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15 hours ago, smr1957 said:

Allegedly, the quests that may potentially be affected are:

Back to Vectera
Empty Nest

I've completed Back to Vectera already. Had Empty Nest started but not advanced. I was able to run Into the Unknown just fine.

Information like this from reddit isn't considered credible so I'd pass that off as people doing dumb stuff since none of them ever say whether they're using mods or not and even if some do, they won't believe you if you tell them plugins will bork their saves.

I see no verifiable confirmation of Bethesda Support actually saying to avoid running the quest. A half obscured screenshot of something alleged to have been from them doesn't cut it for me.

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Starfield Updates and Mod Support - September 13, 2023:

"First, an enormous thank you to all of you playing Starfield and your support. We are absolutely blown away by the response and all you love about the game. We’re also reading all your great feedback on what you’d like to see improved or added to the game. This is a game we’ll be supporting for years and years to come, so please keep all the feedback coming! Even if we don’t get to your requests immediately, we’d love to do it in the future, like city maps. Our priority initially is making sure any top blocker bugs or stability issues are addressed, and adding quality-of-life features that many are asking for.

This first update is a small hotfix targeted at the few top issues were are seeing. After that, expect a regular interval of updates that have top community requested features including:
Brightness and Contrast controls
HDR Calibration Menu
FOV Slider
Nvidia DLSS Support (PC)
32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC)
Eat button for food!

We’re also working closely with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel on driver support, and each update will include new stability and performance improvements.

Additionally, we are working on our built-in mod support (Creations) that will work across all platforms similar to what we’ve done with Skyrim and Fallout 4. This full support is planned to launch early next year. Until then, we know our PC community is already very active in the modding space and if you have any feedback on how we can make this better, please let us know . Modding and creating in our games will always be a vital and important part of who we are, and we love seeing the community get off to such a strong start.

Keep the feedback coming, we really do read it all, and thank you all again for taking this journey with us!

Bethesda Game Studios
Update Version 1.7.29 - Fixes and Improvements
Performance and Stability
Xbox Series X|S Improved stability related to installations.
Various stability and performance improvements to reduce crashes and improve framerate.

All That Money Can Buy: Fixed an issue where player activity could result in a quest blocker.
Into the Unknown: Fixed an issue that could prevent the quest from appearing after the game is completed.
Shadows in Neon: Fixed an issue where player activity could result in a quest blocker."

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Just a note regarding game updates:

Any mod that requires SFSE, as well as SFSE itself, will probably need to be updated. As far as SFSE is concerned, if Skyrim Special Edition is anything to go by, an update should come relatively quickly (sometimes after an SSE update, the team had SKSE updated the same day).

Mods that do not use SFSE, should not be affected by the update.

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Regarding Mod Organizer 2
(originally posted by Avrie, HERE)

"Silarn — Yesterday at 8:22 PM (September 18, 2023)
2.5.0 + Starfield Support - Beta 8 @MO2 Feedback

2.5 builds include a number of dependency updates which ultimately means that these builds currently only support Windows 10 and above.

We currently only support Steam installs; Windows / Xbox Store does not work with the VFS.

Beta 8:
The return of the revamped category system
Categories can be imported from Nexus
New and old instances should get a prompt to update / import Nexus categories
The category editor now has an interface to fetch and assign Nexus categories to MO2 categories
These mappings can be optionally auto-assigned by the right-click menu or through the modlist dropdown menu
If you try to install a mod without a Nexus mapping set up, you will be prompted to update the mappings, proceed anyway, or disable mappings
You can disable automatic Nexus mappings in the settings pane
Please thouroughly test this so I can make sure it's release ready
Fix for being unable to check plugins in every game
GOG support for Enderal SE
Save parsing for Sword & Sorcery
LOOT integration updated to 0.21
Potentailly supports Enderal SE, Nehrim and Enderal to come
Downloads will now pause if your internet connection is disrupted (@SaltyTrout)
New schema handling to allow MO2 to download direct file links (@Eddoursul (Enderal SE))
Yes this still has Starfield support
Am I forgetting anything?"

So, it would seem that an MO2 version with support for Starfield is not far off.

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There are 5 difficulty levels in Starfield to choose from, and they will effect damage dealt, damage received, and the chances of encountering Legendary enemies.  The levels are: Very Easy, Easy, Normal (the default setting), Hard, Very Hard.
The effects (in general terms) are as follows;
Very Easy
Inflicted Damage - Maximum
Received Damage - Minimum
Legendaries - Rare
Inflicted Damage - Above Average
Received Damage - Below Average
Legendaries - Minimum
Normal - (this is the game's default setting)
Inflicted Damage - Moderate
Received Damage - Moderate
Legendaries - Common
Inflicted Damage - Below Average
Received Damage - Above Average
Legendaries - Extra
Very Hard
Inflicted Damage - Minimum
Received Damage - Maximum
Legendaries - Maximum
Link to post added to Miscellaneous section
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Starfield Updates 1.7.33 – September 25, 2023

A small update has gone out for Starfield on Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Store, and Steam. This update addresses some issues with performance and stability as well as a few general gameplay issues. We are continuing to work on a larger update that will add features and improvements that we noted in our last update notes. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support of Starfield and we look forward to a future with you on this journey.


Starfield 1.7.33 Update - Fixes and Improvements
Characters: Fixed an issue that could cause some characters to not be in their proper location.
Star Stations: Fixed an issue where Star Stations would be labeled as a player-owned ship.
Vendors: Addressed an issue that allowed for a vendor’s full inventory to be accessible.

AMD (PC): Resolved an issue that caused star lens flares not to appear correctly AMD GPUs.
Graphics: Addressed an upscaling issue that could cause textures to become blurry.
Graphics: Resolved an issue that could cause photosensitivity issues when scrolling through the inventory menu.

Performance and Stability
Hand Scanner: Addressed an issue where the Hand Scanner caused hitching.
Various stability and performance improvements to address crashing and freezes.

Displays: Fixed an issue that would cause displayed items to disappear when applied to in-ship mannequins.
Displays: Fixed an issue that would cause items stored in Razorleaf Storage Containers and Weapon Racks to disappear after commandeering another ship.

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There have been reported instances of some NPCs not being where they should be and being unaccessible.  It that happens, using the moveto player command should place them at your player character.  See the following for a list of NPC FormIDs to be used if necessary.

Useful NPC ID's for .moveto player command By Jaggid Edje

Added to General Troubleshooting

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There has been some talk stating that the number of saves present in the save folder affects the stability of the game. THIS IS ABSOLUTLEY INCORRECT.

The number of saves is totally irrelevant. People saying that too many saves affect game stability is one of the more common bits of misinformation that has been floating around the net for years. The number of saves a person may have, has zero effect on a game's stability.

Though, purely for ease of organizing things, and so that the saves don't take up too much of your computer's space, it is a good idea to delete some of your older ones, and move any that you wish to save to either a memory stick or to another location on your PC.

However, it should be pointed out, that while the number of saves may not be an issue, that having autosaves enabled often does have an adverse effect, as it can affect load times. So, the best option is to use manual saves, and save often - as autosaves are limited in number and individuals may find that if they are relying solely on autosaves, in case of an error where they may need to roll back, the autosaves often do not go back far enough. Which is why, in almost all Bethesda games, it is recommended to turn off autosaves and just save manually, one, because if you are relying on just autosaves, they easily get overwritten and you may not be able to have an early enough save to roll back to if needed, and two, because of the aforementioned effect they may have on load time.

And, in talking about saves, it should be stated that another major cause of issues is the use of Cloud Saves - they are a constant source of issues, as they are limited in number and will be replaced by newer saves - regardless of the game. Using them is just asking for trouble - and it's been seen extremely often that people have lost their saves due to the way cloud saves work.

There is also this, from Arthmoor:
"There is no credible evidence from any source that having more than 512 saves in your Documents folder for the game causes a problem outside of a brief pause as it loads the list of all your saves to pick from. Even in games going all the way back to Oblivion this has never been an issue."

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