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  1. I have a high end gpu, 1060gtx that runs SkyrimSE smooth as a butter on max settings. However, I seriously dislike how TAA renders the graphics. While standing still everything is great, but as soon as I move the graphics in the game, especially distant objects (like walls and bricks) look slightly blurred. Once I stand still, the graphics gets crisp again. It's very noticeable and, for me, not acceptable to have the graphics move from blurred to crisp depending on the moving. I ended up using FXAA because it makes the game as crisp as before, the Skyrim I always loved. But I was wondering - can certain ini settings or anything be tweaked for the official TAA antialiasing?
  2. I returned to the ESO big time... feel embarrassed by my post in the General stuff, but better leave it die than write something there again. Anyway, crowns are on sale, just to let you guys know.
  3. Please try it again. I absolutely never experienced anything similar. I bought 2 accounts (I sold the 1st one) and never any scam or FB-issue popped up during installation.
  4. Not sure what you mean. You need ONE account. You either buy Elite Dangerous on their official site and get the code to activate the game. Or buy via Steam and play like all Steam games. If you bought the game on their site, there's a key to activate the Steam version (free of charge) and play it like you bought it over Steam. I didn't do that, because Steam takes 8% or something and I much prefer 100% of money to go to the Devs.
  5. Yeah! Thanks for the link, brings some memories for me too, when I played Elite on ZX Spectrum+, though I thoroughly enjoyed Frontier, the next chapter. However, I much prefer current, ultra-high definition graphics of Elite Dangerous. Somehow, sci-fi and space exploration is always best with most advanced graphics, physics and everything else you can get. I play in Open, so - see you in out there if you manage to find the account. Shouldn't be hard, just email the Frontier Dev support.
  6. Probably both. I have always been a single player gamer. MMO thing looked exciting at first and I may fire up Cyrodiil fight/PVP if I get totally bored, but I won't spend any time or money on MMO adventures anymore. Far too many distractions and limitations on adventuring and immersion mechanics. The only other MMO that I play is Elite Dangerous. But that's a space sim with solo mode when needed, so that's not exactly a pure MMO.
  7. Relieved of every mess I encountered in the ESO world. The community was getting on my nerves, big time. Gameplay was shallow or watered down despite some great quests. Finally, tracking a NPC feels natural. They eat, they sleep, they do their daily lives. They are not static backdrops, waiting for potential players to come in. Arriving at village(s) at night feels eerie. The enemies don't drop out of nowhere 30 secs or so after being killed. The game feels real and genuine. Accomplishing some goal or a "boss" is actually satisfying, rather than just finishing yet another grind. Side quests are meaningful and not so pompous with a false self importance. Every frigging quest in ESO was filled with a forgettable wall of text/voice over, even though it required "collect 5 of this and give it to a NPC clone, done." Trying to add weight, value and lore to those quests, ESO team got totally the opposite. The scene and quests felt artificial and never ending. Nobody actually listened to those NPC clones (and I tried my best, to never skip any dialogue), wasting usually good voice acting, because none of them really mattered. But the biggest "enough is enough" moment was Zenimax and their money grabbing policies. Trying to cash in 40-60Eur on nostalgia values with a "chapter" not bigger than a Wrothgar DLC (Morrowind), not fixing bugs introduced with Homestead (with deluxe furnished homes being priced 105 Euros and such), crown crates etc... made me quit and embrace ES games even more dearly. Getting lost in the genuine ES lore is really ever so soothing. ESO is no more, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. ^ Yeah, could be. Like - do you even remember where you are now?
  9. When you start a new char from scratch, Hadvar asks you "who are you?" After you create your own char and name her/him, he will repeat the same question - "who are you". After that the game will run as usual. Did anyone else notice that?
  10. All scars look good except this one and the other one on the right cheek. They look like they had shadow & highlights reverted. Convexed rather than imprinted. By the way, clicking on the <--> arrow of the sliders doesn't work for me. I have to manually hold the bar and move it to the left or right. Have you noticed the same?
  11. You can't deny the extreme level of detail and animation in ESO. Talking to NPCs with some real moving scenery zoomed in and defocused looks really great and realistic too. Also heavy DOF use for LODs is a smart move. That way we don't see some basic polygons in the horizon, like in Skyrim. Honestly, I expected SSE to sort that out. It's a bit bummer to go to the magnificent Solitude and see same ol' triangles in the sea again. :-/ But I agree - for me there's no better looking ES game for dark atmospherics than Skyrim. Like rain, fog, mist, snow, night/day etc. It's eerie, spooky and tense.
  12. Arthmoor, I have lowered DOF to about 1/6 of its normal value. It's a bit better, I might disable it entirely, but I'll wait until Beth releases a stable SkyrimSE. All I know in ESO, that also has occlusion, sunrays, bloom, dof etc. with so much more detailed graphics and LODs (even though Skyrim still has the best atmosphere and mood though), with tons of NPCs and people running around, I have a steady FPS rate on max settings. In hugely populated towns FPS is 35-45, while everywhere else it's rock steady 58-60. Oh well, let's wait for Beth to polish the game.
  13. Duh... I just cannot play it, regardless of the frame rate. This game looks unfinished for my eyes and on my PC. So many glitches, surroundings that go from sharp to soft, forced DOF etc. It's clearly visible that under the hood it's the same old Skyrim with new gimmicks that were implemented on top of the old engine. Playing the original Skyrim feels just that - a genuine experience. As of now, SSE looks modded, glitched with huge performance penalties. P.s. Have you checked the Skaal village? In SSE the whirlpool cloud above the village is jagged as hell with a circle. Coming down from the mountain I can see each layer of weather there, like semi-transparent polygons with abrupt edges. And those waves that were introduced in Dragonborn DLC look fake as ever, totally different than the rest of the sea. I sent those screenshots & saves to Bethesda. Hopefully it will be fixed, but overall, SSE is still big disappointment.
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