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  1. Yes, should also be in bug tracker. But after prior discussion, Arthmoor suggested we discuss broader pattern issues (such as this) here. Most folks don't track the tracker, so there's too little discussion there.
  2. I agree. In fact, I didn't realize it was possible during the first year or so playing the game. There's no tutorial telling you how to fast travel. But Alvor does tell you to take the carriage to Solitude. In the vanilla game files, there are actually carriage routes with voiced travelogue. Restored by Touring Carriages. A bit boring the 3rd time you ride each route, but you can always tell the driver to wake you up. And some travelogue changes as the game progresses.
  3. Personally, over 8 years I'd never built the Hearthfire homes. But Covid came along, and yet another person asked for Touring Hearthfire carriages. So I've had to build at least part of the homes, just to test the carriage code. The one that I've found most useful in game is Windstad. The fish hatchery, greenhouse, kitchen, alchemy tower combination. And it makes sleeping in the middle of exploring Ustengrav and defeating the pirates much better than using the Abandoned Shack. Also, I've never needed more than one library. Even carting every book that I've found to Lakeview (where I'd built the library). I've not come close to filling it.
  4. I've posted here elsewhere that all customer support requests are treated as user errors. In that case, after sending multiple sets of diagnostics and save files, they requested a new Bug/Feedback ticket instead: Note this was a detailed report that I'd nailed down to the function code offset. All they needed to do was fix the code. Never got a response to my Bug/Feedback ticket. Nor to any Bug/Feedback ticket I've ever posted. Not even my suggestion last April proposing a "Skyrim 10th-anniversary edition" (Question Reference # 210426-001718, Bug/Feedback 210430-002317). esQuestion Reference # 210426-001718tion Reference # 210426-001718
  5. Did it clean out the navmeshes at 2, 4, 6, and 8? Otherwise, run the Clean navmesh script, save and quit. Then QAC.
  6. Agreed. Cleaning unwanted edits has been part of modding since the beginning. There's also a known problem with CK navmesh Finalize. It saves the navmesh for all adjacent cells. As other plugins are loaded for those cells, they will override the relevant changes. That is, for your plugin M, the CK will save the navmesh for 2, 4, 6, and 8: 2 4 M 6 8 If you load any plugin after M that is in cell 2, 4, 6, or 8, it will wipe out the navmesh for M. If you load any plugin before M that is in cell 2, 4, 6, or 8, then M will wipe out its navmesh changes. That's why everybody needs to run the xEdit script Skyrim Clean navmesh, then save and quit. That will ensure navmesh changes at 2, 4. 6. or 8 become Identical To Master. Then run xEdit autoclean to remove them. You need to do it for any mods that aren't already properly cleaned, particularly those that add a building with a door.
  7. Back in 2012, that was me! US*P 1.0 was buggy, poorly documented, the original authors had left, their web site had been taken over by child pornographers and malware. Skyrim itself had several updates since, but US*P 1.0 hadn't been updated. We all agreed (on the old Bethsoft forums) to pool our efforts into one community driven patch. This is it.... While I don't always agree with some decisions (and have a few separate unofficial unofficial patch patches), I'm eternally grateful to Arthmoor and all the others who have so long maintained this effort -- and also have undertaken to revive and maintain the Unofficial Oblivion and Morrowind Patches.
  8. During the early years of the US*P, I'd personally kept a separate copy of every version. We sometimes had problems where a fix wasn't properly integrated, and it was useful to go back and check an older version. Also, to compare with older versions of ever changing scripts, and to ensure that I could test against older savefiles. Eventually, it became obvious that there were too many permutations to handle. Nowadays, I rarely keep a copy of the previous version. AFAIK, there's no reason that this most recent version won't work on pre-AE or VR (with updated files). If somebody finds something specific, that would be worth documenting.
  9. Hi. AFAIK, I'm the last editor of those scripts. Even a few weeks ago, I'd not had this problem on vanilla racks. For example, the racks in Breezehome and Lakeview Manor. This is fairy tricky code, because there are 2 setup scripts running simultaneously (the visible rack and the invisible activator). I'd spent a lot of time running a mental model of them line by line. (What happens if one starts first or the other starts first. What happens when one script pauses in the middle, then completes later. Usual real time issues.) With the recompiled game engine, it could be that scripts are timed differently. If you tell me a specific rack, I'll do a test run to take a look.
  10. Some folks are working together to fix engine issues. Halleluia! I've start another topic under SE Knowledge Base:
  11. The AE recompile means that all the decompiled hooks need to be found again. Some willing developers want to know which ones are highest priority. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/qt2tsv/which_fixes_from_the_engine_fixes_mod_would_you/ Perhaps some of the known LE and SE bugs have been fixed? This topic is to document bugs that are verifiably not fixed, and note priority to find and fix.
  12. I didn't buy the full AE update. Only did the Steam "Update" button on SE. Presumably that's why it wanted me to run it from Steam instead of SKSE64, and made me Agree to whatever changed in the license. But over time I'd "purchased" various promotionally free CC content (mostly armor variants). Once I'd agreed, it downloaded newer variants of the CC content.
  13. USSEP 4.2.6 dropped earlier today, no beta period. skse64_1_6_318 for AE dropped yesterday, but without support for plugin manager. Sadly, the essential SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) developers (aers - Nukem - Ryan) have announced there will be no AE update. Since this is very difficult reverse engineering, it may be awhile before somebody steps up. Meanwhile, Scrambled Bugs is being re-written. If we are very very lucky, meh321 and KernalsEgg can be persuaded to incorporate the Engine Fixes.
  14. Ran SE again from the Steam prompt, had to click the Agree button, and got an update message box. All those I'd "purchased" previously have now successfully updated. Plus there are 2 free horse armors. Presumably the license has changed (needing the new Agree), but no way to discern the differences.
  15. Seeing this message, I'd waited a day. But updated versions of CC that were previously "purchased" for free are not yet appearing. So it isn't quite up to snuff yet. Thankfully, the SKSE64 folks were given early access to AE (although less than 2 weeks), so that landed earlier today without the plugin manager. Enough to test things with SkyUI.
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