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  1. Odd how things how things are different and even the same across different countries or even in the same country. Here's some cats at my grandad's house waiting on him to finish milking the cows and fill their milk bowl. Non-fixed of course, they work to keep rodents away from the farm. Here is the reason why a year later there were no cats and grandad's house.
  2. Particularly with an indoor dog, there are certain behaviors that manifest themselves much more with an 'unfixed' dog. Granted this is much more the case with females. When the bitch is in heat it's not exactly something you can ignore. With males it's the instinct to 'mark their territory' that gets curbed when fixed. Having dog urine sprayed all over the house might be great to the dog, but not so much the owners. Where I live there are so many unwanted dogs though, the animal control shelters are overflowing and culling daily. It's a sad fate for such animals and fixing them seems more humane than not where I'm from. Granted when living out on the ranch in the mid-West the only animals we fixed were cattle and pigs, and at least you have something to eat when the deed is done.
  3. Hadn't seen that version of Cait before.
  4. I got AE soon after release and I had to download each mod to get them in the game.
  5. I've seen the vid but I'm not sure that applies here. The game belongs to BGS. And, I think technically anything you make with it, even patches, belongs to BGS. So they should be able to use it if that want. Not exactly sure how the legalize reads, but from what I understood I can't take Skyrim's software for example and make something else out of it and sell it without BGS consent. Besides BGS could still fix the bugs themselves. What's given to them from the unofficial patch is a detailed list of what needs fixed. Just using that they could fix the 'simple' stuff themselves.
  6. This has always bewildered me. Many of these fixes are very simple, yet BGS just won't do it? I mean would it kill them to just hire one person to just sit down and review the USSEP patch notes, go though the items one at a time, and just update the main game with just the tiniest easy fixes. It couldn't be easier for them, there's a freaking list of the bugs that are fixed. Yet they don't and won't do it. I don't know if this is just their pride getting in the way or are they just stupid. I mean who wouldn't take the opportunity to easily polish the game for the players? Someone who doesn't care about the players, that's who.
  7. I was going to suggest mod issues, but some people get offended if you suggest the mods they use are the problem. I'm also on AE, play mod lite, and never seen a glitch like this.
  8. Fixed in that you should always pass, or fixed it so the check is actually made and you can fail it?
  9. It may be an issue that this is actually part of the questline. Generally you are not told to 'Hire a Steward'. This quest has that option. Also I don't think you can ever fire a steward once you've hired them (as your note above indicates), however with this house I was given the option to fire them, so I did so I could get that armor off of them. But now, once fired, I can't seem to hire anyone else. I wonder if there's a way to activate that step of the questline again to see if it will tell me to 'Hire a Steward' and thus let me hire one. Oddly enough even though I also own Lakeview (only build the cabin) when Lydia said she would go home she ended up in Dragonreach, not going to either home. I may have to find a pre-farm save and start over on this one. Again the money isn't an issue it's just the fact that it's clearly broken that's bothering me.
  10. I think I screwed this up somehow. I found the place, did the quest, and asked Lydia to be my Steward. Getting a steward is one of the mods stages for the farm. I built the place up and recalled that Lydia is carrying some of my loot (some unique Silver armor, another AE mod), so I removed her as steward, added her as follower, and got my stuff. Well now I've got no option to add her as steward again. The BIG PROBLEM with this mod is that you cannot collect your farming income without a Steward. You have to ask the steward for the income. It seems if I'm not at the 'Find a Steward' part of the mod's quest I can't get a steward, which means, I'll never be able to collect income from the farm again. Is this a feature or a bug? Is it normal to not be able to add new stewards? I'm kind of stuck at this point. Honestly the income isn't that important to me as gold in Skyrim is never a problem, but I do want a steward in armor as kind of a guard over the place regardless. Thanks for any input.
  11. Worse Stalking Ever! I usually save the woman. Surprised you let her get killed. And looting her body before chasing the killer ... priceless.
  12. I never really turned my mods off. I just selected them again on Beth.net and then manually added a few more just like before. They all worked like always. I haven't noted any special work-arounds needed for AE. Course I do play mod-lite, so nothing major is changed anyway.
  13. Hmm ... I see no difference. I use the brown/grey background btw.
  14. I have recently seen that if you plan on adding the aquarium from the Fishing mod you need the cellar as it goes in there. Still not sure that's worth it, and I certainly do not see the point of fishing in Skyrim. I've done it, and I do carry a fishing pole around, but I've no idea why it's a thing. I might do the quest out of curiosity at some point.
  15. Breeze Home and Lakeview are my favs also. For Lakeview I generally add the armory, storage and bedroom wings just so I can have a wrap-around porch on the outside. I actually don't build the cellar that often anymore as it just seems like more space than I need. The shrine base is about the only thing I like about it and it's not necessary.
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