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  1. Good luck with the new job, Tasheni! And I hope that it ls all that you desire it to be.
  2. smr1957

    Etienne in the Wasteland

    It is not just Skyrim that Etienne finds himself in, but in other planes of the multiverse as well. So here are some pics of Etienne in the FO4 plane - The Wasteland. And like in Skyrim, Etienne can be found travelling with a companion, most often in the Wasteland with Passion. Hope you enjoy these further adventures of Etienne!
  3. First thing is, of course, to read everything in the mod description, as well as all the latest posts on the Post page, in order to learn about the mod in question and any potential issues it may have. But what you really need is a working knowledge of xEdit, so that you can see what is conflicting. Now, xEdit is not the easiest thing to learn how to use, and can be a bit daunting at first, but even just learning the basics of using it will help you greatly when it comes to creating your build and ensuring compatibility between mods. You can get xEdit (as it is generically called) here: SSEEdit As to how to use it, see these: GamerPoets video tutorial on using xEdit Tome of xEdit - by Miax A Comprehensive Guide to using ElminsterAU's xEdit Editing In xEdit A basic guide for how to edit records and other information in xEdit.
  4. First, ensure that your load order is as follows: Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm Hearthfires.esm Dragonborn.esm ccBGSSSE001-Fish.esm ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode.esl ccBGSSSE037-Curios.esl ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS.esm [any Creation Club master-flagged ESLs you may have:] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp [Your other ESM files] [The rest of your mods] If you still do not have the book in your inventory, you can obtain it by using the additem comannd: player.additem xx0B1985 1 where xx is the listed position of USSEP in your load order (usually 07), and 1 is the number of items you will receive
  5. While the age of a mod may not necessarily mean that it is outdated or unuseable, due to the many updates that SSE has undergone over the years, and therefore the concurrent updating of many mods to ensure compatibility, unless you know how to use xEdit and interpret what it shows, and are able to make your own patch, it might be better to look for something else that does something similar (search Nexus using "shouts" and you will see a fair number) - or, if that is not possible, to just do without. The prime thing to always remember when modding any game, is this: THE GOLDEN RULE OF MODDING: "No matter how good a mod may look or sound, no matter how much you may really want a mod, if the mod does not work as it should, causes issues in your game, or even seems to have the potential to cause issues, dump the mod. A game that does not work is no game at all." (From Steam SSE forum pinned topic Helpful Links and References, Introduction) Good luck!
  6. USSEP was just updated: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 4.2.7 For the full Changelog, go here: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch: Version History Though you should also use garthand's Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches version 6.7 - Now updated to account for USSEP changes (^This is what you are looking for - so yes, use both USSEP and this) The following applied to garthand's 6.6 version of the Unofficial Skyrim Special Creation Club Content Patch - now that it has been updated to account for USSEP's changes, it is not relevant. As to running the game with both patches, this, from Arthmoor: Arthmoor 19 June 2022, 5:49PM "Mine is fine as well with his latest patch installed." and: 19 June 2022, 8:52PM "With his latest complete package (v 6.6 as of right now) the game loads fine with USSEP 4.2.7. It doesn't even throw any errors in the Papyrus log." https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/266?tab=posts
  7. Well put. People do not mod games that they don't like or don't think are good - people only mod games that they really like and think are already good, and do so to make them even better.
  8. No. The only version of Open Cities is for the current version of the game - 1.6.353. - and it cannot be changed, as it is designed to work with only the current version. However, if you are on the current version of the game, Saints and Seducers is an inherent part of SSE now (along with Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn, Rare Curios, Fishing, and Survival) and as with any of the other DLCs that are built in (which, in actuality, are technically not DLCs at all - since they are built in), it cannot be removed. If something in your mod list is conflicting with one of the built in DLCs (such as Saints and Seducers), then you need to determine what mod it is and remove that mod - there is no other way; that other mod is conflicting with the game itself. Also, as far as the game is concerned, it is SSE - Anniversary Edition (AE) is nothing more than a optional DLC consisting of all 70 Creation Club mods that you can buy.
  9. Perhaps placing a dock extending out from the west side of the spit of land that the Solitude Lighthouse stands on? Here are some pics I just took to show where I mean (that spot where Etienne is standing):
  10. Thanks, Arthmoor. I have never looked at the papyrus logs for my own game (and usually try to avoid doing so for others' games - just too much that I do not understand and never felt a pressing need to). This is one of the things where I find it easier to rely upon those who do know.
  11. That is interesting to know (though I have long known about the reloading aspects where things are not reset as they should be). As to reloading, one thing I have learned from a long time in gaming is to completely exit a the game to the desktop before continuing, so any issues with just dropping to the menu and then loading has never come up - in fact, I never even gave that a thought. In fact, one of the things I have always suggested when people have talked about issues, is to exit the game completely. Although, I have to say it does sound plausible that auto or quick saving may not give scripts time to finish running completely, while the pause when going to the menu will. But can I say that with any certainty? No, I can't - that is an aspect of the game that I am just not sufficiently knowledgeable about, and so rely on others for that. Like I said, basically, it is just an abundance of caution on my part to use hard saves (and that is also something that I have always done when gaming, where there was an option to do so). Although, there is one definite issue with just relying on auto or quick saves - and that is the limited number that are available - so manual saves should also be used - lest a person get stuck with not being able to reload earlier than the last set of auto or quick saves when the situation calls for it.
  12. Thanks, Tasheni! The sky itself is Ethereal Cosmos, but as for the moon, that is from Skygazer Moons SSE - Masser and Secunda HD Textures - With Glow And, of course, all my shots are made using Intrigued ENB
  13. Much of this is out of an abundance of caution. Though, there has been some anecdotal evidence in the Steam forums, where people have posted that when using auto and quick saves they have encountered issues. The best and most to the point statement regarding this comes from markdf, the creator of Fallrim Tools, and which I will post here: from Posts section, Fallrim Tools: markdf (creator of Fallrim Tools) 04 June 2021, 9:42PM "My number one tip: DON'T AUTOSAVE. Don't try to sneak around that one using CASM. Autosaves and quicksaves are inherently broken and can never be fixed ever, not even with lasers. There is no difference between a quicksave, an autosave, and a "hard save". The actual files are identical. The problem is WHEN the saves are made. If you don't open the menu (or console) to make your savefile, you're going to end up f--ked." markdf premium1,688 posts 222 kudos 05 June 2021, 10:34AM "The important part is opening the menu (and by extension pausing the game). " This is excerpted from a longer post with more details I made regarding the issue in the Steam SSE forum here - a post tailored to those who use that forum. That is fantastic news, Raskunda! I am glad you got it sorted out. Enjoy!
  14. Well, we can at least rule out your machine being an issue, Raskunda. So, the best approach now is to do the clean reinstall and start a new game, taking things one step at a time. As to cloud saves, it is best that for the future you disable cloud saves completely, and as to saves, disable auto saves, do not use quick saves, and just rely upon manual saves. It will require you to remember to save often, but it will also avoid some of the issues that may possibly occur when using auto and quick saves. And, I can't emphasize enough the necessity of taking a break when things get to be too much or you are tired; I know from personal experience that when I am tired, the chance of me making a mistake increases tremendously. Good luck, and keep us informed as to how things are going. EDIT - It may also be that adding Open Cities to an existing save may be the issue - Arthmoor, of course, would know far better than anyone as to whether that could be an issue or not. Personally, Open Cities is a mod that I would have enabled from the start, just so as to avoid any potential issues with the game loading it into a pre-existing save.
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