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  1. The bugfix for the duplicate sugar bombs paintjob for the T 51 doesn't seem to be working. Tested on a new save with the beta patch. I'm still seeing two identical sugar bombs paint twice in the material mods menu.
  2. btw, fix for issue 23353 also fixed issue 24399 that I opened about the traders at nuka world never taking off the shock collars after open season, if you want to include that the release notes
  3. Nice, thanks for the update. So the overseer terminal is now actually a viable solution to manage settlement population?
  4. I was told that I should disable Sort FLST, Set enable state opposite of player, Set scale, Set Z position and Replace MSTT Form ID options on xEdit when cleaning FO3/NV dlc's. Is this valid or I should not touch the dlc masters at all?
  5. Show No Mercy quest is not working properly with the new beta It hangs after you board the vertibird which would fly you to fort strong. After you board, you can only control the camera, can't go off and the flight scene does't happen. Tested with 2.0.3 and it's working as expected, so I'm certain it's something with 2.0.4. xEdit shows no edits to this quest (BoS202), but the changelog mentions edits done to vertibirds, so something may be backfiring Here's the save Save1_C547DCABM5361676974746172697573_Commonwealth_010236_20180523135656_41_2.fos EDIT
  6. I have transfer settlements, honestly don't know if that is interefering with anything. I can ask CDante about it on Discord if you want.
  7. Oh, I thought it was something that slipped through the beta, sorry. At any rate, fast travelling away from sanctuary and then back seems to have unassign him.
  8. Changelog for 2.0.4 says issue 24446 is fixed - https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=24446 However in-game says otherwise EDIT - The issue with the oxygen tanks seems to be indeed fixed, but only on a new game But I found yet another issue Started a new game, activated the workshop in sanctuary, red rocket, grabbed dogmeat, send him to Sanctuary ...and he is now assigned to produce food . Trying to remove him from the current job using that vaut tec settlement manager terminal don't work either. Never saw that before and I don't think it's
  9. Changing DLC01REPercentChance value mid-game don't change nothing, as in you'll need a new save. Tested it myself by setting it to 0, plenty of Automatron RE still on existing saves, yet to see one on a new save. DLC01LoadScreenRate seems to work fine on existing saves.
  10. "but the game has been pretty well patched since and deserves all of those reviews being wiped and start again" Hardly. Release of games on a sub par state should never be ignored or forgotten. Reviews about it should serve as a reminder to the developers - the consumers are aware.
  11. xEdit found some errors in the newest beta [00:01] InstM02SRBTerminal "SRB Terminal" [TERM:001128A7] [00:01] TERM \ Menu Items \ Menu Item \ Conditions \ Condition \ CTDA - \ Parameter #2 -> <Warning: Quest Stage not found in "RR201 "Underground Undercover" [QUST:000B2D48]"> [00:01] TERM \ Menu Items \ Menu Item \ Conditions \ Condition \ CTDA - \ Parameter #2 -> <Warning: Quest Stage not found in "RR201 "Underground Undercover" [QUST:000B2D48]"> [00:05] MQ101 "War Never Changes" [QUST:0001ED86] [00:05] QUST \ Objectives \ Objective \ Targets \ Target
  12. working fine on fallout new vegas, but got a error when testing with fallout 4 here's the log Loading Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp (1/37) Exception loading Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp FormID [0001D971] in file Fallout4.esm refers to master file Fallout4.esm which has not been assigned a global load order Fatal Error: <Exception: >
  13. what's the money/credit cost ratio? 1 dollar, 1 credit? 10 credits? 100 credits? 1000 credits? the ONLY way to obtain credits is by buying them? I want to download a mod that is priced at 50 credits. Is 50 an actual amount of credits I can buy, or there is a mininum value, like 100 for example. if I download a mod that costs me 20 dollars (based on money/credit conversion) how much of this money goes to the author, how many goes to bethesda? authors will be paid based on how many downloads the mod have? highest ratings? in the long run, what are the good and the bad th
  14. in the meantime, FO4Edit 3.2.1 results dlcrobot - 45 itm, 38 und, 1 nav dlcworkshop01 - 6 itm dlccoast - 75 itm, 86 und dlcworkshop02 - 2 itm dlcworkshop03 - 18 itm, 10 und dlcnukaworld - 193 itm, 418 und, 7 nav
  15. thanks for taking a look now what about the aeternus? it should be TRUE unlimited ammo or what?
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