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  1. Yeah, we've known that for several years. Personally don't have any machines where it is enabled. But what does that mean for games that use(d) flash. Will Bethesda come out with updates using modern (and less buggy) technology? Enquiring minds want to know....
  2. The same price and bugs as any Bethesda release?
  3. MGCollegeLectures still have some bugs after all these years. I've got some script fixes. The original was an OnUpdate that ran every 30 seconds forever after you joined the college (MG01). Other scripts used OnUpdateGameTime. Shroob fixed that stuff. But his script doesn't have needed tests to prevent infinite loops in several (admittedly rare) conditions. Just basic defensive programming. Also, there's a bug fix for Arniel Gane, preventing attending lectures during Under Saarthal. Tolfdir is in even more scenes. Shouldn't he also be prevented from attending? Moreover, if a scene fails for any reason, the chain of registrations fails, as the registration is in the final stage of each scene. There's no way to restart the lecture series. Therefore, I've a nagging feeling that it should be a Story Manager event, whenever the player re-enters the college location after joining, that quits when the player leaves. It cannot be good to run scenes over and over in the background forever. Any interest in that change? Or should we just leave it to fail?
  4. Good logic, I like it. Besides, I've never played ESO. Just noticed it on UESP, was thinking we'd made a mistake. Since we've done a fair job of documenting, and we know that Bethesda sometimes checks UESP for Lore, the onus is on them. I'll see what UESP folks will allow in the Lore section.
  5. It sounds vaguely like the ISP or XBox or something is caching old HTTP 1.0 Cache-Control lines. So we can assume that bulk data transfer is using HTTP instead of TCP itself. (A braindead inefficient technique.) HTTP wasn't designed for this. A lot of caching was fixed in HTTP 1.1 (1997), but perhaps XBox or Spectrum isn't using even 1.1. Yet should have been updated to RFC-7234 (2014). We really expect that products update at least in 3 years, so this should have updated at least twice since then. Very sad. My guess is the modem & router & WiFi resets have nothing to do with it.
  6. What should we do about Redbelly Mine? We did a lovely job with the mist and swapping ores, and a red mist makes more sense for an iron mine. But I've just noticed on UESP that ESO has it as an ebony mine. Maybe the current correct answer would be to swap back and change Grogmar's Mine Ore to pay for ebony instead? [EDIT] Nevermind, a whole host of other voiced dialogue would have to say ebony, too. Should we file a bug report with Bethesda?
  7. My guess was that founder Robert Altman (of BCCI fame) wants to retire; reportedly he's been talking about it for some time. Or their Arab oil money funders are backing out. Or their private equity partners want to cash out. It probably has nothing to do with current profitability or cash flow.
  8. We're not even in Skyrim anymore. Skyrim SE has something detecting that scripts have been removed, and on load says the save is corrupt. Scripts for some objects that don't exist anymore leave trails in the papyrus log that (unlike removed variables) never go away. Yet it is not consistent. Activators can be removed safely. Markers can be removed safely. Quests can be removed safely. But removed packages used by the removed quests somehow have their scripts in some permanent list. While CK2 will automatically add currently used scripts to the archive list, every modder has to remember to include some scripts in the bsa that aren't used anymore. It is a royal PITA. We really need a community effort to decode the save files, so they can be cleaned. Possibly harder than the datafile decode effort.
  9. I've made a light version, with only TC as a master. The CK wouldn't do it, mucked it up completely, so I've used SSEEdit. Do I need to rename the suffix to .esl as well, or is setting the bit good enough?
  10. I've finally figured out what causes this error message. When I was building some pathing, I'd dragged the xmarker across cell boundaries. CK2 did add the cell header to the file. Since nothing was placed in the cells, so there was no change to the Location membership, CK2 didn't add the cell's Location to my file. For some odd reason, xEdit doesn't remove the empty cell headers with no temporary items as ITM anymore; presumably because they contain changes from Update.esm that aren't in the Hearthfires.esm. Removing them by hand fixed the problem (or at least the warning messages).
  11. Perhaps M$ will bring its vaunted commitment to bug free releases.
  12. After my initial excitement, I've played a bit with this Oakwood installed. It's not where Thirteen Oranges had his. I'll have to look at his again to be sure about location (it has been a very long time). And although clearly well developed, it seems to me that the location is a bit off. Arena Oakwood should be further east, on the Riverwood to Neugrad road, presumably somewhere between Helgen and the junction, or even at the junction. I'm guessing it is here because you are avoiding conflicts in the map you linked above? At least folks are coordinating! :)
  13. If you are concerned about security, it is long past time to upgrade to 10. I don't even run any other version connected to the Internet. Admittedly, I'm a security wonk, and an author of many technical security papers. The only reason that I use Windows at all (any version ever) is for the gaming machines. Everything else is Linux and MacOS (and other *BSD). In 1994, I'd founded an ISP that internally ran almost exclusively on MacOS and Yellowdog Linux (PPC hardware). Plus, now Windows 10 has support for Linux. That said, I've found the EFF plugins to be helpful for browser security. HTTP Everywhere, Privacy Badger. Also Facebook containers, and NoScript. Just remember to tell NoScript that afkmods is trusted.
  14. There are stops in both directions. That coastal spot won't quite work, as there's a possible dragon corpse. I've learned from hard experience not to put a carriage too near a dragon landing. But I've placed one in front of the dragon, out of the way of the patrol markers. There's a vanilla rock pile under a tree that I've shifted out of the way closer to the boat house. No need to change navmesh. Conveniently, your fast travel marker is not far behind the carriage stop. There's a horse stable near the inn. Just past it, there's a vanilla rock pile under a ledge that I've shifted farther away. Again, no need to change navmesh. So far so good. But either I'll need to create a duplicate MapMarker, or we need to share an Update injected one. I've been using 01008xxx and 01009xxx for injected location and mapmarkers respectively. This will be 0100901B. Or we can come up with some master agreement in a higher range?
  15. Most is already two long dirt paths, just needs to be joined up a bit in 2 places (essentially the middle passing over Movarth's Lair, then joining the Ustengrav path up to the carriage on the hill). I'll take a look at how you implemented here, and do something like it for Touring. I'll try a separate light file, as a proof of concept, just in case you do something later. Honestly, in all my previous partial runs, I'd never even hired a Steward, let alone the house carriage. Usually I've already bought so many horses that they are anywhere needed. After 7 years of requests, having rather a lot of time on my hands at the moment (and not yet dead from incurable lymphoma), I've finally buckled down and done the Hearthfires touring work. It surprised me, but changes my gameplay approach much more than I'd anticipated.

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