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.. And just when we are getting mostly happy with Windows 10 (apart from the constant security fubars, and plugging crap in we dont need occasionally) ..

Windows 10 (what was said to be the last Windows forever more) is to be retired 14th October 2025 :facepalm:

No new security updates etcetera after that date.

"Round the buoy again please coxswain!"

My wish would be for an LTS (long term stable) version of windows we can buy, without any additional good ideas club additions messing everything up, just a basic windows OS that only receives security fixes and stable changes.

Apparently you can get one now if you are an Enterprise customer, and have a specific need for sensitive machines which are vital to a business, you can request for an LTS version for the companies mission critical machines.

I have seen mention that you can get that version for a limited time if you jump through some hoops, but have to re-do the registration every month or something similar.

But I'm guessing that's just a dream that will not come true. More like they will overhaul the look of it, find more ways to scoop valuable data for a while before people complain in enough numbers to make them change things (by which time its too late but then MS will make a public statement saying we have listened and will give you all the tools to opt out more obviously, as if they are the good guys and didn't realise they "made a mistake" oh really!). Maybe they will try to re-invent the Start button / page again .. But overall it will be the same old rope with a new coat of paint and more security issues ad infinitum, causing gamers headaches again, and a method of pushing everyone into adopting it as soon / aggressive as they dare so as not to upset the bean counters and target audience too much swinging into less popular opinion damaging the overall adoption and profitssss!. Have we been here before? :lmao:

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"The last version of Windows ever!"

Uh huh, how's that working out now guys?

Based on what little I've seen of this 11 stuff, I don't want it. But then there's 4 years between me and the end of Windows 10 so I'll worry about it 4 years from now I guess.

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I'm going to wait and see how development goes for Linux support for the couple of games I use long term, but apparently Pop!_OS is pretty good




Libreoffice, Chrome, VLC, GIMP, and either AMD or NVidia support out of the box + Vulkan.

And more importantly an LTS (Long Term Stable) version.

X4 Foundations is (as of a few years ago) Linux compatible. A few users on Egosoft forums reckon it performs better than on Windows 10

No Man's Sky, they never mention Linux is supported but in the past there have been fixes for Linux compatability from Hellogames, probably run via Proton ..

Anything else I want, well you can install Steam and Valves development of Proton with Vulkan (Wine fork). I will probably get a Steam account just to add to the Linux sales and help promote the development.

I might just give it a go, backup my Documents / Emails etc, I have a USB Recovery stick for Win 10 if anything goes wrong, and completely wipe the SSD with a Pop!_OS installation.

When dual booting Windows + Linux in the past I always found Linux OS's had a better file system which was quicker than Windows, and obviously less intrusive with background services, unlike windows anything not necessary by default is not running. I am veeery curious to see how much better that will be on my 970 Evo Plus SSD.

And Malware .. Its a lot less of a concern for Linux, Win 10s Defender has been superb in recent years, but that will be another one less thing needing to run in the background.

Edit: Hmm just a thought, better if I let the warranty run out first on this laptop :)

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Another W11 bombshell, The BSOD will now be ... black.

It's 2021, and still no option for choice of colour in un-sable system demise.

The personal preference for an alternative has actually gravitated towards something like ultraviolet, a mostly invisible hue aided by something in the spirit of the current change: "Blacklighting", The acronym for ultraviolet also suits the occasion having a better ring to it, no? ... USOD.

Yes USOD W11 for the idea of making the said sad SOD experience completely gloomy and unmemorable, and not the SOD makeover we were hoping for!

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