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  1. Morrowind is actually free for a short time window, and through the Bethesda.net launcher. Just use this link, and the given redeem code : https://twitter.com/ElderScrolls/status/1110190887735308289
  2. I checked the latest versions of TES5Edit, SSEEdit and FO4Edit executables, both x86 and x64. Their sizes and crc are different, what leads me to think that we are now on the road to '1 specific app for 1 specific game'...
  3. Well, it's not a game, but The Witcher III live concert is completely FREE for a very limited amount of time (less than 24 hours at the moment where I'm typing this). RUUUUUN !!!!!! Edit: WOOOOW ! Various video qualities up to 4K !!!!! (19.2 GB !!!!)
  4. Mmm, yes. The original reported issue was bad UV on the extended shaft, which wasn't unexpected. But the texture isn't designed to bear a longer shaft unless you 'stretch' the UV, which is the reason why I chose to build a 2nd, 'mirrored' shaft symetrically positioned and properly relinked to the same node as the other 'original' wheel+(half shaft) part. Although this way of dealing with the issue seemed better to me, I just can't explain why it produces this strange effect... Anyway, I'm happy with it fixed in any other way. Thanks, Hana !
  5. ??? I took the previous USSEP mesh fix and redid/updated only the faulty blocks (wheel and shaft if I remember right). All other blocks are unaltered by me AFAIR, and I even quickly checked ingame if everything was ok. I miss time to investigate. So, any explanation discovered by anyone else is welcome... (Hana... ?)
  6. Mmm, probably. But I confirm I can get it for free : It falls in my caddy for 0.00 € and my only option (as I already own it) is to specify the mail adress of the buddy to whom I wish to offer it as a gift (this buddy should have a GOG account registered with this mail, of course). So, anybody interested should send me a PM. (May eventually be processed several times) Arthmoor, do you want it ? I know you already have the game, but the GOG version comes along with a lot of bonus material (FLAC OST, game guide, maps, creators interviews, artbook, calendar, comics...) If so, please remind me your mail adress by PM...
  7. https://www.gog.com/game/the_witcher The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut is actually 100% free on GOG.com.
  8. The 'Skyrim - Patch.bsa' archive contains new assets for horse animations and saddles.
  9. Wow, SKSE update at the speed of light ! Good job !
  10. Erk... New wild update tonight. Game was updated to v1.5.53.0 without warning.
  11. Silly question, but... Have you tried to put a 'Pause' at the end of your batch file ?
  12. I assume you are playing on XB1 as it's a known and specific console rendering engine issue, you should have mentioned it. A fix does exist (with a few counterparts, though). Gift :
  13. I can confirm the fix for the Peryite dialogue is perfectly working as intended. Thanks for the update.
  14. Hana, you have eagle eyes !
  15. I'm now playing Skyrim quite rarely and I'm not very active on the modding/fixing bugs scene but I assume it's a wrong material set in the mesh collision layer. The cabbage (and all flora in general) has the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_GRASS' one. Try another one (just to see). You can also try SMIM meshes to see how they are behaving. The problem could also come from the cart mesh, which material could be set to something that 'bleeds on impact'. EDIT : I checked, and it looks like the cabbage01.nif mesh from USSEP sets the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_ORGANIC' material, where SMIM keeps the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_GRASS' one. That's the explanation... Also, rifrmsmpartitionbase01.nif from USSEP has no material set where it should have the 'SKY_HAV_MAT_STONE' one. Pete, was it the wall you were refering ?

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