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  1. I don't have a problem with you dropping the support for your LE mods now that two of the biggest road blocks for SE migration are gone. They were both showstoppers for me, I couldn't imagine playing without them, and I'm sure many others felt the same way. Still, I'm sure that there will be some people objecting to your decision, loudly. Just ignore them and move on
  2. Yes, it's a linux box with its own motherboard, but it's not Intel. It's something a lot rarer.
  3. I feel so much better now about running that separate firewall which allows nothing to get through it either way unless I specify it as allowed. Every connection in my house goes through it. Yeah, it has been a huge PITA over the years to configure because nothing has worked out off the box, but this reminded me of its advantages.
  4. Well don't expect to see me on the new forums as I can't stand them. I really will miss the old forums, they were fun times.
  5. You're absolutely right, the bug tracker is open to all to post issues. And we really prefer people to post bugs there instead of the forums where they can be easily lost. Some time ago we transitioned our bug tracker to FlySpray and the post you linked to is unavailable because that guide was made for TracDown (the old bug tracker software which is no longer used). Your inability to access the new tracker at https://afktrack.afkmods.com/ is most likely caused by your account being new. Existing account information was transferred to FlySpray at the time of the switch last year, but since you weren't a member back then, you'll need to create an account there. It's a simple process and after that you should be good to go. You can read this thread for more information.
  6. Steam's Autumn Sale has started and runs until the 29th. GoG.com's Black Friday Sale ends on the 27th.
  7. There's a bug report for this in our tracker. Seems to be a rather "popular" bug at the moment on the XB1. If you could add details about how this happened to you on the ticket, with your load order, that could help solve it.
  8. All the fixes done previously for USLEEP and UHRP were carried over to USSEP with few exceptions. Some things, which were either fixed by Bethesda or the fix needed redoing, were removed in the first version(s) of the USSEP. Most of the latter have already been reintroduced. There were also few things that needed a bit of adjusting and that has been taken care of too (animations, meshes, water height and flow data). Edit: I'm sorry, alt3rn1ty, for not mentioning all your hard work on the textures. They initially had their own sentence, but when I removed that, I forgot to add them to the list.
  9. Starting today, ESO's Orsinium DLC will be 75% off.
  10. Gog.com's fall sale has started and will go on for 10 days with new deals daily.
  11. Yeah, the PC version is definitely much improved, but consoles... One would think that they would've learnt from the mess PS3 release was in 2011 and done proper testing this time around, especially on consoles.
  12. There's currently a high-impact bug in the game that's affecting a vast number of seemingly random quest NPCs making them not be where they're supposed to be. So even if you try to locate Muiri's marker in its new location, there's a good chance she won't be there either. She might not be anywhere within your game. Or if she is, then you might be unable to interact with her, or her dialogue could be totally inappropriate. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about this. Bethesda will have to fix it themselves as it's a problem with the game engine. They are asking for unmodded saves to diagnose the issue, so if you've got one, they'd be happy to have it.
  13. Kotaku did a piece on SSE on the consoles and they weren't impressed. They played the game both on XB1 and the PS4 and recorded a wide array of glitches. They especially emphasized the flaky animations and collision with images. In their summary they wrote: "Veteran Skyrim players probably expected some jankiness going in, given that the original game is also infamous for bugs, but even so, these disruptive glitches should be unacceptable in 2016". The unofficial patch even got a mention as the most used mod on consoles for fixing "Bethesda's blunders" Read the full article here.
  14. I already answered to you in another thread (I somehow missed this one), but here's the bad news for you again: Nothing we can do about it, unfortunately. Bethesda will have to fix it themselves as it's engine level. They are asking for unmodded saves to diagnose the issue so if you've got one they'd be happy to have it.
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