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  1. INFO successfully merged. It required a couple of fixes mostly automated through the CSE, but all seems fine and dandy as of now. It needs a good playthrough.
  2. I can't get INFO to work... oddness ensues after I merge it in-game
  3. Status report: I've merged everything except INFO and have lightly play tested; I have not found one problem in-game. Landscapes are fine. Now it's on to merging INFO. GBR says it can be done. I have not had luck with it yet.
  4. It's not been problem-free, I'll tell you that. Don't xEdit auto-merge. That's a no-go. Be careful with INFO (Dialog Topic)--I've borked my game there and am still not sure if it can be merged at all. MGEF needs editing in the CSE, as does IDLE--no TESEdit work for them. Luckily the UOP doesn't make many changes to those two record groups. It can be done and I like tinkering/tweaking. GBRPluss has thousands of people using an edited Oblivion.esm, so it's possible to do, and has been thoroughly verified--you just need to be careful and work with what people have figured out before. I'll post here as time goes on to see if I fuc*ed my game up. I'm confident I won't. As for any file that requires the UOP, it's just a matter of an blank esp. Anything that requires it's edits will be found in the main esm.
  5. Okay, thanks for the advice. I would like to say that I have been merging the UOP into Oblivion.esm and been meticulously checking for errors as I go, while also playtesting (admitedly, I haven't left the turtorial dungeon. I plan on testing much more once I have the UOP merged as I like it), and I have had zero issues. I'm also consulting with GBR (GBRPluss on Nexus) who has been directly modifying the esm for years. He has pretty extensively playtested and has had no issues he can't correct. I wonder if the tools used to edit the esm have come a long way since you tried to edit it? You need the CSE. I have loaded several worldspace cells in the CSE without error or rendering problems. I haven't been outside yet in-game, however. GBR's years of doing this give me confidence, I will say. But thanks for the warning. I will see where this leads me. If it corrupt, it's merely time I lost. Also, GBR said as you did that the errors are false errors and can be ignored, so thanks for backing him up.
  6. Has anyone ever run TESEdit's "Check for Errors" on the Oblivion.esm? Surely some UOP author's have? Well, long story short, I have managed to fix most by loading the esm into the CSE and saving. The CSE sorts issues (I guess. I can only assume, as I have two versions of Oblivion.esm--one custom and one vanilla, and the only difference in the custom one is some worldspace edits and saving in the CSE) by saving a plugin because my custom esm has 148 issues (more about that below) and the vanilla esm has 501, acording to TESEdit. Here is a sample of most (over 99%) of my custom esm's errors: [00:00] BW08 "Bound Priest Dagger" [MGEF:00094008] [00:00] MGEF \ EDID - Magic Effect Code -> Expected 4 bytes but found 0 [00:00] Z019 "Summon Sewn Flesh Atronach" [MGEF:0007FDBB] [00:00] MGEF \ EDID - Magic Effect Code -> Expected 4 bytes but found 0 [00:00] Z018 "Summon Stitched Flesh Atronach" [MGEF:0007FDBA] [00:00] MGEF \ EDID - Magic Effect Code -> Expected 4 bytes but found 0 The vanilla esm has tons more (which people may have noticed) but they both share the error types posted above. What is that? What can be done to fix it? I know you don't recommend editing "Oblivion.esm" directly, but this is just my own fun modding time; I can do what I want. The point here is what would correct these errors? Is it an TESEdit thing, because the CSE does not show these errors. I have one error in the CSE and I'm working on it--it's tricky to fix. EDIT: I realize why I do not have but a fraction of the errors in my custom esm versus the vanilla esm: This here patch does wonders for your Oblivion.esm. This is the reason most of my errors are gone from TESEdit, and the CSE.
  7. Sweet! I was scouring through the INI; didn't think to check the installers tab. Thanks, Infernio. Just a note for you devs, BSA redirection is enabled by default, and unchecking it does not remove ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa from the Data\ directory. However, it does remove the entry from the Oblivion.ini.
  8. I've been doing similar. For lone records, I've been using "Copy as new record into..." to create a new record for the plugin I'm merging into, then deleting it from the plugin being merged from. But, I never thought of your way, so thanks for the answer. "Copy as new record into..." takes fewer steps, so I'll stick with that for now.
  9. Can you make BSA Redirection (via "ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa") optional? It's no longer necessary with SkyBSA. Redundant, as it were.
  10. Quick question to those in the know: if I want to change one FormID of a record to something new (load order corrected) for merging into another mod, how do I tell what FormIDs are free in the mod I am merging into?? I'm merging into a dense mod, so there are a lot of used FormIDs. If I have two or more FormIDs selected to change together, it's easy; just select "Change FormID" and it's taken care of by Tes4Edit. But if I only have 1 FormID to change, it asks what I want to change it to, and in some cases I don't know because I don't know what's free. Thanks go out to whomever answers this inquiry.
  11. Maybe in the future post Bash errors in the Bash thread. I think it would get more timely attention that way.
  12. No Man's Sky is well supported for a three year old game. I have an interest in playing it, but would prefer to wait until updates slow down. A major update every week is too "busy".
  13. Thanks for the responses. I'm willing to try both compressed and uncompressed. I've always run compressed because of Ethatron's old post, but objective results speak for themselves. @lmstearn that is serious OCD! Moving the bsa closer to the exe is hardcore. I run an SSD though, so shouldn't affect me.
  14. That's what I thought. I guess I was confused (optimistic?) by a programmer like zilav releasing a utility like this. You would think he's done research into the topic, but perhaps he just felt like programming something...
  15. This mod was released to the Nexus today. This brings a question to mind: Does compression hurt performance? The release of the utility suggests the author believes so, but is his thought correct? I read once by Ethatron that modern CPUs actually take less time/cycles to decompress than they do to load uncompressed files. I would think it would take more time to decompress first, BUT Ethatron backed his findings with numbers. zilav points to I/O in his description, so is that where the difference resides? I know a SSD/HDD read-write call takes forever compared to an CPU cycle. So, could I get some more info? What's true? I will start running uncompressed BSAs from now on if it helps.

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