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  1. Great body art! And great looking character!
  2. Years ago, I worked with a guy named Carl - almost exactly the same story - LOL!
  3. Thanks for that - but some people are insisting that is not the case in the Steam forum - some, I think, just don't trust to know how to test it properly; some, are just not reliable; and the others, while I consider them usually reliable - I'm not sure that they are testing it properly either. And some just want to disagree - you know THAT story - LOL! Anyway, I decided to occupy myself with other things today - having my blood pressure blow the top of my head off is just not worth it - yet - LOL! I don't mind being wrong about something (which is why I asked for clarification here when people first stated I was wrong about the add-on) but people who are saying I am wrong need to do more than just voice opinions - especially when I've taken steps to get information from a trusted source. Oh, and Sigurd, that part about Steam not checking because the files come from Bethesda is exactly what some of the people arguing against what I posted are claiming. Anyway, thanks to everyone for assisting.
  4. Well, I can't say I am all that surprised at the response by people over at Steam. When told something they disagree with, then it is only someone's opinion, and they quote unverifiable sources and reviews that have been written as being of equal authority. Seems that only when they get the response they want is the information considered trustworthy. And it does not matter if the person giving the information is myself, with my extensive experience, or Arthmoor, with his far greater experience - or even if it were to come from Bethesda developers themselves - if it is not what they want to hear, then it is wrong. Still, thanks are in order for the reply and information, Arthmoor - if people choose to believe something different, then no one cannot force them.
  5. Thank you Arthmoor - that is exactly what I was looking for. And while I thought that was the case, not having the AE add-on myself to test it out and confirm it made me concerned that perhaps I had gotten the information wrong.
  6. Okay, I need some clarification here regarding the AE add-on/bundle (which I do not have so I need to rely on others to provide the info). A question has come up in the Steam forum as to how do you remove CC content from the add-on if you do not wish it in your game. It was my impression, that when you purchased the add-on, it came as ALL the CC content, and that you could not remove - or pick and choose (as would be the case if you purchased the CC content individually). Now, however, people are claiming in this thread - Ok, so how does one can delete CC content from his game? that this is not so, and you can select what content out of the AE add-on you want and which you do not want, and posting how you remove what is not wanted (not from an existing save or game, of course). I responded based upon the response to this original question here in AFK (as well as my own individual impressions of how it would work): Posted November 6, 2021 "I'm pretty sure the AE content will work like Creations do." In the Steam thread, I posted the following: begin quote "Not sure that is such a good idea. In response to this: Posted November 7, 2021 "They probably assume that if you bought it, you must want to play it. Pretty sure you can uncheck them in 3rd party mod managers if you're using the PC version though." Arthmoor replied: "If they behave like existing DLCs, and there's no reason to think they won't, then if they're in the folder on PC, the game will load them regardless. A properly functioning mod manager should not allow you to disable them since the game won't. Obviously you can simply delete the files from your game folder on PC, but Steam will put them back the next time it checks validation." People can try what they want, but it is on them - if you bought the AE add-on, then you have all the CC content. Yes you can remove it from the folders, but it will be added right back in - plus, since it is all integral to AE add-on now, there is no telling what it may break if you remove individual content - as the triggering of many of them is now interlocked. If you wanted the individual CC content, you should have bought them individually, and not the AE add-on/bundle - and that is the way Bethesda assumed it as well, and how they implemented it. If you don;t like some of the content, ignore it. But, as long as you understand the risks, it's your game, but I do not think anyone should be recommending it." end quote Now I am being told in that Steam thread that you can pick and choose which CC content you can choose from the AE addon, and that it is not actually one intrinsic package, and that AE add-on content can be disabled or removed at will (albeit requiring a new game). Since, as I said, I do not own the add-on (and, some people responding there I have my doubts as to whether they are reliable or not), I thought that perhaps Arthmoor, or one of the other reliable individuals here. could give me an answer (or just post over there to confirm or deny what is posted there). Thanks and much appreciated
  7. And yes, Skyrim is the perfect escape. When I walk along the river road leaving Riverwood and head west, or along the road by Lake Ilinalta, the sounds bring me back to when I lived in New Jersey, as well as when I was younger, and the sounds as I would walk in the woods there. And, of course, If I want to go anyplace, I don't have to worry about buying a plane ticket, or driving - I just get on my horse and ride, and bring my companions with me.
  8. smr1957

    New moons over Lakeview.jpg

    Oh, you know, I should mention that the ENB in all my pics is Intrigued ENB by Firemanaf
  9. That was actually after a dragged out fight with a bunch of Hateful Wenches that spawned as I slept due to Sleeping Encounters.
  10. Yes, this is right along that road, just where the Western Watchtower is. That building you see is from Seaside Library plus Rift Reach and Whiterun by Jokerine (self port - SSE version here) Grass is Verdant Blended Roads Mountain Flowers by Mari SE Obsidian Weather Real Mountains
  11. That is Etienne sitting at the desk - that is from my previous build just before I lost everything - so real life sort of entered into this pic. Am on PC, but do not use console commands (except for the very rare additem for some mod added wardrobe items so I don't level up too much by crafting them - and then deduct gold from my inventory to account for the "purchase"). That home is The Northern Star - Revisited by ArchimageKhan On the north shore by the Sea of Ghosts, just west of Dawnstar and the troll lair. I use the one moves the bandit camp a little further away As for me, I've been active in the Steam Skyrim forums for years - one of the main people there. Long ago in the board gaming era I actually worked as a game designer/developer for a short while - company called Simulations Publications, Inc - or just SPI - which, at one time, was the largest wargaming company there was. And my interest in gaming never flagged. As for my game, it is really not Skyrim anymore, nor a game - it is The Adventures of Etienne - and basically a real world simulator - LOL! 2245 total mods, with 1642 plugins merged down to 245 .esm/.esp and 39 .esl files (so far, I intend to cap the build off with another 70 mods or so, and then it will be done - but right now I'm in no rush). And, most importantly, completely stable and no CTDs or any other anomalies. Really just started being more active here in AFK some months ago when I got annoyed with all the nonsense being posted in the Steam forums and decided to take a break. for a short while - (yeah, it was like 2 days - LOL!) - find it more relaxing here - being active over at Steam is more like work at times (even though I love helping people there). Not much more to tell about me, really (well, there is, but I don't like to bore people all at one go - I like to spread it out more over time - LOL!
  12. smr1957

    New moons over Lakeview.jpg

    No problem, Phat!: Ethereal Cosmos - Special Edition by Gamwich (Twinkle version) Skygazer Moons SSE - Masser and Secunda HD Textures - WITH GLOW by fadingsignal - Darker Nights by unforbidable (level 1 or 2 darkness, I forget) -
  13. Your character looks great in the game! And see you are using Fur Armor Set by Keung - great mod for the Skyrim cold!
  14. Good looking character! And greetings and welcome to the site from me, as well!
  15. smr1957

    The Adventures of Etienne

    Being pics of my player character, Etienne, over the years, and I thought I would share them with everyone here at AFK .
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