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  1. Are you using the Zip archive or the installer? Which version of Bash? Also - which version of Windows?
  2. To your credit, I would say you've correctly diagnosed and summarised your problem. Yes, I would say you are "screwed" to use your own words. Man, that sucks.
  3. Do they force you to log in? The new "are you still there?" prompts are a bit annoying but free music is free music, let's be real.
  4. This is pretty funny: https://www.pcgamer.com/valve-cut-the-crowbar-from-half-life-alyx-in-part-because-players-kept-assuming-they-were-gordon-freeman/ Apparently there's not crowbar in Half-Life Alyx because players holding a crowbar refuse to believe they aren't Gordan Freeman.
  5. As a basic point anything that creates a bug that is permanently baked into a save will be addressed over any resulting wonkiness a fix might introduce. So if the fix reduces the power of the shout but prevents permanently gimping characters we're going to have that fix until a better one comes along - that's just a basic matter of policy here. If a bug is so severe it persists across saves and game restarts it's getting squashed. That is simply not going to change, because bugs that get baked into saves are not something we are going to tolerate. If fixing the bug caused the armour
  6. Good evening, I am your friendly patch representative here to address your issue. Firstly - let me make a simple point: We do not need any "sucking up" and we do not appreciate posts peppered with even censored F-Bombs and ALL CAPS. If you have an issue with a change we have made it is quite adequate to simply say "I do not understand why you did x because y". Now - on to your issue: First, I suggest you read the UESP page on how armour is calculated in Skyrim as it underpins what I am about to say. Link: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Armor Note that it says there 1
  7. Did you ever consider just building a new version of the mod from the ground up? The mod your're currently parenting does the same thing as another abandoned mod called Scrap Scarp. Then you'd have complete control and you'd avoid the potential necessity to change your esp into a delta-patch in the future.
  8. The idea of mod-authors as providors is fine, I think the point that a lot of people are making and which is getting lost in the sound and fury is that modders shouldn't be forced to feel like they are providing a service. Modders are hobbyists, they make the mods for fun and release them to share their enjoyment of their work. Admittedly, some modders also do it for the Internet Points, and the DP system has added a financial element which hasn't helped detoxify the conversation. You're obviously right that people will much around mods, and this isn't a new thing. Looking back a few
  9. I'm afraid you've got the wrong end of the stick entirely, possibly something has got lost in translation. My point is entirely the opposite, in the case of both the delta-patch and the replacer you still need the other files, so the delta-patch does not "protect" the original mod any more than a replacer esp - this is my point about the "effect". Well time*frustration=emotional investment. That's the point. This is especially the case in my work when the majority of the time is spent working on meshes, but it's also true with complex quest scripts and things like that. There's also al
  10. So what did he say? If the practical result is the same as uploading a new esp we should treat it as though the patcher is uploading a new esp, or a new nif file, or a new texture. The only differnce is that you still require the original file, but in practical terms this only matters if the mod only contains one file. Most mods substantial enough for people to patch tend to be more than just an esp. Again this comes down to a question of "legitimate", doesn't it? Got back far enough and Morrowind is the same game as SSE, basically. There are left beind assets from each previou
  11. Good question - there may be a few xEdit scripts but in general, no. What seems to have changed, though, is that people are seeing binary delta-patching as a way to avoid doing things like contacting mod-authors or, you know, taking any regard for modders' wishes. It's interesting, really, historically delta-patching hasn't really been a thing in Beth games becausae you can just layer plugins on top of each other and that's better than delta-patching because you don't risk damaging the original file.
  12. Well, again, I don't think there's any instance where morality isn't applicable. A delta-patcher could also be accused of being callous and uncaring of others' feelings. Everything we do has a moral dimension. In this instance the delta-patch is like a set of new pages, you unbind the book, replace the pages and re-bind the book. Regardless of the intent the effect is that it is no longer the published manuscript - it is a new book. It's not meant to be equivalent, but analogous - for reason I have now twice explained. Not all harm is equal In your example have you trie
  13. Simply put, everything we do should be moral and ethical - that's my position in life. As I noted above, not all replacer esps remove the necessity of the original mod - if the mod has a BSE then you still need the original more, so I'm afraid your criticism is misplaced. As an extreme example that not all harms are equal and harm done to a few can outweigh harm done to many? Yes. The argument has been made that many users outweigh one modder, I simply used an extreme example to highlight why this is not necessarily the case. Again, I addressed this above - Netve has s
  14. Firstly, thank you for taking up the opposing case - I honestly appreciate someone to have this debate with. This point is only relevant if the mod is solely an ESP, many mods will also include textures, meshes, animations etc. that are needed to make a mod work. In that circumstance you still need the original mod to make the replacer esp work and in that circumstance the delta-patch achieves the same as the replacer. I don't want to down-play the amount of work the patcher does, but I do want to emphasise that it's proportionally less than amount of work the original modder does
  15. I had some time on my hands, yes. However, I hardly think the issue is insignificant if it's got people so upset. Every community I've ever worked in has released mods with "terms and conditions" or what have you with the expectation those will be respected - if the community no longer wants to respect those terms then modders should stop adding that to their readme. It comes down to this - modders provide something for free - there's an argument going around that users have no moral obligation to modders, if that's the case then modders have no moral obligation to users either. Wou
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