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  1. For me it's only an issue if I play a Nord, otherwise I always support the Empire if anyone. For Nords I've gone about 50/50 on who I support, though truth be told I generally don't do the war. It's only that infuriating 'Seasons Unending' quest that makes no sense what-so-ever than makes me want to occasionally do it. I mean seriously what does me being a Dragonborn have anything to do with me choosing who keeps what cities especially when I already proven I don't care about the war by ignoring it up to that point. In one play-through my Orc was so ticked off he just left the meeting and said to hell with it let the dragons kill them all and just stopped doing the MQ altogether. I personally hated the fact that in FO4 the faction questlines were tied completely to the MQ. I also much prefer them as separate things. Why, because I role-play. I would never play a character that joins more than one faction anyway and when I do join one I don't want to be forced to become their leader. FO4 at least did it right with the BoS and RR, that's the way the faction questline should end, with you just being a high ranking 'free agent' who can do whatever you want because ... that's exactly what you're going to do anyway. But many times I'll start up a character in Skyrim just to role-play a rogue, or warrior, etc., and nothing more. They join the thieves guild (or whatever), clean it up, and role-play done (again wish the Nightingale thing wasn't forced on you and wish you didn't have to be guild leader. High ranking thief who took missions I wanted and nothing more would be more realistic and easier to role-play).
  2. Honestly with the visual outputs from your implants the 1st person view is the only one that really makes sense IMO. Plus it's the only way I would have played the game anyway. I never got the game, but then that was due to me really not having a PC able to max it out. That should change this Summer, but this game is still on the 'wait and see' list. Sad since I was really hyped before it came out, but um ... yeah, then it was released.
  3. I just hope he doesn't become some kind of 'comic relief' character. I would prefer something a little more serious this time around. Course Emil is still doing the writing so I have little hope of anything interesting from the NPC's.
  4. I'm not going to lie, the vid got me pretty excited. They're pushing all the right buttons for this old man. Should have a new PC by the time it comes out so my hardware shouldn't be a problem. The backgrounds and stats I'm certainly into. I wonder if they will have actual classes though or if every player just ends up being the same demi-god if they play long enough. Also not so sure about the ending they alluded to either. The 'Meaning of Life' can mean different things to different people. I hope they are not pushing us into some pigeon hole. But so far I'm in. But we'll see.
  5. I was waiting on an updated PC anyway, but now like you got turned away. Once I get my new PC (this year I hope) I may get it on sale. But I did read that it has endings ... as in the game actually ends, and not always in a good way. So I start thinking why get invested in a game I know I'm going to probably have a sucky ending. I just want to live and play in the world and not really do any main quests, but not sure that's really possible.
  6. LeBurns

    Twilight Temptation

    "We're one of the same kind, you and I. I'm glad to have met you." Jenessa has some of the best dialog in the game for a vanilla character.
  7. Just wanted to let you know I'm looking forward to seeing your solo FO76 run as that would be the only way I would play the game. I assume you'll be on a private world with no one in the game world but you?
  8. Well pets need to mate obviously or we'd have no more pets, though I am totally against the puppy mills run in the states by professional breeders. But those are around because of people's high demand for the pure breeds. I do know once my daughter leaves the nest and takes her dog with her (a shepherd rottweiler mix) I'll be going to the shelter to pick up a new four legged companion.
  9. We actually prefer the AK47 since the ammo is so cheap when compared to the 30-30 or 7mm.
  10. I really do like the Khajiit. Do wish there was a female Khajiit you could marry. I did add the mod which added a Khajiit child you could adopt. My male Khajiit generally marry Ysolda as she seems to like the furries, and she's drug dealer.
  11. Odd how things how things are different and even the same across different countries or even in the same country. Here's some cats at my grandad's house waiting on him to finish milking the cows and fill their milk bowl. Non-fixed of course, they work to keep rodents away from the farm. Here is the reason why a year later there were no cats at grandad's house.
  12. Particularly with an indoor dog, there are certain behaviors that manifest themselves much more with an 'unfixed' dog. Granted this is much more the case with females. When the bitch is in heat it's not exactly something you can ignore. With males it's the instinct to 'mark their territory' that gets curbed when fixed. Having dog urine sprayed all over the house might be great to the dog, but not so much the owners. Where I live there are so many unwanted dogs though, the animal control shelters are overflowing and culling daily. It's a sad fate for such animals and fixing them seems more humane than not where I'm from. Granted when living out on the ranch in the mid-West the only animals we fixed were cattle and pigs, and at least you have something to eat when the deed is done.
  13. Hadn't seen that version of Cait before.
  14. I got AE soon after release and I had to download each mod to get them in the game.
  15. I've seen the vid but I'm not sure that applies here. The game belongs to BGS. And, I think technically anything you make with it, even patches, belongs to BGS. So they should be able to use it if that want. Not exactly sure how the legalize reads, but from what I understood I can't take Skyrim's software for example and make something else out of it and sell it without BGS consent. Besides BGS could still fix the bugs themselves. What's given to them from the unofficial patch is a detailed list of what needs fixed. Just using that they could fix the 'simple' stuff themselves.
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