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Mods Made Obsolete by Unofficial Patches


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That first one falls under content restoration, it's not a bug for us to fix. I'm fairly certain he released that in response to us declining to do it in the USKP. Which is perfectly fine.


The second is probably less clear. The armor rating not being right is possibly a bug. The gauntlets may or may not have been left out intentionally, so it'd be a grey area that could turn either way.

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1st one : increasing clothes amount may be cool at 1st sight, but the mythic dawn sets are supposed to be old relics, psiijic ones are (IMO) obviously and intentionnally unplayable in term of RolePlaying consistency, and the greybeards ones should stay exclusive for the same reason.


Well, even if this kind of mod increases gameplay and has some interest, it all depends if you want to play a 'roots friendly' game or a 'partial' Barbie-doll game Sims clone.

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Should these be marked as obsolete as they are not compatible with the updated weapon rack scrips:

Hearthfire Houses Fix.Heljarchen Hall (http://steamcommunit...s/?id=108150387)

Hearthfire Houses Fix. Lakeview Manor (http://steamcommunit...s/?id=107853860)

Hearthfire Houses Fix. Windstad Manor (http://steamcommunit...s/?id=108301397)


It should be noted that the unofficial patches do not provide all the same funtionality, ie. display cases with activators or the ability to place a staff inside a large display case. Wandering mannequins are however fixed in UHFP.

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... or the ability to place a staff inside a large display case.


The USKP scripts DO allow this, and AFAIK, placing staves in display cases was entirely impossible before (I know better now). There are a few restrictions, but for good reasons: Falmer staves and conjuration school staves are disallowed because they wouldn't fit (they are too large), and the Forsworn staves refuse to accept the rotation values specified by their node (that's a result of the mysterious engine bug which also lets weapons float above racks in some Hearthfires homes).



Regarding compatibility, I don't know of any real incompatibilities between racks and the new scripts. That is, when all racks are properly configured, they will cooperate. Persisting incompatibilities are the result of placement errors (which can and should be corrected by the respective mod's author) or of failed attempts at improving the weapon rack scripts (which must be corrected). Therefore, they should not be marked as obsolete, especially when they offer additional functionality. I will have a look at the esps and contact the author, so he can correct his mistakes.



Goddammit ... forgot that I can't look at his esps, because I still don't have Hearthfires.

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Sclerocephalus, your contributions are really appreciated, and offering you Hearthfire as a gift would be a pleasure for several of us ! But I have to warn you : your scripting interest should probably be irresistibly attracted by this bugs' nest !  :rofl:

A poisoned gift, for sure...  :imp:  Beware, all we need is your Steam ID...  :whistle:  We are determined to proceed a conjuration ritual on an ancient elder scroll to obtain it, and nobody can predict about the resulting consequences.

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  • Launch any Valve multiplayer game.

Click Options.

Select the Keyboard tab.

Click the Advanced button.

Check the box labeled Enable Developer Console.

Click Apply and then click OK.

Join or create a server.

From the menu screen, press the tilde ~ key - typically in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard to load the Console.

Type status into the console text field and press the Enter key. Your SteamID will be displayed next to your nickname in the console window. SteamID example: STEAM_0:1:1234567

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