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  1. Well okay. Enable and then player.moveto, and there he was. Got him out of the cave and quest completed.
  2. I thought about disabling and then enabling, but since he's already in a middle of a quest would that screw things up? I only mentioned the mod cause I thought maybe the mod is trying to put him in one of the new houses or something while at the same time he's supposed to be in the cage. Course I don't know how these things really work but I hadn't had this bug before and those village mods are the only thing I've added in ages. I'll try disable and enable.
  3. What's really weird is when I use the command Player.Moveto it takes me to this cell where he's supposed to be, but he isn't here. I did use the floating camera command to look under the stones and such. But he's not there.
  4. Okay, back at Darkwater Crossing (Just for you Adella ) . Note again I'm using the AFK Darkwater Crossing mod, which adds some houses and such. Here is the screen shot. I ... have no idea what it's saying.
  5. Yeah I was fast traveling around trying to see if that would fix the problem if the cell reset. I'll go try that SQV DarkwaterCrossingDerkeethusRescueQuest command.
  6. Well here you go. When I use moveto player it takes me to his cell in the cave, but he's not there. Again making me think that he fell through the floor or something. NOTE, I did add the AFK mod for Darkwater Crossing before running this character. Could something in that mod changed his location and messed the quest up?
  7. Well, I did it, but he never showed up. It's like he's just not in the game anymore. Note, since I started this game I've seen a lot of corpses vanish, like they fall through the ground and disappear. The only thing I've added to the game from prior games is all the AFK village update mods. I'm wondering now if he didn't just 'slip through the cracks' and vanish like those corpses.
  8. Exactly how do you type that in the console? Is it one line or two? >prid 0001B08D >moveto player - or - >prid 0001B08D and moveto player
  9. Yeah I tried going in and out, traveling, going back, etc. All the Falmer are still dead, but he's nowhere and still no quest marker to find him. Thanks I'll have to give that a try. I just hate having quests hanging in my journal...
  10. So I get the message that Derkeethus is missing and may be in Darkwater Pass. So I go there, clear out everything, but he's not in the cell where he's suppose to be. In fact he's no where. I set my journal so that his quest is the only one active and checked to see where the quest pointer is located, and nothing. No quest pointer at all when his quest is the only one active. This has never happened to me before. So I have the quest. The quest being active shows no quest pointer. He's not in the cave (I've searched over and over again). I am using the Unofficial Patch. I'm
  11. I used to be pretty good at that. Why I like him so much. My parents wouldn't let me swear, so I quoted ole Sam and all's good.
  12. I've got Paint Shop Pro 7 (includes Jasc Animation Shop), which I bought at Best Buy years ago on sale (regular $99.99). Issue I had with new PC's is that the program is on CD's and my last work PC (yes I use it at work, for work related stuff ... sometimes) didn't have a CD player. So we had to use an external CD reader to copy the CD to the network, then copy that to my PC, then run the CD files directly from my hard drive. But hey, it still works. And yes, it has a giant manual ... that I've never read.
  13. What ikonomov said: What LeBurns read: Personally I been using IrfanView forever and does most of what I need. For more options I use an old Paint Shop Pro program.
  14. I'm seriously at a loss as to why they are still policing the site, or that we can even post still. But your answer is just an opinion, and a humorous one. The fact that it can't be allowed is just FUBAR.
  15. I generally now in Skyrim I just stick with Vanilla hair with a mod that just makes those more detailed. The beauty salon hair just doesn't work for me on the adventuring type. Just kind of sticks out like a sore thumb IMO.
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