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On 4/29/2020 at 2:02 PM, Nevict said:

Is the process for installing mods on the SE the same of the old Skyrim?

Installation of mods is the same, except for two things.

Some mods that's converted from SLE to SSE can sometimes show Form Version 43 and not 44.  The reason for that is often that converted mods needs to be re-saved in the CK 2 (SSE) and should a converted mod(s) still show Form 43 then load the mod into the CK 2 and re-save it.

It has be reported that some converted mods still works in SSE, my mod included, despite for showing Form 43.

The other thing that's different in SSE compared to SLE is the Cretion Club and of course the in-game mod manager that's connected to Bethesda.net.  Which replaces the Skyrim Workshop on Steam.

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