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I already have multiplayer disabled so that obviously won't help.

And yeah, it sucked. Spending that kind of time on a ridiculous hunt for items that aren't readily available on the planet wasn't fun to begin with. Crashing out and having it simply forget I spent the time was infuriating. I compensated myself with a save editor.

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Cool. I wish more games would jump on board the Vulkan train and tell DX12 where to stuff it. Moves like that open the door to getting AAA games onto linux, which would help bust another monopoly holi

Yes I also wish every game would just dump OpenGL and DX, and adopt Vulkan instead. This has been one very nice update, couple of things to do when you have the Vulkan Update installed : You

Here's to hoping one of those polish features is automatic foundation struts on the large buildings

Posted Images

I was fortunate to have started a brand new game the day before the weekend mission started (and the resulting problems). A few people have suggested its due to the Coronavirus, many more people unexpectedly online and Hellogames at the time switching to working from home etc so maybe not on hand to check out the servers and re-adjust things for increased capacity.

I also decided not to run the game via GOG Galaxy so that no online connectivity is possible (went into the game installation folder and right clicked the NMS.exe, Send to .. "Create Desktop shortcut").

So now if I want to update the game and beta test, just run GOG Galaxy for the updates. To play I just run the exe from the desktop shortcut without Galaxy running.

The main reason for doing that is I am trying to see if Hellogames really only allow you to get a void egg from the Quicksilver shop, it seems a bit arse that unless us GOG Offline players have Galaxy installed we cant get the Void Egg .. So GOG Offline players are missing out on the whole point of the Living ships update, all we get at the moment is this selection at the shop.

See also these two topics



My objective for the new game start is to see if without Galaxy, and after completing all the basic tutorial missions / story lines, we can come across one of those Space Encounter Void Eggs, and if you dont have an egg onboard (cant buy them from the quicksilver shop), and are in a normal Star ship, will the Space Encounter Void Egg give you a Void Egg to put in your inventory and kick off the Living Ship quest.


Its just a theory, I really hope if thats not the case, then Hellogames will update the game to include by default all Quicksilver Exotic items to date and only exclude future items which have not yet been enabled by those community missions (to be once again included at a later update). There is a workaround using the Save editor to make all items available, but first I want to prove Hellogames have not given another way of getting a Void Egg in the game without having to resort to a third party tool.

I sent a bug report in reference all this to the Zendesk too just in case they have not given us a way to get one, and it takes an age for them to get around to solving the issue for offline players.

I also want to see if I can now Upgrade the Pre-Release DLC Ship us early adopters got, the Horizon Omega (or rather, these days it is named "Nojose's Crystal Folly" for some strange reason), and see how many slots it can be given using the ship editor in space stations.


I think once Hellogames get on top of how they have been affected with the Coronavirus restricting how they work, updates and servers will get back to normal. Its probably going to take time though, fingers crossed none of their key team programmers have been badly affected, or families.

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I wouldn't count too heavily on there being another way to get an egg. I don't enable multiplayer but I do run through Galaxy and the Quicksilver shop is the only place I've ever seen the egg, and all information available through Google searching points back to having to buy it there. Which I honestly wouldn't mind if they hadn't made the thing cost 3200 Quicksilver.

Of course, if you're solidly blocking all online access and it's only available when you enable that, a save editor looks like the only way to get an egg and there's some indication that obtaining it that way (rather than editing yourself a pile of Quicksilver) will break the quest because the game won't acknowledge you have it on board.

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I'm not going to use the save editor, but the way to use it is to go into the menus and use the JSON editor, and change a couple of entries ..

ShopNumber: 26
ShopTier: 3

I think they need higher values (or at least ShopTier does), which then makes all Exotic items in the shop available for purchase, including the Void Egg.


If you add the Void Egg in the save editor directly to your inventory instead of doing that, I think the save editor is still buggy and messes up the game, thats why the game does not recognise Void Eggs added in that way, and the reason I am not using the save editor. It needs to be fully up to date and tested well. Besides the game should give all of us online or not a way to get one without using a save editor.

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I agree they should provide a means to get it if you don't play with any online options at all since it's supposed to be a quest that's not dependent on being in a multiplayer game.

I suspect the reason adding an egg to your inventory directly using an editor doesn't work is because the trigger for getting it is tied to the purchase at the shop. Much like giving yourself an item in Skyrim's console doesn't work when a quest needs you to buy it from the shopkeepe. Your save is fine, you just didn't properly set off the trigger.

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Update v2.4 is now live

Best New feature (imho) Summon Exocraft from Freighter

At last the Freighter is becoming more of a mobile base for exploring and now carries Exocraft already built, which you can beam down to the current planet you are on if the Freighter is in the same system .. YEEES!

Another notable fix (for me anyway) "Increased the distance at which damaged frigate icons are displayed on the ship HUD and compass". This could make you think you had fixed everything then get back to the Freighter only to find it was not fully fixed, you missed a marker because you couldn't see it so had to go back and find what was not fixed = PITA.

Also hoping the new scaling of resolution / UI has fixed off centred damage markers and upgrade stats missing text




  • Added a new planetary Exocraft, the Minotaur Heavy Exosuit Hybrid.
  • Acquire the plans for the Minotaur Geobay at the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • The Minotaur allows exploration in even the most extreme environments, with a unique hazard protection upgrade that keeps the pilot safe from environmental damage.
  • The Minotaur comes with its own set of upgrades and technologies.
  • Blueprints are available to purchase from Iteration: Perses on the Space Anomaly.
  • Upgrade Modules can be found at the Exocraft Technology Merchant at your local Space Station.
  • Other specialist Minotaur abilities include the ability to upgrade its mining laser with Terrain Manipulation capabilities, and the ability to collect or harvest rare planetary resources such as Storm Crystals without leaving the safety of the cabin.


  • Exocraft no-longer grant immunity to planetary hazards by default. External environmental conditions will now drain the player’s hazard protection, though at a reduced rate from on planet.
  • Specialist technologies have been made available at Iteration: Perses on the Space Anomaly that allow Exocraft to be upgraded to prevent environmental damage


  • Perses now also offers the Icarus Fuel System, an Exocraft upgrade that recharges the engine during daylight.
  • The Exocraft Scanner has been improved. Performing a standard scan will now reveal all nearby points of interest – i.e. all those that would be revealed by using the Analysis Visor.
  • Added an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser. This is a new freighter module that will allow all Exocraft to be summoned while the freighter is in-system.


  • Added new decal options to Exocraft customisation.
  • Exocraft cockpits now match the customisation of their exterior.
  • Improved the light cast by the headlights of all Exocraft.
  • Increased the base speed of the Roamer, Nomad and Pilgrim exocraft.
  • Tweaked a number of Exocraft cameras to improve visibility.
  • Increased the speed and acceleration of the Nautilon submarine, and tweaked its camera positioning.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Exocraft fuel efficiency stat not to increase fuel efficiency.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Exocraft speedometer to flash during a storm.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented items in the Exocraft inventory from being available for crafting.
  • Added a coordinates readout to the Exocraft HUD data.
  • Tweaked some early game rewards to give players access to an Exocraft earlier in a playthrough of the Artemis story.
  • Reduced the blueprint and construction cost of some Geobay blueprints.
  • Improved the Guide entry for Exocraft, including tweaking when it becomes unlocked and adding a mission to the Guide page to walk players through the Exocraft unlock and upgrading process.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Exocraft mining laser to be ineffective when used on minable objects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Exocraft to turn invisible when saving and charting at a waypoint.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the object health indicator to either appear in the wrong position or not appear at all when mining objects in an Exocraft.
  • Fixed a soft-lock that could occur when the Inventory auto-opens to the Exocraft page and no Exocraft is present in the system.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the position and icon of the network player marker to be wrong when the player is in an Exocraft.
  • Fixed an issue where Exocraft could sometimes fall through planetary terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where the Exocraft customisation camera could be incorrectly positioned when swapping between Exocraft types.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting an Exocraft could cause a fade to black transition if the ship camera was set to first person.


  • GTAO: improved performance by avoiding oversampling on distant objects.
  • GTAO: modified attenuation heuristic to avoid over-darkening of thin objects, particularly noticeable on grass.
  • GTAO: modified reprojection filter to improve AO temporal stability. This reduces flickering on moving objects, particularly noticeable on grass.
  • 3D rendering resolution can be now scaled as a factor of the window resolution. This means UI can render at a higher resolution to the 3D game view, offering more options for improving performance while keeping UI crisp. Additionally, the in-game resolution may be scaled larger than the actual screen resolution, allowing for greater image quality than possible when rendering at the monitor’s native resolution.


  • Added a new base part, the Electrical Cloaking Unit. This can be placed to hide power lines when outside of build mode.
  • Added the ability for console players not using VR to disable local base complexity limits (PC players could already adjust the Base Quality setting). This may come at a performance cost when viewing large, player-made, structures.
  • Added a Quick Menu option to immediately return to the Space Anomaly when visiting a featured base.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect planet information to be displayed when previewing bases in a different galaxy.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck when warping to a featured base if the base computer had not loaded in time.
  • Fixed a number of soft locks that could occur when interacting with base parts that were outside the local complexity limit.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented AI ships from ever landing on player-owned landing pads.
  • Fixed an issue with the transition to a new galaxy that caused it to be entirely white.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Blaze Javelin from being cycled while cooling down.
  • Increased the distance at which damaged frigate icons are displayed on the ship HUD and compass.
  • Added a timeout sequence to the start of Nexus missions to discourage players from going AFK on board the Anomaly after readying up.
  • Extended the time during which weekend missions are active to 9AM GMT on Mondays.
  • Added some additional graphic warnings when low on hazard protection or life support.
  • Fixed an issue that caused diplomatic frigates to award units as a substance rather than directly.
  • Fixed an issue with the trails on certain Royal ships not lining up correctly with their engines.
  • Fixed a number of graphical glitches that could occur when warping in a starship.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that affected the Bytebeat envelope rendering on console.
  • Improved the readability of the currency readout when browsing tech trees.
  • Added a recovery fix for players who lost their Void Egg after they come back through the Portal at the end of the final Starbirth quest.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the lighting system.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the audio environment to be set incorrectly while on Atlas Stations.
  • Fixed an issue where Armoured Clams could be destroyed with the Terrain Manipulator.
  • Fixed an issue where Weekend Event missions could sometimes have partially encrypted descriptions at the Nexus.
  • Fixed an issue where player models could sometimes inherit their scale from ships or Exocraft.

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Sean Murray had this to say on the news article (different page on the official site than the Release notes) https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/04/no-mans-sky-exo-mech-release/

"It would feel strange not to acknowledge the state of the world right now. It means a lot to us to see activity like this in the No Man’s Sky community, and the team here are continuing to work passionately on the game, as has always been our way during difficult times. We have so much more planned for 2020 – both in the form of these smaller updates, and bigger, longer-term things – and we are not slowing down."

Good to know they must still be financially well off enough to plan support so far ahead in year 4

Fingers crossed all extant bugs will be squished along the way.

Still haven't got a Void Egg playing offline, but I still have a fair few basic game start missions to get to the point where I might expect to be able to find one. Doubt it, but its worth a shot. Todays update did not open up any more Exotic items in the Quicksilver shop.

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.. Aaand another update drops


Experimental Branch 07/04
  • Fixed an issue which forced mouse input to the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed hand placement when piloting the Minotaur in VR.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed beam weapons to appear inside the cockpit of the Minotaur in VR.
  • Added missing decals to the Exocraft Customisers.
  • Fixed a crash.
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Update to Experimental Branch 08/04
  • Fixed an issue which could cause weather, Sentinel activity and a number of other planet stats to change.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Minotaur upgrade modules to be missing from the Exocraft technology shop aboard the Space Station.


Sean Murray has made a few tweets ..


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Experimental Branch 10/04
  • Fixed localised temperature text in the Minotaur cockpit.
  • Fix to prevent oxygen from continuing to deplete if you enter the Minotaur while under water.
  • Fixed the restore terrain effect when piloting the Minotaur.
  • Fixed Minotaur animations after summoning the Minotaur.
  • Fixed to show Vignette & Scanlines options again on PC.
  • Fixed NPC ships getting stuck at the space station entrance.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing performance issues on PC.
  • Removed duplicated decals from the Exocraft customiser.
  • Fixed decals drawing incorrectly when in the Roamer cockpit.
  • Fixed the red colour option when customising banners.


Plus a Development update https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/04/beyond-development-update-9/?cli_action=1586552543.091


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So I was poking around last night and realized why my Starbirth quest got stuck and wouldn't advance. The glyphs in the message the egg gave me were wrong. The first one was listed as "Hunter" but in reality was supposed to be "Star Over Water". I only found this out after I was looking for information on ways to cheat to get to the proper star system. The wiki had the galactic address for the proper system, and when I plugged that into https://nmsportals.github.io/ that's when I realized it had a bad glyph being mentioned.

I've sent a bug report in, but who knows if they'll ever get around to fixing it. This bug is widely reported in a number of places, but is often accompanied by an equal number of people who claim everything works fine as-is. I don't see how that could be the case considering the glyphs are not correct.

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15 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

~ This bug is widely reported in a number of places, but is often accompanied by an equal number of people who claim everything works fine as-is. I don't see how that could be the case considering the glyphs are not correct.

There have been a few issues with it, I believe because when it was launched in an update, it was an experimental update and the mission was named differently (Melody of the Egg instead of Star Birth Mission). The glyphs clues during the experimental stage had to be found individually to uncover the target system, making the start of the mission exceedingly long winded (personally I enjoyed having a mission which took a lot of time to put together, instead of the usual weekend missions which last about 20 minutes if you have a lot of resources to hand already). A lot of people complained, and things were changed. So anyone who has started the mission recently, will have a shorter lead up until the longest part (which is now the part where you have to locate a gravestone for each bit of growing equipment, which individually take a few days to mature), and probably the new system may have a new "address". I did it during the experimental stage, and was collecting the glyphs clues as per the first long winded idea, then the public update came and I continued the save, and noticed the change over to the shorter mission which kicked in.

So you will have a lot of people like me who got through it ok who started during the experimental update, and others who maybe have a bugged update system address after it went public. Not sure but that would make sense of it.

Glad you found out and reported it, I am eventually going to be doing the living ships again (once I can get a Void Egg one way or another due to playing completely offline, still trying to get to the stage where I can prove if hellogames has left us offliners with absolutely no way of getting a Void Egg)


Edit : PS, the most recent updates are now public


Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone playing the Exo Mech Update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting.

We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of gameplay and stability issues. Fixes for these were released on Steam experimental, and this patch, 2.42, is now live on PC and will be rolled out to consoles soon.


Patch Notes

  • Fixed localised temperature text in the Minotaur cockpit.
  • Fix to prevent oxygen from continuing to deplete if you enter the Minotaur while under water.
  • Fixed the restore terrain effect when in the Minotaur.
  • Fixed Minotaur animations after summoning the Minotaur.
  • Fix to show the Vignette & Scanlines option again on PC.
  • Fixed NPC ships getting stuck at the space station entrance.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing performance issues on PC.
  • Removed duplicated decals from the Exocraft customiser.
  • Fixed decals drawing incorrectly when in the Roamer cockpit.
  • Fixed the red colour option when customising banners.
  • Fixed a crash when scanning Frigates with the Visor.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when interacting.


We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Thank you,
Hello Games

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I have seen absolutely no evidence that you can acquire the egg in any other way that from the Quicksilver merchant. And since you get a very limited amount of Quicksilver from Nada for doing the story missions it'll take you ages to build up enough that way. So if you're 100% dead set against going online there's no other way. Otherwise you could just run a bunch of the Quicksilver missions off the Nexus board. Those don't require you to go into multiplayer but they are apparently not available if you're offline for any reason. Like right now, their servers are hosed or something and none of the online discovery services work nor is the Nexus giving out any missions that provide Quicksilver.

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No I'm not dead set against going online, its just as mentioned previously I want to prove for certain if we cannot get a Void Egg in the shop if we are completely offline that they can not be acquired by other means such as random encounters in space (Red systems are the best for testing that), and hope that HG will correct that situation for offline players.

Already have 3200 Quicksilver, if you do the storyline, and visit Nada at every prompt while completing parts of the story, he gives you that amount in total without having to do anything else. So I have that saved for just in case I do need to unlock the items.

The missions in the Nexus though are mostly available while offline, just the random ones, not the weekend community additional ones.

Screenshot :

Notice my name top left is still the default "Explorer", you only get that when fully offline .. Just about to get those Nip Nip buds though now I'm here :)


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Their discovery services have been down for days and while they've been down, none of the yellow missions ever show up on mine. Only the blue ones.

I'd have killed to get that purple one at one point just to sell off the reward but I have almost 400 million on that save now so it wouldn't matter much :P

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Servers are probably down due to covid again, and re-arranging things for remote management. Just guessing, but its probably a good guess.

I prioritized getting the Nip Nip buds because that came as a surprise, we used to be able to get those off of random Gek NPCs wandering around Space stations, but that no longer happens, nor does the Farmer offer them as his last prize after doing some extra research for him. So I was starting to wonder if HG had moved them somewhere else (it would not be the first time they have shifted where you get some things from). By luck they popped up on that Nexus visit just before I alt tabbed out of the game to show that screenshot.

I agree though, those purple missions can be lucrative, until you have strip mined a heap of Cobalt and crashed the economy of a few systems to get millions :D

First Nip Nip Plants are now growing on my Freighter, that should keep the crew happy in the long journey ahead.



Farmer, Scientist, Overseer and Weapons specialist are now onboard, but sadly the Exxocraft guy has to stay behind, had to say a teary GRAH! Farewell to the grumpy old sod as we leave the old base behind, and beam up all the Exxocraft in the Freighters new Orbital Exocraft Materialiser (love that addition to the game).


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Cant remember if I mentioned this, but if you haven't started a new game for a long while this tip might be new :

Getting inventory slots after a new game start is now a lot quicker than it used to be, there are now three places you can get them.

In every new system you go to, you can still go hunting Drop pods as much as you like, but also if you have already built up tons of units you can now buy 2 more slots per system, so hunting Drop pods is just a time sink now and not really worth bothering with ..

1 as usual on the Space station (except in uninhabited systems), visit the Suit upgrade stand next to the vendor selling Exosuit upgrades.

2 call in the Nexus, go to the back room where you can get upgrade blueprints from the various NPCs. On the left at the back there is a suit upgrade stand similar to the one on space stations. They increase in price with each purchase.

So per system, call in Space station, Call in nexus, Warp to next system, repeat. Even though the Nexus Anomaly is not a new station, it still allows you to buy another slot if its in a new system.

By this stage of the game I usually have a heap of cobalt which using the crash economy method of selling a load and then immediately buying out all cobalt at the now much reduced price on the space station, you easily make back the units being spent on Inventory slots. I also use this time to check out NPC vendors for S Class upgrades, now that you are gaining double slots per system you have room to expand everything steadily as you go.

Also if you haven't got a Freighter yet by this stage, doing this much warping will increase your occurence of the chance to get a free freighter. Best to always warp to 3 star systems so you get chance of an S Class 34+9 Freighter (and S Class upgrades as mentioned above) : If you warp into a system and immediately get hailed to help fight off pirates, AND its the type of Freighter you want, do not respond, land on the space station immediately and auto-save. Reload, and you should get the pirate battle again when you lift off, fight the pirates, communicate with freighter, land on freighter. When you land instead of going up to the bridge just use your Analysis visor to see what the class of the Freighter is, if its S Class then go chat with the Captain and he will give you the Freighter free. If its not S Class, reload your save on the station and repeat the battle. Last time I did this it took about 15 reloads before I got the Mega sized Sentinel Freighter (here's a screenshot of one similar, the one I got recently was coloured mostly Red and in a 3 Star Vy'keen system).

If you are not in a 3 star system (on the galaxy map, look in the system info for three white verticle dots, if they are all white its a 3 star system), you will not get an S Class freighter.

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New update coming tomorrow


Its mostly about Crossplay between platforms (which is not insignificant for anyone inerested), and there are some nice fixes too ..

Patch Notes


Game Pass

  • No Man’s Sky is now available in the Windows Store and is on Game Pass for Xbox One and Windows 10 players.


Cross-Platform Multiplayer

  • Replaced the entire network backend, so that players can now make multiplayer connections across all platforms.
  • Cross-platform groups can be created or joined in game, or from the frontend.
  • Ambient multiplayer on the Space Anomaly, in space, or on planets, can now match you with players from any platform.
  • Players from your own platform are identified by your platform’s icon. Players from another platform are identified by a controller icon.


No Man’s Sky Friends

  • When face-to-face with another player, a quick interaction has been added to smoothly create a new group or invite new players to your existing group.
  • Once in a group with a player, you can use the same interaction to quickly add them to your No Man’s Sky Friends, allowing you to quickly find and join their game again at another time.
  • No Man’s Sky Friends can also be added at any time by means of a unique code.
  • No Man’s Sky Friends can be managed on a new screen available from the Network Options page.


Chat Options

  • Re-enabled Voice Chat on PS4.
  • An option to automatically transcribe voice chat has been added to the Network options.
  • An option to automatically translate voice chat has been added to the Network options.
  • Guidance text has been added to the chat window after typing an unknown command.
  • Fixed a number of instances where incorrect auto-chat messages are broadcast.
  • Added a system to prevent multiple instances of the same auto-chat message being broadcast.


Quality of Life

  • It is now much easier to target other players to see their names.
  • Added a warning message when leaving the Anomaly while listed for a Nexus mission that has not started yet.
  • Iteration Ares now sells a range of basic upgrade modules.
  • Improved the feeding experience when giving bait to large creatures.
  • Introduced a small number of general optimisations.
  • Introduced some small improvements to load times.


VR Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded the OpenVR implementation to 1.10.30.
  • Cockpit exit handles can now be grabbed both ways up.
  • Added an option to show the player’s body when playing in VR.
  • Camera height now reflects the height of your character in VR.
  • Improved the accuracy of hand tracking in VR.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent rainbows from appearing on some platforms.
  • Introduced some minor visual improvements to GTAO to improve quality and reduce smearing artefacts on moving objects.
  • Introduced some improvements to the volumetric fog fading effect on planetary approach.
  • Fixed an incorrect icon in multiplayer bone-collection missions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused full-strength camera shake and controller vibration to be applied whenever a ship landed in multiplayer, regardless of how near that ship was.
  • Fixed an issue that caused parts of the backpack to be visible in first-person mode.
  • Fixed a console-only issue that caused additional, incorrect, terrain resource markers to appear near to real terrain resource deposits.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a misleading “out of jump range” message when out of warp fuel in Creative mode.
  • Improved the accuracy of the error message given when unable to summon your starship because you are in combat.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Antimatter Reactor from being built on planets without atmospheres.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to appear to bend their knees backwards when aiming at high angles.
  • Fixed a stutter that could occur when summoning the Space Anomaly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause ship audio to play repeatedly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a VR issue that could make it difficult to target players who were near the Nexus.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Community Research update message to appear as soon as a player started a new Creative Mode game.

No doubt there will be a few regressions will need to be jumped on afterwards, but not complaining about such amazing long lasting support :)

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New Crossplay patch 2.52 released :


Unfortunately no outstanding bugs fixed, just more bugs caused by the Crossplay update, sigh!


Patch Notes

  • Fixed a number of crashes related to cross-platform matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Space Station NPCs to become desynchronised.
  • Fixed a network issue that could occur when looking up cross-platform profile data.
  • Fixed a number of issues with Steam lobbies not correctly syncing between friends.


  • Adding a friend from the Nearby Players list now requires a confirmation.
  • The /invite command now works with cross-platform players.
  • Improved the error messages used when text commands fail to work.
  • Fixed some minor text issues in the chat messages that are displayed when joining or leaving a group.
  • Fixed an issue with the text displayed on empty crossplay sessions on the multiplayer frontend.
  • Improved the display of whisper messages.


  • Fixed a number of issues relating to the network replication of creature bait.
  • Players can no longer throw creature bait aboard the Space Anomaly.


  • Fixed an issue that could caused Xbox-specific options to appear on other platforms.
  • Fixed an Xbox-specific issue that caused several languages to default UK English.


We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Thank you,
Hello Games

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