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[RELz] Unofficial Oblivion Patch [UOP]

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Can the OBSE plugins that ship with the UOP be used without the patch?  I mean is there some code in the plugins that check for the patch?  I know I could easily launch Oblivion and find out, but I prefer to ask to make sure that all bases are covered.

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The error check is not accurate so ignore that. The single ITM only exists when UOP is used in isolation, and needs to be there. Please trust us when we tell you it does not need to be cleaned or erro

Is there an update in the works?  Oblivion is not as loved as Skyrim, but it's alive.  There are some good mods still active (MOO, OR, among others--miguick has released some mods recently, though I h

UOP 3.5.6 has been released. It was about time to put this out there since we've been sitting on a bunch of mesh updates and a couple of minor things for almost 2 years now with nothing substantial co

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