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  1. The point is, no matter how disruptive it is it's much more disruptive not to update.
  2. See, that's normal as far as I'm concerned after 20 years of modding games. Once upon a time an update broke all mods. This will only break the SKSE DLL and other DLL's that depend upon it. Once SKSE itself is fixed, apparently a few days, only dependent DLL's will be broken (presumably) and mods that just use added SKSE script functions should work as normal. It's a pain, yes, hardly the end of the world.
  3. When have you had the option to refuse a Skyrim update in the past? Whilst Ian may be giving technically accurate information he foregrounds this as a problem for SKSE, rather than as a game update which (as a side effect) creates a problem for SKSE. Assuming this isn't a cynical move, and to be fair that's pointless, it's still been poorly handled.
  4. Seems pretty clear everyone is getting this. This is the new version of the game.
  5. They die. This is the Way. Once upon a time, major updates to the game breaking mods was common. One would hape that someone else will create another version of the same mod.
  6. To be honest, I find all this rather bizarre. Skyrim SE has remained in low-level active development for about four-five years after release. The tail end of that is the AE which is updating the exe with a new compiler, and you get this upgrade for free. The alternative is an AE version of Skyrim that is basically the same as SE, but with CC content bundled in and an optimised exe. Someone was complaining earlier that they don't want to buy AE for the low value proposition it represents. Well, now we know that you don't have to - essentially AE is just bundled CC content, everybody else gets the upgrade part for free. The alternative, to release another full-price version of the game with no new content and just an updated exe file would be much worse, that would be a cynical cash grab and anti-consumer. This, this is just the game getting an update - and update that happens to break SKSE.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    The following meshes were identified by Pherim as containing TriStrips with composed of multiple strip lengths, this was causing the Oblivion game engine to make multiple draw calls for each strip segment rather one for each TriStrip which was impacting performance. Pherim corrected this by converting the meshes in each nif to TriShapes, which resolved the problem. In the course of integrating his work into the patch the opportunity has been taken to rationalise the structure of some nifs, this may also improve performance. Meshes\Architecture\Anvil\anvilmagesguild01.nif Meshes\Architecture\Castle\Anvil\ANCastleCourtCircle01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Castle\Bravil\bravilentancegate01.nif Meshes\Architecture\Castle\Bravil\BravilWaterGate01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Castle\Skingrad\skcastlegatehouse.nif Meshes\Architecture\CastleInterior\TowerSmall\CastleTowerLadder01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Cheydinhal\castlegatecheydinhal01.nif Meshes\Architecture\Cheydinhal\CheydinhalHouseMiddle01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Cheydinhal\CheydinhalHouseMiddle02.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Cheydinhal\CheydinhalHouseMiddle03.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Cheydinhal\CheydinhalHouseMiddle03Interior.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Cheydinhal\CheydinhalHouseMiddle04.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Cheydinhal\CheydinhalHouseMiddle05.NIF Meshes\Architecture\FarmHouse\farmhouse01.nif Meshes\Architecture\FarmHouse\farmhouse01snow.nif Meshes\Architecture\FarmHouse\farmhouse02.nif Meshes\Architecture\FarmHouse\farmhouse02snow.nif Meshes\Architecture\FarmHouse\FarmHouseInterior01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\FarmHouse\FarmHouseInterior04Top.NIF Meshes\Architecture\GodStatues\StatueGodsZenithar01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\ICPalaceCouncilRoom01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\ICPalaceCouncilRoomEnt01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Leyawiin\LeyawiinHouseInteriorUpper09.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Leyawiin\LeyawinDoorLowerInt01.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Skingrad\SKHouseUpperInt06.NIF Meshes\Architecture\Skingrad\SkingradCastleWall01.NIF Meshes\Clutter\FightersGuild\HayBail01.NIF Meshes\Clutter\FightersGuild\TargetHay01.NIF Meshes\Clutter\LowerClass\LowerTapestry04.NIF Meshes\Clutter\MetalSmith\Callipers01.NIF Meshes\Clutter\MiddleClass\MiddleBarrelTopped03.NIF Meshes\Clutter\MiddleClass\MiddleBarrelTopped04.NIF Meshes\Clutter\MiddleClass\MiddleBarrelTopped05.NIF Meshes\Clutter\MiddleClass\MiddleBarrelTopped06.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\Potion01.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\PotionAlteration.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\PotionConjuration.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\PotionDestruction.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\PotionIllusion.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\PotionMysticism.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\PotionPoison.NIF Meshes\Clutter\Potions\PotionRestoration.NIF Meshes\Creatures\Zombie\Hair01.NIF Meshes\Creatures\Zombie\Hair02.NIF Meshes\Creatures\Zombie\LucienLachanceDead.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\AyleidRuins\Exterior\ARInnerCircle01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceCHighlandSm01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceGoldCoastSm01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceGreatForestSm02.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceMtnSnowLG01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceMtnSnowLG03.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceMtnSnowSm01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceMtnSnowSm02.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceMtnSnowSm03.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceRockMossSm01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceRockyBeachSm01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceWestWSm01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Caves\Exterior\CEntranceWestWSm02.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\FortRuins\Dungeon\DecoStatuesEtc\RFStatueFig02.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Misc\DUNPlatform01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Misc\DunSack01.NIF Meshes\Dungeons\Sewers\SewerManholeCover01.NIF Meshes\IdleObjects\GenericBook.NIF Meshes\Rocks\GreatForest\Moss\RockGreatForest1400FGDRMoss.NIF Meshes\Rocks\Ledge\RockMossEndCap01.NIF Meshes\Rocks\WestWeald\RockWestWealdMoss03.NIF Meshes\Rocks\WestWeald\RockWestWealdMoss04.NIF Meshes\Weapons\Daedric\Warhammer.NIF Meshes\Weapons\Silver\Shortsword.NIF This mesh was originally fixed by Pherim (see above) but was also found to have miss-aligned collision geometry on the handle whilst the main gear had animated square collision which could have caused something placed on top of the gear to be catapulted across the room when the switch was activated. Meshes\Oblivion\Architecture\Citadel\Interior\CitadelSmallTower\OblivionTowerSwitch01.NIF The following meshes were intended to be included in the last release of the unofficial patch but were somehow left out, this was only realised when comparing Pherim's patch to a local copy of the patch because des[ite having the same faulty TriStrips these meshes were not included. Theses nife have subdivided floor meshes with edited UV to remove texture distortion. They also now use TriShaps instead of TriStrips Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacecouncilhall01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacecouncilramp01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehall01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehallalcove01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehallend01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehallend02.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehalllrampdown01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehalllrampup01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehallurampdown01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacehallurampup01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacelibrarylower01.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacelibrarylower02.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacelibrarylower03.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\icpalacelibraryupper02.nif Meshes\Architecture\ImperialCity\Interior\ICPalaceRoomEnt01.NIF Unlike the rest of the farmhouse clutter the sub-shapes which made up the collision for this nif used bhkTransformShape elements instead of bhkConvexTransformShape elements. This was causing log errors and may have been responsible for crashes when using Oblivion Reloaded - reported by Sladen2019 Meshes\Clutter\Farm\handscythe01.nif The sign above the Alchemist in Skingraad now correctly ready "All Things Alchemical" instead of "All Thing's Alchemical". Textures\Clutter\Signs\allthingsalchemical.dds Textures\Clutter\Signs\allthingsalchemical_n.dds
  8. Nif version, as opposed to for most GOG meshes and for retail. I'd say that's the core problem. Thanks.
  9. Beg your pardon. Do you think you could extract and upload the version contained in your BSA? We know that the versions of most Nifs in the GOG version is lower than in the original retail copy and I suspect the same is true of the Steam version. What I originally uploaded was a copy of the nif from the original retail disk - it may be that that was all that was needed, without modification.
  10. Question - which version of the game do you have? Retail? Steam? GOG?
  11. OK, good, just need to do a batch test of all the meshes to check for any obvious errors and we should be good to go, I hope.
  12. handscythe01.nif Can you test this file, please. It seems (and I don't understand how) that the previous versions wasn't actually "fixed".
  13. For the Market District, we could maybe look at modifying the mesh itself to cover any actual gaps, there's at least one place where that might be appropriate, but we aren't going to modify the land. Issues with LOD are fixed by TES4LL https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40549. The program makes any LOD landscape fixes the UOP implemented obsolete. With regards to the other locking doors, I've never come across issues myself with the patches installed. In some cases the issue can crop up even with the "Factions" tag if those NPCs are edited by another mod that also has the same tag but loads later. In those cases there's nothing we can do, it's the responsibility of the authors of those mods to either use the UOP as a master, or to integrate their own version of those fixes into their mods. "Simple Oghma Infinium Crash Fix" Looks like it might be a valid bug, and that might be a workable fix. However, as I have stressed already, the next update will be coming down the Pipe ASAP, it will have the draw calls fix, a texture fix and about five other mesh fixes, all but one of which were supposed to be in the previous update. We'll look at other things after that - which is not to fob you off, it's just literally that I have no time these days, so have to squeeze this work in where I can.
  14. People will complain if your death results in them being unavailable. Offsite and on-site backup - the data centre and your PC could both be killed by power surges within days of each other, but the airgapped drive is safe.
  15. With the lowerclass houses I'm fairly certain I got it all, I've also done a few passes on the farmhouse meshes. Certainly possible I've missed things but probably not much. I've done two passes on both of those, at least, though. With Anvil there are just so many issues, especially with the copper domes which are just hideous. Edit: Which is to say we should compare notes, but this update needs to go out first to fix the broken stuff.
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