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  1. Hi everyone. Just a little note to say that issue #55 can now be properly fixed thanks to the latest versions of xLODGen: proper occlusion data can now be generated properly. I will point you to the pinned comment I just posted on the topic for my "Culling data glitch fix" mod.
  2. I just noticed that there's no more .SEQ file in the USSEP bsa archives. Maybe I missed something, but is it an omission or is it now useless on SSE?
  3. Ah, I see the point. That's exactly what I'm doing from the very beginning to fix all typos in the SSE french version of the game. I'm forced to stick with this now, but that was partially an error, and I'll explain why. There are pros: Fixing typos directly in string files avoids overloading the esp with numerous records, avoiding possible conflicts with other mods. It also makes dictionnaries for translation tools much lighter. When you have no Unofficial Patch translation available in your language, your game is then lightly 'polluted' with english text, I agree. But there are con
  4. I 100% agree with Arthmoor. Releasing an esp + english string files would mean instant CTD for all other languages that would miss them. However, the actual form will (at least) always work for everyone... Making string files for all other languages would be an extremely time consuming job for a small team and would require a correct foreign language knowledge for second reading, because all translation tools are quite handy but not 100% reliable. I can assure you it doesn't consist of just a few mouse clicks achieved within a few seconds... I have to point out that I am using xTrans
  5. Just a side note: I remember seeing this issue in Windhelm and Whiterun as well: dead NPCs found below the ground (by using the 'tfc' console command). If I remember right I had Open Cities installed.
  6. Small mistake in changelog: The correct bug entry is #28943, not #28493
  7. It's quite unexpected from Sony, but at this moment (and here in europe) Journey™ and Uncharted™: The Nathan Drake Collection are offered to PS4 players. Check here.
  8. Actually, PS4 version of USSEP adds the proper keyword to sunhallowed arrows only...
  9. GOG.com : Wasteland 2 Director's Cut is 100% free for a limited amount of time, as a gift for the "winter sales" opening.
  10. Try the direct-download link from nexus.
  11. This is an intentional designers choice. Orcs are beasts, warriors and brutes by nature. Generic/feminine gestures just don't match with this nature.
  12. @DayDreamer : I don't really know, but I wouldn't be surprised if all the animations and AI related to horses was updated for an upcoming CC content still to be announced. Something like new mounts (other than actual 'regular' horses) that would share the same assets, and/or that would be able to hide/move for advanced features (attack, ambush ?)...
  13. @DayDreamer : No new CC content related to horses AFAIK, but the latest "Skyrim - Patch.bsa" archive has new/updated horse animation files in it, and an "imperial saddle" mesh.
  14. I don't know when it rolled out, but we are now on No changelog AFAIK and, as expected, SKSE64 needs an upgrade once more.
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