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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial High Resolution Patch

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Arthmoor, just use the file in folder 60 from alt's archive and you'll be good.


Alt, totally forgot that you were playing on a laptop. Now it's all clear. :) I rarely, if ever, upscale images, never tried AS Blow Up. It looks like the program is totally worth it.

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Version 1.1.3 is up - this is not a beta so it's all good to go. Just a small mesh and texture synch with the other patch betas.   Please not that as of now the Steam Workshop version of this mod is

Made with Alien Skin Blowup plugin for Photoshop : sharpen 40 %, noise 20 %.  

And this one is using Fractal Interpolation ( instead of Sinc Lanczos3 ), then my usual filters in GIMP       File updated - Edit : See post 38       Edit : Anyone curious about Fractal Inte

Ugh. Apologies to anyone who has downloaded this mod prior to this post.

The corrupted files were caused by an internal testing version of Wrye Bash that was saving a subrecord it shouldn't have been, while at the same time masking the error being present. The package has been checked with Bash 305 to make sure the error is gone.

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Replacement files for Nexus should now be up. Again, sorry about the mess, was rather hoping the Nexus CDN would work it out on its own but it looks like the programmers will need to get in touch with the CDN administrators and see what's what.

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Hey Unofficial Patch team,

I just wanted to give you folks a heads-up that the Unofficial High Resolution Patch description on the Nexus page hasn't been updated for USLEEP.

Complementary Mods

Unofficial Skyrim Patch - Fixes numerous bugs in the vanilla game.

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch - Fixes numerous bugs in the official Dawnguard DLC.

Unofficial Hearthfire Patch - Fixes numerous bugs in the official Hearthfire DLC.

Unofficial Dragonborn Patch - Fixes numerous bugs in the official Dragonborn DLC.

After installing the individual mods, the following general load order needs to be followed:



Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp


Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp


Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp


Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp

[Your other ESM files]




Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp

[The rest of your mods]



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