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No Mans Sky - Update


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For anyone else waiting for better improvements to No Mans Sky, the Atlas Rises update has been announced


For me this makes NMS everything I wanted it to be, the Pathfinder and Foundation updates were good additions, but this looks like the icing on the cake. Just hope the performance has improved since the last update went a bit downhill in that department.

There are hints in these notes that it is not the final update too.

Currently the Internal depot has been updated today (about 2 hours ago) https://steamdb.info/app/275850/depots/

I expect GOG will (as usual) be the last to receive an update to the manual update files .. Worth the wait though to avoid installing GOG Galaxy client, which also disables any multi-player / server interaction which needs the client to work :) (now that there is a sort of multi-player element to the game, not my cup of tea)

So usually there would follow an experimental beta for public testing, but I think this one will go straight into a full Public release, followed by a few patches as the public find the inevitable system quirks they cannot test and anticipate for.


Anyone interested in getting the game for PC :

GOG - https://www.gog.com/game/no_mans_sky

Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/275850/No_Mans_Sky/

Also on XBone and PS4

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Oh look, they finally put the thing on sale too. I think I can tolerate $24 for this instead of the $60 they were still trying to get :P

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O_o What have I done, Arthmoor has now been tempted into the time sucking black holes of NMS and will be lost to us ... Nooooo! :) 

Actually its pretty good on the time front, its something you can pick up for half hour at a time, or 6 hours, but easily put it down any time to be continued later / another day .. I think you will find it to be an experience you have not had before in a computer game, there's just something about it that Hellogames have really achieved, and thats a relaxing exploration game. If you liked the original Elite on machines like Commodore 64 / Amiga / Atari ST / Acorn Archimedes, and have a history of being a bit of a sci fi fan, this game is beautiful.

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:) Performance is now brilliant. My only reservation about recommending it has been solved on this mans skys' :bunny:

If anyone gets the GOG version (also now on sale at the moment), the manual installer now includes the GOG Galaxy client (it did not used to, this is a new include) .. But its optional, if you are like me and dont want it installed, just click the options button on the Installer and untick GOG Galaxy. The only downside is you will have no connection to the games server to record your discoveries (they record locally on your machine anyway, so no biggy there), but also I reckon the new multi-player glitch orbs will also be dependant upon the GOG client .. Again for me no biggy, but you may want that feature (when it becomes enabled / fixed, apparently it currently does not work via the GOG client anyway, noted in the 1.3 patch notes linked in the OP)

I could now happily blab about why I love this game and produce a wall of text ( previously I wouldn't have due to it not being quite up to what it should have been, but now, thats all changed :) it has become the game I believed HelloGames promised would be delivered .. And they came through with the goodies ) 

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From what i understand the multiplayer option lets you name planets and creatures in a persistent universe and now you get a low chance to meet other players as well. are these options available to the gog version? and if so, do the require gog Galaxy or just the use of some setting ingame? I'm not opposed to trying the game out online. but i'd like to keep installers as simple as possible.

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The game has always been able to upload discoveries (named systems / named planets / named creatures / bases) to the server.

Without multi-player

The enabler for connecting with the server is the steam client, or the GOG galaxy client .. Depending which you bought.

The steam client has always been necessary for the steam game, so that version of the game has always been able to upload the aforementioned

The GOG Galaxy client is optional. But if you dont use it, and just use the manual game install files, you will still be able to name things uniquely, but you just will not be able to upload them to the HelloGames NMS Servers, so nobody else will ever come across a system named gruftlordhome001. You will always see them, just nobody else will.

You also do not get automated updates to the game when they come out. So you just grab the manual install files again after they update.

Now that 1.3 has been released, the new feature is the glitches (those little floating lights in the 1.3 trailer video). If you followed the Waking Titan Arg story that goes some way towards explaining these, its along the lines of simulation theory, and they are a graphical representation of other real life players sort of leaking into your simulation .. Imagine multiple parallel universe, in each is a Traveller (player) and they are leaking into other simulations - Thats the multi-player aspect.

Without a client, either steam or galaxy, aswell as discoveries these new other player glitches will not be appearing in your game either.

Doesn't affect the game play if you dont want the galaxy client, you just will not get the multiplayer glitches nor will you upload data to the servers.

The game plays fine without a client, which is my preference.

But also currently - GOG Galaxy does not support the new multiplayer glitches communication, whether that is broken or just needs a client update .. nobody knows for sure apart from multiplayer glitches for GOG currently do not work. No doubt it will get patched at some point for people that want it.


If you go with steam though, glitches are working for that client

Apparently you can tell when someone is on an Exxocraft, if you see a glitch bubble moving at mad speeds and launching itself into the air from bumps in the landscape .. They have just gone past you in their simulation on a buggy.

You are supposed to be able to talk to the glitches (other players) too, like VOIP bridging simulations


Edit : Oh and PS4 players do not share data with PC players, its a different server, so sharing naming and glitches between PS4 and PC players will not happen.

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There's a new Internal and Experimental update on the steam depots page, looks like the first round of bug fixes for the 1.3 update are already being tested. If the previous updates are anything to go by we can probably expect a few of these over the next couple of weeks.

Having started a new game though, I cant say I have found anything to report so far, I noticed there were a lot of ongoing game issues being talked about on reddit, HG try to be as retroactive as possible, so its probably those issues being looked at.

Certainly all of my previous reported bugs sent to HG after the 1.24(a) update have been fixed.

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So I've put in some hours on this game. I'm enjoying it so far, but I really wish those teleporter terminus things were active cause flying around with the pulse engine is annoying :P

There's also one pretty important thing to keep in mind for AMD card users. Or at least I think that was the case when I found the post. If your graphics look like pea soup instead of nicely detailed textures, check your settings file: "C:\GOG Games\No Man's Sky\Binaries\SETTINGS\TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML" (or wherever your game is installed). The specific line:

<Property name="TextureStreamingEx" value="On" />

should be changed to:

<Property name="TextureStreamingEx" value="Off" />


Load the game after this and you should be greeted by the expected quality setting you've selected. For whatever reason that setting being on for me was resulting in everything being displayed at the lowest possible quality level.

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I think there was a thread about that problem for AMD on reddit, dont recall anyone knowing about that tip

Something you may not know, support contact is via the web form here https://hellogames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?

(The link to that link is on the official website here https://www.nomanssky.com/ - Use the Help Centre button top right )

I think they may appreciate that tip as a possible pointer as to what ails machines with AMD .. All support requests and bug reports I have sent them through that form have been replied and actioned, and all of them were solved in very quick turn around patches.

If you want something fixed, use the form :), support is amazingly good. They dont do personalised email responses as much as they used to now, but patches fixing your reports are usually quick to follow a major update (4 of them last time 1.2 was released, taking the game up to 1.24 before they got their heads into developing 1.3)


Another one useful to know for updates to the game, many people recommend deleting the ShaderCache

Go to : Wherever you installed the game ..

No Mans Sky \ Gamedata \ Shadercache \

Delete the whole shadercache folder and its content.

All the files in there are generated at game start, and slowly built as the game continues. The only negative thing to this is that the next time the game starts during loading you will probably see a bit of lag as the cache is being built again (the galaxy you are passing through in the intro goes a bit laggy).

There have been a few bugs which were noted as being related to old shadercache files after a game update, so deleting them at time of update gets rid of any such problems.


Edit : Just noticed there is a 1.31 patch note article on the official web site https://hellogames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004507729-Atlas-Rises-Patch-1-31

One day after release O_o - Wish Bethesda were so good at responding to bug reports made years ago.

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Thanks for the indepth reply. sounds like it might be up my alley. i guess i'll give it a few more days to see if galaxy bets the necessary update or not, before trying it out.

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Galaxy already has the NMS 1.31 update. They had it the day it came out. Hello Games apparently isn't slacking off about these things like Stardock does with Galactic Civilizations 3.

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i mean the update that adds the multiplayer component.

Is that added to the gog version with this update?

I'm in no hurry, since i hope to play this game with my 3d vision setup anyway, which will require the 3d vision community to provide a shader patch to fix any stereoscopic bugs.

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Supposedly the 1.3 update has that limited multiplayer support with the blue orb things but that's it, and yes, GoG has that.

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Fixed an issue that caused cargo slots not to unlock following purchase

Does that mean that finding a drop pod that lets you upgrade an exosuit cargo slot will actually do what it said it was doing now?

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Not sure what the issue there is, Drop Pod upgrades giving you an extra slot have been working fine so far in my games since .. forever. 1.3 and subsequent patch made no difference for me with those either. First one is free, second costs 10000 more than the last one etc.

Although I have not started utilising those new extra exxosuit inventories yet, just progressing to max out the usual slots. Maybe it means those?, or ships / freighter slots.

Edit : Just to clarify a bit, prior to 1.3 we only ever had exxosuit slots - Now we also have exxosuit Tech slots, and exxosuit Cargo slots, in addition to the usual exxosuit slots. So it seems the new 1.3 Cargo slots were buggy, haven't got round to using them yet so will refrain from that until 1.32 drops.

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Well I took 3 pod upgrades for exosuit cargo slots and never got them. That was on 1.30. I decided I'd lost enough money wasting it and started over and haven't selected a cargo slot upgrade again yet.

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Scratch the previous list of fixes, its been changed a little .. At time of writing the manual files on GOG have not been updated to 1.32 yet, but expect them soon - Everyone else (Galaxy .. Steam .. PS4) probably will be available already :


  • Fixed an issue that could cause cargo slots not to unlock after purchase
  • Players who had previously learned all alien words are now able to progress through the story
  • Players who’ve unlocked all general exosuit slots can now unlock tech and cargo slots as intended
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused base NPCs to stop responding after claiming a new base location. This will prevent new occurrences of the issue, a fix for those who have already experienced it is under investigation
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from being able to finish farmer and exocraft missions
  • The base terminus teleporter will now display mission objectives, allowing you to select the correct system. It will also no longer ‘forget’ mission critical systems. This will prevent new occurrences of this issue and a fix for those who’ve already experienced it is under investigation
  • Creative mode players no longer need to complete mercenary missions as part of the story
  • Fixed a rare issue causing multiple ships in a freighter to spawn on top of each other
  • Custom waypoints will no longer override the Atlas Path in the Galactic Map
  • Standing will now be correctly awarded for guild missions
  • Players who recruited base NPCs prior to update 1.3 can now take missions from those NPCs as soon as they are at their terminals
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to miss Atlas Stations, which prevented progress. This will prevent new occurrences of the issue, a fix for those who’ve already experienced it is under investigation
  • Fixed an issue that prevents some players from progressing when sent to an Atlas station as part of the story
  • Fixed an issue causing waypoint lines not to draw in the Galactic Map
  • Fixed some rare crashes
  • The power of Analysis Visor upgrades has been significantly improved, resulting in much higher rewards when scanning with Flora or Fauna upgrades
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Well, I just got 1.32 update today, playing it to death, and just found out 3 hours ago a new experimental update has gone live, I think HG can re-program this game faster than we can play it to come up with bugs ..


No doubt this will be patch 1.33, and the details are here http://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/0/1471967615872925676/

  • Fixed issue where player bases were given the name "Unknown Base" rather than a generated name
  • Fixed S-class ships having incorrect pricing and numbers of slots
  • Added rockets to starting ship in creative default save game
  • Added new icon for solo difficulty AI ships
  • Fixed Albumen Pearl plants using the wrong name on their interaction labels
  • Fixed the landing marker being visible in some fighter cockpits
  • Fixed texturing issue seen with some combinations of AMD GPU and drivers
  • Added and improved audio at the ending of the Atlas path
  • Added and improved audio for terrain editing
  • Improved audio for missions
  • Improvement to vehicle boost timings
  • Made marker for rare graves stay up for the same time as other object markers
  • Prevented trees in frozen biomes spawning close to or intersecting buildings
  • Fixed issue where travelling through the centre of the galaxy could sometimes take you back to the same galaxy
  • Fixed issue where mission waypoints on the galactic map would not be for your current mission
  • Improved UI error messages relating to missions on the galactic map
  • Improved ship speed output on ship HUD
  • Increased guidance for finding Convergence Cubes as part of the scientist mission
  • Prevented some tutorials (for example for life support) from being shown in your log
  • Prevented Artemis being visible in the holohub after they should have left
  • Protected against some cases where missions can send you to depot which has already been destroyed
  • Improved binocular scanning for background objects
  • Prevented binocular scanning flicking between multiple objects
  • Added ability to scan all building types and fixed their displayed names
  • Added ability to scan ships
  • Fixed text truncation on binocular HUD
  • Added the option to display temperatures in Celcius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin regardless of locale
  • Fixed display of longer planet names on the discovery page UI
  • Added ability to cancel in progress missions
  • Added faction icons on the galactic map
  • Improved ship handling when booster upgrades are installed
  • Fixed mission notifications showing an incorrect icon for Electron Vapour
  • Fixed an issue where portals you've returned through could not be updated to a different address
  • Improved visuals around icons for different inventories
  • Added joypad and keyboard controls for switching between inventories
  • Fixed galactic map showing joypad prompts for changing filters when playing on mouse and keyboard
  • Fixed issue where players could lose the teleport destination they needed to complete the Mind Arc mission
  • Fixed players getting stuck in an interaction with the armourer if they hadn't yet built a terminal
  • Fix for visual artifacts from transparent objects showing through the warp effect
  • Reduced cases where terrain editing changes are lost when reloading a save
  • Reduced difficulty of the final armourer mission
  • Improved low flight mode handling
  • Fixed crash in string translation when loading certain saves
  • Added missing scan event icon to the Antimatter tutorial
  • Fixed terrain editor being built with full charge
  • Fixed occasional hang in displaying some multi-byte characters
  • Improved saving and loading of terrain edits
  • Fixed issue where upgrading from a previous save would cause player bases to be floating or underground
  • Fixed very occasional crash in rendering
  • Fixed occasional crash relating to destructable objects
  • Prevented the interaction camera occasionally triggering at inappropriate times
  • Fixed the Farmer displaying the wrong text for their final mission
  • Prevented pinned missions occasionally being deselected on warp
  • Fixed issue where players could become stuck in the final atlas station
  • Improved automatically selecting missions from NPCs in your base when they begin
  • Improved pricing of base building parts in normal mode
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New Internal and Experimental Depots https://steamdb.info/app/275850/depots/

New updated patch notes for the experimental beta which will probably become 1.34 :


Updated: 23/08/2017

  • Fixed an issue where large numbers of portal visits would be added to the player's save, greatly increasing its size and impeding the ability to save the game
  • Prevented the terrain editor draining in charge when editing empty voxels
  • Prevented the user being able to edit terrain outside their base radius for free while standing inside their base
  • Fixed responses made to Artemis and Apollo at times being incorrectly tracked
  • Prevented the player being blocked from progressing if they decline to enter glyphs into a particular story portal
  • Fixed instances where Atlas text was appearing as though it came from an NPC
  • Fixed FoV in photo mode showing degrees as a temperature
  • Allowed discovery screen to show images from a larger number of visited waypoints
  • Added a placeholder image in cases where a waypoint image is not available
  • Allowed scrolling of names on the discovery page which are too long to be displayed
  • Fixed an graphical issue where a blur effect would be applied while teleporting
  • Improved prioritisiation of systems you have teleported from when listing your most recent teleport locations
  • Altered teleporters in space stations to allow you to teleport directly to other stations as well as to your base
  • Improved ordering of icons on the galactic map to more correctly indicate missions and system information
  • Increased maximum number of paths which can be rendered in the galactic map
  • Improved appearance of the message displayed when player's starship is out of range
  • Fixed warning symbol on broken tech rendering too small
  • Fixed bug where players were not always being correctly awarded glyphs
  • Fixed issue in tutorial messaging when the player repaired their pulse drive but nothing else before entering their ship
  • Added the amount of units you will earn for a discovery to the binocular UI
  • Added correct emotion anims for various interactions with NPCs
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