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[RELz] Cutting Room Floor

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Yes, just don't expect it to be happening quickly since there's a lot of tweaking that's going to need to be done to get it all in place. Especially since it all needs to take the state of the city into account or it won't make sense for them to run at all.

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(I don't want to start a new thread for such a minor thing, and for civil war there is another thread "Rebuilding the civil war")

did anyone look into those voice files that don't have their corresponding dialogue in ESM files?

For example, form id bd684, it has recorded voice "Get her, Torvar!" but the topic info has some other shared response. Can't say 100% this line is not used elsewhere, but it seems legit - developers at some point switched to a shared response, previous response line was not deleted. Most of such lines turns out to be voice actors saying "stub" or more or less duplicate lines, so I gave up looking into it.

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Version 3.1.8

Several tier 7 Warlock actors were created for the game but never added to any of the leveled lists for Warlocks.
The quest script for the player alias in MGR12 did not include an Inventory Event Filter. (Bug #29068)
The scene where Olfrid confronts Vignar about stolen crops has been restored. This will only play if the siege of Whiterun has not yet happened, as it won't make sense afterward.
One of the added Imperial soldiers in Riften was not set up properly and became enabled all the time. This resulted in him being attacked by the Stormcloak guards which could also risk a city-wide melee due to the stray arrow shots.
Gestur Rockbreaker now has a house in Stonehills as he was supposed to.

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