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  1. A lot of phones nowadays do not allow you to take the battery out. Powering it down, I guess, would be the next best thing.
  2. Oh, okay. I think that is a good idea. Learning more hotkeys that have no other means of accomplishing the same objective can be a task. I would encourage the developers to whittle down as many hotkeys as possible. Do you contribute to xEdit development, zilav? Or are you just proficient in it's use?
  3. Am I correct to assume this is the described method for merging two mods quickly? Didn't take 5 minutes to track down when I decided to try... EDIT: The way you described above does not work in practice. Everything is good up until step 3. After step 2, you enter the next FormID and it automatically goes to injecting new records into mod "A". I don't want to inject new records at this time. I just want to merge two existing records. I want to quickly merge worldspace object placement records. I'll keep at it today, but I may need some assistance, if it can be done at all. EDIT 2: Okay, it works. Sorry for not testing more before posting. I guess my next question is is there a way to only merge existing records quickly (en-masse, so to speak)? I just want to overwrite A's records with B's. Only worldspace object placement records. I'll RTTFM too. EDIT 3: Just so people know, in order to overwrite identical FormIDs, for step 3 you need to select "Deep copy as override into (with overwriting)"
  4. Oh. That's news to me. Forgive my ignorance. Can you give me an idea where in this 84 page (!) thread I could find this info? I don't mind scanning some pages, but a starting point would be great. This is going to save me a shitload of time. Thanks.
  5. Just the amount of time it would take. I'm working with plugins that have thousands of edits that I'm trying to merge. I've done some manually, and it's quite tedious. I was just hoping that a script could automate it and get it done in seconds versus the days/weeks it would take to do manually.
  6. I'm interested in writing a script to merge cell and worldspace object placement edits from an esp over to a master. How hard would this be? Are there any TESxEdit (TES4Edit for me) script writing resources available? Any insight for me would be nice...
  7. Yeah, I think he fixed it in a version you can grab from Discord. I think.
  8. Then you don't. You need to set software for a VPN (I use one from time to time).
  9. OR has all of the worthwhile features of the OBGE package (third-party mods excluded), so I wholeheartedly agree with @lmstearn--switch to OR. OR supports cell-based post-processing effects, as well as script-based manipulation. Plus, a recent update added full outdoor (sun only) shadows rendered the "correct" way, i.e. not hooking the vanilla system like shadeMe. This negates a performance impact. *OR fanboy out*
  10. Gotcha. I thought I had read something about that somewhere. Thanks. If a mod asks for a clean save, I'll just hold off until I start a new game.
  11. Am I wrong to assume that unless otherwise stated, a mod can be in-place upgraded? I know clean saves for F4 are different than older games like Oblivion and Morrowind, so I can just install and go, right? I'm asking here but want to know in general. I thought I read somewhere removing mods from your LO can cause weirdness with scripts etc.
  12. I see this was updated, @Arthmoor Significant changes?
  13. Lol. The more the merrier.
  14. Yes, it just brings QTPIII's parallax mapping and textures to the changes made by the UOP. If you want both changes, install it, otherwise just overwrite with QTPIII R.
  15. Me too. There's a new version on GitHub every day. And that's not too much of an exaggeration.

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