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  1. You'll probably get help quicker by posting that here:
  2. That's cool, alt3rn1ty. You've given many informative years to the Bethesda community, I just didn't think you'd close accounts. I guess because you still turn up in here regularly.
  3. Why'd you close your account, I ask out of pure curiosity?
  4. pendraggon, type "@" and a box will popup. Start typing the forum name and select the correct one with the up/down arrow keys, then press "enter" when you have the name you are trying to refer to. It helps to type 2, 3, or 4 letters of the name to narrow it down.
  5. @pendraggon BAIN is, technically, the installers tab and contents. Semantics, yes, but better for explaining things in your posts. Wrye Bash is the entire program. A lot of people just call it "Bash". Having cleared that up, I believe you have a system problem and not a Bash problem. It's hard to give you guidance on such an issue. But, do as I suggested and revert your SSE to a vanilla state; see if that helps.
  6. @pendraggon Something tells me that your problem is outside of a Bash error or bug. Also, when you say "BAIN", do you mean Wrye Bash or the BAsh INstallers (BAIN) portion of Bash? Is BAIN freezing, or the whole Bash program? If it's BAIN, try removing all of your mods by either moving them outside of the install directory or opening up the Bash.ini and pointing it to another location. If it's Wrye Bash that freezes, try installing it with no mods or packages and see if it launches. Do the above with aforementioned with BAIN and also delete all plugins. In other words, make your game install clean. Having said all that, I've never played SE much less modded it. So I have no experience with it...
  7. (Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft; consider upgrading to 10. I know 7 is a good OS, but soon it's going to be an unsafe OS.)
  8. Oh, my fault. I thought you were mixing files up from different packages. LOOT is standalone and Bash is standalone--don't mix them.
  9. @pendraggon: I don't think you can use the "loot.dll" that comes with the Loot package proper. I think Bash uses a separate DLL that can be found online (I think). Best to stick with the files that come packaged with Bash and not mix and match.
  10. @pendraggon: At the header of the post box there is an eye-looking icon (next to the smiley), that's your spoiler tags. Just highlight text you want to wrap in spoilers and hit that icon.
  11. Yay for @pendraggon! I knew you had it in you.
  12. Thanks! It's just easier to keep all of the information in one thread, as well as easier for the dev(s) to find the issues. Remember, they may only check one thread in this forum.
  13. Wrong thread. Click the following box:
  14. Dude... come on now. Go to the "Tools of the Trade" thread (which is where you have been incorrectly posting stuff, so you know how to get there) and look at one of the top few threads. There will be a thread there titled "Wyre Bash - All Games", post there. Here is a link to the correct thread to post under: Click the above box. I love you man, but it's easy to figure out.
  15. You're going top piss people off, pendraggon. Post in the official Bash thread. This is the Tools of the Trade thread. If you look, you can't miss the Bash thread, it's usually right at the top of the this (Tools of the Trade) thread.

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