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[RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P]


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Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Version: 2.1.5
By the Unofficial Patch Project Team

Download it from AFK Mods
Download it from Fallout 4 Nexus
Download it from Bethesda.net - PC
Download it from Bethesda.net - XB1
Download it from Bethesda.net - PS4

Requires Fallout 4 version 1.10.163 or greater.
Requires Official Automatron DLC.
Requires Official Wasteland Workshop DLC.
Requires Official Far Harbor DLC.
Requires Official Contraptions Workshop DLC.
Requires Official Vault-Tec DLC.
Requires Official Nuka-World DLC.

Documentation + Credits - PC, XB1
Documentation + Credits - PS4

UFO4P Discussion Forum on AFK Mods

This mod is an effort to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existing in Fallout 4. If you're experiencing a bug with Fallout 4, please report the bug to us in as much detail as possible on the UFO4P bugtracker. Please use search to ensure that you aren't submitting something that is already there. Please also confirm that the bug you are reporting happens with no mods other than the unofficial patches installed. A lot of Fallout 4 bugs are actually the result of other mods doing things they're not supposed to. Thank you and we hope you have a better Fallout 4 experience!

If your bugs is of the more important variety, such as a broken quest, broken settlement mechanics, broken perks, etc, you should also submit the report of your issue to Bethesda as well. Use their feedback form to do so and provide them as much detail as you would us. We would all prefer the bigger things to be fixed by them, right?

(Note that all fixes are retroactive unless otherwise noted)

Frequently Asked Questions - BUGS
Frequently Asked Questions - About the Project
Mods Made Obsolete by the UFO4P

UFO4P Fixes

  • The glow map texture for the glowing mutant hounds got corrupted again somehow. It has been fixed yet again. Hopefully for good this time. (textures\actors\FEVHound\FEVHound_g.dds)
  • The Graygarden workshop borders that were initially fixed in 23169 have been reverted and replaced with a direct mesh edit to properly indicate the borders instead. (meshes\Workshop\WorkshopBorderGrayGarden01.nif) (Bug #32583)
  • The edit for debris material needs to be removed because the affected file is in use by more than just the previously known references. Reverts Bug #32322 and deletes the material file in Materials\Landscape\Ground\DebrisGroundTile.BGSM (Bug #32691)
  • Several cells on Far Harbor end up with missing textures on XB1 due to a mismatch in the data sets for Previsbines in them. It doesn't matter what type of edits they were since the issue lies in the CELL record headers themselves. [AcadiaObservatoryExt02, FringeCoveDocksExt02, HarborGrandHotelExt03, NationalParkCampgroundExt, SouthWestHarborExt, DLC03POIDL02, DLC03POI14, DLC03POI55, DLC03POI02] (Bug #31597)

Actor Fixes

  • Amelia Stockton incorrectly had a synth component in her inventory that is instead supposed to be an on-death item. (Bug 32704)
  • Female "Child of Atom" corpses only identified as a generic corpse rather than one specific to them. This was due to mistakenly inheriting the base data from generic corpses. [Loot_CorpseChildrenOfAtomFemale] (Bug #32791)
  • Bullet's Minions remain gathered outside of Billy's house after the end of his quest because their package conditions would only make them follow Bullet as long as it was running. Since these minions only exist to support Bullet anyway, all conditions from the package have been removed. So where Bullet goes, his goons will follow. [MS01BulletMinionFollow] (Bug #19998)

Item Fixes

  • Seasoned Rabbit Skewers were missing a piece of wood in its recipe. All other skewered food requires one. [DLC03_co_food_SteakRabbit] (Bug #32739)
  • Vendor counters at Bunker Hill could be destroyed during the battle because the furniture objects had destruction data attached. Once destroyed, the vendors can no longer do their jobs and can't be reassigned either. Unfortunately the objects will not regenerate if they're already destroyed. [WorkshopStoreMisc03NoEditDinerCounter] (Bug #32727) [NR]
  • The Relentless modification had a NULL enchantment in its list. [mod_Legendary_Weapon_OnCritRefillAP] (Bug #32708)
  • Empty Lukowski's Potted Meat Trays should have been set up as Aluminum rather than steel. (Bug #32684)
  • The Workshop hamper was incorrectly set up to require wood scrap instead of the normal wood component. [DLC06Workshop_co_CleanFurn_Hamper_Empty] (Bug #32680)
  • LLM_HuntingRifle and LL_MiscMod_HuntingRifle had entries in their lists which should have been set to level 11 but were mistakenly set for level 111. (Bug #32672)
  • Nuka-Cide [DLC04_NukaCola_NukaCide] should provide a larger magnitude when the player has the Wasteland Survival 3 perk. The value checks on this were reversed. The boosted magnitude was also incorrectly set to 10 when it should be 11.25. (Bug #32671)
  • The Calibrated Powerful Receiver mod incorrectly references the scope attachment point instead of the gun casing attachment point. [mod_DoubleBarrelShotgun_Receiver_MoreDamage2_and_BetterCriticals] (Bug #32778)

Quest and Dialogue Fixes

  • Rite of Passage (DLC03FarHarborM01) does not recognize meats added by Nuka-World. All of the DLC04 meats have been added to formlist DLC03FarHarborM01MeatList so that they will be usable in the quest. (Bug #32763)
  • Strong's affinity dialogue checks were all incorrectly keyed to the player and would always respond neutral. Further, all of the random lead-in dialogue was set to check Admiration rather than Infatuation, resulting in only 4 sets of choices instead of 5 like it should be. And to top all of that off, none of his responses were properly randomized so only the first response in each set was ever used. [COMStrongTalk] (Bug #32699)
  • Cedric Hopton should be set as protected after losing his essential status in Building a Better Crop (InstM01) so that he doesn't randomly die and improperly get the player blamed for his murder. (Bug #32690)
  • During Hunter/Hunted (MQ205) the radio signal that lead you to the Courser should have been shut down. A property was missing on Z2-47's quest alias to call the stage that handled this. (Bug #32569)
  • Pest Control, Hypothesis, Appropriation, Reclamation, and Political Leanings [InstR01, InstR02, InstR03NEW, InstR04, InstR05] could all be erroneously restarted after the player is kicked out of the Institute (or later destroys it) because the Story Management node was only checking to see if Synth Retention [Inst301] had been completed rather than also checking to see if the kickout conditions had been set. (Bug #32570)
  • In Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution [MS11], telling the scavengers you'll help them prompts Cait to say she liked the decision, yet she throws a negative affinity bump. This is caused by CompanionAffinityEventQuestScript calling the wrong affinity function for her response event. (Bug #32389) [NR]
  • In the same quest, Strong incorrectly gives a neutral bump instead of a negative bump when telling the scavengers you're siding with Ironsides. (Bug #32389) [NR]
  • The scientist who scans you for radiation at Vault 81 could never play his lines because they were all checking if he had the radiation amounts instead of the player. One response line was also incorrectly configured to only play for male characters even though it's a neutral line. (Bug #32803)
  • During Road To Freedom [RR101], Deacon has some dialogue to vouch for the player when certain quests are done. If the player rescues Nick Valentine from Skinny Malone, Deacon's lines for this can't play because they're checking the wrong quest stage. (Bug #32802)
  • Getting the final reward from Kent Connolly in The Silver Shroud [MS04] when you're at level 45 or higher makes you wait for an arbitrarily long time (until level 100). This is due to the fact that the armor is given to you based on Kent's level instead of your own. He's level 6, so the armor is the lowest one on the table. Given the scripting involved it's fairly clear this was supposed to give you the armor based on your own level, and if you were already at or above 45, to set it up so that no upgrades would be offered since none are available beyond that. Note that if you've already completed this quest you'll just have to play on to level 100 to get the appropriate copy since there's no way to determine what level you were when the quest was completed. (Bug #32783) [NR]
  • At the end of Taken For A Ride [DLC04MQ01] the player is supposed to gain "ownership" of the Fizztop Grille, but this is never done. The end result being that the bed will not confer the benefits of the Well Rested or Lover's Embrace perks when slept in. (Bug #28846)
  • During The Battle of Bunker Hill [Inst302], if the player kills 2 or frees 1 synth, the objective to deal with escaped synths is deactivated. However, further along in the quest when the player needs to report back to the Institute, the quest reinstates the objective when it shouldn't. Not only should it ignore this condition, it would also result in a duplicated objective in the quest list. (Bug #25914)
  • After Open Season [DLC04RaiderKickout] there may be several dead raiders who remain behind indefinitely. This appears to be because several Actor Dialogue event quests could be running at the same time you're running around killing them all. These quests will all be shut down now once you've completed Open Season and should result in the raider corpses despawning after the expected amount of time. (Bug #22242)
  • Similarly, after destroying the Railroad by killing all of its NPCs, none of the corpses ever get cleaned up because numerous quests are still running which are holding them in aliases. These will all be shut down upon reloading the game a second time after installing the patch. This should allow for time to go loot the bodies before the cleanup is triggered. (Bug #20003)
  • Radio Freedom should no longer exhibit janky behavior like going silent after moving around, and should now work properly when placed Minutemen Radio objects are turned on. This was due to an odd set of conditions on the radio loop scene that would interrupt things if the player was not tuned in on the pip-boy or listening live at The Castle. (Bug #20522)
  • In Pull the Plug [DN138] the second objective to return to Sulley is never completed and remains open in your pip-boy forever. (Bug #25186)

Placement/Layout/Ownership and Other World Fixes

  • 00204345: Duplicate decal deleted. (Bug #23765)
  • 0006662E: Door that should not have been interactible as it leads to nowhere. (Bug #32572)
  • 001B8987: Duplicate water bottle separated and placed next to the original. (Bug #32761)
  • 000F933E: Reference to Dn047Worker02 is positioned in the editor in such a way that they can sometimes get pushed off the navmesh next to the chair they're linked to. This sometimes results in them being pushed through the ceiling or floor by the game attempting to move them to a valid position. (Bug #32759)
  • 03044492: Footlocker clipping into a mattress. (Bug #32748)
  • 00124772: Fire barrel clipping through an overpass. (Bug #32746)
  • 0016C9C1: Stool stuck in a debris pile that should not be interactible. (Bug #32745)
  • 000FFA66, 000FFA67, 000FFA69: Frag mines buried too far underground to be interacted with. (Bug #32744)
  • 00164F95, 0016535F: Items clipping through a display counter. (Bug #32743)
  • 000BC14D: Nuka-Cola machine rotated to prevent the door from clipping into the fridge next to it. (Bug #32741)
  • 03056EEA: Dog Collar moved to the ground. It could not be looted from its original position due to being trapped behind a bad collision mesh. (Bug #32740)
  • 001AEEF8: Unlootable tool box moved outside of the collision cube it was placed under. (Bug #32737)
  • 0303DEED: Bench clipping into a wall. (Bug #32735)
  • 0023AEFA: Duplicate toolbox separated and placed near the original. (Bug #32721)
  • 001B19AF: Duplicate hazard trap deleted. (Bug #32720)
  • 0022F115: Jukebox incorrectly set to use a workshop version when it's not in a settlement. (Bug #32705)
  • 001BBBF0: Clutter piece missing its other half, leaving an exposed underside. (Bug #32777)
  • 001FB9FC: Duplicate desk deleted. (Bug #32775)
  • 0700002B: Grass patch added to cover up a huge gap under a wall. (Bug #32774)
  • 000DCC2D: Duplicate elevator meter deleted. (Bug #32773)
  • 000BF2A1: Duplicate traffic cone separated and placed near the original. (Bug #32772)
  • 0300C965: Buoy set up with the wrong type of bell. (Bug #32677)
  • 000c38bf: Incorrect roof hatch type used on the roof entrance to Fort Hagen. (Bug #32676)
  • 00181BBE: Bottle stuck inside a fusion generator. (Bug #32649)
  • 00248403: Unlootable pre-war cooler. (Bug #32636)
  • 000EF623, 000EF613, 000EF61B: Desks facing backward into walls. Rotated 180 degrees to correct. (Bug #32598)
  • 03036B98: Cooler clipping a wall. (Bug #32780)
  • 073CB226: Wooden frame placed to cover a huge hole in the ceiling which allowed seeing through the underside of a building. (Bug #32776)
  • 0018C597: Tinker Tom's microscope improperly has Havok enabled collision on it. Replaced with a standard NPC use microscope. (Bug #32637)
  • 00197896: Dog spawner clipping through the ground. (Bug #32805)
  • 000618a0: Reinstated ownership on this door. Reverts Bug #29157. (Bug #32804)
  • 0002A3B3: Desk turned 180 degrees in the wrong direction. (Bug #32801)
  • 00195F51, 00195F52, 00195F53, 001ABA7D: Unowned idle markers that should have been marked as BoSGenericNPCFaction. Companions could get stuck by them. (Bug #32797)
  • 06027A8B, 06027A8C, 06027A8D, 06027A8E, 06027A8F, 06027A90, 06027A91, 06027A93: Items in the "Vault-Tec: Among the Stars" room that were erroneously set as owned by Penske's faction from Vault 81. All on a single table, so likely the result of a copypasta error. (Bug #32787)
  • 00177AD8: Fire barrel clipping through the ground. (Bug #32601)
  • 001B8CEC, 001B8CF0, 001B8CF4, 001B8CF5, 001B8CF6, 001BBF74: Raiders at Hangman's Alley that would respawn because they weren't tagged in the Encounter Zone. (Bug #27726)
  • 07417FCB: Added a collision box to make it possible to climb up the stairs at Custom House Tower. (Bug #19895)

The complete changelog for PC and XBox One is available here.
The complete changelog for PS4 is available here.

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Oh, and if anyone is feeling generous, I'd kind of like to use a new color scheme for the UFO4P changelog. Something more appropriate to the series but that is ALSO still readable in a browser.

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By which you mean: No acid green, right? :D

Awesome to see the first UFO4P beta release. It's quite the betaception with running a beta on a beta and made with a beta. I guess for the mesh edits another beta was used, too. I wonder why there is no mod manager support yet :D (don't tell me there's a MO beta, is there?)

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By which I mean it needs to be readable :P So probably no yellow on blue either, even though that would technically fit with the rest of the logo stuff.


One other thing I forgot to mention: No, this file is NOT currently a "fake esm" due to technical restrictions I can't go into yet.

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So would you be able to deal with the transport vertibirds collision or lack thereof? it's been a bit annoying to ride in a vertibird only for the thing to fly through buildings.....

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FO4 1.5.151 Beta relz today https://community.bethesda.net/thread/9158

Welcome to our board for providing feedback on Fallout 4's 1.5 Steam Beta update.


Along with support for our upcoming add-on, Far Harbor, and additional gameplay optimizations, the 1.5 Update – now available as a Beta on Steam -- features the revamped Survival Mode which incorporates a number of changes based on beta feedback. Thanks again to all those who participated! In the coming weeks, 1.5 – complete with Survival Mode – will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Also in development, Creation Kit and Bethesda.net Mods are still in closed beta. We hope to add Support for Mods to the 1.5 Steam Beta soon with console support for Mods coming in updates that follow. Stay tuned to Bethesda.net and the forums for when those updates will go live.

Please note that we strongly advise players running third party mod managers to back up saves and disable/uninstall them before opting into the Beta, until they have been updated to support the new changes from the 1.5 Update.

Fallout 4 1.5 Update Release Notes (Version 1.5.151


New Features

  • New Survival difficulty
    • Survival adds additional challenges including no fast travel, saving only when you sleep, increased lethality, diseases, fatigue, danger and more. See the in-game Help menu for more details.
    • Characters set to Survival difficulty appear under their own Character Selection filter

Please Note: Survival difficulty characters are not backward compatible with the 1.4 version of Fallout 4. If you opt out of the Beta, do not use Survival character saved games.

  • Third person camera movement improvements when player is close up against walls and other objects


  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed rare crash related to reloading a save that relies on Automatron
  • Fixed issue with the robot workbench camera not moving properly immediately after canceling out of the menu
  • Fixed issue with perks being repeatedly added when reloading a saved game while in robot workbench
  • Fixed issue with Ada not properly traveling to an assigned settlement
  • Robots can now be assigned as settlement vendors
  • Fixed issue with "Appropriation" where blueprints would not appear properly if the container had already been looted prior to getting the quest
  • In "The Nuclear Option," entering the Institute using the targeting helmet on Power Armor no longer inadvertently causes the player to go into combat, and become stuck in the Institute
  • Fixed distance check with Robotics Expert perk
  • While in Workshop mode, if the Jump button is remapped, the Y or Triangle button can still be used to jump
  • Ability to delete downloadable content via the Add-Ons menu (PS4)
  • Fixed issue with "Defend the Castle" where speaking to Ronnie Shaw would not properly complete the quest
  • During "The Nuclear Option," fast traveling away from the Institute immediately after inserting the relay targeting sequence holotape will no longer block progression
  • Fixed issue where Workshop placed light bulbs would occasionally not light properly
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Since this is the place for discussion now, remark regarding

'I'd just like to point out to everyone that when challenging a bug, it is NOT enough to just say "I think that's deliberate" and offer up nothing more. Speculating about adlibs is also not enough on its own. What Chipstick did is the proper way to address a situation like this. Evidence needs to be brought forth, and IMO this is as close to an official "u dun goofed" as one can get for something like this.'

I specifically crossposted Chipstick's findings, because i know you need better arguments than oppinions. However, i do think that this evidence should also extend it's convincing power to other such cases, where the voice over of the two protagonists differ from the subtitle. I'd prefer that for these case, in future, the default should be to assume it IS an ad-lib, unless further, additional reasons are presented. Does thos sound like a reasonable suggestion?

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Since this is the place for discussion now, remark regarding

'I'd just like to point out to everyone that when challenging a bug, it is NOT enough to just say "I think that's deliberate" and offer up nothing more. Speculating about adlibs is also not enough on its own. What Chipstick did is the proper way to address a situation like this. Evidence needs to be brought forth, and IMO this is as close to an official "u dun goofed" as one can get for something like this.'

I specifically crossposted Chipstick's findings, because i know you need better arguments than oppinions. However, i do think that this evidence should also extend it's convincing power to other such cases, where the voice over of the two protagonists differ from the subtitle. I'd prefer that for these case, in future, the default should be to assume it IS an ad-lib, unless further, additional reasons are presented. Does thos sound like a reasonable suggestion?

We'll have to see - as you know each bug is considered on a case by case basis. We do attempt as much as possible to defer to what's been recorded in audio rather than what someone wrote in a subtitle. That's based on the assumption that the audio took more deliberate effort to produce, but it isn't something set in stone either if there's clear evidence it wasn't supposed to be recorded that way. Since we have no official declaration that all audio is sacrosanct and that adlibs are why stuff looks wrong, we can't just assume that in all cases.


One example of that was the bit where the guy who did Neloth's response with Savos' name blew the pronunciation of it. While it may be possible to argue that he did it because he's a grade A douchebag, that isn't likely to be the case without supporting evidence. Which is why we dropped the use of his name from that particular line. People objected, but it was almost universally objection because "we just don't like it" - which isn't a valid challenge.


In future I suppose we can leave such reports open longer before resolving them, so that time is provided to see if any evidence can be brought forth for why it shouldn't be done?

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I mean in this case here, the problem wasn't that there was anything wrong with the audio. There are other examples in the recent patch, that look just as much like the voice actor 'ad-libed' a bit on top of the writing, and natually the subtitle was adjusted from what looks to be the original writtem, a bit more stiff, text. Which is perfect.

I think the real issue with the protagonist is, that there is just one set of subtitles, not two, right? There is no way to have different subtitles for each gender, unless you make separate files (which might just be a mod idea)? Finding a way to do that would be ace and probably solve any issue that migh end up in a discussion. Can subtitles be conditioned?

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There is no separate subtitle for voicetype anymore? Wow that's a bit short sighted of beth...


Perhaps it can be changed with an event handler. It can be done in the older games.

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That's pretty much the problem. Dialogue has one subtitle, but can have multiple recorded lines associated with it. So this thing with Nora and the donuts will always be wrong in one way or the other without some kind of fix.


Yes, I did in fact consider an attempt to extend the line for Nate, but there wasn't anything suitable to do that with.


The situation you're describing only works when thee audio all says the same thing, but the subtitle is wrong. That's easy. We simply assume the subtitle is incorrect, because 999 times out of 1000 that's exactly what happened.


EDIT: There's never been a separate subtitle based on voice type btw. As far back as Oblivion, there is one subtitle but multiple audio files can be mated to it.

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Ahh right I was thinking the response dialogue and not the player dialogue. derp.




BTW, am I submitting things to the tracker and linking them in the way that is consistent with your methods?

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Response dialogue is the same way though - you get one subtitle and voice files up to the number of playable races usually. It's literally a One to Many relationship, all the way back to Oblivion. I've never seen any indication of a means to split those in such a way that wouldn't require completely separate entries, which necessitates making copies of the audio files to go with it.


Yes, your tracker entries are fine. Two points though:


1. We don't do landscape edits. So chances are the one you pointed out a landscape issue will be handled by seeing if something can be lowered to cover it or a rock or something added to cover the gap.


2. There is no script being used to modify the placement of persistent references. If things work like they did in Skyrim, most of those should be able to be repositioned without a problem. It's only an issue if they're used in script properties, and we've found that even script moving stuff like that doesn't always work. So if it can't be moved, then we'll mark it as [NR] since it won't show up without a new game.

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Ahh that's where the confusion is for me, in Fallout 3/NV you have responses which can be by any number of variables for a topic and "generic" ones have different voice files based on the voicetype rather than the race.


Is there list of do's and dont's ? I am not at all familiar with how you handle things and I need to educate myself on that to avoid any more invalid submissions.


Reasoning for not doing landscape edits? LOD? Navmeshes?


I'll change that to use a rock or dirt pile or something.


That's interesting, in the older engines you can't change persistent refs once the cell has been loaded by the player because the save game always takes precedence. Haven't had any problems moving them with scripts in the older games however, must be something that is an issue with the newer ones.

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Yeah, I did barely anything for FO3 or NV so I don't remember what the dialogue system worked like. It would be nice if each audio file had its own subtitle, but with the way the system currently works, that would cause the number of INFO records to explode.


Landscape edits have traditionally caused a lot of compatibility issues that are only resolvable with extra patches, so we don't do those. LOD and navmeshes are things that are more easily overridden and don't manifest themselves as huge rips in the cell borders if something goes a bit wrong, so we DO do those when the situation warrants it.


As far as a list of dos and don'ts, whatever is covered in the two pinned FAQ posts is pretty much it.


Yep, persistent refs changed quite a bit in Skyrim.

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Allright I have some reading to do.


I'll upload a proper patch for that landscape issue soon.




I also grant permission to use and distribute anything I submit freely and under no requirements or conditions.

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Even though I'm pretty much avoiding the betas like they had aggressive Ebola and were spraying foam from their mouths, I wanted to say...




I had to use the console to get past quest bugs like 5 times today. I really, *really* appreciate the unofficial patches (they made Skyrim usable for me, it was completely FUBAR before).


Also, there are tons of color readability pages online, but your probably knew that.

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Color readability pages? (no, I don't know about them, other team members might)

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On the above topic of color-coding the list, it's a big "thing" in web design;




And on reversed (light on dark, like the forum): https://www.joedolson.com/2006/08/on-the-readability-of-inverted-color-schemes/


This one has some good discussion: http://blog.codinghorror.com/code-colorizing-and-readability/


Ultimately it may be a case of doing some tests and the team picking just what seems most appropriate and readable. The reasoning behind the colors is a little different than the bug report list. It should also be easy to maintain and not require a lot of fiddling with the posts. Black on white is generally considered most readable but a lot of people find white on black to be easier on the eyes, and red seems to be the least readable.


The "color block / grey text / blue link text" model for the bug reports kind of makes the eye want to skip over the text. I for one would like to see a severity code coloring the text, but honestly searchable quest names (for script fixes) for example are probably more useful.


Quest Script Fixes:


Silver Shroud - Stage 400 - radio message never broadcast if (condition) - fixed




Mesh - Combat Shotgun has bunny-shaped hole when viewed from side - now correctly fish-shaped


Or whatever. Orange is more visible than red. I'd go with the "threat condition code" of white-green-yellow-red but the final color in that one is black - might not work so well.


Speaking of bug reports, I guess I should start reporting bugs again now that the Unoffical patch is rolling.

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We usually try to include things like the quest names and their CK editor IDs in stuff like that. The changelog is already ordered in categories which align with the category list in Tracdown. The color thing would probably be nice but IMO, that's probably more work per entry than it's going to be worth for us.


About the only color stuff I was possibly looking to do was to have a color scheme that thematically fit with the game rather than the white on black that was picked because it fit better for Skyrim. Only problem is, I'm not entirely sure just what color scheme would work and remain readable :P


Keep in mind that if Bethesda fixes their garbage forums, the list also needs to be readable on an off-white background with black text, because hey, Beth likes crappy forum themes. Color that works on a black background will be absolutely hideous against a white one.

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Yeah Arthmoor I just spent my first bit at the new forums.


You know all those cat memes with the surprised cat faces?


First of all, their front page looks like Pinterest vomited on it. The forums are *really* inefficiently arranged - they take up metric tons of screen real-estate. The new bug thread looks really chaotic and doesn't contain the info from the old thread yet - I don't know if the new forum can handle it. There is an "advanced" editor but the whole arrangement is a little hard on the eyes. It does have tables but I haven't tested them yet.


Oh, well, the old forums were being dominated by ingroup/outgroup arguments anyway. Unfortunately that's where a lot of the reporting was.

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the biggest roadblock to using their forum with preformatted posts is that it doesn't parse bbcode. It only handles straight HTML. Which is ludicrous. I don't know who these Jive Software people are but they're stuck in the 90s or something if they think this is normal.

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Official patch description updated by GStaff today https://community.bethesda.net/thread/9158


Fallout 4 1.5 Steam Beta Update (1.5.154)




Fallout4 - Interface.ba2


And a couple of the strings files updated


Edit: And strange goings on with Plugins.txt .. Though on my setup its still in Local appdata, apparently the new update is supposed to be moving the plugins.txt file to the game folder ( probably only for people with mods installed ? )


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