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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial High Resolution Patch

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Reference conversation starting here


Issue #17715

Summary :


Hearthfires.bsa - textures\_byoh\clutter\resources\stonequarry01.dds = 512x512


Hi Res Texture Pack 02 includes exactly the same texture which is pixellated


( although the Hi Res normal map for the same has been increased in resolution, the diffuse texture has not )



I am experimenting with upscaling the texture, using various filters and a bit of noise to try and achieve a higher res and better detail texture which closely matches the original without being pixellated at 1024x1024


Result so far : ( These images are on my laptop so not the best results for viewing, but I saved them as lossless png's to give a good idea of the difference my attempt has made so far - In game the textures will look better on better computers )


All screens taken of the quarry near Pinewatch plot - Right click each of them and open in its own browser tab, then you can flick between and compare differences, its less blurry and will not stretch so much on higher res screens up close ( though if you are playing this on a home cinema with 6 Titan graphics cards welded together I cant help :), just trying to get the texture Hi Res DLC standard here ) ...


Screen 1 : 512x512  07:00



Screen 2 : 1024x1024  07:00



Screen 3 : 512x512  10:00



Screen 4 : 1024x1024  10:00




Files : Here for anyone wishing to have a nosy at the 1024 in closer detail, I am going to see if I can get it a little better - But anyone else having a go dont mind me .. Whoever produces the best should go in the UHRP, and I am no expert with this stuff, just did a fair amount of research ( along with all the things I have learned doing texture mods so far ) and gave it a go.

DXT5, no alpha, mipmaps regenerated - Edit : See post 38 for updated file

I use Sinc Lanczos3 interpolation for the upscale to preserve as much detail as possible.

Then applied a few filters and noise I have been meddling with for years and saving setups for. Never happy with these :).

I also only apply all operations once, from original texture to finished thing ( DDS being lossy you dont want to be re-saving in a lossy format ). If I need to do it again, start with original texture.


@ Maboleth - ^ Thats a new file since the one you tried, see what you think


Edit : Check me out, I is a Bro :D

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Version 1.1.3 is up - this is not a beta so it's all good to go. Just a small mesh and texture synch with the other patch betas.   Please not that as of now the Steam Workshop version of this mod is

Made with Alien Skin Blowup plugin for Photoshop : sharpen 40 %, noise 20 %.  

And this one is using Fractal Interpolation ( instead of Sinc Lanczos3 ), then my usual filters in GIMP       File updated - Edit : See post 38       Edit : Anyone curious about Fractal Inte

And this one is using Fractal Interpolation ( instead of Sinc Lanczos3 ), then my usual filters in GIMP





File updated - Edit : See post 38




Edit : Anyone curious about Fractal Interpolation ( and not needing to buy anything :) )


Genuine Fractals ( Photographers highly commend its ability to upscale images ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genuine_Fractals



A little known software uses the same as a plugin :


Image Analyzer http://logicnet.dk/Analyzer/


And the plugin http://logicnet.dk/Analyzer/plugins/#FractInterpolation



Method, save a lossless format image from the original texture ( say png with no compression )


Use Image Analyzer to upscale the image with Fractal Interpolation


Load the image in GIMP or Photoshop and apply whatever filters plus save out in the correct format plus mipmaps.



I think there is a plugin for photoshop .. But its a paid for product, and no equivalent plugin for GIMP

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Guys, thank you very much for trying to help! We're getting there! :)

I've made a screenshot with 3 new samples.


Even though I was a bit suspicious at what Nico did at first (it looked like the detail was lost), in game it looks absolutely perfect. It's clean and blends great with the environment. See it for yourself. In my opinion Nico's work is a lot better than vanilla texture and should be included in the Patch without any hesitation.

P.S. I too have image analyzer but lack the plugin for Photoshop that reads dds files.



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The feelings are purely subjective IMO. I personally didn't test it ingame, but it is obvious that the already existing normal map has a big influence in the final render.


Generally, such huge upscales give rather bad results, whatever filter is used (well, at least on 'classic' photographs). So, I have no opinion on which one is the best. Whatever option you're prefering, enjoy !  :partyhorker:

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P.S. I too have image analyzer but lack the plugin for Photoshop that reads dds files.



You dont need it, in post 28 the link is for a plugin for Image Analyzer, not Photoshop.


You put the .dll in C:\Program files\Meesoft\ImageAnalyzer\ProcessingPlugins\ <- In here


Edit : Oops, you need DDS plugin for PS - https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop

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Initial impression looks like Nicos is better, it would have been better to see the same view position though for comparison in separate images


But anyway, objective achieved I think :). Arthmoor tis over to you. Files in post #29


You're right, I uploaded another screenshot with same perspective.


The way I judged this is by comparing the vanilla texture. If Unofficial patches are here to fix or enhance obvious glitches and errors, as Bethesda originally intended, but not to further change or alter the feel of the game, then this texture is just like that. It isn't different from the one already in the game, just more clean and less smudgy.


Vanilla texture - smudged with jagged edges.

Alt3 - better than vanilla but slightly more pronounced edges by upscaling and sharpening.

Nico - cleanest of all but still retains 100% vanilla look.


Of course those are my observations, feel free to share your opinions too.

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Hold on a minute - Will edit this post shortly, there is something else I want to try in addition to Gruftlords suggestion ..


I am curious if just Fractal Interpolation on its own without me adding any filtering would work well 


Back soon - Maboleth I will have 5 files for you to try shortly

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For me judging the textures overall, its a close call. Zoomed in 200% and had a good look ... I think 31 is too harsh ( possibly my filtering applied to Nicos texture ), 34 is possibly vanilla ( or at least the roughest of the bunch ), so after much deliberation considering the objective of the texture out of 33 and 32 I chose .. <dramatic music, pause for waaaaaaay too long :)> ..





Wish I had the benefit of having the hi res normal map, but your idea here is a good one.



Edit : I got 31 and 34 mixed up, corrected post

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Personally i think the cat on the red chair is best. Lets go with that one


Of the 4 stone texture i see little difference between 34 (the blurriest) and 32. I do like the 31 best actually. But if we want to settle on a sleek medium without any overprocessing visible, i cast my vote for the texture in image 33

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I might be spoiled, as a stock photographer half of my job is to meticulously view and edit large images on the big screen at 100%. So the texture changes you guys did seem very different to me. :D

Yes, if anyone else wants to participate, please download the archive with screenshots on the 2nd page. :)

Anyway, it's true - blurry Screenshot34 is vanilla from high-res DLC. It's just bad and smudgy, isn't it, compared to the other samples.


From the other 3, my vote goes to 31 and 33, what Gruftlord said. Actually those two are Nico's, but 31 is Nico+Alt filtering. Even though I like 33 best, I think that in game, from various angles and distances, 31 looks best.
It has slightly more pronounced edges, but that's quite logical considering that it's a quarry deposit and the wall is supposed to have sharp edges.


So yeah, 31 has my final vote. :unworthy:  It's a big improvement over vanilla DLC and doesn't look artificial or different from the texture Bethesda intended to use. It's just enhanced and a true 1024px texture.

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Well I think you two would be the better judge of which is best being able to use and see what the Hi Res set looks like actually in game, which can give a different perception of textures when they are moving.


@ Arthmoor 31 would be folder :


60 1024x1024 for UHRP - Nico Alien Skin Blow Up with Alt Filtering


in the uploaded archive on issue 17715

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Actually, Gruftlord, we both share the same favourites. It's just that I actually tested and played 3 variants (4 if vanilla is counted) and from those Nico+Alt texture looks great. But - whatever Arthmoor picks is way better than vanilla.


Curious to know alt, why can't you use high-res DLC in game?

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Off topic but - Laptop, Core 2 Duo @ 2.2ghz, NVidia Geforce 8600M GS 512mb VRAM = Minimum spec machine for Skyrim.

Hi Res DLC requires at least 1024mb VRAM, and although my machine is one of those unusual laptops which can have its graphics card daughterboard upgraded ( already did that upgrading from 256mb to 512mb ) .. You can only upgrade it so far before heat becomes a problem in the limited space a laptop has to get rid of excessive heat build up. For a higher rated graphics card I would also have to tweak voltages which would only amplify the heat dissipation problems. Thats why I made the VRT mod ( See signature ), to give my laptop a longer life expectancy. Its done well considering I was using the same machine to play Oblivion :) ( Skyrim has been a lot better in performance on the same machine ).


I can mess with large textures no problem, but playing with them in game is limited. Running the hi res dlc's would burn the machine out quicker.

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This is the problem with something inherently subjective. :P


You guys should settle on something that solves the problem, cause really all you're doing is generating confusion as to which one should be used and which one shouldn't.

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They all fit the bill really, if anything I was being very picky .. And agree that the one Maboleth and Gruftlord chose as favourite, would be a good choice also. There is not much in it really.


Overall the texture in the fix files ..


60 1024x1024 for UHRP - Nico Alien Skin Blow Up with Alt Filtering ..


Is the winner out of our judgments. Up to yourself now really.



Edit : Give me a poke when I can ditch the Dropbox file


Edit 2 : I am seriously considering getting Alien Skin Blow Up for my daughters PS, then I can get to borrow it occasionally :), found out its method is based on Fractal Interpolation aswell, and very impressive results by all accounts I have seen.

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