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  1. Softsonic is similar to Fileplanet and other now-defunct hosting sites. Theyt started out in the 90's hosting shareware and demo software but today they're riddled with bad ads and pirated software.
  2. Sorry I missed this, will take a look when I have time. I'm back at fixing things now but I'm starting on the meshes and then animation fixes, as they're "low hanging fruit" and easy to test and verify.
  3. I don't think there's been a decline in the "skill" or "talent" of modders necessarily, but I do think that the requirements for making "good" mods have increased exponentially from game to game. Recently, I have been learning how to create high-poly models in Blender and bake normal maps from them, and also how to draw directly on the model surface with a tablet and pen to create diffuse textures. That sort of thing is necessary if you want to match the sort of content Bethesda themselves put out these days. It's not enough to create a high-poly model and apply a stock repeating texture, no matter how artful you are about it. That's just one example related to models and textures, but the same applies to quests (back in the time of Morrowing nobody cared that there were no voices files) and pretty much everything else too.
  4. I actually use 2.49 and 2.9, the latter mostly for texture work, including baking, and also for precision mesh work as more modern versions of Blender can track much more precise vertex locations and display them numerically. Older versions of Blender were less precise.
  5. Welcome to our little corner of the Internet.
  6. Anybody who wants to contribute fixes is welcome to upload a mesh and attach it to a ticket OR upload it to the "files for fixes" section of our downloads sections with reference to the ticket number. All help greatly appreciated.
  7. Greetings, welcome to the grumpiest most cheerful Elder Scrolls forum there is!
  8. OOO itself has been significantly updated, too.
  9. Hi people, so I just wanted to give some context on where we are with an update. We've taken on all the issues that have been reported in the tracker but a lot of them are on my docket, and I'm currently busy with revising some university work, which I'm behind on due to a double-does of Covid in just over a month. Once I get done with this work I can send it off to my supervisor and get to some patching.
  10. Can you show us? It would help if you could select the mesh so that we can see the geometry.
  11. For those wondering - no, installing an RX 6700XT does not improve performance in modded Oblivion.

    1. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Bannerlord works much better, though.

    2. Phinnous Ande

      Phinnous Ande

      Not without DXVK (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/51989) as it translates the DirectX 9.0 calls to Vulkan based ones. Vulkan is much more efficient so the performance is way higher, so there's likely to be a performance increase. Just make sure that if you are using Oblivion Reloaded, that it's version 10.0 or higher. Also recommended to use Reshade in Vulkan mode if you are interested in the Anti-Aliasing functions of the game.

    3. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      It's not really effective, as most of the slowdown is caused by a CPU/System RAm bottleneck related to things like Havok calculation, not graphics. This has been the case for years, so I was really just having a jape.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday, and congrats on the release!
  13. Have you filed a ticket, and do you have a save where it happens repeatedly? We'd need to test that on a vanilla install to validate the bug.
  14. It seems that this bug has never been reliably reproduced on PC, in the last 12 years. So we first need to validate the bug and establish the minimum viable fix (we don't want to make edits that aren't necessary).
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