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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

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19 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

I keep forgetting what the solution is

For Xbox One:

1. At main menu, press [Y] to Change Profile.

2. Press the Add guest button, and stay logged in as Gamertag+1

3. Back to main menu and press MODS.

4. The game will attempt to load, and then crash to desktop.

5. While still as guest (Gamertag+1) start Skyrim again.

6. At main menu, change profile again back to Gamertag.

7. Press mods and continue.


This should get past the "the operation could not be completed" message. Should be no need to clear reserve space, but hard resets are always good practice.

If it is successful, do all your downloading and load ordering right then as this doesn't last between sessions.

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I'd forgotten that was a thing you set up. 

@LeonardoWould I file that under textures?

Edit: Well, it's been closed since you can't fix the texture on PS4 which I knew. Is there no option of covering the offending buildingblock with something fitting? It's a technique Bethesda (and any devs) often rely on to cover gaps. 

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I don't know if USSEP does vanilla+DLC navmesh fixing, but I think I found one issue at the border between cells BA45 (BoneCrestExterior06) and BA46 (BoneCrestExterior01), where my followers all got stuck in the way. I checked my modded load order and no mods are affecting those cells, so I checked the navmesh in the CK with only the base game + DLCs and it seems that's a pretty messy spot. The border triangle sides are really distant  in the Z axis and the path there is extremely narrow. It also doesn't make any sense with the terrain. This patch I made was a tentative fix which does resolve the issue in that spot exactly, using only the original triangles and moving vertices around and snapping them to the ground, then finalizing. I'm really not experienced in navmeshing so I didn't add any new triangles for better adjustment to the terrain, but that could be an advantage, since pathfinding does seem to work this way. But I notice the problem is much more widespread in that area... The esp is -autocleaned and manually cleaned.



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Please let me download the USSEP for PS4. I would like to make a translated version.
I think you are busy, but please consider this. Thank you.

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