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  1. There it is! Good find.
  2. LOL. Did you read your own post? You literally did exactly what you are saying others did. Must be great to be you. LOL.
  3. Umm ... topologically speaking, a coffee cup and a wedding ring are the same thing. But the image in discussion is one of a bugle.
  4. Do you know if it's used in game and if so where?
  5. Boy Scouts? Though they are not really mentioned much in FO4, other than the Scout's Life mags. What's really throwing it off is that the bugler has no hat on.
  6. You just described the Jurassic Park films.
  7. Here's one of my early settlements, Rorikstead (okay so I'm not too original with names). I still find the random deaths in the event log interesting. . I think I am going to boot this game up again.
  8. Looking at your map I noticed you have houses right up against one another. After I had a random fire about wipe out half my town I started putting a space between each home to stop/slow the spread of fire. That plus plenty of wells and fire was no longer a problem. I remember it was interesting to see the tombstones in the cemetery grow in number as people would randomly die. I once had one of the families I was following have a young mother killed in a mining accident. I knew I should have reassigned her. Somehow her newborn child survived and grew up, only to be killed when a tree fell on them, before they could have offspring, so that was the end of that line. When I get home I may have to find and post some of my old town pics.
  9. I can't imagine dragons not being there. I don't know the exactly timeline of TES6, but lore breaking or not they'll be there (lore hasn't been stopping BGS from just doing whatever they want). Heck they even added them to ESO during a time when dragons weren't supposed to be around. The real question is, how will they top dragons? People will want something more than just dragons.
  10. Yeah I noted that also. Though further into the settlement building I generally don't need Nomads (unless some plague kills some people or something) and housing the people I have is the problem. I need to build homes at that point, not fill the one's I have.
  11. Admittedly, it was surprisingly bad. I thought I could tackle one, recover, prepare for the next ... NOPE, it's more like BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, Why are you still alive! Poor Robinson Crusoe (what I named that last guy). I kept thinking that some nomads might join and help get the village rebuilt, but that just wasn't meant to be.
  12. Love Banished. I even would name some people and then following their family line as generations live on. The last game I played I finally turned on all natural disasters. The town got hit with a tornado, then a fire started, and before I got the fire out another tornado hit. I was actually left with just one male townsman. He was just left eating food that was stored in a few of the remaining homes and finally died of old age. But again, I love this game and have been considering playing it again.
  13. Well the story was fantastic as is. I do hope they do little to change that. Graphic update is needed. But I am one of those that liked switching from Turn Based Combat, to Auto Combat. I would never want to put my characters life into my aged old reflexes ... that wouldn't end well.
  14. Apparently Sam Maggs is working on it, so no point in getting excited about it. It's going to be crap.
  15. This is nuts. It may be next month before I even think about giving this game another try.
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