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[RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread


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Wrye Bash now has FOMOD installer support!

This functionality makes most of my work on this page redundant but all files here are presented for historical reference and entertainment purposes.

If you find a FOMOD that does not work in Wrye Bash, please let the mod author know .


For the Wrye Bash master race, I present a fresh clutch of steaming hot BAIN wizards (installers) for a number of {Skyrim LE, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4} mods. Some of these can be difficult to install, so I felt compelled to write installers. I figured they would do more good if I shared them.

These should be renamed to "wizard.txt" and placed in the root of the mod package/project. In most cases you will need to "unpack to project" to add the wizard if your compressed archive manager does not support refreshing RARs/Zips/7zs with new files (WinRAR and 7Zip support it in most cases).


Skyrim/Skyrim Special Edition:

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-  for Skyrim SE - Compatible with 1.3.x (thanks @alt3rn1ty)  CBBE SSE 1.3.x Wizard.txt

CBBE Normal Map Options Wizard for the optional download: CBBE SSE Normal Map Options v1.1 Wizard.txt

CBBE Diffuse Map Options by  @alt3rn1ty  Wizard  - Skyrim SE - Included with the mod.

Immersive Children - Skyrim LE - Already packaged with the mod.

HQ Tree Bark  - Skyrim SE - HQ Tree Bark wizard.txt

Blended Roads  - Skyrim SE - Now included in the mod

Realistic Lighting Overhaul 5.0 - Skyrim SE - Now packaged with the mod 

Realistic Lighting Overhaul 5.0  - Skyrim LE - Now packaged with the mod

Sounds of Skryim Complete - Skyrim SE - Will be included in next release Sounds of Skyrim Complete SSE Wizard.txt

Realistic Water Two - Skyrim SE - @TechAngel85's BAIN Wizard is now included with the mod.

Nexus Skyrim Overhaul Patches  - Skyrim SE - Submitted wizard to mod team  Nexus Skyrim Overhaul Patch Wizard.txt

Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul - Skyrim SE - Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul -Wizard.txt

Veydosebrom - Skyrim SE - Has been released with a WizBAIN installer.

Bellyache's Animal and Creature Pack - Skyrim SE - Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack - Wizard.txt  (UPDATE - 2017-07-29)

Paper World Map for SSE - Skyrim SE - Paper World Map for SSE wizard.txt

Paper World Map for LE - Skyrim LE - Paper World Map Addons-BAIN-1-2-2-BCF.7z This mod is packaged in a semi-BAIN format that requires a BAIN converter. Straightening was done courtesy of @alt3rn1ty. Place this BCF file in your "Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers\BAIN Converters" folder.  If the mod is restructured in the interim, here is the stand-alone wizard: Paper Maps 1.2.2 LE Wizard.txt

SkyHUD -  BAIN package released with Wizard. Allows profile selection which the FOMOD cannot do.

Aetherial Traveller - Skyrim SE - Aetherial Traveller 1.04b wizard.txt -  You may need to extract the package to resolve long path name issues with this mod. The easiest fix is to just rename the 'Aetherial Traveller SSE Installer 1.4b' folder to 'data' or move the contents up a directory.

Enhanced Lights and FX - Skyrim LE - Enhanced Lights and FX - Wizard.txt

Enhanced Lights and FX  - Skyrim SE - Enhanced Lights and FX SSE 3.05 Wizard.txt

Left-Hand Rings Modified  - Skyrim SSE - Left Hand Rings Modified BAIN SE-3240-4-4-BCF.7z  : This one required a BCF because it is does not use the standard FOMOD/BAIN format. Place in your Skyrim Special Edition Mods\Bash Installers\BAIN Converters folder

Shiva's Vanilla Clothing Replacer - Skyrim SE but should work with LE - Shiva's Vanilla Clothing Replacer 2.0 wizard.txt

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Skyrim SE  -  SMIM 2.07 SSE - Wizard.txt  UPDATED  28 August 2017 for the 2.07 update.  This has been fairly well tested but please report any bugs in this thread.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Skyrim LE - SMIM 2.07 LE - Wizard.txt   UPDATED  28 August 2017 for the 2.07 update. SMIM for Skyrim Legendary Edition. The only hard requirement for this is that you have Dragonborn.

RS Children Overhaul - Skyrim SE -   RSChildrenSE_1.1.1_BAIN.7z-2650-1-1-1-BCF.7z  BCF File - Place in your Skyrim Special Edition Mods\Bash Installers\BAIN Converters folder. Apply conversion then install with wizard.

Majestic Mountains - Skyrim SE  -  Majestic Mountains - All - SSE wizard.txt   Submitted for inclusion in future release.  This installer works with all three variants of the mod.

Bells of Skyrim - Skyrim SE - Bells of Skyrim 1.21 Wizard.txt

Ruins Clutter Improved - Skyrim SE -  Ruins Clutter Improved SSE Wizard.txt

Vanilla Vegetation Overhaul - Skyrim SE  -  Vanilla Vegetation Overhaul 1.05 SSE wizard.txt

Skyrim Skill Interface Re-texture - Skyrim SE -  by TechAngel85 - Included with the mod.

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE Public Beta - Mod Patches - Skyrim SE - Now included with the mod.

LeanWolf's Better-shaped Talos Statue - Skyrim SE but should work for LE - LeanWolf's Better-shaped Talos Statue Wizard.txt

LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons - Skyrim SE but should work for LE - LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons - Wizard.txt

More Bandit Camps - SSE - Based on @hishutup's FOMOD, make sure you get that edition (should be the bottom file link) - More Bandit Camps 2.2 FOMOD SSE - Wizard.txt

Crimes against Nature - Skyrim SE  - Required complete restructuring and BAIN conversion. Follow standard BCF procedure: CaN 5.1.1 SE BAIN-12315-5-1-1SE-BCF.7z

Expanded Towns and Cities - Skyrim SE - Expanded Towns and Cities SSE 1.0 Wizard.txt

Racial Body Morphs - Skyrim SE - BCF plus Wizard  Racial Body Morphs-3417-1-2.BAIN-BCF.7z

Real Women of Skyrim - CBBE - Skyrim SE - BCF + Wizard - RWoS - CBBE-BAIN 85649-1-3-2a.7z-13021-1-3-2-BCF.7z Place in your Skyrim Special Edition Mods\Bash Installers\BAIN Converters folder. Apply, install with included wizard. 

Even Better Quest Objectives - Skyrim SE - Even Better Quest Objectives SSE v16x Wizard.txt

Daedra-tastic Rune Spells - SSE - Daedra-tastic Rune Spells-6359-Wizard.txt

Fallout 4:

(note that any BCF files will require the most recent builds Wrye Bash 307 to work properly)

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v4.02 - BCF File (Repairs the mod structure and puts it into a community standard format) CRC: 88CBD1FB Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v4.02-6091-4-02-BCF.7z

True Storms Wasteland Edition - Fallout 4 BCF - True Storms - Wasteland Edition BAIN v1.4.1-4472-1-4-BCF.7z

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer  - Fallout 4 - CBBE 2.5.2 Fallout 4 V2 Wizard.txt

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer Reduced with Dismemberment  - Fallout 4 - CBBE Reduced with Dismemberment for Fallout 4 V2 Wizard.txt


If anyone can think of or find any mods that need a BAIN wizard (typically vaguely labeled complex BAINs) please post and let me know. I can't promise it will be possible to make a wizard for every mod since some have absolutely terrible structures, but I'll give it a try.  If you see anything in these wizards that needs to be fixed or could be done better please let me know.

About the name, my moniker over at the Nexus is Mertz.

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You don't need to unpack the archive, just add the wizard.txt into the archive then test the archive.  Sometimes I do that when I have WinRAR open.


Thanks for sharing. :horkercookie:

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Thank you, my pleasure @Leonardo

I fight with 7Zip on occasion so I thought I'd add that in there :P


To update the thread:  Since RLO for Oldrim has been released and has a different ESP payload, I've added an updated WizBAIN for RLO  5.0.2 for SLE.

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Good project Beermotor, over the years for Oblivion / Skyrim LE + SE / Fallout's I have helped many authors add wizards, and they are mostly appreciative.

Couple of things to watch out for :

1. Occasionally they do not understand Wrye Bash at all and shy away from the offered help - I think this is mainly due to the fear that one day they may change things enough to warrant a re-write of the scripting and they dont want to end up dropping a feature because the wizard writer is no longer around. On a few occasions that was nearly the case for me, but I spent an extensive amount of PMs on teaching the author that its not much different to doing the FOMod scripts if they can handle the logic of doing those .. Gentle diplomatic encouragement without being pushy works.

2. Sometimes there is no other way but to offer the mod author a complete restructuring of the zip, so that both FOMod and wizard scripts can equally access the folder structure logically, also that there is actually a sub-package structure as opposed to everything being dumped into one folder which would be installed normally by FOMod scripted prioritisation of files installation (importantly in Wrye Bash case so that the numeric / alphabetical order of the folders work as a series of overwrites where there are conflicts between sub-packages files), present a case and assure them you will also re-do the FOMod script as necessary if they are not happy doing that as a collaboration.

3. Make sure there are notes in the wizards presentation for things that have been skipped which would ordinarily have been installed by a FOMod script, and need manually installing.


I know of one currently that falls into case number two, I have a private rearrangement of this which I did with the older version of the same mod, but all I did was make it into a complex BAIN without ALL of its possible combinations (when you study it you will understand why, the options are extensive), I did not do a wizard for it because I just couldn't be bothered :). A new version has been released since, but I dont use it anymore so aswell as it being a fairly large project I lost interest ..

Mature skin texture and body for UNP UNPB 7BASE CBBE Vanilla (SE) by Maevan2

You would also need to do the whole thing 4 times (there's a separate file for UNP / 7Base / CBBE / Vanilla). Its still in development too I think, though it is in a finished state as it is, there will probably be updates to come. The structure of this needs a lot of thought in the textures department as to what options are going to ultimately win in a bad scenario if for example a user ignored the wizard and manually selected every sub-package to install, between all the various diffuse / normals / specular and scars / moles options.

Should you wish to accept this mission .. Good luck :), especially if you have never dabbled with also re-writing FOMod scripts ( For more help with those, the Wrye Bash Technical ReadMe includes a comparison of commands between Wizard and FOMod scripts, and the best Guide I have ever seen dedicated to FOMod scripts is Guide to FOMod scripting by Nyrb )


Another one falls into case number 3. above. A bit easier than Mature Skin and already a simple case of sub-package seletions, sans wizard - CBBE for Skyrim LE, for Skyrim SE (still to be published at time of writing), and for Fallout 4

The base required / core files sub-package contains the Slim body meshes (at least it does by default in the Fallout 4 setup .. I dont use the Skyrim ones), and then provides alternative body meshes for Curvy and Vanilla shaped bodies (Vanilla is included because Caliente's bodies offer a higher poly count for smoother curved bodies (although not ridiculously high, just enough to do the job nicely), so you have a better looking Vanilla shape without any rough edges.

But along with the required Textures / Meshes and plugin, the core required files sub-package also contains a Tools folder, which Wrye Bash will not install - And so needs a note in the wizard that this part of the installation needs manually installed if they also wish to use Skyrim LE Bodyslide, Skyrim SE Bodyslide or Fallout 4 Bodyslide

Those latter three (Bodyslide) will not be able to install with Wrye Bash because they include exe's

I dont know what the future holds with Vortex (the new NMM replacemnt project which Tannin (ex MO author) is working on for Nexus), but from what I understand it will support FOMod scripting, so will eventually take over from both NMM and MO .. Something to keep an eye on


I think this is a good timely project right now, especially now that most of the Wrye Bash refactoring has been done by our one man marvel Utumno - And original MO is effectively dropped by its author, MO2 has a new author who is sill at the learning stage of taking over its programming, and NMM is being dropped by Nexus in favour of the new Vortex project.

The only reliable projects at the moment and going forward I think are Wrye Bash, and what will become Vortex. So in the latter case FOMod knowledge is still going to be a necessity in the modding community

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@alt3rn1ty Thank you for the awesome reply.  I'm going to take some time this weekend to take an in-depth look at those links.

I've already encountered  a few instances of #1, but surprisingly most people I've approached have been super-accepting and seemingly delighted to get a BAIN wizard. I don't ask the reasons why, but frequently the author gets someone else to write the FOMOD or has a person on the team that handles it, and that person doesn't understand BAIN or wizard scripting. I always communicate that I'm willing to update the wizard as they update the mod, and that I'll give them feedback on mod structure if they ever do anything that would make it difficult to install via BAIN wizard scripting.  In my previous life (I was an IT architect  at a US government agency that lobs things out of the atmosphere) I dealt with a few high-visibility open source projects and I understand that once you release or share something it is your baby until you give it to someone else to raise, fully documented of course. :)

It is interesting that you brought up the FOMOD format. Since it is XML I just use Notepad++ to fold the elements up and expand each of them one by one to step through the options. I usually draw a flow-chart of the logic down on a notepad by hand then structure the wizard based on that logic.  This can be nightmarishly tedious but it is the most accurate in making a cosmetically similar WizBAIN.

I really appreciate the advice (and all the other advice you've given me), thank you. What I've been working on lately is a gigantic monster wizard for the Static Mesh Improvement Mod (the latest mega-release that covers both Oldrim and SSE). I worked on it for twelve hours this past weekend just going item by item, making sure each option is covered. I'm still not finished but I work on it a bit here and there. I finally got burned out and did the Realistic Water Two wizard I just posted.

What I've been curious about is why are there so many people out there that don't know that Wrye Bash is even a mod manager? In my experience NMM and MO/MO2 are absolutely terrible and pretty much only exist to keep new content consumers from destroying their game (and failing in the case of NMM) by means of aimless mod installation.  Using one of those after using Wrye Bash is like trying to sew with your thumbs cut off.  I think once the next beta release is out it will be a lot easier to evangelize WB.

Cheers, thank you again, and I owe you a beer.

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6/24/2017: Two more releases today:

Immersive Citizens for SSE: I've had this one for a while but it needed a minor polish.

Nexus Skyrim Overhaul Patches - this is a compatibility patch compilation that was release as a FOMOD-only with incomprehensible subpackage names.  I needed one of the patches while I play around with the parent mod (which is just in a simple BAIN format) so this one was created out of necessity.

I kind of enjoy doing this, so if anyone has any requests I'll be happy to consider them.

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On 6/25/2017 at 1:11 AM, Beermotor said:

~ I kind of enjoy doing this, so if anyone has any requests I'll be happy to consider them.

Yep I regarded quite a lot of them as nice relaxing puzzles to solve, reverse engineering the mod authors intentions, the old Oblivion races bodies were sometimes interesting to solve, until you employed something like NifSkope or Blender to study the texture paths assigned to those meshes you would probably never realise that the feet were so important for the whole body texture on beast races. Nipples on knee caps and armpits on bums, were funny but frustrating :D

Anyway .. You may get a few more visitors - Sticky post on Skyrim LE, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 Wrye Bash comments ;) 

Edit : Oh and hey just in case you were not aware of it, the latest dev of NifSkope is on this forum too - NifSkope topic .. It can be really handy in figuring out those cases where all texture are lumped together in one folder, and options for one texture have been renamed from say elven-eyes-default.dds to 1.dds, 2.dds and 3.dds, then the fomod script would rename the chosen option as it installs it to the correct name .. Which is actually a custom named texture defined in the path in the NIF itself (and also differs from the vanilla naming convention for the same file = Custom texture for a vanilla mesh which has had the texture path changed to the custom texture name) - In other words sometimes it is invaluable as a tool for a bit of detective work if the scripting of the FOMod still leaves you scratching your head as to why there are differences to what you would expect to be installed.

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Thank you. I've had several more mod submissions this week despite it being a busy work week. Veydosebrom, which was in the top files on SSE Nexus last week picked up a shiny new BAIN repack which was released today.  

Nifskope is a fantastic tool that I've had to break out to fix a few "has tangents" flags on a few head parts over the course of my SSE conversions.  I've actually ran into that texture path thing when I was working on a joke mod called "Mertz's Waifu Army" which contains about 75 unscripted lore-unfriendly followers scattered throughout the Bannered Mare and Sleeping Giant Inns. I may release it if I can ever get the CTD's under control. :)


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Wrote a new wizard for the SSE port of Bellyache's Animal and Creature pack. The original had a WizBAIN but the new one has been repacked into a slightly different complex BAIN format so it needed a new wizard written. Kudos to Kelsenellenelvian for making sure it was WB compatible so it was fairly easy to write.

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Hey, shit yeah. The less I have to learn so I can keep with what I am good at and still allow for all user types is good to me. I would prefer to stay on the creation kit/xedit stuff. I really appreciate guys who do work like this, it's a great help.

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On 7/2/2017 at 4:36 PM, Kelsenellenelvian said:

Hey, shit yeah. The less I have to learn so I can keep with what I am good at and still allow for all user types is good to me. I would prefer to stay on the creation kit/xedit stuff. I really appreciate guys who do work like this, it's a great help.

It's my pleasure. If you need any wizards written in the future I'll be glad to give it a shot.

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Ok so I drank some Franziskaner last night and got this crazy urge to do some Fallout 4 wizards.

I sincerely regret it. I had absolutely no idea what a completely disorganized shit-show the FO4 mod corpus is. 

Until BCFs are working I'll probably not be doing any Fallout 4 stuff. Nope nope nope nope.

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LOL, I was just going to request a few FO4 Wizbains.

I've been seriously wanting to start pushing Utumno into making Wryebash capable of reading Fomods ... it's got to be easier than reverse engineering every fomod into a wizard. I do appreciate what your doing here, I almost started trying to convert a few fomods myself but scripting is not my strong suit. I'll be following the thread and thanks again for sharing the wizbains.

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Yeah I think the problem with the FO4 modding community is that there is a different crowd of modders than with Skyrim/Oblivion/FO3/FNV that aren't as experienced and do not have the knowledge of how to properly structure a mod according to the long-agreed-upon community standard. The way to fix this is with education and encouragement.

Fortunately we do have many ways to get around the current crop of bad mods.  Once BCFs are working we can use those, or worst-case-scenario I can put up a BAIN repackage page (with author's permissions) on the Nexus.

Regarding the ability for Wrye Bash to parse FOMOD XML files, I would like to see Wrye Bash be able to create installable packages out of FOMODS rather than directly installing FOMODs no-questions-asked. FOMOD is incredibly lackadaisical about what files go where, so I would prefer to see what kind of fuckery is afoot before I install something.  I know enough Python to hack at a mailmain mailing list config and keep a WizBAIN from exploding, but implementing a proper XML parser might be out of my league at the moment.

Oh yeah before I forget, I did complete one WizBAIN for a Fallout 4 mod called "Four Play" ( it needs a ton of INI edits to run properly)  but I posted it over on Lovers Lab since AFK Mods really isn't the place for that kind of content.  I don't even use that mod - I did it mainly as an exercise.  If you're interested you can find it over there on their forums.

I have a few more (CBBE, Lacy Underwear, True Storms, AKWwhatever) that I have 90% completed. Barring any issues I should be able to release them if I can find the time.

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Ok to update this post because I had time to do a little more research, here's a python doohicky by Daniel Nunes that allows for reading, extracting, and writing FOMODs.


Just looking through it, it doesn't look like it has what I'd need to write a proper translator but it might be able to spit out a file list with paths. 

We now return to our regularly scheduled WizBAIN thread.

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Update: since there's some light at the end of the BCF tunnel, I'm dipping my toes into the feculent effluent that is Fallout 4 modding.

Added a BCF for the True Storms - Wasteland Edition mod that has been out for a while and is one of my favorites for Fallout 4. It will be a bit before it is usable but it's a good proof of concept.

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I think I'm going to have to eventually move this whole shooting-match over to the Downloads area and sort things by their respective games.

@Arthmoor do you have any suggestions on the best way to handle this?

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Not sure exactly what you're looking to move. If you mean the thread, it's still very much related to Bethesda stuff so if you want to have it moved into a more generic location that's not game specific we can do that.

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4 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

Not sure exactly what you're looking to move. If you mean the thread, it's still very much related to Bethesda stuff so if you want to have it moved into a more generic location that's not game specific we can do that.

I'll PM you, I need to get into off-topic technical details.

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OK two more to round out the day. I needed to install Enhanced Lights and FX and noticed "hey it has a wizard", so I tried it. Instant-kablooey. 

Out of curiosity I took a look:

SelectSubPackage "00 Core Files"
SelectMany "", \
    Case "ELFX Modules"
        SelectOne "Choose an Ambience Module ", \
            SelectSubPackage "01 ELFXEnhancer"
            SelectSubPackage "01 ELFXHardcore"
        SelectSubPackage "02 ELFXExteriors"
        SelectSubPackage "02 ELFXWeathers"
        SelectSubPackage "02 EnhancedIce"
    Case "Patches"
        SelectSubPackage "03 SMIM Meshes"
        SelectSubPackage "03 SMIM Lantern"
        SelectSubPackage "03 NoBreezehome"
        SelectSubPackage "03 NoHjerim"
        SelectSubPackage "03 NoHoneyside"
        SelectSubPackage "03 NoProudspire"
    Case "Optional"
        SelectSubPackage "04 NoCandleSmoke"

So yeah I rewrote it for both the Skyrim LE and SSE versions. Enjoy!



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On 7/14/2017 at 4:29 AM, alt3rn1ty said:

O_o .. I'm guessing nobody tried it out before now, or didn't tell the author if they did.

Most people won't complain, they'll just stop buying from them tick the boxes since it is a complex BAIN.

To add to this, the plugin needs to be cleaned (2 ITM, 0 UDR)  and doesn't have any bash tags.  I'm getting to the point that I won't install anything anymore without running it through xEdit first.

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