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  1. OR has all of the worthwhile features of the OBGE package (third-party mods excluded), so I wholeheartedly agree with @lmstearn--switch to OR. OR supports cell-based post-processing effects, as well as script-based manipulation. Plus, a recent update added full outdoor (sun only) shadows rendered the "correct" way, i.e. not hooking the vanilla system like shadeMe. This negates a performance impact. *OR fanboy out*
  2. Gotcha. I thought I had read something about that somewhere. Thanks. If a mod asks for a clean save, I'll just hold off until I start a new game.
  3. Am I wrong to assume that unless otherwise stated, a mod can be in-place upgraded? I know clean saves for F4 are different than older games like Oblivion and Morrowind, so I can just install and go, right? I'm asking here but want to know in general. I thought I read somewhere removing mods from your LO can cause weirdness with scripts etc.
  4. I see this was updated, @Arthmoor Significant changes?
  5. Lol. The more the merrier.
  6. Yes, it just brings QTPIII's parallax mapping and textures to the changes made by the UOP. If you want both changes, install it, otherwise just overwrite with QTPIII R.
  7. Me too. There's a new version on GitHub every day. And that's not too much of an exaggeration.
  8. I don't think a placed chest is a leveled list thing. It's a cell, specifically, placed object thing. The contents of the chest could be a leveled list. Perhaps a later loading mod alters the same cell? Or a patch for the mod that placed the chest removes it? Are you comfortable with TES4Edit? Finding the cell and then chest with your full load order will let you know.
  9. Fair enough. I'll try out the current version of LOOT with Oblivion first, then see where my recommendations stand. If I still recommend BOSS, I'll be more specific as to why.
  10. I don't really say to trust BOSS over LOOT because others do (though it's boosts confidence, I'll admit) but because when I tried LOOT in the past it made a couple wrong decisions with mods. Better Cities, specifically. Better Cities needs to load pretty late or else the ground with be "off" in the IC. I've found it is easily thrown off. Loading it late always fixes it. LOOT never loaded it late enough. That's the only ammo for my gun. It could have been fixed since I last used it. Or I could have made a rule, lord knows I make plenty for BOSS. But I'm not joining the "BOSS-for-Oblivion" bandwagon.
  11. I'd just recommend to use BOSS for Oblivion. LOOT gets too many mods wrong.
  12. The ones that have Bash Tags will have their records imported, I believe. So, you'll have some stray records. Best to hide them before building the Patch.
  13. I noticed Disconnect is not an ad blocker, or like you mentioned, the ad blocking feature may need to be paid for. I'm going to give it a fair shake, however. I don't mind tasteful ads on a site, and would like to support a site's lifeline, but some ads go way too far and other sites are just down right dangerous without a blocker. Thanks for the links, I'll read through them. If Disconnect doesn't cut the mustard, I'll see about uBlock Origin.
  14. Yeah, I think alt3rn1ty said that in another thread. That's what planted the seed to look elsewhere. I think I'll give Disconnect a try...
  15. I'm considering dropping Ghostery and going with uBlock, but then I ran across Disconnect. Has anyone tried it? Naturally, it's site boasts that it the NY Times' #1 privacy tool. But if true, that's an endorsement nonetheless. So, thoughts?

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