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  1. Hello, when using Loot I get green tags under mod. I was checking the readme and it says: If LOOT suggests any Bash Tags to be added, they will be displayed in green text, while any Bash Tags to be removed will be displayed in red text. For completeness, the list of Bash Tags to add will include any Bash Tags that are already specified in the plugin's description field. Users generally don't need to do anything with this information, as if they're using Wrye Bash it will automatically apply LOOT's suggestions, and if they're not using Wrye Bash then this information doesn't apply. Issue: the green results I'm getting are tags already applied. Why is that so? 2) Fcom convergence.esp should have the following tags: Actors.ACBS Actors.AIData Actors.AIPackages Actors.AIPackagesForceAdd Actors.CombatStyle Actors.DeathItem Actors.Spells Actors.SpellsForceAdd Actors.Stats Delev Factions Graphics Invent Names Relations Relev Scripts Stats If you download Fcom 1.0 from tesalliance, Fcom has these tags. 3) Omobs should have these tags: Stats, nomerge

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