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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

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Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Version: 4.2.8
By the Unofficial Patch Project Team

Download it from AFK Mods
Download it from ModDB
Download it from SSE Nexus
Download it from Bethesda.net - PC
Download it from Bethesda.net - XB1
Download it from Bethesda.net - PS4

Requires Skyrim Special Edition 1.6.629 or greater.

Documentation + Credits - PC, XB1
Documentation + Credits - PS4

USSEP Discussion Forum on AFK Mods

This mod is an effort to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existing in Skyrim Special Edition. If you're experiencing a bug with Skyrim Special Edition, please report the bug to us in as much detail as possible on the USSEP bugtracker. Please use search to ensure that you aren't submitting something that is already there. Please also confirm that the bug you are reporting happens with no mods other than the unofficial patches installed. A lot of Skyrim bugs are actually the result of other mods doing things they're not supposed to. Thank you and we hope you have a better Skyrim experience!

(Note that all fixes are retroactive unless otherwise noted)

Frequently Asked Questions - BUGS
Frequently Asked Questions - About the Project
Mods Made Obsolete by the USSEP

Skyrim Anniversary Update

If you are running the full AE Upgrade, it is strongly recommended you download and install Garthand's Creation Club Patches. These patches resolve conflicts between the DLCs and the USSEP that are caused by how load ordering works in the game. All Creation Club content is loaded before anything user generated, like the USSEP and any other ESM flagged mods you may have.

The PC version can be found here: Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches

Please direct any questions about these patches to Garthand over on Nexus.


  • 00104b61: Reverted an unnecessary change to the morality setting on this ghost. Morality only applies to ordering your followers to do things. (Bug #32457)
  • 00104B5B: Removed edits to this ghost NPC as it is never used in the vanilla game. (Bug #32457)
  • The mesh fix for the Stormcloak Sleeved Cuirass variant has been removed from the archive. It turned out to not be needed for this version of the armor and was instead causing weighting issues on the hands. [meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirasssleeved_0.nif, meshes\armor\stormcloaks\1stpersoncuirasssleeved_1.nif] (Bug #32455)
  • Updated Bash Tags which have been added in Wrye Bash 309 and 310. (Bug #32461)
  • The Cooked Boar Meat recipe that was added in 2013 has been removed since the official Survival Mode DLC has provided one. Reverts Bug #13146. (Bug #32473)
  • Armor keywords were mistakenly added for the Saints & Seducers armor sets. These are not Daedric or Ebony materials and were supposed to have been removed during the merge of Garthand's patches. (Bug #32475)
  • An old fix for the dunPOISoldiersRaidOnStart script turned out to not actually be fixing anything which left the script still prone to being caught in a loop. This has now been fully corrected with a rewritten implementation that doesn't rely on a fragile While loop.
  • An undocumented change to the weight of TGAmuletofArticulation01 has been reverted. Likely cause was CK noise. (Bug #32517)
  • UDGPDLC1RecipeArrowNordHero was missing the Steel Smithing perk. (Bug #32515)
  • Marked For Death edits have been removed as this was fixed officially.
  • "Ring of Peerless Destruction" edit was removed as it has now been fixed officially.
  • Twin Souls perk edits have been removed as this was fixed officially.
  • Merged other fixes from the official 1.6.629 update, including yet another flip-flop on arrow/ammunition weights.
  • Our fix from 4.2.7 for the Fish plaque display bug has been removed as well. An official correction for it has been included.

Actor Fixes

  • Azzada Lylvieve's outdoor sandbox package [DragonBridgeSandbox18x2] had him standing around doing nothing on the wrong side of town. This package was intended for him to do some work on his farm, which apparently got moved to the north end of town some time during development. (Bug #32466)

Item Fixes

  • Vagrant Boots were given incorrect keywords setting them up as light armor. This does not match the rest of the items in the Vagrant set which are all set up as foot clothing. (Bug #32478)
  • POIYisraBurnt should not have been set up as a respawning container. (Bug #32535)
  • Vacant bee hives did not have the correct pickup sound attached. (Bug #32537)
  • Potions created at the Alchemy Table all incorrectly had the use sound for poisons because DefaultPotion had the wrong sound data. (Bug #32532)

Location Fixes

  • DragonBridgeExterior03 (the south side of the town containing the bridge) was erroneously set up as being in DragonBridgeFarmLocation, which is the house location for the Lylvieve Family House. It should have instead been assigned to the main DragonBridgeLocation. Related to this, the Lylvieve Family House should not have anything more than the LocTypeHouse and LocTypeDwelling keywords on it since it should be inheriting that from its parent location. It appears that at one point there was to be a separate farm location from the main town but those plans were scrubbed and the keywords and location assignments weren't cleaned up properly. (Bug #32476)
  • The entry way from the Soul Cairn into the Boneyard was missing finalization on the navmesh under the door which could result in NPCs being unable to follow the player through. (Bug #32525)

Papyrus Fixes

  • dunDeadMensRespiteSealedDoor: The message shown to the player in Dead Men's Respite was being displayed regardless of which actor was actually trying to open the door. (Bug #32533)

Quest and Dialogue Fixes

  • Scare My Enemy (WIAssault02) incorrectly paid out rewards even if the player killed the target (not what the NPC asked for) or if they refused the quest (obviously shouldn't do that). (Bug #32547)

The complete changelog for PC and XBox One is available here.
The complete changelog for PS4 is available here.

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Why not reset the USSEP 4.0.0 version back to 1.0.0 instead of continuing the USLEEP version 3.x by starting with the 4.0.0 version for USSEP, especially when SSE is a separate game.

That seems unnecessary & counter-intuitive. I imagine the process will be to fix things in 'classic' Skyrim, then simply re-compile the plugin & archive in the SSE Creation Kit. Keeping the same versions seems much easier to keep track of.

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Resetting it back to 1.0.0 would likely add to the amount of confusion for a lot of people especially those who haven't been following the patch project along the way. Also, when bugs reports are being submitted and we refer to the version numbers (in conversations) it could lead to some misunderstandings which are otherwise avoidable if the version number starts at 4.0.0 instead.

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Resetting it back to 1.0.0 would likely add to the amount of confusion for a lot of people especially those who haven't been following the patch project along the way. Also, when bugs reports are being submitted and we refer to the version numbers (in conversations) it could lead to some misunderstandings which are otherwise avoidable if the version number starts at 4.0.0 instead.

I doubt it will cause confusing since the acronym is USSEP and not USLEEP, but I guess the version number could arise some questions.

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I dont know what anyone has been using for extracting the new BSAs so far, but if you havent seen it Sharlikran linked a new tool ( from the new Wrye Bash for SSE description ) that ousnius has put together




Same guy who has been doing amazing work on bodyslide and outfit studio

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I understand, (by the text in yellow, at the top of the page), that there is a known issue with load order.

Indeed the mod 'Campfire' cant help but stay at the top of my list, no matter how many times I try to move it.

Will this affect USSEP, seeing it should come first?

(This is using Bethesdas new in game mod menu.)

I made a seperate topic concerning this.

Thank you for your time,

Best Regards

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I would like to report a bug about the wolves not howling but the bugtracker doesn't work for me. It says i'm not authorised.

This guide should help: http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/3865-visual-guide-reporting-bugs-with-tracdown/


It sounds like you're not selecting a category and/or subcategory. In this case you would want "Unofficial Skyrim Patch" -> "Audio".

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I would like to report a bug that occurs, from what I can tell, not to everyone, but it did occur to myself. It is on the winterhold college mission "Revealing The Unseen", in which you have to Speak with Mirabelle Ervine. The marker that the game gives me is inside the mountains to the North East of Riften. She's supposed to be inside the College of Winterhold. Can anyone help?

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Does a bug exist for Irileth in vanilla or is it fixed in USSEP?


The reason I asked is simple, because when I played without any mods she didn't run pass me during the Dragon Rising quest when talking to the Jarl about what happen near the Western Watchtower.


But with USSEP and a lot of other mods, mostly Arthmoor's mods and a few other mods, Irileth now run pass me and stops in front of the Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and I cannot see his face.  That never happen in SLE with or without mods.


The only mod, I am aware of, that could affect Irileth is USSEP.  I dunno what is wrong.  Has anyone notice the same thing as I have?

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USSEP 4.0.1 is out. Should correct the issues people have been seeing.


Lots of folks out there awfully damned impatient and spamming forums with a bunch of crap, all of you are repeating the same small set of errors over and over and making a big deal out of nothing.

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I love your patch Arthmoor. But I can't seem to download the new patch. The only other mods I have are your open cities and new life mods.

I have tried downloading the new patch 3 times but once it gets to 100% it says cannot download. I'm playing the Xbox one.



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Went through the OP and a few things could use your attention.


Due to the recent changes some of our trusty documents need updating. I've listed the sections that should be looked over by their titles. What needs editing should be pretty obvious.


"Frequently Asked Questions - BUGS":

  • Your bug tracker is broken, it says I don't have permission.


Several questions in the "Frequently Asked Questions - About the Project" require attention due to USSEP. Many of them are still relevant for the users of the older patches. Do you want to remove/rewrite the obsolete sections or add some kind of way to distinct between information relevant to USSEP and the separate patches? The sections that should be reviewed are:

  • Has the mod been cleaned?
  • Will the mod be released as an ESM file?
  • What is this useless .bsl file for?
  • What is the proper load order for the Unofficial Patches?
  • Do I still need to keep the old patches (USKP/UDGP/UHFP/UDBP) after I upgrade to the Legendary Edition (USLEEP)?
  • I have numerous mods that used one or more of your old patches. What do I do about this? My game won't load now!


In addition, since you're linking to "Bug Fixes Recommended in Addition to the Unofficial Patches" from USSEP thread, that page should probably have a mention in its OP that most mods recommended have not yet been updated for SSE and should not be used in their current form until they are (to avoid noobs tripping themselves over by blindly following links and installing things). Also, I remember reading somewhere that Bethesda fixed the lip sync bug in SSE, so would that still be necessary to use?


Lastly, couple of typos:

handle user generate files --- generate -> generated

other than the unofficial patches installed --- we still have several patches, do we? :P patches -> patch



Known issues we're working on for 4.0.2:

Flickering LOD on certain buildings. Still looking into it. All LOD resources have been temporarily removed from distribution until we figure it out.

You probably already read this (and the following post) about how editing OBND data may cause issues. Relevant?

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I'm having trouble marring anyone in the game. I have completed the book of love quest and put the necklace on. The character I'm trying to marry is Derkeethus. Please help.

Did you talked to Maramal in Riften about getting married?


After you talked to him you also need to wear an Amulet of Mara before asking Derkeethus for marriage.


Did you do that, talk to Marmal and obtain an Amulet of Mara?  If you did then you must have a mod(s) that's preventing you from getting married.

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@ Arthmoor 


Reference :

All LOD data (meshes+textures) have been removed until we can investigate what needs to be done with the files, or if they're still needed


Does that include the textures in terrain \ deepwoodredoubtworld \ *.*


Because all of those are still valid fixes from what I have seen - USSEP v4.0.0 on the left, Skyrim SE still with corrupted textures on the right ( I have checked all of them not just the ones currently in Irfanview ) :






Edit : Out of the Terrain folder, I think The solstheimworld atlas texture does need pulled, I am listing that texture in the Redundant fixes topic .. Or at least it needs redone with the new SE atlas and add the miraak tower LOD to that instead

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