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[RELz] Cutting Room Floor


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On 11/29/2021 at 2:18 PM, Arthmoor said:

It is, but there is no "Anniversary Edition" per se. Just an SE update.

AE is only when you buy the $20 DLC package to go with the update, and CRF doesn't address anything in those DLCs.

Figured it was but wanted to make sure before I suggest to others since I've not upgraded. Also I noticed a different version here than on Nexus so I assumed that the Nexus version was the pre-update version. I'm sure I'll be asked. Thanks for the reply.

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Version 3.1.12

Removed the placement for the Ring of Khajiiti that was added in Nightingale Hall. This item has now been officially added to the game via the Fishing DLC. If you already picked up the copy I placed, you'll be able to keep it.

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Version 3.1.13

Added bash tags. (Bug #32173)
Vignar should not be commenting about the brawl inside Jorrvaskr when he's still outside after performing his restored scene by the Gildergreen. (Bug #31436)
The male first person sleeved Stormcloak cuirass is incorrectly weighted. This was originally done via USSEP 4.1.3 when it was thought that it needed the same adjustments as the non-sleeved ones. It turns out the sleeved variant doesn't need them. I will temporarily override the USSEP archive with the vanilla sleeved meshes since I've confiemed those don't have weighting issues in the game. When USSEP updates next and these files get removed, CRF will have them removed from the archive as well. (Bug #24405)
Gargoyle Sentinels and green Gargoyle variants now have their unique abilities assigned. (Bug #31328)
Chitin, Nordic, and Stalhrim (both heavy and light) Helmets of Waterbreathing have been added to the leveled lists with other similar enchanted helms. (Bug #31314)

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