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I got caught by this. (Having been forced into W10, I'm just now reading this thread.) I'm a long-time Mac and BSD and Linux programmer, so this is my only Windows PC. I only use this PC for Skyrim.


(I used to also use it for Quicken, because they stopped supporting it on MacOSX, but then they finally came out with a new Mac version.)


Since I only run this machine roughly every other weekend, and didn't have automatic W7 updates on, I thought it was safe. But ran my manual W7 update a week ago Friday, and it seems to have scheduled an overnight update.


Thanks very much for the OP, very helpful!


So far, the only thing I've noticed is my machine runs more quietly during Skyrim. Unlike W7, I think W10 is using the Intel on-board GPU, and merely using the GTX570 for speedup. (I'm plugged into the GTX HDMI port, not the motherboard HDMI, so it should be using the GTX. W7 would only use the GTX, and had the fan going pretty vigorously.)


But the quietness has a price. Stepping out from shops in Solitude causes the movement display to be very jittery, until the loading catches up. Anybody know of a setting to force the GTX to be more active?

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Have you already checked the settings in the energy options menu of  the windows control panel ?

Maybe this is set to a strict energy save option by default.


Yes, I'm using Performance setting, same as W7. It seemed to preserve that during installation.


Or the energy settings on the nvidia control pannel reset. I definitely recommend installing some recent nvidia drivers manually after the win 10 upgrade.

Cannot find any settings. W10 install did remove the current (May 2016) drivers, but I've already re-updated them.


Apparently, my nVidia drivers support DX12, the oldest variants that do (Fermi). Maybe it's just that the Skyrim game itself was written for 9.0c?


When I bought the card, it already supported DX11. So Bethesda was aiming for rather old DirectX version. Maybe the recently announced Skyrim Reloaded will improve things.

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I would agree with GurftLord, re-install the driver


Go here http://www.geforce.com/Drivers and get exactly the right drivers for your setup


I recommend that for Win 10 because if you use Geforce Experience, and it handles your driver updates, sometimes it can fail to complete on Win 10 ( I dont know why, I have seen it happen three times now, the first time was just after Win 10 installed and we needed a driver which had been written specifically for Win 10 the install of that first compatible driver failed to complete, once was doing an express install after an auto update from Geforce Experience, the other time was doing a custom install to also initiate a Clean install ( wipe all previous custom settings and profiles ) )


After a failed install, use the downloaded installer from that link and it will set things right again


Let Geforce Experience notify you of updates, but grab the installer download manually.



Edit : If you also have an Optimus setup ( typically these days a Core I7 with its own integrated graphics, aswell as your discrete graphics ), right click your desktop to get the NVidia Control Panel, 3D settings ..


.. Then from here its up to you how you want the system to handle switching to Discrete Graphics or integrated - On the Global settings, you can set "Preferred Graphics Processor" to High Performance for everything. Or go to the "Program Settings tab and just set it to High Performance for each game you want NVidia to take charge of





But even then, sometimes it does not kick in correctly. I still have an issue for Fallout 4 where the High Performance GPU is not being used when the game Launcher kicks in ( ie not the full game ), so when the game launcher sets its settings for the machine it sets them for the Integrated GPU - Because I cant force the system to use the Discrete graphics card for the games launcher ( which is strange because it works fine for Skyrims Launcher and sets everything to Ultra automatically )


So for Fallout 4 I have to do a bit of manual editing of the game advanced settings and guesstimate a good setup that will not burn out my machine over time.

I have moaned at NVidia, Bethesda ( here plus a few other places and via official support channels ) and also MSI the makers of my gaming laptop. MSI tried to help but were stumped.

Nobody has any answers ( I am not even bothering trying to moan at Microsoft who I have a feeling could also be at fault for how this setup is behaving ) .. This is why I will be getting my Win 7 disks out very soon and reverting to that OS, I have a strong feeling Win 10 is part of the problem.

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Many thanks Gruftlord, alt3rn1ty, and Imstearn. I reinstalled the drivers again (although Experience said I was up-to-date). Also changed both skyrim*.exe with the control panel to Performance. I'd never have thought about looking under 3D tab for this, as this is not 3D related.


Mine looked a bit different than your picture; it showed "power" instead of "global". And I'd already set my Power control panel to Performance.


Didn't do a regression test, so don't know which change fixed the problem, but it seems to be better now. Still a bit different than before, but as you say that's probably W10 issue.

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Yep since November last year, same peeps who make Spybot Search and Destroy


See the conversation starting back at this post :



Reference all the Telemetry going on in Windows 10 ( and being back ported to Win 7 / 8 )


An old trusty name has popped up recently with a new tool :


Click >> Spybot Anti-Beacon << Click


Turns off the following ..


Its also in the OP about half way down


Your post #232 immediately followed the brief couple of posts on the subject of Spybot Anti-Beacon


It has not had any updates since, release notes are here https://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?72686-Spybot-Anti-Beacon-for-Windows-10


( I would recommend downloading from the forum link which leads to here https://forums.spybot.info/downloads.php?id=55 )

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  • 2 weeks later...

A major update has been announced for Windows 10, dubbed Anniversary. It'll arrive on all devices on August 2nd.


Here's what's on offer (via Ars Technica):

"On the PC, the major features of the Anniversary Update are more powerful Ink features for pen-enabled systems; a more capable Cortana with integration with the Cortana apps on Windows 10 Mobile, iOS, and Android; Extensions and better standards support in the Edge browser; better enterprise security using Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection; better gaming support in the Windows Store; and new classroom features to make it easier to have shared-use systems in education scenarios.

These bigger feature changes come with a range of smaller refinements, such as a revised Start menu layout, a system-wide dark theme, and perhaps most excitingly, a new Linux subsystem that provides native support for running Linux applications on Windows.

Over on the Xbox, the major new features are the app store and Cortana support. The new system software also brings support for background music and gives control over the system language."

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Looking over the features to be getting an update .. MS need not have bothered imho ..


Though I think the system wide Dark theme may be welcome to give everything some consistency. You can switch on a dark them already, but not everything uses it.



I really hope they dont use these updates as some kind of push excuse to turn things back on again against user preferences already set ( such as Ink / Cortana / OneDrive which I have disabled as much as can be ), it certainly would not surprise me if that was the case ..


"Oops yes sorry <not really> we installed those with default settings accidentally" rubbish

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​The things I'm looking forward to the most are swipe gestures and extensions (adblocker) in edge and notification synchronization between win 10 devices (answer chat messages from WhatsApp or sms etc. on the desktop + only having to close a calendar reminder once).

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 a new Linux subsystem that provides native support for running Linux applications on Windows.


Just what I needed for all my Linux applications.... Instead, I could simply run Linux! (I do, and I currently work for RedHat.)


Better yet, we need a *nix version of Skyrim, and then I wouldn't have this single Windows machine (that is only used to run Skyrim).


Technically, I could also play my other Steam games such as Civ, but they run on my Macbook Pro.

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Oh heck yes, if all games were remade to run on Linux I would buy them all again just to get rid of windows completely, games are the only reason I put up with Windows and MS BS .. Dont need it for anything else, LibreOffice provides the whole office suite, G.I.M.P does graphics, and the internet is a far safer place to frequent on Linux with Chromium


++ Games on Linux utilizing Vulcan API

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Well here we are with W10 on both machines- upgrade in one, clean install in the other- (tragedy as everything was soooo well set up in 8.1)

Feelings are mixed- a bit meh about Enboost but there are a few improvements- like the camera, writing, speech recognition. A lot going on there.

Not too thrilled about Edge- the tabs are iffy, the whole thing can drop out (has to be fixed with this stuff yeccchh)- but at least most web pages behave as designed. Want to use Mail? Went back to WLM. :P

Early days yet as got a lot of stuff to install, so back to it. :)

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