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  1. Thanks for that post! As I have stated, I am not familiar with the workings of Wabbajack. I have simply stated my concerns as regards the editing involved by those making modlists. Unfortunately, all to often - as can be seen in the quality of mods uploaded to Nexus and in the comments made in the Steam forums, that competency and knowledge necessary to produce a well functioning product, simply isn't there. There ideally should be some sort of screening or competency requirement before modlsts are posted, with those not meeting the requirements not be allowed. Frankly, I feel there should be a similar requirement for Nexus, given the number of mods that are poorly made, or don't work, or are just downright dangerous. And, an opt-out option is, to me, essential. Mods are intellectual property, and their creators should have final say over how they are used. If all these things can be satisfied, Wabbajack may be something good. But I think people really need to distinguish the difference between a modpack like the infamous and illegal "Journey" modpack, and one that meets all permissions and quality levels necessary for safe, stable, and legal use of all the mods contained therein. Time for me to take a break. Pleasure discussing this with you, layton!
  2. Layton, no problem! LOL! I edited my post. From what you say, the edits will be made manually as I say they need to be, Wabbajack just records all those changes and incorporates them - it is not actually editing the records itself. My contention is that a mod is bring changed and offered for download possibly without the consent of the mod author to allow those changes. The question of the competency of the person doing the editing I'll leave to another discussion. Though seeing the quality of many of the mods uploaded to Nexus, and the ability of many of the people in the Steam forums, I am not optimistic, to say the least. And I apologize if I come of as elitist, I'm really not. But there is a tremendous gulf between what is needed to ensure compatibility in large load orders, and the actual ability that the vast majority of people possess.
  3. Automated systems, DO NOT work, regardless of what anyone may claim. I've run enough of them to test, and they consistently omit information, or forward the wrong information. With over 6000 hours in xEdit editing builds, and having to edit errors introduced by automated tools and programs, I am more aware than almost anyone as to what can and cannot be done. Automated editing programs simply CANNOT make decisions which require decisions being based upon knowledge and experience. Thinking that they can do so, is a common misconception of those with less experience in the handling of large builds. No disrespect intended, but very few people, if any, have the experience with large builds that I have - what can I say? I have no life - LOL! And as to making internal edits to mods, and then offering those newly edited mods for download in a pack, it is my understanding that it is not allowed, as the mod is being altered and offered for download without permission of the original author to alter their work.
  4. On the subject of compatibility patches. Patches work to make one mod compatible with another. They work to make 3 or 4 mods compatible. A patch may even work (though it is the least effective way of doing things) to make 5 to10 mods compatible. But patches WILL NOT work to make a complete build totally compatible, and certainly not when the build is in excess of 150 or more mods. Once you start getting into builds of that size, the only way to ensure compatibility between ALL the mods, is by directly editing the individual mod's records themselves. Now, some people may get away without doing that, and be perfectly happy with a build of that size where items are not showing up in the game (they probably won't even notice - especially if they have not looked in xEdit), and where things may not be occurring when they should, but that is not the ticket to a totally stable and CTD free game. And once you get over the plugin limit, even in relatively small builds of 300 to 400 plugins (and these are exactly the size builds people will most want in a modpack), then the editing of individual records in individual mods, is an absolute necessity. And this is not something that can be done via patches, and not something that can be done in modpacks. It is this type of direct editing of files (and I have directly edited literally thousands of records in each build) that allows me to make builds containing well over 1000 plugins totally stable and CTD free - and which is absolutely NOT possible using patches. Anyone who claims otherwise, knows nothing about building large mod loadouts. And this is precisely the thing that cannot be done in modpacks. Anyone who says otherwise is completely wrong.
  5. Putting aside the issue of permissions, what I think almost everyone is missing is the fact that, you just CANNOT download and install large numbers of mods, and expect the game to run - just not possible without hands on editing of records to ensure compatibility. And this is the very thing that the people who want this the most are incapable of doing. This is what I posted in the Steam SSE Forums re this: Modpacks (as being discussed here, and not the clearly illegal compilations of the same name) and .esl files, all other considerations aside, make it very easy for the unknowing and inexperienced to break their games before they even begin to play - as well as making it, for all intents and purposes, impossible to help due to the shear size of some of the builds being made. Most people who clamor for Wabbajack and similar type progrsms are seeking a shortcut to modding the game - unfortunately, despite what some may say, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS (except, often, to disaster). And: I know almost next to nothing about Wabbajack. From what I do know, it autodownloads a list of mods from a source (lets say Nexus). Frankly, I see nothing wrong with that. But, as Jack said, what happens after that? Because that to me is the main question, and where I think a lot of people are getting their hopes up, and are being unrealistic. Even if it does install the mods, what next? When dealing with large builds, it is not just a matter of installing and sorting the mods. Even if it can auto build a Bashed Patch, for example, in a large build, the Bashed Patch leaves things out that can only be corrected by manually editing the records. As to merging, that is something that has to be done manually, as editing records for compatibility is necessary, and, again, that can only be done hands on. Then, of course, there is the overall compatibility of all the mods. While most people are satisfied using LOOT, the fact of the matter is, once a build gets sufficiently large, LOOT becomes useless, as records need to be individually edited, and it is impossiblle for LOOT to take these changes into account. In extremely large builds (and reading comments, that seems like what lot of people are envisioning Wabbajack to be used for), in order to get them to work, there is just no getting around manual editing of records. And, unfortunately, this is something that is beyond the capabilities of many of the very people who most want this. Undoubtedly Wabbajack would be excellent for many less elaborate builds, but for the kinds of builds many people seem to want, it is just not feasible. As an extreme example, you could autodownload my builds (my SSE build for example (1535 total mods, 1103 plugins merged down to 233, No .ESL files), you can get them all installed. You can even order the mods in the order I have them - and create all the same merges as well. And if you did all that, and fired the game up, the thing would probably immediatey CTD. Because all the mods and their records need to be edited - without that editing, it just won't work. And it is that very editing that Is beyond the reach of the vast majority of people - and certainly beyond the reach of those who would be most likely to use Wabbajack." Too often, people don't know what modding the game actually involves, and are all too quick to criticize those who tell them that they just can't have it "their way
  6. Just a little news update. It took a bit of doing, but got the helpful links and references threads pinned - am seeing if they can do the same for the USSEP thread. All credit goes to Steam's David Speyrer for his attention and response! So, I guess the rock did get up and walk, after all. USSEP thread is now pinned as well
  7. Black Album posted this and tried contacting a moderator with whom he is friends. Unfortunately, that individual is no longer a moderator, or active in the forums (he had been instrumental in the past in getting one of Ilja's threads pinned): Request for a pinned topic - https://steamcommunity.com/app/489830/discussions/0/1729837292637101503/ If you would take a look at that, and maybe post or get others to post their support in the thread and/or threads, it would be much appreciated. I know that you are all busy, and really do not wish to impose upon you or anyone else. As said, any help at all - even a simple post would be appreciated - but do not feel that you have to. The time taken by both Arthmoor and yourself to respond, is more than enough. Many thanks! This is what I just did today, after another person received a ban warning: This was sent to Valve, directly (list below) I am contacting you due to a serious problem we are beginning to experience on the Skyrim forums in Steam. It initially started as an effort to get three essential posts pinned. Now, however, some of the most respected members of the Skyrim forum community have received ban warnings for posting in the threads in an attempt to keep them visible where they may be of the most use to the community as a whole. I would humbly ask and beseech you to see the following - any assistance and help that you may be able to render would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Steven Ross (known as smr1957 on Steam). Request for a pinned topic - https://steamcommunity.com/app/489830/discussions/0/1729837292637101503/ Sent to (at https://www.valvesoftware.com/en/people ) - Other Experts: Dario Casali David Speyrer Doug Lombardi Eric Smith Erik Johnson Gabe Newell Scott Lynch Customer Support: David Underwood Jared Christen Jenni Salmi Markus Emmerling Will take your advice regarding the thread title being all in caps (initially it was not - but wanted people to notice it)
  8. Thanks for the response, Arthmoor! Had a feeling that was the case, but figured I would ask anyway. Trying to get anything done with regard to the forum is like trying to get a rock to get up and walk - ain't gonna happen! But thank you anyway - and especially for your hard work - and the hard work of everyone else on your team!
  9. Arthmoor, sorry to bother you. You may be familiar with a thread regarding USSEP that we have posted on the Steam forum (UNOFFICIAL SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION PATCH (USSEP) - A MUST HAVE: https://steamcommunity.com/app/489830/discussions/0/1741090847739345133/ ). We have been trying to get it pinned - to no avail. Recently, I received a warning from Moderators warning of a ban for bumping the thread. There are also two other essential threads that we are trying to get pinned as well - but now we need to be concerned about possible bans from Steam for trying to keep them visible by bumping them. Anything you could do would be much appreciated, though I am sure you are busy enough with other projects, without needing this added to your plate. Even a post by you in that thread would be very much appreciated. (One of the forum regulars even created this particular thread to present to the modeerator as a plea for pinning - Request for a pinned topic: https://steamcommunity.com/app/489830/discussions/0/1729837292637101503/ ) If there is ANYTHING you could do, it would be tremendously appreciated - we are trying to do our small part to make the game better - if only to highlight the tremendous work that you have already done. Thank you for your time and patience. Everything you do is tremendously appreciated! It is often a thankless task, yet never forget that there is a large amount of thanks out there from an innumerable amount of persons! Thank you!
  10. He would undoubtedly write a 1000 word essay about it. If you were to read all his posts (provided you didn't go stark, raving mad doing so), you would see that this is the typical type of person who goes on at great length about things they know actually very little about. Unfortunately, to new players, they can sound just plausible enough.
  11. Thanks for taking a look - just wanted you to know. Problem with this particular individual is he posts wrong and potentially game breaking advice about just about everything. And the people most likely to follow his advice are new players, who don't know enough to differentiate between what is good and what is bad advice. This type of individual is a plague on any forum or site in which they turn up. Thanks for all the work you and your team has done, and for the years of effort that you have put in - it is, and will always be, tremendously appreciated
  12. Arthmoor, thought you might like to take a look at this and comment: THE UNOFFICIAL SKYRIM SPECIAL ADDITION PATCH - A MUST HAVE: https://steamcommunity.com/app/489830/discussions/0/1741090847739345133/ Note particularly the post by DrNewcenstein (who constantly bashes the patch in numerous posts in the forums): see post #4 (the link not working to that post)
  13. Apologies for placing this here, as opposed to bug report section - you might want to consider this: Under Location record for Skyrim.esm and Hearthfires.esm (record 0005E0FD) in xEdit, Honeyside has the keyword: LocTypeInn [KYWD:0001CB87], when it should be: LocTypeHouse [KYWD:0001CB85] I cannot see anything pointing to this as other than a mistake. The developer assigned to this section probably just entered the wrong value without realizing it (as a former game designer/developer, albeit back in the boardgame era, I know how easy it is to enter the wrong values when going through a list - and not catch it before release). It is not currently fixed by the Unofficial patches. Thanks for everything - great job!
  14. And he's not even capable of providing a link to the discussion he is referencing. First rule of journalism or in writing history - if you are going to refer to someone or something, and what they may have said, you have better be able to cite the reference and provide others with a means of verifying your statement - which he cannot. Well, some people will never get it. As Friedrich Schiller wrote in his play The Maid of Orleans, "Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain." Unfortunately, it is necessary to stamp out every instance of misinformation and falsehood whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head, lest it get accepted and passed along as the truth. Thanks for your response and for all the fantastic work you do, both on the unofficial patch project and on your mods.

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