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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch [USLEEP]

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Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch Version: 3.0.15 By the Unofficial Patch Project Team Download it from AFK Mods Download it from Skyrim Nexus Download it from TES Allianc

Speaking as another author, yes, always check against each new version of the Unofficial Patches. I'm still making periodic updates for compatibility.   I've had a number of reports of incompatibili

I wonder if the "Alduin is Real" book, found in the College of Winterhold, has been corrected for the mispelled "ritings" word when is quite obvious it should be "writings"?  

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Alrighty, I used the script and it looks like it did it's job however it did not remove the old USKP as a master. It seems like it's missing something but my logs show no issues.


Please send me your log.  There's no way for the script to not remove the USKP as a master but have a clean log.  It will at least tell you that it failed to remove it.


This is probably an issue with VMAD elements.

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Here are all translations links up to now, just if you want to display/reference them somewhere :


original (american/english) :
chinese (traditional/simplified) :
czech :
french :
german :
italian :
japanese (voice acting and dictionary in 2 archives to perform a machine translation with ESP-ESM Translator or TESVTranslator, I think.) :
polish :
portuguese/brazilian :
russian :
spanish :
Edit : added japanese and russian translation on 2016-01-13
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@Arthmoor :


chinese, czech, portuguese/brazilian : no, the archives contain only the translated esp. Anyway, I think Bethesda never made any localization for the game voice acting in these languages.


italian : no, not anymore. The archive contains only the translated esp. But yes, when we were in the old 'separate modules' format, and when Hexaee supported it (up to 2.0.5).


french : yes, I myself rebuild proper french voice acting with advanced audio editing tools by cutting/pasting/splicing various other samples present in the game.


german, japanese, polish, russian, spanish : yes. (I personally checked)



Edit : added japanese, polish and russian voice acting status on 2016-01-13

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About the orphan script instances some people report to find in the Nexus thread. I myself have these 175 orphan script instances found by Hadoram's save cleaner, in the savegame created after USLEEP update. I just tell you that for only information, and I don't expect anything. I'm not worried at all since I trust Arthmoor and the UP team without the slightest hesitation. In fact, I never used this cleaner tool before, I just launched it by curiosity after seeing these comments on Nexus. And of course I didn't clean or save anything in this tool, and I won't.


A few informations on the savegame I chose to make the USLEEP upgrade :

- It's a level 11 character in Riften, with a very few quests completed or active and a very few locations visited

- pure vanilla start in Helgen, no Live Another Life start

- All the Unofficial patches 2.1.3 collection active at character creation

- very tiny load order, always sorted with LOOT

- SKSE 1.7.3 with the usual skse.ini (general and memory sections)

- as always, I never ever removed a mod : in fact the Unofficial patches are the very first mods I ever removed in a savegame  :P

- as already said, I never ever used a save cleaner

- if I load this savegame in Hadoram's save cleaner, it doesn't find any orphan scrip instance

- no ini tweaks (never !)

- no Mod Organizer use (I hate it, I use only NMM and Wrye Bash)

- Papyrus logs usually as clean as pure water (almost :P )


I of course followed the instructions in the readme, and the only mod which required upgrade was Cutting Room Floor, so I didn't even have to use TES5Edit to change master dependencies.


As I said, I don't plan to clean anything, I never did it and I'll never do it. I post this because I think you know me enough to know that I have good and strict habits of Skyrim's modding (as a user of course, not as a modder). It's just a report of what I experience myself, I don't call into question anything, and certainly not your expertise. ;)

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(My 2 cents worth of a rant on that issue)

First of all, glad to see you have a clear head about this, Elgar.

I'm starting to think people have the wrong idea about using a Save Cleaner tool. It seems to me people are using it more like TES5Edit, where they are making it a practice to not only clean their mods but clean their saves. And this could be dangerous, and leads us to this 'panic' of "OMG USLEEP is poorly made look what it did to my saves!!". :rolleyes:

As we know, a Save Cleaner tool should only be used in circumstances that warrant it, when one starts to see issues in game or in papyrus logs related to scripts. Orphaned scripts are not the evil incarnate some people think it is. Unless there's a ton of them, then maybe it's time to clean shit out.

Back to this particular issue, I did my own tests. During pre-Beta testing, I created a few characters starting on USKP 2.1.3 and converting to USLEEP as part of my testing. So I pulled out those test saves in Hadoram's Save Cleaner. Out of 5 chars, only 1 showed any orphaned script instances, the other 4 had none. Zero. Nada.

However, I'm very skeptical of these results. Here's a comparison of two of these saves.



Now, my understanding is, anything with _ or # in front of it is orphaned and will get cleaned out. Hmm, ok, so I see 2 script instances out of the reported 172, and 5 scripts. Which is correct because they're related to a rainbows mod and shooting stars mod that I did remove. So where's the other 165 orphans?

If people want to cry about a tool that the author himself claims can provide false data, let them. If they want to prove something is wrong with USLEEP, let them provide proof. I'm betting the tool is cleaning things other than USLEEP changes.

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Thank you for your answer, Hana. And I fully agree with everything you write, unreservedly.


My post was just to testify that after USLEEP update, Hadoram's tool did - in my case - detect so-called "orphan script instances", even on a save which never suffered from thoughtless actions before (use of a "cleaner" tool, remove of mods, etc).


As for which or where are the orphans, a tooltip in Hadoram's program explains that by typing eight zeros in the search field (00000000), it shows the orphans.


As I explained in my previous post, it was just pure curiosity which drove me to look at this. I will continue to enjoy my USLEEP updated game without any worry, and with gratitude for your work. :)

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Unfortunately many members of the community see even these exercises as proof of their baseless assumptions. Which is why we have ALWAYS maintained that the use of save cleaners is to be considered a last resort solution. Like amputating a limb when you have no other choice to save the patient - because sometimes the results can be just as bad for your save. You may get rid of the problem, but you may then notice your game isn't ever quite the same again.


If your Papyrus logs do not continue to fill up with garbage after the SECOND time you load the game after installing USLEEP, then you are fine and running a save cleaner will likely only mess things up in ways you don't see. This goes for anyone reading this btw.


And I'm going to make it clear here, like I did on Nexus, if you use a save cleaner after installing USLEEP, you forfeit any expectation of support you think you have. There is no reason to be doing that since we have extensively tested the transition process.

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Hey, I joined afk  to post a minor bug that I discovered yesterday.  After examining the USKP 2.13b patch in xEdit and reading the USLEEP patch notes, this bug does not seem to ever have been patched.  The bugtracker seems to be offline, so I will report here before I forget.


Here's the bug:


The ambient sounds entry for Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead is set to "large stone building" when it should be "large wood building" (or maybe medium wood building, but definitely not any type of stone building since the building is made of wood). 


Vanilla Skyrim does not have much reverb, so that may be why the issue apparently has never been reported.  This bug becomes very noticeable if you use mods that add more reverb like AOS2, and it sounds like you are in an empty castle inside the Frostfruit Inn instead of a wooden building.  Changing the ambient sounds for the inn to large wood building solves the problem.


EDIT:  looks like I was supposed to post this in the TracDown is broken thread, so I have posted it there, where it belongs.  Sorry, for initially posting in the wrong thread.  New here and got confused with the bug tracker being down.

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Well I can offer this if you want. This fixes 2 issues brought up on Nexus.

They aren't new fixes but seem to be issues from the conversion process.



Hm, says I don't have permission to download it....


er, now it says that for all files. Sorry for mistakenly thinking the file was broken, it looks like there's just something up with my permissions.

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I didn't want to react to your comment on Nexus, Arthmoor, because so many eyes would read it, and I don't want to be accused of spreading FUD, which I'll never do because I trust you and your team. For me the subject was closed, but with all due respect I can't agree with your comment so please, allow me to react :


Whatever folks are doing with their games is what's bringing about orphaned instances (not the same as orphaned scripts). No such issues came up for our team during testing. Yes, we did check too. It was part of the requirements I had on whether or not we'd move forward with merging. Stuff had to work and not leave behind a log full of garbage or leave anything broken behind in the saves. Since this didn't happen across several test setups we can only assume that either those orphan instances already existed in their games, or they've done something more than simply swapping the installs and loading their saves to continue onward.



Sorry, but I think that in my case I have demonstrated that I didn't do anything with my game. I won't repeat myself, since my previous post was very detailed. No orphan script instances are reported in my savegames before USLEEP upgrade. And of course I just swapped the installs when I upgraded.


Please, you can't just assume that "folks" are doing something wrong in every case. I know I didn't. If you don't trust me, I suppose you trust Hana who, out of 5 chars, had one with these reported orphan script instances (I insist on "reported"). In my case and in Hana's single case (1 out of 5), either these orphan script instances are wrongly reported and don't really exist (it's what Hana thinks, if I understood her correctly), or something went wrong in the upgrade process, without visible effects for now.


As I already said, I never used any cleaner tool and I won't, never. I continue with my USLEEP upgraded game and I don't really care about these OSI (short acronym is faster to write :P ). But please, don't say that "whatever folks are doing with their games is what's bringing about orphaned instances", because it's simply not true. It may be true 90% of the time, but not always.


EDIT : I just read again this post ten hours after posting it and I find that I overreacted a bit...  :huh: I apologize for that. I don't want to start any controversy. As I said, I trust you. It's just that not everyone acts thoughtlessly with his game, as you seem to believe sometimes. Skyrim being Skyrim, I guess.  :P

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