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  1. This is a new one from LazyMods2020 that fixes a couple of the occlusion plane/culling glitches in Windhelm. Windhelm Disappearing Objects Glitch Fix There are probably hundreds of these culling glitches across the exterior cells of the game so every little bit helps.
  2. Thanks for testing it. That's something I never thought of but I'll check it out. I'm one of those folks that uses the Wizard installer to make sure all of the package selections are correct then packs everything into a BSA and installs that instead. :)
  3. CBBE has a pretty standard structure but I'm not familiar enough with the FOMOD parser code to know how it would handle it. Here's a Wizard for CBBE 1.54 I whipped up this afternoon as I was resurrecting my SSE install from the dead. I only had to make minor modifications to get it working so it should be fine, however let me know if you see any weirdness. As usual unpack to project, place this file into the root of the package, then rename it to 'wizard.txt'. CBBE-SSE-1.54-Wizard.txt
  4. After yesterday's trip we're going to avoid Estes Park - since its a tourist town the traffic is terrible. But the hiking is indeed fantastic. I live in the Province of Skyrim now. Roger. I'll fork utumno-wip and redo my build based on that branch, or if you'd prefer I can make a beermotor-342-experimental branch. Yes, that commit overlayed those changes on top of the WIP branch as it existed in January. This time around I basically applied those diffs to (what I thought was) the most recent build and then added the code chunks that @warmfrost85 provided.
  5. It is based off of the build that's on @Utumno's dropbox and has support for the older FO games, so I'm guessing it's the 150-fo3-fnv branch. I'm about to head out to Estes Park and the mountains, but when I get back I'll check the thread again to see if I based it on the wrong version.
  6. I'm going to get around to doing this properly in preparation for merging into the main codebase, but here is a new Beermotor build if anyone would like to test Beta 3 with a few of my tweaks applied. This is mainly a SSE-oriented build. Wrye Bash - Beermotor Beta 3  Experimental Build Features: New installer tab right-click menus (all games) All Skyrim LE Bash tags enabled for SSE. All Skyrim LE Patchers enabled for SSE. - thanks to @warmfrost85 for the final code revision that made this possible. Additional GMST tweaks added to the Bashed Patcher fo
  7. Thank you for updating it. I've given you credit and uploaded the new wizard on the OP. I owe you so much beer.
  8. Yep I just finished a long and semi-unexpected cross-country move to Colorado and just now got my computer set back up. Thanks for fixing the CBBE wizard; I just got everything updated last night so it's going to be a bit before I get completely situated and updating again. I think SMIM will be the first one I tackle.
  9. Update to the download location, it looks like they moved it to here.
  10. I am now. I did a massive datacenter migration then got a new job in Denver, CO. I've spent the past few months moving cross-country but I'm mostly set up now. I've got a lot of stuff to catch up on.
  11. So far so good aside from one little pesky error that I'm familiar with but I can't remember how to fix it at the moment. With the Actor Strength Encumbrance Multipler (fActorStrengthEncumbranceMult) GMST tweak enabled, the BP raises a bugcheck on build: I'm pretty sure the GMST is correct for this tweak (I don't have the FONV CS installed) , so the key error tells me something is wonky elsewhere. I have a rough idea, but I need to understand the key error a little more first. Edit: To clarify, that seems to be the only GMST it is bugchecking on, the rest of them I've tested h
  12. I'm interested in this and want to help test. Right now we're in the throes of a massive datacenter migration and I'm working 80ish hours per week, so I'll try to get some spare time in a few days to run it through the wringer.
  13. Done. Pushed branch 'beermotorwb-7zip-update'. Used the 32-bit 7Zip 18.01 release. I tested unpacking 7z, zip, and rar packages and packed a few projects just to put it through it's paces. I didn't encounter any issues but it should probably get a second pass by someone on another machine.
  14. Everything I've seen so far tells me their design was targeted at the lowest-common denominator. It lacks basic mod manager functionality and looks like the ModDrop and CurseForge clients had a deformed baby. A few screenshots courtesy of the Reddit thread: To wit: there is no manual sorting of plugins by design. They are expecting the end user to rely entirely on LOOT to manage load order. Mind you, most people will still use Wrye Bash to manually tweak their final load order, but I'm kind of concerned what kinds of headaches and support issues this thing is going to cause
  15. I can give it a shot although I'll have to try in a Windows VM. My Python 3 set up is fubar right now. DarkladyLexy is either using Beta1 where the bashed patch had form version 0 which triggered that script or her Bashed Patch isn't getting rebuilt. My recommendation after verifying she's running Beta 2 would be to get her to do a clean rebuild (meaning remove/rename the old file) of her Bashed Patch.
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