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Gameplay Changes

Mods that alter some aspect of gameplay.

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  1. Winterweather

    Loving the dark and cold seasons and thus Betty's Winter and Autumn Overhauls very much, I made some modifications to Oblivion's vanilla weather to use with them. It just makes it more likely to be overcast and to snow, in regions around Leyawiin and Anvil it's rainier and thunderstorms are more frequent. Nights are slightly longer as well. 
    This is not intended to be used with any other mods that modify the weather and climate zones ( e. g. All natural)!

    Extract the esp file to your Oblivion/Data folder and activate with OBMM / Wrye Bash / ...




  2. Enhanced Elixir of Exploration

    Enhanced Elixir of Exploration
    As an additional reward and motivation to complete the Seeking your Roots quest you will receive a special version of the Elixir of Exploration from Sinderion when delivering Nirnroot to him. The Enhanced Elixir of Exploration will boost your luck attribute by 1, 2, 3 or respectively 5 points permanently when consumed.
    This is only the case for the first free samples you get, the other potions you can buy from Sinderion are unchanged. So altogether you can get additional 11 points of luck out of the quest now. The Enhanced Elixirs of Exploration are more valuable than the ordinary elixir, so if you don't want to use them, you can still sell them.
    If you think the attribute raise too meager please feel free to make your own modifications. Have fun!
    Extract the esp file to your Oblivion/Data folder and activate with OBMM / Wrye Bash / ...




  3. Brave arts

    This mod adds various Lesser Powers (named techniques) to warriors who cannot use any 
    kind of techniques or magic except direct combat.
    Various techniques that are useful for warriors are available. 
    To purchase the book of techniques, please visit the Book of Chorrol Renoits Books.
    Important things and necessary mods
    This mod was created in the OBME (oblivion magic extender) environment, so if you do not have this mod installed, the game will crash when using the saber-type lesser power.
    Please install the relevant mods separately, such as Nexus, and then enjoy.
    OBME is not a mod created by me, so I cannot distribute it directly. Sorry.
    We also need to introduce Shivering Isles.
    (because of the use of amber equipment for the saber-based Lesser Power weapon image)
    This is also important, so credit
    OBME(oblivion magic extender)
    Created By JRoush
    besesda softworks
    DLCSpellTomes reference
    Lesser Power (Introduction of technique)
    Brave Heart
    Use Fatigue 25
    Increases strength, endurance, and speed at the expense of willpower for a certain period of time
    Cure Aura
    Use Fatigue 85
    Consume fatigues to gain resistance to diseases and poisons
    Flame Sabre
    Use Fatigue 15
    Summons a magic sword that deals 5 fire damage to the enemy and sets them on fire for 2 seconds
    Flost Sabre
    Use Fatigue 15
    Summons a magic sword that deals 5 cold and fatigued damage to the enemy
    Storm Sabre
    Use Fatigue 15
    Summons a magic sword that deals 5 lightning damage and magicka damage to the enemy
    Aura Healing
    Use Fatigue 15
    Consumes fatigues and restores health 30 times over 2 seconds
    Protection Will
    Consume fatigues to gain 20 resistance to paralysis and disease
    Strong Aura Healing
    Consumes fatigues and restores health 50 times over 2 seconds




  4. oblivion Class and Birthsign Rivised

    oblivion Class and Birthsign RIvised
    created by emrio
    This mod improves the skill structure of Oblivion's default class to make it easier to handle, and improves the birth sign to add new magic and abilities!
    The classic class may be considered plain, but it will have a description and a picture in the status, so let's improve its skill structure and make it more powerful. That's our production goal!
    I think Pilgrim can use recovery magic in Morrowind, but not in Oblivion. Warrior is indeed a warrior, but it is too specialized in melee, and it is not good in some situations if you can't use a bow or something like that. I am a bit of a hobbyist, but if you want to try it, go for it. The class description is based on Morrowind.
    The birthsign adds more magic and status effects to the vanilla magic and status effects.
    I've added magic and effects that are as close as possible to the original image of the constellation, so please check them out as well!
    Classes to be changed

    New Skill Structure
    Blunt, Light Armor, Block, Armorer, Restoration, Destruction, Mercantile

    New Skill Structure
    Blade, Marksman, Block, Heavy Armor, Restoration, Alteration, Armorer
    Birth Sign
    Lady sign
    Lady Charm (Power)
    Spell Level Illusion Novice
    Spell Cost 179
    Charm 50 point Duration 60
    Range Touch

    Lady Grace (Lesser Power)
    Spell Level Illusion Novice
    Spell Cost 125
    Calm 100 point 10 Area Duration 60
    Range Touch

    Lady Blessing (Lesser Power)
    Spell Level Restoration Novice
    Spell Cost 240
    Resist Disease 15 Duration 60
    Resist Paralysis 15 Duration 60
    Range Self

    Warrior Sign
    Hard brow (Lesser Power)
    Destruction Novice
    SpellCost 0
    Weakness to Normal Weapons 35 Duration 60 Touch
    Damage Health 60 Duration 1 Touch
    Damage Fatigue 120 Self
    Paralyze Duration 1 Touch

    Bear Crush (Power)
    Destruction Novice
    SpellCost 0
    Disintegrate Armor 35 Duration 5 Touch
    Disintegrate Weapon 35 Duration 5 Touch
    Damage Fatigue 100 Self

    War load (Lesser Power)
    Restoration Novice 
    SpellCost 125
    Shield 15 Duration 60 Self
    Fortify Blade 15 Duration 60 Self
    Fortify Blunt 15 Duration 60 Self
    The introductory image was very difficult to see, and the agent's skill structure was quickly updated and upgraded.
    I apologize for the unflattering introduction image.




  5. Enhanced Magic

    Enhanced Magic ver1.0

    created by emrio

    This mod improves the too weak Oblivion vanilla magic. It is made for your own environment, so no balance is taken into account. However, if you are playing as a mage and cannot damage enemies at all, or if you have magic with questionable effects. It will be very useful for those who have difficulties in such cases.
    The main improvements are as follows
    Flame magic makes undetected enemies flee with flame damage
    Cold magic damages enemy fatigues along with cold damage
    Electric magic damages enemy magicka with electric damage
    Healing magic restores health and stamina.
    Damage spells are now more effective
    Stamina Restoration magic will enhance health and stamina for a certain amount of time.
    Resistance-breaking spells are enhanced in effect and duration.
    Weapon and Armor spells have increased effect.
    Currently only destruction and recovery are improved. We may update it in the future.




  6. Horse Essential

    This mod adds immortality to all horses in Oblivion and removes the maximum level cap!
    The level will be the same as the main character, with a maximum level of 53 (vanilla maximum level).
    Now you won't have to fight with your enemies and get revenge on them




  7. Daedric Shrine Curatives

    Daedric Shrine Curatives
    This mod lets you make offerings to Daedric shrines to cure your afflictions. For all of us heathens, cultists, and heretics that the Nine won’t help.
    But unlike the Nine, the Princes don’t give anything for free. You must offer most of them the same item(s) you would to get their quest -- Azura wants glow dust; Sheogorath wants lettuce, yarn, and a lesser soul gem; Hircine wants either a wolf or bear pelt; etc.
    There are some exceptions. Clavicus Vile wants a black soul gem instead of money (as he said in Redguard: “Gold is just metal. Not interested.”). Meridia ONLY excepts bonemeal -- the if-else script statements were bad enough for Hircine, and he only has two options! After dealing with Hircine, I decided that it’s much easier for me to only allow one item.
    Nocturnal didn’t want anything for her quest, but she wants an offering for a cure -- a lockpick and a quill (due to her association with thieves and ravens).
    Namira and Peryite still don’t want anything, but they won’t cure your disease or restore your personality. Peryite will give you a 100% Weakness to disease for 600 seconds, and Namira damage your personality by 5 points. Unlike the other Princes, you can only activate their curative shrine once per day.
    This mod is compatible with Daedric Shrines Prodded with a Stick. I'm not sure about compatibility with other shrine overhauls. You may have to tcl through Hircine's statue to reach his curative shrine, and Molag Bal's curative shrine might be oddly placed -- this is to ensure compatibility with my own upcoming Daedric shrine aesthetic overhaul.
    Daedric Shrine Curatives.zip




  8. Finding My Religion

    Choose a religion and get relevant abilities! A reupload from Nexus (with some tweaking)
    The mod adds little statues to the Daedric Shrines and Nine Divines chapels. If you pick one up, you gain different abilities based on that god. Most give you skill/stat bonuses, but a few of them (like Hircine and Akatosh) also grant you powers.
    The Nine Divine statues are found on the altars of their respective chapels EXCEPT Kynareth and Dibella. Dibella is found behind one of the thrones in Castle Anvil because I didn't want to make a KotN
    compatibility patch. Kynareth is in the Imperial City Arboreatum near the center statue. While the Nine Divines are a cohesive Pantheon and people can worship them all at once, everyone seems to have a preference and worship a particular Divine more than the others (see: priests)
    The Prince statues are at their shrines, and you do not need to complete their quests to get the statues. Mehrunes Dagon is found outside Kvatch near the city gate. Some Daedric powers are stronger than others -- that's because some Daedric Princes are stronger than others. I wasn't focused on balance, just trying to get the vibes down right.
    Here are some examples:
        15% Resist Magic
        5% Spell Reflect
    Clavicus Vile
        +5 Personality
        +10 Speechcraft
        +5 Mercantile
        20% Resist Fire
        +5 Willpower
        POWER: Fires of Akatosh (Target)
            Fire Damage 5pts in 5ft for 10s
            Light 10pts in 5ft for 30s
            Weakness to Fire 10pts in 5ft for 30s
        +30 Health
        +5 Endurance
        POWER: Consecration of Arkay (touch)
            Dispel 50pts in 15ft
            Turn Undead 30pts in 15ft for 30s
        +5 Endurance
        +5 Willpower
        SPELL: Zenitharian Effort
            Fortify Willpower 5 for 60
            Fortify Armorer 15 for 60
            Fortify Mercantile 10 for 60
        Cost: 75 mana
    VERY IMPORTANT: due to a bug with some other mod (I think MOO or OOO?), if you drop the statues, you may still have that god's ability. Could you get bonuses from every god? Yes. Should you? Probably not. ALSO you'll need to use the setownership console command for the Nine Divines statues, otherwise they'll count as stolen.


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  9. PowerAttack Voicemod

    The PowerAttack Voicemod v1.32

    The Shivering Isles


    1. Introduction

    2. Requirements

    3. Compatibility

    4. Installation and De-installation

    5. F.A.Q.

    6. Credits

    7. Changelog

    8. Contact

    9. Legal

    1. Introduction

    Dear Elderscrolls community member,

    First of all, let me say thank you for downloading my modification for The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion. This readme will explain how to setup this mod and how to properly configure it for optimal use. It will also provide some hints to help you on the way. This mod is by all means not very complex to install. Since it only consists out of three files you have to install.

    When you start the game later when everything is installed there will be an in-game readme available which can be accessed through the modification's menu.

    2. Requirements

    In order for this modification to work you need the following:

    - The Shivering Isles v1.2.0.416

    - Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v0018 or later

    This modification will not work on outdated versions of the game!

    3. Compatibility

    This modification is, in general, compatible with every other modification out there. Not many vanilla Oblivion entries have been edited. There are four known compatibility problems:

    1. Oscuro's Oblivion overhaul

    Description: If my modification is loaded after OOO, lockbashing will cease to work. This is because my modification will override an edit OOO makes to one of the vanilla PowerAttack voices which controls lockbashing.

    Solution: Make sure OOO is loaded AFTER the PowerAttack Voicemod. BOSS will do this automatically for you.

    2. Personality Idles

    Description: If you taunt in first person using the OBSE "keypress function" an irreparable camera bug can occur. There seems to be a problem with the animations Personality Idles adds and the lipsynch system from Oblivion. The bug does not occur when you taunt in third person using the OBSE "keypress" function or when you do PowerAttacks in first person or third person.

    Solution: Both the author of Personality Idles and me have been unable to fix the problem as it is not a problem with the plugins itself. The only solution is to prevent taunting in first person using the OBSE "keypress" system.

    This problem was reported rather often with earlier versions of Personality Idles. I honestly have no idea if the problem still exists in Personality Idles v4.x.

    3. Localized versions of the game:

    Description: Some localized version of the game such as the Spanish version may not work properly. I recently discovered that localized versions use different directories than the English versions of the game.

    Solution: Although it is possible to fix this, it requires someone with a localized version of Oblivion to redo most of the work. I do not have access to localized versions so I will not be able to do this.

    4. Diverse Voices

    Description: This modification is completely compatible with my modification save for a few races. Diverse voices changes the Orc's race voices from Nord to Orc. My modification does not include this folder. It's not an issue unless you use Diverse voices, play as an Orc and want to use my modification.

    Solution: Read the official thread's PowerAttack Voicemod - 4MODS section.

    If you find any more compatibility problems, please report them in the modification's thread on the official Bethesda forums located at http://bethsoft.com/bgsforums/.

    4. Installation and De-installation

    Extract all the contents of the archive to the Oblivion data directory. The default location is C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data. After this you must use the Oblivion launcher, the Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) or Wrye Bash to activate the modification.

    In order for this modification to work, make sure Oblivion is started via the OBSE loader executable or the modification will NOT work. I personally recommend Wrye Bash for this.

    Make sure you set the correct values in the PowerAttack Voicemod - The Shivering Isles.ini file! The default key settings are Page Up to taunt and Page Down to open the menu. You can change these settings in the ini file:

    a1PAVMPowerAttackTauntingEnabled: When this option is Enabled (set to 1), your character will be allowed to shout taunts when performing PowerAttacks. When this option is disabled, your character will only use basic grunts for his or her race. Disabling this function is not recommended for the Xivilai race as they do not have any generic grunt voices (They will not say anything when performing PowerAttacks). Other Races do not have this problem since they all have generic PowerAttack grunts.

    a1PAVMOnDemandTauntingEnabled: When this option is Enabled (set to 1), your character will be allowed to shout taunts on-demand whenever you press the configurable Taunt Key (OBSE's IsKeyPressed3 function). Disabling this feature does NOT disable the OBSE requirement!

    a1PAVMHitSoundsEnabled: When this option is Enabled (set to 1), your character will be allowed to shout "spoken" hit sounds. When you disable this option your character can no longer make use of those hit sounds. Currently the modification has four of these "spoken" hit sounds:

    - "Paradise awaits me."

    - "I do not fear death."

    - "Aggh! Sithis save me!"

    - "Night Mother! I beg your mercy!"

    Disabling this option will not disable custom grunts.

    a1TrademarkPowerAttackOBSEQuest02.TauntKey: This option allows you to specify a Taunt Key for the on-demand taunting feature. Refer to the ini file for more information on how to set a key (Default = Page Up).

    a1TrademarkPowerAttackOBSEQuest03.MenuKey: this option allows you to specify a Menu Key to open the in-game menu. Refer to the ini file for more information on how to set a key (Default = Page Down).

    De-installation is easy. Just remove the PowerAttack Voicemod - The Shivering Isles.esp file, PowerAttack Voicemod - The Shivering Isles.ini file and the PowerAttack Voicemod - The Shivering Isles.bsa file from your Oblivion data directory. If you have also extracted this readme to the data directory, delete it as well.

    5. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    Q: Is this modification compatible with OOO/Fran's/MMM/FCOM?
    A: Yes, this modification is compatible with a FULL FCOM installation as long as OOO is loaded AFTER my modification.

    Q: Is this modification compatible with race modifications?
    A: Yes, there shouldn’t be any problems. If the custom race is set to use voice files from one of the generic races you can even use this modification with them.

    Q: Why aren't there any directories for Khajiit/Dark Elf/Wood Elf/Orc/Breton female?
    A: They are not required since Khajiits use the Argonian voice files, Dark and Wood elves use the High Elves voice files, Orc use the Nord voice files and the Breton Female uses Imperial Female voices. Adding these directories would be useless since they aren't used by Oblivion.

    Q: My <race> doesn't say any <faction> voices! Why not?
    A: Bethesda did not record all dialog for all races. Redguards for example have no Dark Brotherhood dialogue and Argonians/Khajiits have no Mythic Dawn dialogue. Since custom voice files would not be as good as the original they aren't included.

    Q: My <insert race here> shouted a taunt from another race! What's happening?
    A: Darn, it seems I’ve messed up! Report it in the thread designated for my modification. It can be found on the official Bethesda Softworks forums: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/

    Q: This mod causes my game to crash. You might want to check if it's stable enough next time maybe?
    A: Highly unlikely, but if you insist: Report it in the thread designated for my modification. It can be found on the official Bethesda Softworks forums: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/

    Q: Are you sure it isn't your mod causing the crashes?
    A: 100% sure? No, but this is not the kind of mod that causes crashes. Script/AI intensive modifications do. The scripts in my mod are something a Celeron CPU without MMX could handle.

    Q: I think this mod is totally "teh suckage". Can I insult you for it?
    A: No.

    Q: I think this mod is totally "teh pwnage". Can I worship you like the Adoring fan?
    A: No and it will likely result in me having to use Smite of Order on you...

    Q: Can I contact you via MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/E-mail?
    A: I see no reason why not, but I check the REL thread often enough, you will most likely get a much quicker response there.

    6. Credits

    The OBSE team         - Functions used in the modification and script debugging.

    AlienSlof                     - Xivilai voices and v1.2 feedback, thank you

    kyoma                        - Fixing a nasty messagebox bug

    The community          - For providing feedback

    Everybody I forgot      - I am sorry, you know who you are, want me to add you? PM me!

    7. Contact

    From the F.A.Q.:

    Q: Can I contact you via MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/E-mail?
    A: I see no reason why not, but I check the REL thread often enough, you will most likely get a much quicker response there.

    8. Changelog


    - Added the option to Enable/Disable PowerAttack Taunting on the fly and via the ini

    - Added the option to Enable/Disable On-Demand Taunting on the fly and via the ini

    - Added the option to Enable/Disable Special Hit Sounds on the fly and via de ini

    - Fixed some rather bad spelling errors in the in-game readme


    - Massively trimmed down the startup script (87 lines to 15 lines, thank you OBSE!)

    - Configuration now with the convenience and help of an ini file

    - Corrected some spelling errors

    - Improved script timing (It responds a lot better now)

    - Removed the now obsolete reset ball

    - Decreased the amount of message spam

    - Updated the readme with some compatibility information


    - Fixed an issue where PowerAttacks did not play (properly)

    - Fixed one missing voice file

    - Fixed the NoGeneric script

    - Added a few Legion Taunts

    - Added Shivering Isles support *

    - Added Golden Saint Taunts *

    - Added Dark Seducer Taunts *

    - Added compatibility information about OOO and PI to the readme

    - Removed the (obsolete) OMOD conversion data

    - Removed the (obsolete) Beautiful People patch

    - Redesigned the readme

    * Only in PowerAttack Voicemod v1.3x - The Shivering Isles

    9. Legal

    Do not upload my modification anywhere without my permission

    Do not use this modification or parts of it in your modification unless you received permission from me

    Do not re-release this modification under your name

    Do not sell this modification

    The voice files in this modification are property of Bethesda Softworks and/or their partners.

    I am not responsible for your hard disk suffering from a head crash when WinRAR is extracting the modification to the Oblivion data directory, nor am I responsible for any other damage caused directly and/or indirectly by this modification.

    I hope you enjoy my modification!





  10. Smite of Order

    Smite of Order
    v2.0 beta

    This modification for the Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion adds a customizable Greater Power called Smite of Order to the player’s spell book.
    The spell can be cast only once per day. When cast, the spell will freeze the target in place and the weather will change. A magical target will appear above the target. From the halo, a powerful beam is sent straight towards the target. Upon contact with the target, the beam will violently explode, killing the target instantly. The ensuing shockwave knocks everything out of the way in a large blast radius.
    The original idea and working concept of Smite of Order were created by Jackmix69. With his permission I created and released an updated and less buggier version of the spell.
    In order for this modification to work the following requirements must be met:
    - The Shivering Isles v1.2.0.416
    - Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v0020 or later
    Please note that the modification does not work on the base game, older versions of The Shivering Isles or pirated versions of the game.
    This modification should be compatible with every other modification. No vanilla records have been edited.
    Install the modification with a mod manager of your choice (e.g. Mod Organizer 2, Vortex, NMM Community Edition etc.).
    If you wish to perform a manual installation, extract the contents of the archive to your Oblivion “Data” folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data).
    Be sure to activate the modification and always start the game with OBSE enabled.
    Use BOSS or LOOT to sort your load order. Smite of Order can be loaded anywhere in your load order.
    The Smite of Order spell can be customized through changing the settings in the Smite of Order.ini file. The file is located in the “ini” folder. Refer to the .ini file for more information on the configuration options.
    You can uninstall the modification with the help of a mod manager of your choice.
    In case you prefer to do a manual uninstallation, remove the following files from your Oblivion “Data” folder:
    - \Smite of Order.bsa
    - \ini\Smite of Order.ini
    - \Docs\Smite of Order Readme.pdf
    - \Docs\Smite of Order Readme.txt
    Q: Is this modification compatible with OOO/Fran's/MMM/FCOM/Maskar’s?
    A: Yes, this modification is compatible with all major overhauls.
    Q: Is there any way to be able to cast the spell more than once per day?
    A: Yes, change the properties of spell “a1SMOSmiteSpell” to “Lesser Power” or “Spell” using the TES Construction Set.
    Q: Are there any known issues with the modification?
    A: Yes, there are some minor issues:
    - Scripted weather modifications may override Smite of Order’s weather controls;
    - Scripted vanilla weather (e.g. Kvatch gate weather) may override Smite of Order’s weather controls;
    - the spell is cast on Argonians or Kajhiits their tail will still look normal whereas their body will be turned into a skeleton;
    - Exterior/interior switching issue (see next F.A.Q. entry).
    Q: When I cast the spell and then quickly go into an interior and then back outside, the animations stop playing or other spell weirdness occurs. What is going on?
    A. This is an engine limitation with regards to how timers in scripts work.
    Q: My favourite colour is <insert colour here>, could you make a SpellBeam and matching
    weathers and shaders for me?
    A. No, sorry, I don’t have time for this.
    Jackmix69 – Original base spell, scripts, idea, meshes etc.
    OBSE team – Script functionality and debugging features.
    ElminsterAU – For creating the amazing TES4Edit tooling.

    v2.0 beta (2021/07/05)
    - Removal from Nexus Mods
    - Restructured ini file

    v2.0 beta (2011/06/07)
    - Rebuilt from scratch
    - OBSE requirement
    - Fixed majority of bugs
    - Improved weather handling
    - Added multiple spell beam options
    - Added matching weather options
    - Added matching shader options
    - Added ini file for customization
    v1.0 (2008/08/12)
    - Original version.
    11 LEGAL
    - Do not upload this modification anywhere without my permission;
    - Do not use this modification or parts of it in your modification without my permission;
    - Do not re-release this modification under your name;
    - Do not monetize this modification.
    The voice files contained within this modification are property of Bethesda Softworks and/or their partners.




  11. TIE - Tamriel Immersion Experience

    An overhaul catering to roleplayers. Now also including the Shivering Isles!
    Get ready for a jolt to the system. Although only vanilla (default) resources were used, T.I.E. is a tiny overhaul that carries major impact on the way Oblivion is played. The gameplay is much tougher on hack and slash players while favoring stealth gamers in general - although with the release of 1.26 onwards, both Mages and Fighters can survive well in TIE too. How does TIE favor stealth gameplay? By having NPCs and creatures deal out far more damage, by raising sneak attack perks, and having real consequences for engaging in melee combat unprepared (for starters). High level loot and armor and weapons are also much rarer, far more TNRish NPCs now populate Cyrodiil (800 in this release), diseases are easier to catch, etc. You will also find most mid to high level shops (as well as many Imperial city homes) guarded by hired guards, so no more thieving to your heart's content and filling your loot bag. Now you have to actually WORK to be a good thief. You'll also come across secret entrances to all cities and castles. Some are underground, some require swimming, climbing, or jumping - or a combination of all three. You will see thieves making grabs for loot (and getting chased), deadly assassins, tomb raiders and morally ambiguous scavengers in wilderness areas as well as underneath the Imperial City sewer system - which is now interconnected via trapdoors, and grates.
    So have fun in the new Tamriel, but beware. More danger than you can conceive of lurks both on the surface and below. Only the prudent and vigilant will survive and thrive. Garrett would be proud.
    * TIE no longer caters exclusively to the stealth type gamer. Previous versions of TIE used to be tailor made for Thief types (RIP Looking Glass Studios), but Mages can now enjoy a greater thief-like environment blended in with the arcane. Fighters will also find their path in TIE - especially with the prolific use of shields and certain potions available from merchants and bartenders.
    * TIE features ONLY vanilla content. That means no resources found outside the Construction Set made their way into here. Custom scripts are fine as long as they're small, but visually speaking, everything you see and witness inside TIE comes directly from the game. This of course has a direct effect on the download size. As it currently stands, with more than 800 added TNR NPCs, and with a file size of just 5 megabytes, T.I.E. is a far smaller download than most other overhauls out there (with the exception of Adventurers).
    If you are using Better Cities 5.4.1 or higher, download "TIE For BC 541.7z". Version 5.4 and up of BC include the Blood & Mud mod and has a new wall configuration in Bruma as well.
    If you are sticking with a version of Better Cities which DOES NOT incorporate the Blood & Mud mod, download the file simply called "TIE.7z" instead.




  12. AFK_Tweaks

    Dwip's personal gameplay changes. See the release thread here.




  13. Cyrodiil Travel Services

    This mod is a collection of travel options which aims to recreate a system similar to what existed in Morrowind. It includes regular travel agent services at the stables, Divine Intervention, Mark & Recall, and Mage Guild Guides.
    At each major city, there is a travel agent who will offer transportation to other major cities, including a few mod added desintations as well. Their services are relatively cheap and are based on the distance between each stop they service. They are also heavily armed and should you decide to attack them, be prepared for a significant fight. This may also draw in local guards. These agents WILL NOT RESPAWN IF KILLED, so try not to make a mess.
    A Divine Intervention spell which functions in a similar manner to the one from Morrowind. The only real difference is that it will bring you to one of the chapel interiors instead of dropping you outside. The spell is sold in every chapel and requires Mysticism skill of 50 or higher. Scrolls are available from loot and vendor lists that deal with Journeyman level items. Divine Intervention does not function in Oblivion realms, Shivering Isles, or in a few other select areas where being yanked out might break something. It is also aware of Knights of the Nine and will not transport you to a desecrated chapel during the quest.
    Mark & Recall spells which function nearly identically to their Morrowind and Daggerfall equivalents. This allows you to set a marker virtually anywhere and recall to it later. The spell does not function within Oblivion realms, Shivering Isles, or a few other select locations that will break something. The spells are sold by Alves Uvenim in Leyawiin since they specialize in Mysticism.
    Teleportation services are now provided at the Mages Guild. Each city offers a teleportation pad in the public area of the guild which allows transport to every other major city. Ask around while in a guild and you'll be directed to the person in charge of the teleporter. Fees for non-members are 100 Septims. Fees for initiate members of the guild are 25 Septims. Teleportation is free once you have access to the Arcane University. Frostcrag Spire is available as a destination, but is only guaranteed to work with the OFFICIAL DLC.
    Fast Travel can now be optionally disabled as well through an ini file.




  14. Alternative Beginnings

    Tossed in jail for waylaying a royal caravan on the highway, your trial was mere days away. Something is wrong though, the days have turned to weeks, and the weeks to months. You no longer have any idea how long you've been down here. The guards stopped checking your cell almost a week ago, and now the last of your food is running out. Your cellmate died months ago and they never removed the body. It won't be long before your bones decorate the cell as well. The Gods have forsaken you! Or have they....
    Alternative Beginnings puts you in the position of the poor forgotten prisoner lamenting life's choices. You will be able to choose from several different options on how to begin the game, all from the discomfort of your dank prison cell. Your choices influence the circumstances by which the game begins, and hopefully the Gods won't forsake you this time around!




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