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  1. This is normal behavior, since you did not actually catch the real killer, he will kill again.
  2. I found the problem! It was a SKSE plugin called Don't Push Me. It's not worth keeping this for what it does compared to what it breaks.
  3. Hey Arthmoor, don't ask me how I came across this but I found a bug I think with ARTHHelarchenCreekPerkInvestorApothecaryList. It's using the global PerkInvestorMarkarthApothecary instead of ARTHHelarchenCreekApothecary Edit: Also seems to be an issue with the CRF CRFPerkInvestorHeljarchenApothecaryList
  4. You have to install in a special order? I have never heard of that before. I see your point though, I bet you that's what happened in my case, Windows installing or otherwise messing with the drivers. I'm not expecting ASUS to be on the ball though so that's mainly why I rolled back for now.
  5. Welp, New game and I went straight to start the Dark Brotherhood to see if it would work. Bad news is that it's the same old again. At this point I'd say you're right Imstearn. But I didn't do anything except start the normal way and set up all my MCM stuff and then at the first chance I got I went to test it out. Something is stopping this quest from starting properly. LAL starts it it's own way and it's fine after that, so I'd say that's where I need to look.
  6. My mom is British, she hasn't lived in the UK in over 30 years though but still she had a strong opinion on this. Her sister who lives in the UK has a business that was hit hard by this so that whole side of my family has been up in arms over it. I personally don't have an opinion myself, but it's interesting to see how it affects people.
  7. I did the same as you, I used the upgrade assistant to get it. In the end I had such horrible issues that I had to go back. First off I had trouble closing the lid of my laptop which resulted in a black screen when I opened it again. This required a hard reset each time. I figured this was something I could workaround though. Second issue was Nvidia's fault, the drivers they released that supported this update would not install on many of the newer branded ASUS laptops such as mine. Strike two Playing Skyrim was plagued by video memory issues due to this latter issue, Strike three So for
  8. Ahh I see your point. I won't discount the possibility of course. On an unrelated side note, I have been crashing consistently between the Guardian Stones and Riverwood on my new game. I spent a whole day trying to figure this out Tracked it down to being a video memory related issue and somehow fixed it with ENBoost. Back to playing again, hoping for the best.
  9. Wild edits, I see. I've been through with TES5EDIT and have found no edits to the quests, dialog. or anything else related to the starting of these quests. though I could have missed something I'm sure. The only thing modifying them is USLEEP which I will assume is not hacked or otherwise This is why I was leaning more towards your idea of save corruption.
  10. What makes you think that though? I understand that by starting over I may incur this again but I want to know your thoughts on it.
  11. I made the decision at this point to restart my game from scratch, there were other minor issues with it I can solve now by doing this. I think it's for the best. Thank you for your help though, and a possible reason as to why it happened. I'm just going to to be careful with how I save the game from this point on. Is there anything else I should consider before I start fresh? I know I will be starting the questline sooner than I did before.
  12. Ya it gave me that one. The journal says I completed all steps. Based on my console out put it says it never started properly?
  13. What do you mean by quest list in Steam? Like achievements? It did give me achievements if that's what you mean. There are 2 mods in my LO that change how certain quests start Timing is Everything and Thieves Guild Requirements, Neither of them touch the Dark Brotherhood aside from the world encounter with the assassin.
  14. So this isn't a mod issue then, just an issue with how saves work in the game? Finding where this broke would be crazy, I may as well start over at this point and hope for the best and consider that reloading in game is a bad thing. Unless this is somehow fixable? What's the best practice to avoid this again? Yes the game is heavily modded. Here is the output from Conskrybe sqs db01 Stage 0: 0 Stage 5: 0 Stage 20: 1 Stage 30: 1 Stage 200: 1 Stage 255: 1 sqs db02 Stage 0: 0 Stage 10: 1 (Item 0, Item 1) Stage 30: 1 Stage 40: 1 Stage 50: 1 (Item 0,
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