farts). Fortunately, it will be compatible with The Fall of Granite Hill, with at most only minor issues. I am anticipating a release here at AFK the weekend of April 23rd. The private version has been released, and I have uploaded some pics of the "private party." Enjoy!
  2. Sure thing! Eventually I will be posting my current build in that format - but first I want to remove about 3 or 4 mods that just don't work that well (which would require me to rebuild some merges, and then add in 150 or so more that I have pending (all minor mods, really - clothing/armor, followers, and some small quality of life mods; nothing essential, but just to have included in case I wish to use them).
  3. smr1957

    Party's on at the Coffee House

    There is coffee, but there is also a fine selection of other liquid refreshment
  4. smr1957

    Party's on at the Coffee House

    That's Etienne with his back to us talking to the bard (probably asking him to take a break - LOL!)
  5. smr1957

    The Adventures of Etienne

    Being pics of my player character, Etienne, over the years, and I thought I would share them with everyone here at AFK .
  6. Sorry for the late response, Nubasik - just saw your post. The main mod here is Lakeview Manor - as it should be. As for as the rest of my mods - Bijin for Jenassa and Rayya, to Etienne's left is Chaconne, to the right of Jenassa is Sofia, and opposite Etienne and to Sofia's right is Shandar (though I've renamed him Hador for purposes of my stories). And oh, yes, Etienne, my character, is wearing the red Regal Huntsman armor and is talking to Jenassa. As for my build, it wouldn't fit - LOL! It's 2321 mods (yes, 2321) with 1668 total plugins merged down to 250, with 54 .esl files. And if you are wondering - it is totally stable and CTD free (a LOT of hours in xEdit to ensure that everything is as it should be). Thanks for the compliment on the pic, Nubasik, I really enjoy sharing my screenshots! EDIT - Actually, you can see my prior build, which was a little smaller, here. My current build basically just added to it.
  7. Etienne recalls hearing that on another plane of the multiverse
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!:celebration:  May your bellies be stuffed as well as the turkey,:cookie: with plenty of refreshment (of whatever kind) to wash it all down!:beer:

  9. Saviee, if you want a description/explanation of what the Patch fixes and why, see this pinned topic in the Steam SSE forum: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) - A Must Have
  10. smr1957


    Absolutely not a problem! Whenever you get it done, I will do the converting to SE!
  11. In addition to all that Arthmoor said (because we see a LOT of the same type of posts over in the Steam SSE forum), there is also this: If they knew what they were doing, then they would have protected their game from updates and had a backup of everything. And if they are making a new build, then they should be on the current version of the game. And my apologies for posting that if it is straying a little from the topic, but I just got finished with dealing with similar posts in the SSE forum, so not as patient or tolerant as I usually am.
  12. Good day, all!  Some good news!  Hurricane Nicole passed to the north and was basically unnoticeable where I live - big sigh of relief! :dancing:

    Now, the BIG news!:alienjump:

    My pinned topic Helpful Links and References in Steam's SSE forum has been overhauled and a new guide based version posted.:banana:
    Now maybe people will actually use it - LOL!:D

    1. Arthmoor


      A late reply, I know, but glad to hear you avoided the mess.

    2. Tasheni


      Congratulations for the overhaul! This is indeed a huge help, I'm sure :clap:.

      There was a hurricane named Nicole? I completely missed that. Glad to hear you were not affected. :huh:

    3. smr1957


      Thanks, Arthmoor and Tasheni!  Another lucky hurricane season over and done with!

  13. After all these years, I always assume she's wrong - and just wants to make a sale! Now, if another NPC asks me if I'm feeling well, or says I look ill, that's a different story.
  14. Congrats on the mod, Albert! Now you know when she says it, that you are sick - even if she really knows nothing about diagnosing things - LOL!
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